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Angelina and Vinny no match, Uncle Nino gets real


Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick, both from Staten Island, weren’t supposed to be.

The two did not recommit their relationship on the Thursday, Sept. 15, episode of MTV’s “Jersey Shore Family Vacation.”

A day with the roommates in San Diego ended in a miss. Vinny left Angelina alone in a hotel room with her uncle Nino after a night out.

“Yeah, listen, Angelina, she loves you,” Vinny said.

“Oh come on, she’s your girlfriend,” Uncle Nino protested.

Vinny hesitated and slipped out the door and into the night.

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Things looked promising earlier in the series for Vinny, who is single, and Angelina, who was recently divorced.

“Can Angelina turn into this sexy thing I’m attracted to, maybe – never say never,” Vinny said. “I never thought I would entertain Angelina, but I’m a little intrigued by it. She’s hot and she’s nice to it, I don’t know.

It’s a personality thing for Vinny.

“If a girl is 10, her personality can make her ugly, and Angelina’s personality is horrible,” Vinny said. “She’s loud, obnoxious, annoying, mean.”

Well, no one is perfect. Still, a gondola ride with the cast and Vinny’s Uncle Nino, aka Nino Giaimo, seemed to spark things off.

“Vinny and Angelina look like the perfect little Staten Island couple in that gondola,” Pauly DelVecchio said.

However, the conversation devolved into bragging about the sexual conquests of Vinny and Uncle Nino.

“You know they call me Vinny 500,” Vinny said. “He’s Nino 5,000.”

Vinny said he’s been with more than 500 women, maybe 1,000, on the WFAN show “Boomer and Gio” in 2019. That number would include Angelina, as the two dated in Miami in the season. 2 of “Jersey Shore”.

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“I would say 3,000, easy,” Uncle Nino said of his own tally. “Six a week for 12 years straight. You do the math.”

Uncle Nino, the Original Guido, is always quick with a crack and a come on, but he seemed to get serious when he was alone with Angelina at the end of the night.

“You also got divorced,” Angelina asked. “Was it hard for you or were you just, like, finished.

“The first time I was depressed – depressed the first time,” Uncle Nino said. “Second time, I was happy to get out of it.”

“Why was the first time depressing? asked Angelina.

“There was too much love, too deep, too personal,” Uncle Nino said. “It was my heart and my soul. It’s a sad story, but she couldn’t have children.

“Nino has been through a lot,” Angelina said. “It’s very clear, this guy still loves his first wife.”

Uncle Nino’s first wife wanted to be friends with him, but he couldn’t because “I loved her too much”.

Alas, this is not the case for Vinny and Angelina.

“You would be my uncle,” Angelina said to Uncle Nino.

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