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10 Most Wrong Things About The Show, According To The Cast And Crew


Unlike other reality shows in MTV’s iconic lineup, there hasn’t been a more tight-knit group than the OG JCote d’Ersey crew. With their instant compatibility and party lifestyle, the group would always have a great time with their fair share of drama.

It may be one of TV’s worst-kept secrets, but a certain “reality” in reality shows is manufactured to keep the storyline interesting. That being said, what moments have the jerseyshore the cast and crew turned out to be wrong?


Origin of Snooki’s nickname

Although the entire cast garnered a sizable fanbase thanks to the show’s success, it’s safe to say that Nicole “Snooki” LaValle was the star of the bunch. She currently hosts MTV’s “Messyness” with Tori Spelling, Adam Rippon and the late Teddy Ray. “Snooki” may have become a household name, but contrary to popular belief, she didn’t go by that nickname before the show.

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LaValle has admitted since the show’s success that “Snooki” was never his real nickname. She revealed to Vulture that she never even had a nickname at home, but when the jerseyshore the app asked for a nickname, her friend suggested “Snooki” as a joke, and LaValle wrote it down. The nickname helped land her spot on the show, so the name stuck.

The shore store

During the first season of the show, the jerseyshore distribution was not paid for by the producers. The producers wanted to capture the lives of young adults summering on the shore, but they were able to work at the Shore Store to earn their money while living in the house of store owner Danny Merk. While it’s true that they worked at the store for their pay, it wasn’t a typical job.

Store owner Danny Merk told Vulture that the band started making $10 an hour and gradually moved up to $20 an hour that summer. Employees at the store often complained about the group’s work ethic, but said that Mike “The Situation” was the “laziest person to work with”, and that Snooki wasn’t much better. That being said, Merk admitted that Pauly D, Jenni and Sammi proved to be quite talented on the register.

Guests for the night

With most of the main cast married with kids (or just trying to settle down), there aren’t many club guests for the night like when the band started. It was common for one of the cast members to bring home a guest for the night, although it was not without many demands from the producers.

Although it looks like the overnight guests have just been picked up from the club where the group was partying, the guest selection process was lengthy. Executive producer SallyAnn Salsano revealed to Vulture that most of the guests brought home went through a rigorous application process before being chosen, including the presentation and scanning of ID proving that the guest is over 21 years old.

Vinny and Pauly D’s street fight

There have been many romantic exploits both on the show and behind the scenes of Jersey, but none are tighter than Vinny and Pauly D’s bromance. Aside from the main show, the two brought their charisma natural to Double Shot At Love and proved to be one of the best duos on the show. That’s until a certain episode in Season 4 where the two broke out in a street fight in Italy (or so it seemed).

Upon the episode’s release, a waitress working near the fight revealed to The Daily Beast that the two had planned some aspects of the fight while drinking at the bar, including moving under a street lamp to properly light the shot. It was also revealed that security kept photographers and fans away from the scene before filming began.

Snooki and JWoww Voltage

Snooki and JWoww may not have started off on the right foot in the early episodes, but the two have grown to have one of the most organic friendships on the show. Throughout multiple seasons and spinoffs, the two have shown to have effortless banter on and off set, causing fans to worry when there was obvious tension during an episode of Jersey Shore: family vacation.

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Tension ensues when Vinny vents his frustration to Snooki with her simply ignoring him because of their checkered past, as Vinny is a frequent talking point with Snooki and her husband. JWoww tries to console her, which leads to an argument between the two about Vinny. It was nothing more than a good montage, as revealed by JWoww on her Twitter, where she assured viewers that she and Snooki were still best friends and that her son barely missed JWoww.

The drama of the notes

Anyone on the internet when the infamous note was given to Sammi regarding Ronnie’s behavior remembers how much drama surrounded him at the time. Everything from the sloppy way the note was written to Sammi’s overreaction to it took the world by storm. Turns out, that infamous altercation may have had producers meddling.

Snooki revealed to Vulture that a producer made it clear to Sammi that the producers didn’t write the note. The producers added to the drama by informing Sammi that the note was written by one of the housemates, a fact that upset her more than the note itself.

Vinny didn’t really party

There is not a single person in the jerseyshore crew with a healthier Italian upbringing than Vinny. Although the show still portrays him as constantly partying and meeting girls, Vinny was quite shy around girls before he met his jerseyshore and Double shot at love co-star, Pauly D.

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Vinny revealed to Vulture that he didn’t bond for the entire first season, saying he only kissed a few girls in the house. Spending time with The Situation and Pauly D introduced Vinny to the club lifestyle, leading to the iconic dream team, MVP, and Vinny being more comfortable bringing the girls home.

Most of the actors are not from Jersey

It’s no longer a secret that most jerseyshore the cast hails from New York. However, during the show’s first season, viewers were led to believe that the entire cast had Jersey roots when in reality only two members of the crew are from Jersey – Sammi and Deena.

Deena is introduced in Season 3 as Angelina’s replacement after leaving the jerseyshore house the previous season. Although Deena and Sammi initially don’t get along, Deena helps Sammi come out of her shell and have fun instead of worrying about her ongoing fights with Ronnie, leading to Sammi getting along with the girls after they all fight in Miami.

The situation was not affiliated with A&F

“GTL” has been launched countless times in the jerseyshore crew. The Situation always wanted to wear nice clothes, but one brand he frequented was Abercrombie & Fitch, so much so that viewers speculated the company sponsored him, but that was far from the truth.

The clothing company knew that Situation still wore her clothes, but felt that their brand being associated with her would be bad for business. The company decided to go public with their issue in a press release, where they would offer the star $10,000 to stop wearing their clothes on the show.

Pauly D didn’t start “GTL”

As mentioned earlier, the boys of the jerseyshore live by “GTL” (gym, tanning, laundry). One member, in particular, was Pauly D, who even had a tanning bed in his house. The show seems like Pauly D coined the phrase, but the producers may have played a bigger role in creating it.

SallyAnn Salsano revealed to Complex that the producers tried to schedule shooting days to work with the actors, specifically setting aside time for the gym, tanning and laundry. Instead of writing the full words, the producers wrote the acronym “GTL” on the board. Pauly D saw the potential of the phrase and made it one of the show’s most iconic quotes.

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