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Miami Dolphins Mailbag Wednesday: Tackle multiple McDaniel angles, Tua topics and more


Part 1 of the latest SI Fan Nation All Dolphins mailbag:

From Phinaholic (@dana_buice):

Hey my friend, how soon do you think Tua will have a playbook in her hand?

Hey Dana, it’s coming soon, but there are steps to take, the first of which is for McDaniel to develop his own playbook because he’s going to want to make some changes to what the 49ers have been doing and add his own personal touch. And logic dictates that this should be done in tandem with the offensive coordinator. So those things have to come first before Tua can get his hands on the playbook.

From Miami Dolphins Quebec (@Dolphins_Quebec):

What would you change to make the Pro Bowl attractive?

Hello, let me start by admitting that I haven’t watched the Pro Bowl for a second, although I’ve heard it was overkill in terms of non-physics. But here’s the thing: it shouldn’t be physical. Period. Asking the guys to pull out all the stops for a meaningless game after the season is, to me, ridiculous. Football just doesn’t lend itself to an all-star game. So, for me, it’s either give up the game completely or make it a 7-on-7 flag football game.

From Jorge Boyd (@raga1922):

Hi Alain, do you have any idea if Coach McDaniel will be able to put together a good staff?

Hey Jorge, my very quick and simple answer is absolutely, and that’s where McDaniel having 14 years of NFL experience (plus a year as an intern) really comes in handy because he’s had a lot of connections over the year.

From Reza Hariri (@Therealrezpect1):

Does Miami have the offensive players to execute McDaniel’s plan currently on the roster or do we need to acquire by draft/FA. Are you also thinking about keeping the defensive staff or going in a different direction?

Hey Reza, if by “McDaniel’s diagram” you mean what the 49ers ran, yes the Dolphins have players to make it work, but you still want to complete FA/draft. Also understand that most players are capable of playing in multiple patterns. That said, an offensive lineman like Austin Jackson could benefit from playing in an outside zone blocking pattern, while Mike Gesicki isn’t necessarily a good choice as the 49ers have asked their tight ends to make a fair amount blockage. I have already written my concerns about retaining all defensive staff, although I would certainly advocate retaining DB Gerald Alexander.

From Keith (@Keithrogue1):

Alain, I enjoy reading your work. What is the status of Boyer’s contract? I like his defense. Although Fangio is there. Also, who do you see from SF, player or coach, coming to Miami?

Hey Keith, the standard assistant coaching contract is usually two years, but Boyer was promoted to DC after his freshman year, so I’m not sure of the exact status. Either way, it will depend on McDaniel’s willingness to keep him. And, yes, Vic Fangio is there and his resume says he would be a great addition. Finally, we already have a 49ers coach, Jon Embree, joining the Dolphins staff and he might not be the last and I’ll be keeping an eye out for passing game coordinator Bobby Slowik. As for the players, guard Laken Tomlinson could be a free agent target and the same goes for Raheem Mostert.

From Kevin D’Agrella (@kdagrek):

I am extremely skeptical of this rental. What, compared to the last three coaching hires, makes you think this one could actually be successful?

Hey Kevin, while we obviously won’t know for a while, there are clearly things to love about McDaniel, starting with the fact that he’s super smart, he comes from a tree of successful coaches, he has a pretty good NFL experience and he also seems to have a good personality for the job.

From Hugo’s Castle (@CastleHugo):

Do you think we’re overreacting with the McDaniels hire? ! Never seen a honeymoon with so much love for HC like this…

Hey Hugo, it’s actually quite common when a new head coach is hired, especially a first-time head coach where there’s an element of mystery. I think we can both agree that it’s better to be excited after a new head coach is hired than to wonder what made the Dolphins bring in that coach.

From Ricardo Hernandez (@Ricardo96451182):

The last time the Dolphins hired an offensive head coach, he seemed completely indifferent to what was happening on defense. Does it look like McDaniel will be different on that front?

Hey Ricardo, yeah, Adam Gase was a bit over the top with how much he focused on offense and I would expect McDaniel to show a lot more poise, while understanding that his background is attacking.

From Mark Khouri (@Markkhour7Mark):

Do you think McDaniel will bring good competition to the QB or will it be another type of Brissett not to pressure Tua?

Hey Mark, after the video the Dolphins have made it a point to broadcast on their social media platforms McDaniel talking to Tua and telling him he was going to get the best out of him and is looking forward to an extended relationship, the message seemed pretty clear that this is Tua’s show and that whatever quarterback is brought in will clearly arrive as a backup.

From Cali_Dolphins (McDaniel era): (@101cali):

Which 49ers coaches do you think Mike McDaniel will bring in?

The fun started with 49ers assistant head coach/tight ends coach Jon Embree joining the Dolphins in the same capacity, and I imagine he won’t be the last to move from San Francisco to Miami. I was told to watch for passing game coordinator Bobby Slowik as a potential target.