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Beckham’s Inter Miami reportedly have formula to sign Leo Messi


Ddespite his age, Lionel Messi is still a star of world football and is wanted by many clubs, including MLSit’s InterMiamico-ownership of David Beckhamwho would have the formula to sign the Argentine.

jorge masco-owner and chief executive of Inter, was clear in accepting the desire to see Messi play for his side, showing they have a point in their favor to convince the current PSG player, Beckham.

“Leo Messi is still one of the best players in the world, his skills have not diminished,” Mas told the Miami Herald. “I believe, and David (Beckham) has a relationship with him, that if he leaves the PSG, at the time if he leaves PSG, we would like to have Messi as a player at Inter Miami and be part of our community.

“Can this happen? We’re going to push. I’m an optimist at heart – can I see this happening? It’s a possibility,” Mas said.

Beckham cautious on Messi after transfer failures

Contrary to Mas’s statements, Beckham preferred to be more cautious in discussing a possible arrival of Messi at Inter Miami, considering that the club, founded in 2020, has failed with the signings of other stars living the last stage of their career, such as the Argentine Gonzalo Higuain and Frenchman Blaise Matuidi.

“I’ve always said that I want the best players to be at our club and play in our shirt,” Becks said. “Unfortunately, sometimes that can be a bad thing. But most of the time it’s a good thing.”

“At the end of the day, it’s about winning, whether with young players or with stars. Our fans will be happy if we have stars in the team, but they will be even happier if they see young players go through our academy and win the MLS Cup.” he added.