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‘Documents found in Jersey mansion link trust to Ghislaine Maxwell family’


JERSEY has been highlighted in a damning report by the Miami Herald, after documents were allegedly found at an island mansion linking a former local trust company to the family of longtime lover Jeffrey Epstein and co – sex trafficking conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The documents relate to La Hougue Trust and are believed to have been found a decade ago by heiress Tanya Dick-Stock at St John’s Manor, a 58-acre country home where she spent part of her childhood with her father, then Lord John Dick. The trust was based on multi-million pound ownership.

Ms Dick-Stock and her husband, Darrin, said they found hundreds of thousands of documents relating to the trust company locked away in the mansion’s indoor squash court in 2012.

These are now the subject of a joint investigation by the Miami Herald and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) – a global network of investigative journalists, and have been featured on the national newspaper’s front page on Gorey Harbor photo background. and the Chateau de Mont Orgueil in the run-up to Maxwell’s conviction for sex trafficking.

The 60-year-old will be sentenced later this month after being found guilty of five of six trafficking charges by a US court in December.

In an article titled “Isle of Jersey Keeping Sordid Secrets of the Rich and Powerful”, authors Leah McGrath Goodman, Ben Wieder and Kevin G Hall wrote: “Offshore companies registered in Jersey have been linked to the US crisis from the savings and loans of the 1980s, arms deals in the Middle East, major drug seizures and bankruptcies, and the Goldman Sachs deal that earned billions for the hedge funder of Wall Street, John Paulson, but forced the bank to pay a half-billion-dollar settlement to the Securities and Exchange Commission over claims misled investors.

The articles claim that the extent and source of the Maxwell family’s wealth has long been a mystery, but that the La Hougue documents offer “tantalizing clues”, and add that Maxwell’s trial showed how she and Epstein – who died in US federal custody in August 2019, taking his secrets with him, used offshore companies “to build, disguise and conceal their wealth”.

Front page of the Miami Herald Maxwell. (33609561)

The treasury documents allegedly disclose that La Hougue worked with Ghislaine’s older brothers, Ian and Kevin Maxwell, and contain evidence of highly irregular business activities in publicly traded US companies, secret stock trading and possible securities violations, while millions of dollars in payments transferred through offshore companies to members of the Maxwell family”.

The Maxwell siblings’ father Robert, once a media baron with holdings including Mirror Group Newspapers and Macmillan Publishers and a former British Labor MP, died in mysterious circumstances in 1991. He was found drowned off the Canary Islands after disappearing from her yacht, Madame Ghislaine.

After his death, the Maxwell brothers were accused of helping him loot his media assets, including £460million from the Mirror Group pension fund. They were acquitted after an eight-month trial in 1996, which cost British prosecutors £25million.

Tanya Dick-Stock and her father have been in a bitter legal battle for years as she believes the Canadian-born businessman plundered his legitimate trusts for millions. Mr Dick denies any wrongdoing and claims the whole family were victims of fraudulent activity.

“Dick originally founded La Hougue to manage his real estate assets, but the financial company’s services grew to include document fabrication and forgery; the creation of fictitious accounts; hiding the identity of customers; and a litany of techniques for hiding money from high-end customers overseas,” according to the Miami Herald articles.

The articles also claim that the States of Jersey Police once held the 333 boxes of documents, but took no action on anything detailed in the logs.

“The Jersey government is aware of these media reports,” a spokesman said yesterday.

“They contain allegations of criminal conduct, and it would not be appropriate to comment.”

Contacted by reporters from the Miami Herald, the Maxwell brothers said they could not recall any details from La Hougue Trust.