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Miami Dolphins Friday Mailbag: McDaniel, Tua, Second-Guessing, Secondary, and more


SI Fan Nation All Dolphins Pre-Jets Mailbag Part 1:

From Chris H (@Chrishyer31):

After the first quarter of the season, how would you rate McDaniel’s training ability? What are the areas for improvement and what did it do well?

Hey Chris, judging by the Dolphins’ 3-1 record with what has been a very tough first streak, you can’t help but give McDaniel high marks. He also deserves big points for helping Tua Tagovailoa produce the best football of his career in those first four games. McDaniel’s game designs and game calls have been very, very impressive. Areas for improvement? I haven’t seen anything egregious so far. There were a few things I would have done differently in the Cincinnati game like going there fourth and 1 of the Bengals 34 at the end of the first half after Teddy Bridgewater’s first play and also challenging what looked like in a bad place on a run from Chase Edmonds in the fourth quarter – or at the very least asking for a measure. But it’s nitpicking. McDaniel has been impressive so far.

From Reza Hariri (@Therealrezpect1):

Why didn’t Miami put Carter on IR? Any chance Conner gets more playing time? Is it time for Dark Kader to begin?

Hey Reza, three legitimate questions. Concussions are very tricky, so the Dolphins obviously didn’t know that after Carter’s injury he would be sidelined for that amount of time, although it could be argued that they should have created the concussion. roster space anyway since Carter is more of a support player. . Tanner Conner will get more playing time at some point because the Dolphins really like him, but I would advise caution at this point because it could take a while. As for Kader Kohou leaving, listen, I like his story as much as the next one and I think he has a great future, but he’s still a rookie and I’m not sure if I’m pushing him into a major role so far.

From Jorge boyd (@raga1922):

Hi Alain, I’m worried about the secondary against the Jets, who have good and fast WRs. Do you think we can pressure and contain Wilson to help the secondary? How good are the OL Jets?

Hey Jorge, unfortunately I can’t predict the future, but putting pressure on Zach Wilson will absolutely be the key to this game, maybe even the biggest key. The Jets’ O line has talent, starting with former 49ers Pro Bowl guard Laken Tomlinson and Jets 2021 first-round pick Alijah Vera-Tucker, but they’ve had plenty of tackle injuries, which won’t help. didn’t help. Veteran Duane Brown could be back against the Dolphins, and his presence would definitely improve the Jets offensive line.

From Brian Dougherty (@BrianBoru619):

When will Jaelan Phillips go wild? This line is good, but where are the bags? Does it happen in this game?

Hey Brian, the timing of your question is interesting because I thought Phillips clearly had their best game of the year against Cincinnati. I think the sacks will eventually come for Phillips, but I was never 100% sure he would match his 8.5 sack total from his rookie season. I can tell you that OLB coach Ty McKenzie is full of praise for how Phillips has managed to put the edge in the running game so far.

From Craig M (@Dolfan2334):

Hey Alain, it’s going to look like Monday Morning QB, but do you think the Dolphins should have rested players like Tua and X last Thursday and given them two weeks off to heal the Jets? This groin injury could bother X all season. Rest could have helped.

Hey Craig, yes, this absolutely plays the results. In Tua’s case, if Mike McDaniel had been told that Tua didn’t have a concussion against the Bills and that his back was fine enough to allow him to play and perform well against the Bengals, then why would he? retained? And if Tua had a concussion against the Bills, then obviously he shouldn’t have played and that’s an entirely separate and serious discussion. As for X, there might be a better argument as he clearly had a groin problem before the short week and he wasn’t going to be 100% against the Bengals. So in this particular case, I’m tempted to agree with you.

From Brian Lipman (@lipman):

Which pass catcher will benefit the most from Teddy’s approach and experience?

Hey Brian, that’s a really good question and I don’t know if we have enough data for me to give you a definitive answer. It’s hard for me to imagine much will change in terms of preferred targets because the fact is that Tyreek Hill opens up all the time and will therefore get the ball no matter who plays QB.

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From Ricardo Hernandez (@Ricardo96451182):

Hello Alan. The Dolphins went from years of mediocrity and irrelevance other than controversy, to two days atop the NFL Power Rankings, and then once again becoming the face of all that is wrong with the NFL. So my question is: Why can’t the Dolphins/fans have nice things?

Hey Ricardo, accessories for the originality of the question. Older fans of teams like the Lions, Browns, or Cardinals might find it hard to sympathize with you, given the Dolphins’ consistent quality through the 1970s and first half of the 80s. , I guess they would say it sucks for you to be born too late.

From David @dkar84):

With Howard and Jones injured, is there anyone at FA Miami who should consider signing? The secondary seems to be a disappointment this season.

Hey David, the important point to make here is that there’s no one you could sign now who could come in and have an immediate impact. Yes, high school hasn’t been as good this year as it has been the past two years, but you just can’t underestimate the impact of Byron Jones’ absence. Once he’s back and Howard is back to 100%, we can take a closer look at the DBs.

From FinsUpMass (@paulbdotcom):

With our situation at CB and the Jets close to elite WR talent, are we going to have to score 28 to win?

Hey Paul, I believe you’re right there. The only thing that could help the Dolphins deal with the Jets passing game would be to get to Zach Wilson but if they have to blitz to get there they better get to him fast but that WR body is very good – as you mentioned.

From mikethewreck (@mgcroteau):

What is the Dolphins biggest vulnerability to the Jets, and conversely what can the Fins exploit?

On the Dolphins side, their biggest vulnerability right now is clearly pass defense, and it’s been made more pronounced by the continued absence of Byron Jones and now X’s injury. As for the Jets, where they really have struggled this year is in third defense (31st in the NFL).

Big Ern McDolphin (@dana_buice):

Hey my friend, We are moving on to the 2nd phase of the planning. Even without Tua, we will be favored for the next 6 games. How would you define success and failure during this period?

Hey Dana if we just go by the record and look at the stretch from NYJ, MIN, PIT, to DET, to CHI and CLE I would define success (especially since I see the Dolphins as a team playoff) as a 4-2 record in those six games. We could get greedy and say at least 5-1, but things happen all the time in the NFL. And if you go 4-2, that puts the Dolphins at 7-3 with seven games to go and in great shape for the stretch run, especially when the first game after the bye is at home against Houston.

From Michael (@Mikeman20s):

So far this season, which player has performed the best in his position?

Hey Michael, considering he leads the NFL in receiving yards and is tied for first in receptions, it’s pretty hard to go up against Tyreek Hill with that question. We could definitely give honorable mentions to Tua and Jaylen Waddle, but Hill needs to get the nod in my opinion.

From Bill Whitten (@BillWhitten13):

Should the NFL/NFLPA review team size? Given the number of moderate injuries and safety issues, there isn’t enough depth to give players time to heal properly.

Hey Bill, if your question is “should” then the answer is pretty simple and it would be yes, especially when it comes to allowing teams to carry a third quarterback on game day. But “should” and “shall” are two different questions here, and I’m not sure that will happen, although I would say it’s much closer to happening now than, say, two weeks ago.