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Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Deep Thoughts, Playing the Blame Game, Online Line Problems, More


From Jorge Boyd (@ raga1922):

Hi Alain, is TY Hilton going to play? I thought I heard he wasn’t going to play the Dolphins; does the D line have a chance to reach Wentz now that the Colts have injured OL, especially the good tackle?

Hi Jorge, TY Hilton will not be playing the Dolphins. In fact, he’s not even on the active list as he still suffers from a neck injury. And, absolutely, it should be a game where the Dolphins’ defensive line can assert itself as the Colts have big injury issues on their offensive line.

From Reza Hariri (@ Therealrezpect1):

Do you think Miami will move away from dink and dunk and go deep into Waddle, Fuller & Wilson? If we expand the field and shoot it will open up the running game and under the roads.

Hey Reza, you preach to the choir here. We saw late in the Vegas game that even though there is no completion, a through pass can produce DPI and a big payout. I understand that pass protection issues have made it harder for the Dolphins to consistently throw from deep, but I’m not a big fan of the “take what defense gives us” excuse for not throwing deep. If so, the dolphins should be able to move around the terrain fairly easily in small increments.

From Sal (@TrendKillemAll):

How good was it to win meaningless games to ‘build a culture’ leading up to the 2020 Draft with players who probably weren’t going to make the roster the following season, avoiding a shot against Joe Burrow? Many of us were pounding the table for him.

I hear you, Sal. This is part of my big deal with the NFL not having a lottery system because you are currently being rewarded for losing. But I also think winning those games has helped the players WHO WAS in 2020 completely buy into what Brian Flores is selling because they saw results at the end of this 2019 season. Also, even with those late wins, the Dolphins could always have gotten the clear jewel of the 2020 QB class (at least for now), Justin Herbert.

From marino (@renvez):

Who is the playmaker in attack? Seriously. I am still not clear.

There might not be anyone outside of the Dolphins organization who knows with 100% certainty who is calling the parts, although by all appearances and logic it is George Godsey. It was also suggested by Bill Belichick and Jon Gruden before the Dolphins faced the Patriots and Raiders, respectively.

From ChrisDavis (@KyLouFinFan):

I agree it’s not a must win, but isn’t it somehow a ‘must play much better in all phases’ game? They need to start organizing, right?

Hey Chris, you’re referring to my story against the idea of ​​the Colts game being a “must win” for the Dolphins, but even though i see your point on ‘needs to play better’ i still don’t think we’re there yet as there is so much season left. Please don’t get me wrong to suggest that it doesn’t matter if the Dolphins play a bad game because every game is important, but the first Sunday in October is too early for me to do that kind of statements.

From A-Rod the phinphan (@TheGreatPhinsby):

Hey Alain, did Miami even watch free agent linemen last week?

Hey A-Rod, I can’t tell you if there have been any conversations with any FA linemen, but I know there haven’t been any visits or tries based on all the reports on these events that took place.

From Cliff Wagner (@HerePromotions):

Neto has sought to maim some DLs in preseason games. Why not give it a shot?

Hey Cliff, when it comes to situations like this I always defer to the coaches because they see what’s going on in training and not us (media is only allowed during warm-ups and individual exercises). I can’t imagine a reason the Dolphins wouldn’t use Durval Queiroz Neto if he was a big improvement over the players in the roster.

From John (@theopjoog):

If the Dolphins lose to the Colts, do you think someone will be fired? Flores, Grier, Godsey, etc.

Hey John, no, I don’t see anything of the sort happening – unless, of course, something extraordinary and unusual happens.

From Steven Montoya (@ stevemontoya84):

Rather responsible O-line, Grier or Flores?

Hey Steven, the Dolphins go out of their way to say it’s all a collaborative effort, which means we have to blame both equally.

From Brian Garberich (@garberichb):

Will the OC (s) open it and throw it in the field?

Hey Brian, yeah I would definitely expect down shots against the Colts, who have injuries in the secondary, but for that to happen the offensive line needs to improve in pass protection to give Jacoby Brissett time to settle in. The dink-and-dunk approach didn’t work well enough against Las Vegas to warrant returning to it in this game.