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Mario Strikers: Battle League: How to Unlock Bushido Gear


Mario Strikers: Battle League is an amazing return to one of the most “hardcore” Mario sports games. This new entry continues to push the sport of soccer to new levels, including an overhauled stat and gear system for each character. All characters have different stat values ​​in terms of strength, speed, shooting, passing, and technique, allowing them to better adapt to different roles on the pitch. However, you can also equip each character with four different pieces of gear that further boost those stats to augment their natural strengths or make up for any shortcomings.

All gear must be purchased using the coins you earn in-game, and all serve different purposes, while giving your players a new and unique look. However, there is a set of secret equipment in Mario Strikers: Battle League which you cannot access right away. The Bushido set, visually reminiscent of ancient samurai and shogun armor, is the only gear set that can be purchased for any character on the roster, and gives the strongest bonus stats of any gear. of the game. If you want to arm yourself with the Bushido Gear set in Mario Strikers: Battle Leaguehere’s how to unlock it.

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How to Get the Bushido Gear Set

There are two unlock requirements for the Bushido Gear set in Mario Strikers: Battle League. We’ll start with the hardest first: unlocking and beating the Championship Cup.

Note that you must complete all of the following steps on normal difficulty or higher.

Step 1: Start and win the Cannon Cup.

2nd step: Start and win the Trick Cup.

Step 3: Start and win the Chain Cup.

Step 4: Start and win the Muscle Cup.

Step 5: Start and win the Turbo Cup.

Step 6: Start and win the Championship Cup, by beating the game and watching the credits.

Step 7: Open your Gear Settings page and check out the new Bushido gear set available for purchase.

Step 8: Each of the four pieces can be purchased for 300 each, or 1,200 for the full set for one character.

Mario and his team pose in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

What are the stats of the Bushido Gear set?

Even though we said the Bushido Gear is the best in the game, that doesn’t mean it breaks the game. Like any other gear, every part of this set comes with buffs and debuffs in equal measure. Here are the stats each part of the set will give your character:

  • Bushido Helmet: +4 Passes, -1 Strength, -1 Speed, -1 Shot, -1 Technique
  • Bushido Armor: +4 Strength, -1 Speed, -1 Shooting, -1 Pass, -1 Technique
  • Bushido Bracers: +4 Technique, -1 Strength, -1 Speed, -1 Shot, -1 Pass
  • Bushido Sandals: +4 Speed, -1 Strength, -1 Shot, -1 Pass, -1 Technique

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