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Deals on camping, hunting and outdoor gear


Luke Cuenco 09.05.22

OutdoorHub Labor Day: Camping, Hunting & Outdoor Gear Deals

Labor Day has been a part of American culture since well before the dawn of the 20th century. Our parents, grandparents and perhaps great-grandparents have all shared in the joy that comes with a long-awaited annual break from the hustle and bustle of our daily working lives. While I personally like to celebrate by heading to my favorite range and snatching a few hundred balls to celebrate, others may take an extended vacation to go camping or perhaps take the full weekend off to go fishing or hunting. at their favorite place. No matter what you’re doing, you’ll likely need equipment to do it and part of the joy of Labor Day is taking advantage of what is one of the biggest deep discount days in the country, second only to Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. . Today, we’re bringing you a bunch of deals ranging from hunting, fishing, camping, and general outdoor activity gear that you can buy to fuel your adventures for the rest of the year! Happy Labor Day from all of us here at OutdoorHub.com!

OutdoorHub Labor Day: Camping, Hunting & Outdoor Gear Deals



1. BOTE Zeppelin Aero 10FT Inflatable Kayak


BOTE Zeppelin Aero 10ft Inflatable Kayak

$250 off!

The BOTE Zeppelin Aero 10FT inflatable kayak is a single-person kayak for recreational paddling. All you need is yourself and a body of water to launch this boat. Packed in its own bag, it won’t take up your entire garage or have to be strapped to your car roof. Simply arrive at the water’s edge, inflate, load up your cooler and away you go. The ten foot length is easy to handle and very stable, so you can turn quickly and even stand up for big fishing moments. Take a day off or spend the whole weekend on the lake.

You can get the BOTE Zeppelin 10ft Inflatable Kayak for the sale price of $899.00 at Moosejaw.com

Advantages/Compact and quite affordable

The inconvenients/Inflatable kayaks aren’t as durable as hard-hull options

Conclusion/A great storage kayak for the adventurous traveler

2. Big Agnes Big House 6-Person Tent


Big Agnes 6 Person Big House Tent

Retail price of $120

The Big Agnes Big House 6-Person Tent is a tent redesigned to take the whole family camping. Designed to accommodate 6 people, even the front mat accommodates everyone inside. Easy to set up and at standing height inside, the 2 doors allow quick entry and exit. Plenty of interior pockets prevent you from kneeling on your glasses, stomping on your foot with a headlamp, and easily finding the book you wanted to read.

You can pick up the Big Agnes Big House 6-Person Tent for sale at $359.96 at MooseJaw.com

Advantages/A large tent perfect for camping with friends or a loved one

The inconvenients/None

Conclusion/Great for windy parts of the country! This tent gives you plenty of space, especially when used by just one or two people.

3. Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Waterproof First Aid Kit .7


Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Waterproof First Aid Kit .7

On sale for $28.04 from Black Ovis

The Ultralight/Watertight Series features exclusive DryFlex™ bags for the ultimate in ultralight, waterproof storage. Ideal for the feature-seeking hunter who refuses to be weighed down or weighed down by gear. The Ultralight/Watertight .7 is designed for adventure racers, multisport enthusiasts, and anyone who needs an ultralight kit with enough supplies for 1-4 people on trips up to four days. A waterproof DryFlex™ inner liner and a seam-sealed silnylon outer bag provide two layers of protection against the elements. This is an ideal kit for adventures that may be exposed to the elements.

You can pick up the Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight .7 First Aid Kit for $28.04 at Black Ovis

Advantages/Comes with plenty of supplies in a nice waterproof container

The inconvenients/The kit still needs a few essentials to make it suitable for a standalone kit

Conclusion/A great medical kit for camping and hiking

4. Jotboil Stash Cooking System


Jotboil Stash Cooking System

Save $34 Off Retail Price At Black Ovis

The Jetboil Stash Cooking System knows your dreams are big and ambitious. That’s why they designed the all-new Stash™ to be lightweight and compact, maximizing your bag space without sacrificing iconic Jetboil performance. At 7.1 oz, the .8L Stash is 40% lighter than the .8L Zip.

