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Miami Dolphins Mike McDaniel won’t find much to trade with 49ers


The Miami Dolphins are two weeks away from the start of the 2022 NFL season and there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Mike McDaniel. Who will he take from the 49ers?

The 49ers missed a game before going to the Super Bowl, then lost one of their most brilliant coaches when McDaniel took over as head coach in Miami. Now that free agency is on the horizon, we have to wonder if McDaniel will try to land some of his former players.

We already expect McDaniel and Grier to dive into the FA 49ers pool. Guard Laken Tomlinson is a popular sim in Miami once the market opens. Outside of Tomlinson, the offensive options aren’t that inspiring.

The 49ers are going to have to restructure a few contracts to make room to add players. Right now they have a negative cap. It’s only about $8 million and that’s easily rolled into the 2022 season. Still, if the 49ers want to make trades, the Dolphins probably won’t have much interest, at least it won’t bring more than depth.

Jimmy Garoppolo will count the most against the 49ers salary cap. Miami isn’t in the market for a QB so Jimmy G isn’t coming that far south. However, trading or releasing him will immediately free up $25.5 million in camp space, allowing the 49ers to operate.

If we look at the offensive side of the 49ers, there aren’t many options for the Dolphins given their needs. Tomlinson can be placed in free agency and the rest of the line is good, but Miami players are unlikely to give up capital.

Wide receivers might help, but the Dolphins have the cash to make a splash in the market and trading for a WR isn’t a high priority. It’s not like Deebo Samuel would be available.

I can’t be certain of the 49ers’ defensive players, but given the Dolphins’ current roster, it’s unlikely Miami will make a move for a defensive player when they can add free agency or the draft for free.

Miami’s main offensive needs are running back, offensive line and wide receiver and TE could also be a need. The 49ers won’t have much to offer in those areas because Miami needs starters.

If you wait to see how McDaniel might try to trade, chances are he won’t.