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All-Star ratings: Manfred defends All-Star modes


The American League All-Stars sported an unusual look in Tuesday’s game: dark charcoal gray uniforms, in stark contrast to the stark whites worn by the NL All-Stars.

“I love them,” Luis Arraez said. “I love that the ‘Minnesota’ is gold so it looks special.” He also appreciated the subtle touch of the star next to the TC logo on his matching gray cap, acknowledging his achievement.

However, not everyone is a fan of annual uniform remakes from clothing company Nike. Many fans prefer the traditional look of each player wearing their team’s regular season uniform.

But the commissioner Rob Manfred defended the uniform choices ahead of Tuesday’s game, telling reporters that “I never thought that a baseball team wearing different jerseys in a game was a particularly attractive look.”

Also, he said, the goal is to use uniforms and other changes to attract more casual fans. “It’s important to develop things like that, to make the game look a bit different,” Manfred said. “I understand that people may have different opinions on this. It’s part of a larger program designed to look at the game in a non-traditional way.”

Arraez and Buxton spiced up their looks with some unusual footwear, with Arraez sporting cleats with the Venezuelan flag on them and Buxton sporting lime green baseball shoes.

Also prepare for another notable change next year, recalled Manfred. MLB will begin allowing teams to add small logos from an announcer starting next year.

“It’s a big enough source of revenue that it’s really impossible for the sport to ignore it,” Manfred said. “And that’s the truth.”


  • Had Tuesday’s game been tied after nine innings, the winner would have been decided with a brief home run derby, three batters per team, three pitchers per batter. Both managers were to name their competitors before the game, and each picked non-runners, players who would be less likely to sit around for a few hours before throwing a bat again.

LA Manager dusty baker of the Astros chose its own outfielder, Kyle Tuckerwith a pair of Mariners, outfielder Julio Rodriguez and first baseman France. NL Manager Brian Snitker also chose an outfielder from his own team, Ronald Acuna Jr.with the Phillies outfielder Kyle Schwarber and Mets first baseman Pete Alonzo.

  • It was the second consecutive season that a former Twins pitcher represented the Texas Rangers in the All-Star Game. Kyle Gibsonwho spent seven seasons at Minnesota, pitched a scoreless third inning in the AL’s 5-2 win at Denver last July, while Martin Perezwho won 10 games in 2019, his only season with the Twins, struck out all three batters he faced in the fifth inning on Tuesday.