  • Weight: 7.1oz
  • Power: 4500 BTU/h / 1.32 kW
  • Volume: 0.8 liters
  • Cooking time: rapid boil
  • Group size: 1-2 people
  • Boiling time: 2 m 30 sec per 0.5 liter (average over the life of the Jetpower can)
  • Water porridge: 12 liters per 100 g Jetpower box
  • Ignition Type: Match
  • Product Type: System
  • Dimensions (packaged): 4.4 x 5.1 inches
  • Free-standing stove with titanium burner and 0.8L FluxRing pot is the lightest Jetboil system ever
  • FluxRing technology ensures a fast boil time of 2.5 minutes
  • Interlocking design makes it compact and easy to take anywhere
  • Stockpot with lid and attached pouring handle for easy handling
  • Fuel stabilizer keeps everything steady and stable
  • Storage for the 100g JetPower fuel canister makes it easy to adventure anywhere

You can currently pick up the Jetboil Stash Cooking System for a sale price of $101.21 from Black Ovis

Advantages/Convenient storage for hikes and hikes

The inconvenients/Fuel is expensive

Conclusion/A great way to have great meals on the trails or while camping.

5. Dometic CFX3 95 Powered Cooer Dual Zone


Dometic CFX3 95 Powered Cooer Dual Zone

Save $300 on this modern solution to keeping brews cool!

The Dometic CFX3 95 dual zone electric cooler is an electric cooler for outdoor events. Power on and control directly from the mobile app or from the easy-to-use front panel. Durable for outdoor use, the ExoFrame construction stands up to pool parties, beach events, the hunting lodge and more. With the option to freeze or chill, keep food and drinks cold, flavorful and ready for the next chest opening.

Advantages/Battery-powered cooling to save more space for drinks and food

The inconvenients/Quite expensive compared to a traditional cooler

Conclusion/Ideal for tailgating, pool parties and weekend camping trips when space is at a premium

6. PETZL Actik 350 lumen headlamp


PETZL Actik 350 lumen headlamp

On sale for $37.99 at Black Ovis!

The ACTIK headlamp offers a brightness of 350 lumens. Multi-beam, it is ideal for dynamic outdoor activities like mountaineering, running, hiking and backpacking. Red lighting preserves night vision and prevents group members from blinding themselves. Reflective headband provides nighttime visibility. ACTIK comes with 3 standard batteries and is also compatible with the CORE rechargeable battery, thanks to the HYBRID CONCEPT design. The mounting accessories allow the lamp to be fixed on any type of helmet or on a bicycle.

Advantages/Compatible with alkaline, lithium or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries

The inconvenients/Only weather resistant, not water resistant

Conclusion/An excellent trail running headlamp.

7. Leica Geovid 10×42 Binoculars 3200.COM


Binoculars Leica Geovid 10x42 3200.COM

Save $500 on these premium binoculars!

The Leica Geovid 3200.COM 10×42 40807 has Bluetooth connectivity and measures up to 3200 real meters. A new, more robust Bluetooth platform paired with Leica’s high-quality optical shooters provides a new level of confidence in any situation. Combined with the new Leica hunting app, the Geovid 3200.COM can be used for precise measurements you can always rely on. Connect it to your smartphone or Apple Watch via the app and set your individual ballistics and it will take the information to calculate the exact ballistic distance, hold correction, temperature, angle and even atmospheric pressure adjustments.

Advantages/High optical quality, precise measurements.

The inconvenients/Expensive even with the sale price but definitely worth it if you are looking for the best!

Conclusion/The pinnacle of optical quality and construction

8. Mystery Ranch Terraplane Backpack


Mystery Ranch Terraplane Backpack

Save nearly $100 on this top-loading hiking backpack.

The Mystery Ranch Terraplane Backpack is a fully loaded pack for serious backcountry hiking. Explore more ground for longer with a whole ton of gear, comfortably on your back. It all starts with the Astral frame, which has four vertical uprights and one horizontal to support the load, with dense foam for cushion and comfort through the shoulder straps and hipbelt. The top-loading bag features compression straps to secure the load, side zippers to access the contents in the middle of your bag and anti-torpedo pockets in the front to load gas cans, water bottles or rain gear. On the hills, hot diggity dog, IT’S TERRAPLANING.

Advantages/Plenty of storage space

The inconvenients/None

Conclusion/Has too many features to list here – it’s the one you buy and keep for life.

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