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Merchadise Launches New Way To E-Commerce In Time For The Holiday Season


We are not only print on demand, we organize, design, manufacture and realize the personalized products of your brands, all in one place, in an easy way.

Alex Phelan and Alex Young, two experts in e-commerce technologies, digital graphics, mass personalization and supply chain management, came together to come up with a new paradigm for the entire Merch experience, from the front end to the back end.

Brands that drive engagement through personalized products are well aware of the crisis in the supply chain. The founders of Merchadise too, but they also know that the pandemic has only accelerated this already imminent crash. Indeed, Alex Phelan, co-founder of Merchadise, has been warning for years against the inevitable collapse of the traditional model of supply chains. In 2013, when he became a member of the founding team of Teespring, one of the most disruptive companies specializing in social commerce and personalized clothing, he saw many problems with the way the personalized clothing industry operated. It was only a matter of time before the system imploded, and here we are today.

Merchadise’s mission is to offer brands a simple and painless way to distribute personalized products and E-Commerce; thanks to an efficient and reliable workflow that reduces waiting time from months to days or weeks.

Manufacturing takes place in factories based in the United States and Central America, all on one continent, so customized products do not have to travel around the world before reaching their destination. The need to invest in local manufacturing has never been greater, and the Merchadise team is here to take on this work and save the custom products sector.

“Because of this ‘he does the job’ mentality, many companies delegate their manufacturing work to Asia. The shocking part about this is that there are a lot of people in the clothing industry who have no idea how their products are made. We recently gave a tour of our factory to a major Los Angeles-based track and field brand and unbelievably none of them had ever seen or visited a clothing factory before. It’s time to change that, ”says Alex Young, co-founder of Merchadise, of the current state of the custom products industry.

Solutions evangelists

Disrupt and localize the clothing supply chain

“At Mercahdise, we are evangelical about selecting the right solutions for each brand. Our team is focused on the needs of our customers, rather than just selling you a “one size fits all” strategy, said Young. “You might think it sounds too good to be true, but that’s what happens when you put together a group of professionals who are passionate about what they do and have exceptional skills to create and make things work. ”

Each step has been a learning experience and now that the times call for a new paradigm, the Merchadise team promises to disrupt the outdated traditional supply chain to help brands survive and thrive in the new world of e-commerce. .

“We’re not just print-on-demand, we organize, design, manufacture and deliver your brands’ custom products, all in one place, in an easy way,” said Young.

Welcome to Merchadise, the new Merch Paradise.

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