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Announcement of promotions and hiring of executives and senior managers


DURHAM- Duke Vice President and Director of Athletics Nina King announced appointments and promotions to members of the Duke Athletics management team on Tuesday.

Within the executive staff, heather ryan was promoted to Assistant Director of Athletics, Student-Athlete Experience/Senior Administrator, Bob Weiseman to the Deputy Director of Sports, Operations and Investment Projects and Jack Winters to the Senior Associate Director of Athletics, Iron Dukes Annual Fund.

Ryan will continue to oversee student-athlete development, equipment operations and remain the sport administrator for swimming and diving, while adding oversight of sports medicine, sports performance, health behavior and nutrition. Weiseman, who manages major administrative duties for Duke’s field hockey and women’s basketball programs, will continue to oversee athletic facilities, game operations, championships and events, while leading strategy, planning and implementation. execution of capital projects for the department. Winters joins the executive staff and will continue to oversee the annual fund, help manage the Iron Dukes office staff, and act as senior sports administrator for women’s golf.

Additionally, Deputy Director of Sports, Engagement and Employee Experience Meghan Weiseman and Deputy Director of Athletics, Behavioral Health Dr. Shawn Zeplin were added to the senior staff of the ministry. Zeplin is now the primary sports administrator for wrestling.

King also announced the hiring of Taren Moore as Senior Associate Director of Athletics, People, Culture and Community/Director of Diversity. Returning to Duke after serving on the athletic staff from 2016-2021, she will oversee human resources, serve as a liaison with Duke’s office of Durham and Community Affairs, and manage the department’s efforts related to diversity, l equity, inclusion and belonging. Moore, who spent the last year on the athletics leadership team at the University of Tennessee, will serve on the executive staff.