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Happy Holidays from Streking the Lawn


from all the staff at Streaking the Lawn!

We created it!

On the last day of 2021, I have the honor of writing my favorite article of the year. One where we take all of the profits we’ve earned during the year from advertising dollars and affiliate income, and donate them to a charity of interest to the local UVA and Charlottesville communities.

In the spirit of the holidays, Scratch the lawn donated to Child health partnership.

Child Health Partnership works with families to create supportive family environments, promoting the health and well-being of children in the Charlottesville area community. They started in 1991 providing community nursing services in what is now known as the Blue Ridge Health District in the Virginia Department of Health in 1991. They became an independent nonprofit in 2008 as Jefferson Area Children’s Health Improvement Program (CHIP), renamed the Child Health Partnership in 2019.

They deliver food and learning kits to families; they provide prenatal and postpartum resources to mothers; they work with refugee families, pregnant or parenting teens, and more. Their work with families increases immunization rates, parental employment, childcare rates, current health assessment rates, and more. Almost 90% of the money they raise is reinvested in program services.

Our whole team here at Scratch the lawn has full-time jobs elsewhere, whether as a full-time student or in the real world, and we write on this site because it’s inherently rewarding, and it saves our friends and family the trouble of ‘have to hear all thought we have on UVA. Some of us have been doing this for over a decade. We can do this because of you, dear reader, and your support.

If you’re looking for ways to amplify this gift and beyond, here are a few:

  1. You can donate directly to Child Health Partnership here.
  2. Add our Amazon affiliate link to your favorites and click on it just before validating a cart. If we are the last affiliate link you clicked before paying, we will earn a very small commission.
  3. Purchase any of the officially licensed equipment from BreakingT using our affiliate link. We are working with the BreakingT team to come up with new designs to capture the moment, and they have been one of our favorite partners over the years.
  4. Just keep supporting us. Read the articles. Download and listen to podcasts. Interact frequently with the site!

Past recipients of our annual donation are: Special Olympics of Virginia (2010), The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia (2011), Cavaliers Against Cancer (2012), the oncology center at UVA Children’s Hospital (2013) , Blue Ridge Area Food Bank (2014) and Sexual Assault Resource Agency (2015), Chris Long Foundation’s Waterboys (2016), Heal Charlottesville Fund (2017), UVA Children’s Hospital (2018), UVA Football’s Thursday’s Heroes (2019) and UVA Health’s COVID -19 Support Fund (2020).

On my behalf, Will, Pierce, Zach, Wiley, Ryan and Tiki, thank you you, dear reader, for supporting us throughout the year. Thanks for reading our articles. Thank you for purchasing all of our products. Please forward our podcasts to all your friends. Thank you for making us part of your obsession with UVA sports.

On the way to a wonderful 2022!