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Do skaters always have to wear helmets? Tony Hawk has his say


A helmet is a key piece of equipment, not only in sports, but also in everyday travel. Time and time again, authorities reaffirm the importance of wearing a helmet, as it can prevent serious injury. Without a doubt, experienced runners like Tony Hawk are the best advocates for the same.


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In a recent interview, he spoke about the importance of wearing a helmet, reminding everyone why safety gear should be the top priority.


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Tony Hawk explains the importance of helmets

In a recent interview, Hawk answered some of the most frequently asked questions on Google about him. Among the series of questions, we read, “Is Tony Hawk wearing a helmet?” “

Responding to the question, Hawk said: “Most of the time I wear a helmet, especially when I’m skating on bigger ramps, and that’s kind of my thing, skating on bigger ramps. If I’m flirting, skating on the streets, skating on smaller things, I usually don’t.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – DECEMBER 03: American skateboarder Tony Hawk performs during the Sydney 500 Grand Final at the Sydney Olympic Park Street Circuit on December 3, 2010 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Robert Cianflone ​​/ Getty Images)

“And I’m sure some people would complain about that, but it’s more about my level of experience. I encourage people who are learning to skate to wear a helmet because you never know what’s going to happen. And often you go backwards very quickly.

“I’m on a big ramp, I wear a helmet and it saved my life many times” Falcon added.


“I was a brand” – Tony Hawk reveals how he made skateboarding a huge business

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Why is this so important?

Sports injuries are common. However, in a sport like skateboarding where players stun their fans with death-defying jumps and moves, the importance of safety gear cannot be ignored. From minor head injuries to concussions to skull fractures that become fatal, the list is long and frightening.

Time and time again skateboards have suffered such serious injuries that they could have been avoided if they had taken precautionary measures and worn a helmet.


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August 19, 2001: Tony Hawk in action during the 2001 X-Games Men’s Green Skateboard Doubles at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hawk and his partner Andy McDonald won the contest. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Ezra Shaw / Allsport

As Hawk himself has said, sometimes it can be a matter of life and death and a simple helmet can decide the fate of the skateboarder in this situation, perhaps the most important difference factor.

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