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BBC Top Gear fans spot a problem with Freddie Flintoff’s bobsleigh segment


BBC Top Gear was inundated with criticism over a bobsled segment on Sunday night. Sunday night’s episode saw Freddie Flintoff try out the winter sport.

But fans on Twitter weren’t impressed with the segment. The segment saw cricket star Freddie bobsledding on a toboggan run in Norway.

He rode an electric tricycle known as the Sinclair C5. He said: “Sitting at the top, it’s a different course. That first drop…wow. I can just see probably 20 meters of track and then a roof, I can’t even see the track!

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He added: “Here we go, look at this. In bloom, it just disappears! And here we go. I’m alone here.” Chris Harri said: “He looks exposed, his head is on top. It’s like looking at an old Formula 1 car when the canopy is so low and his torso is on top.”

On Twitter, David said: “What the hell has a bobsleigh to do with engineering a C5 or anything to do with automobiles. You slow down the killing #TopGear off, it’s to see everything. Horrible program now. It’s a terrifically scripted comedy.” MJC said, ” #TopGear bobsled track….. Truck driving next week…. Where have I seen them before? ? Are you running out of new ideas? »

Barry said: “Remember when Clarkson, Hammond and May did a special for the Winter Olympics???.” Chris said, “You must have missed the comedy!? Just frozen with boredom.”

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