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Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Finding Solutions, The Coordinator’s Conundrum and More


The first part of the post-Colts game edition of SI Fan Nation All Dolphins and, unsurprisingly, most of the questions have a negative undertone.

Here go:

From Chris Brooks (@seabrooxx):

Quhhhhhyyyyy ??

Hi Chris, well, that’s a pretty broad question. Guess it’s a global deal on how we got here with the Dolphins. I would say that at the moment the simple explanation is that the Dolphins just haven’t been good enough in any area (starting with the offensive line) and Tua’s injury has exposed him as he shoots the ball a lot. faster than Jacoby Brissett.

From Jeff Golden (@ Goldenjeff72):

It looks like Flores isn’t messing around when things don’t work out the way she wants them to, and it looks like the O structure isn’t working. Or both or the online trainer? Thanks Alain.

Hi Jeff, Flores didn’t just criticize the offensive coaching this week, he doubled down saying he liked the system in place and the problem was execution. This gives you an idea that a change of coach during the season is highly unlikely.

From Chris Roney (@ ChrisRoney0):

Most would agree that Chris Grier failed to rebuild the Dolphins’ roster into a competitive playoff roster. Stephen Ross always gives the coaches enough time to turn things around, so Flores will be back in 2022, but if this team finishes under .500, will Grier be replaced?

Hi Chris, yes I could see that scenario play out (if the dolphins end up under .500), but I also understand that I don’t know how fair it would be to distinguish Grier like that given that everyone does everything its possible to say that every decision is made in collaboration.

From Miami Dolphins Quebec (1-3) (@Dolphins_Quebec):

Can you imagine the Dolphins hiring a new OC mid-season? Has an NFL team ever made such a move? (No change of OC among the current staff but hiring of a new OC)

Hello, beyond what I have already said about the idea of ​​a change of OC during the season, it has already happened but I do not remember by heart a case where the new OC came from outside the organization (for continuity reasons). I’m sure this has happened at least once, but I don’t recall a specific situation like this and I certainly don’t expect it to happen with the Dolphins this year.

From willyP (@ williampalexan1):

With Jimmy G and Trent Williams down yesterday, who do you think has the best choice at the end of the season? Our original traded to Philly or the 49ers’ choice we have?

Hi Willy, great question. I think it’s going to end up being terribly tight because I think the 49ers have a better team (Jimmy G or not Jimmy G), but they play in a much tougher division and have a tougher schedule.

From Tweet Marino (@ tweetmarino1):

What does the structure of our practices look like? Are there live periods? Is it just fundamentals and fictitious work?

There you go, once training camp is over, the media are no longer allowed to watch workouts beyond warm-ups and individual drills. So I just can’t answer your question. I guess there would probably be “a few” live spells during the regular season, but those would be rare.

From Mikey (@PhinStooge):

What do you think the team needs to do to turn the tide?

Hey Mikey, I think we have to start by making the offensive line functional again. While there is no doubt that Jacoby Brissett needs to get his game back on, it all starts on offense with the line and because the offense has been so poor in the last few games it has dragged the defense with it.

From Ricardo Hernandez (@ Ricardo96451182):

Does having two offensive coordinators mean that instead of the Dolphins having the worst offensive coordinator in the league, they have 2 midfield coordinators?

Hey Ricardo, that’s a little tough. Two things I would say in response is that, firstly, the two-coordinator system certainly doesn’t seem to be working very well at the moment and secondly, I will repeat what I said before: Chan Gailey did a much better job in 2020 than what he’s been credited for.

From Josh Leggatt (@Joshmleggatt):

Why does Miami always make me sad?

Hi Josh, the Dolphins are trying, that’s all I can tell you.

From DJ Strauss (@ djs2344):

How can they not put Brissett on the bench at this point? He put Tua on the bench for less. At this point, Sinnett couldn’t be worse.

Hi DJ, be careful what you want. Reid Sinnett is a nice boy and a great story and he watched against Cincinnati when he played the whole game, but remember it was a preseason final against saves playing a defense that showed nothing in terms of disguises. A completely different game in the regular season and Sinnett has never taken a snapshot in a real game before. So no.

From Daniel (@DanielEliesen):

Will the dolphins win the Super Bowl? Did they solve all their problems?

Hi Daniel, is this a trick question?