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Baby on board: the new Primo Maternity Chamois shorts from Kaden Apparel


Spring: the season of longer days, cool skies and new life. With the March 2022 release of its Primo Maternity Chamois cycling shorts, Kaden Apparel has found the right moment.

“Studies have shown that exercise during pregnancy often improves the long-term health of both mother and baby,” Kade founder Chelsea Camarata explained. “As a low-impact activity, cycling is a great choice for improving blood circulation, improving sleep, aiding digestion, and more.”

Primo Chamois Maternity Shorts

kaden primo maternity shorts

Italian chamois as featured in Kaden Apparel’s original Primo and Primo Maternity chamois cycling shorts.

The shorts feature a supportive drop-down belly band, non-binding leg bands and a side flap pocket.

The brand says they use a high-quality, multi-stretch fabric that makes their original and maternity chamois shorts comfortable and suitable for all cycling disciplines – gravel, indoor, MTB or road. You can even layer them or swim in them.

Camarata says the useful life of shorts is not limited to the last months of pregnancy. With their women’s bike shorts, the Kaden design team aims to provide female riders with comfortable riding clothes whether they are pregnant, postpartum or just want a little more room to ride. to breathe.

Availability and purchase

The Primo Maternity Chamois Shorts ($108 MSRP) will be available in sizes XS-XXL. To find out more and pre-order a pair, visit kadenapparel.com.