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Can Brian Hoyer’s Patriots teammates name the 7 NFL teams he played for?


With Mac Jones officially ruled out for Sunday’s game at Green Bay, Brian Hoyer will make his 40th career NFL start, but only his second for the New England Patriots, even though it’s his third period. service with the team.

The other 38 starts were split across seven other teams. The 36-year-old undrafted quarterback has played for organizations in five divisions and four time zones. Undrafted quarterbacks rarely make lists. Hoyer is in his 14th season.

His full resume looks like this:

  • Hoyer was a Patriot from 2009 to 2011 and played in 13 games, all in relief.
  • He played two games and made his first career start with the Arizona Cardinals in 2012.
  • Hoyer played in 17 games and started 16 for the Cleveland Browns in 2013 and 2014. He was 10-6 as a starter, making him the last Browns starting QB with a winning record.
  • He spent 2015 in Houston and was 5-4 in nine starts.
  • Hoyer was a bear in 2016 and started five games before an injury ended his season.
  • He spent six weeks in San Francisco to open the 2017 season, but the 49ers cut him when they traded for Jimmy Garoppolo.
  • The Patriots, who needed a backup with Garoppolo gone, brought Hoyer back for the No. 2 stint and kept him through the 2018 season. He won a Super Bowl ring backing Tom Brady.
  • He signed as a free agent with the Indianapolis Colts in 2019.
  • He returned to New England in 2020 where he has been ever since, supporting Cam Newton (2020) and Mac Jones (2021-22).

How much of this do his teammates know? On Friday, I asked several of them how many teams Hoyer had played at least one game for they could name.

First: Kendrick Bourne, wide receiver and locker neighbor to Hoyer.

“He was with me on a team,” Hoyer quipped before Bourne started.

“San Francisco,” Bourne said, smiling at his former 49ers teammate. “Cleveland. Patriots.

Bourne stopped. “Houstons? »

Then came the surrender. “It is all I have.”

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Devin McCourty was Hoyer’s teammate during the QB’s three stints at Foxborough. He started fast and with confidence.

“Cleveland. Houston. Here (New England). San Fran. (pause). Oh, Indie.

After that, McCourty was stuck.

“What are the last two?

When the answers were revealed, he nodded.

“I forgot the Bears. I wouldn’t have guessed Arizona.

David Andrews said he only had time for a quick question, but the competitor in him couldn’t resist and he stayed longer than expected. He got six, to beat McCourty, but couldn’t score the extra point.

“Cleveland. Houston. San Fransisco. Here (New England). There are seven of them?” said Andrews. we trained against them.I’m at five?colts.

At this point, Matthew Judon came to help, guessing “Jacksonville?” and “Lions?”

Andrews was still searching for the correct answer but knew Judon’s guesses were wrong. He told her and started thinking out loud. “Not Miami. I said here, right?”

Judon asked to see the answer and tried to give a hint. “We had an argument about a guy on this team.”

Andrews shook him. “We have a lot of arguments.”

Hoyer walked past, amused. “Need help? I took my first steps with this team. NFC West.

It didn’t help.

“Rams? Andrews said as Hoyer shook his head.

Andrews settled for six, which temporarily put him at the top of the standings.

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Further down the locker room, Matthew Slater straightened up, ready for the challenge when he learned the riddle had so far remained unsolved. As the only player on the team whose career predates Hoyer’s first stint with the Patriots, Slater was eager to play.

“OK. Here. San Fransisco. Chicago. Cleveland. Houston,” he started, then nailed the hardest part. “Arizona? Hmmm. I know this is going to be obvious. Did I say San Francisco?

If Slater had been a cartoon, a lightbulb would have appeared over his head when the number 7 hit him. “Oh, the Cols. Here it is.”

Long snapper Joe Cardona was also confident. In fact, he said knowing the number of teams was an unnecessary advantage. He ripped off five quickly then hit a wall.

” It’s disappointing. I thought I would have it.

He needed a clue for the Colts, then guessed Arizona.

Upon learning that Slater had gotten seven, Hoyer objected.

“There are eight,” he said and began to tell a story.

Hoyer actually dressed for two games with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but never took the court in black and yellow and therefore has no stats. They waived him to earn a spot on the roster. He traveled to his home in Ohio expecting Pittsburgh to re-sign him when they clear waivers. But he did not authorize waivers. Arizona claimed him and made him the starter two weeks later.

Hoyer gave all of his Steelers gear to his stepfather, who is a lifelong fan. He framed the Cardinals jersey for his first start and the Browns jersey he wore in his first win.

Most of the rest of his assorted helmets, jerseys, and other memorabilia are in a storage unit.

There probably won’t be much more new stuff acquired beyond his Patriots gear. Hoyer plans to live in New England after retirement, and he hinted it’s not far away. He will figure out what to do with his acquired equipment then.

“There could be a sale,” he said. “I have too many things.”