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George Iskenderian joins episode 40 of “From Phenom To The Farm”


“From Phenom to the Farm” releases new episodes every second Tuesday featuring players whose experiences vary across the professional baseball spectrum. Players will discuss their personal experiences ranging from high school graduation to life as a professional baseball player.

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As the top infielder coming out of the New Jersey high school ranks in the class of 2012, George Iskenderian had many Division I baseball contenders looking to secure his enlistment. When the coaches came to call on his diamond services, they were immediately informed of Iskenderian’s future plans.

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“All my life I was preparing to be a sports agent,” Iskenderian said. “The first question I would ask in terms of education was, ‘Hey, what’s your sports management program like? “”

He might have a goal for his post-game days, but that didn’t mean Iskenderian wasn’t as determined to reach the major leagues as any of his college teammates. When he enrolled at the University of South Carolina, this drive to be awesome initially hampered his progress as a baseball player.

Moving up to Division I level can test anyone, especially for a guy trying to stand out in a school after three consecutive College World Series appearances and two titles in three seasons. Iskenderian was regularly faced with a caliber of pitcher beyond what he faced during his high school years – the initial struggles led him to doubt and be incredibly hard on himself. He played sparingly in first year and knew that in sophomore he would always be stuck on shortstop by USC mainstay Joey Pankake.

“I also like to think of myself as a realist – looking through the lens of opportunity, I knew Joey would be the shortstop for next year at least,” Iskenderian said. “I wanted to give myself the best chance to develop myself as a ball player (…) I knew the only way to develop my game was to have enough playing time.”

He transferred to Indian River College, a junior college in Fort Pierce, Florida. There, Iskenderian regained his confidence and flashback, having performed well enough during his year at Indian River to be selected by the Cardinals in the 34th round of the 2014 Draft.

Instead of being pro, Iskenderian, still driven by academics and his desire to one day become a player representative, joined the school of his dreams, the University of Miami.

In the one season he spent at “The U,” Iskenderian packed action with a career. He started all 67 games for the Canes, winning the ACC regular season batting title and being named 1st All-ACC team for a team that would advance to the College World Series. The move to Miami also paid off when it came to the MLB Draft – Iskenderian was selected by the Brewers as a 7th round pick in 2015, accepting a $ 200,000 signing bonus.

In his second full season, Iskenderian was in Double-A, but just like in his first year in South Carolina, he only played sparingly. Unlike his freshman experience, however, Iskenderian didn’t see a potential move as a player that could help his career. Faced with a demotion, Iskenderian instead decided it was time to pursue another long-held goal.

“I was okay with that, I knew what I wanted to do with a living,” Iskenderian said. “Even in the professional locker room, I would say to the guys, ‘I’m going to be an agent someday, not a great player.'”

He drove home and re-enrolled in Miami to complete his final year of school. After a brief pit stop at Morgan Stanley, Iskenderian found his way into the world of player representation. Currently, he is an agent for MVP Sports Group, guiding players through their own big league dreams.

In the latest episode of ‘From Phenom to the Farm’, former Brewers infielder and Miami star George Iskenderian joins to discuss the recruiting process, the College World Series experience. and life as an MLB agent.

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