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Miami Dolphins cornerbacks Xavien Howard and Byron Jones claim the best duo in the NFL


The nature of competition is to find the best. In the NFL, the best team wins the superbowl. The best team of all time ends the perfect season. The best players are recognized by Pro-Bowl and All-Pro selections. The greatest players of all time are immortalized with entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (or are snubbed every year like Zach Thomas and Richmond Webb, but I digress).

Who is the best quarterback in the NFL? Aaron Rodgers? Tom Brady? Patrick Mahomes? Add in all-time greats like Dan Marino, Joe Montana, and Peyton Manning, and the debate only escalates as people dig into the wrong answer just because Marino never won a Super Bowl.

Is the greatest running back Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, Earl Campbell…the list can go on. But that’s what makes the sport and being a fan fun. Who is the best is always a discussion that can take place.

This week, NFL.com’s Bucky Brooks attempted to rank the best duos in every major NFL position group for 2022. The rankings, of course, are open to debate. Does the pairing of Buffalo Tickets quarterbacks Josh Allen and Case Keenum really better than Arizona Cardinals‘ Kyler Murray and Colt McCoy or Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo for the San Francisco 49ers? Where is the pairing of Mahomes and Chad Henne? Clearly the Kansas City Chiefs‘ The Mahomes/Henne duo is better than Murray/McCoy or Lance/Garoppolo.

See. You can always create a debate.

On the defensive side of the ball, there should be no debate over the best cornerback duo in the league. It is a clearly decided classification. Brooks’ second-place duo of Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters of the Baltimore Ravens and the third tandem of Jaire Alexander and Rasul Douglas from Green Bay Packers both are really good. But they’re not the special duo with the Miami Dolphins.

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Brooks, in acknowledging that Miami’s Xavien Howard and Byron Jones are the best pair of cornerbacks in the league, wrote:

The Dolphins invested heavily in the cornerback position, and it paid off with a stellar performance on the perimeters. Howard and Jones excel at man-to-man coverage systems, and the defense’s success hinges on their ability to put wides in straitjackets. Although the 28-year-old Howard is more of a ballhawk than a tight corner, the perennial Pro Bowler has mastered the art of taking the ball. Whether catching the ball on a spike or reverse pass or aggressively pausing after reading the course, the veteran has a knack for coming down with choices. The 29-year-old Jones lacks the ball skills and instinct to log huge turnover numbers, but he is a sticky defender in coverage. As a decathlete with exceptional speed and jumping ability, the veteran provides all-around coverage against WR2s on the other side of the court. With a pair of high-end corners at his disposal, third-year defensive coordinator Josh Boyer can unleash the dogs on opponents with his aggressive blitz shots.

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Or maybe there are areas where it is impossible to create a debate. Brooks pretty much explains the simple fact that Miami cornerbacks are the best duo in the league.

It is all good.

No debate and fan bias here.