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Fight of two beasts! Apple Watch Ultra or Galaxy Watch 5 Pro?


It’s not a smartwatch designed for the masses either, and its specs already suggest: it’s for athletes. bring one with you sapphire crystal display which is specially designed to withstand all kinds of blows. In addition, it is larger than usual, with 1.4 inches. As if that were not enough, it should also be noted that it is titanium. No risky sport can put an end to this watch.

Internally, it has a powerful Exynos W920 processor. Although the key to its success lies in its powerful battery, 590mAh. Thanks to this, Samsung promises up to 72 hours of battery life. Again, it’s all about efficiency, to last as long as possible and depend as little as possible on the charger. There won’t be a marathon to hold you back, nor will you have to stop training because of your smartwatch battery.

Regarding the sensors sports, it has absolutely everything you can imagine: SpO2, ECG, heart rate, blood oxygen… Everything! It will monitor both your daily life and your sleep so that you can know your health status at any time.

Apple Watch Ultra: better than Samsung’s watch?

A few weeks later, Apple presented its new Apple Watch Ultra. The technique was the same: a smartwatch designed to athletes elite who needed great resistance. Again, they bet on the titanium body to provide greater resistance. And we also found a flat crystal of Sapphire, trying to ensure that there is no blow likely to break or damage it. As you can see, the logic is very similar for both companies.

At the sports level, you will find exactly the same thing as in the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. All the details have been taken care of to offer a watch suitable for the most demanding.

yes you will find aesthetic differences compared to traditional Apple Watch models. He has a new side action button which will allow you to quickly access specific functions, which you can easily configure.

In the drumsHowever, it is weak compared to the Samsung smartwatch. In this case, we are talking about 36 and 60 hours. Yes, it’s a big increase over other Apple Watches… But it doesn’t reach what Samsung offers. To this it must be added that his the price it’s much, much!, higher than the first one we mentioned. And if almost €500 seemed a lot to you, €999 will seem a lot more.

A close battle: which watch is the best?

Let’s start with the basics, when we compare these smartwatches, that both are designed to a very specific audience. Or for athletes who really need to know all the parameters related to their health, or anyone who can afford it. Because maybe you don’t play sports but want the most pro watch Apple has released so far.

Either way, both watches are very similar and they offer very similar things. On a sporting level, you will find very few differences. While it is true that Apple has paid more attention to detail with its Apple Watch Ultra, the sensors they are very similar in both terminals. And the functions you can perform are also: same sports activities, same settings. The difference may be certain spheres that Apple offers and that can be useful at times. Like, for example, a compass which will be at your disposal simply by raising your wrist.

On the other hand, with both smartwatches, you can download apps. But, of course… Operating systems are totally differentand this is the crux of the problem. Can two watches designed for different systems really compete?

The Key When Deciding: Operating Systems and Compatibility

While the Apple Watch Ultra has watch OS 9the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has port operating system. And what does that mean? Well they are compatible with completely different smartphones. If you have an Android phone, you won’t be able to use the Apple Watch, with which your doubt is solved: the Samsung one is better. But, if you have an iPhone, yes you can use both devices, but with some restriction.

From Topes de Gama we have it clearly. So much for the autonomy as for the price range, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro seems like a better choice.