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Miami Dolphins rookie prospects for the upcoming season


After suffering through the dead months of football, the Miami Dolphins training camp officially begins at the end of the month. With the new season, new expectations come from everyone on the roster with the hope of finding a few rookies who can contribute immediately.

Since Brian Flores took over, the squad have undergone considerable rebuilding and are seeing positive results sooner than many predicted. After coming out of the playoffs last season, the goal is to play some extra football this season and, maybe, win a playoff game. Much of that success will be determined by the play of the roster’s veterans, but Miami will need the help of a rookie to develop this unit’s full potential.

The Miami Dolphins are perfectly positioned to see a number of talented rookies make a solid impact on this team. Whether it’s the speed and revolutionary abilities of Jaylen Waddle or Liam Eichenberg blocking one of the starting points of the offensive line, Miami has a number of freshmen ready to start on day one. and some will be solid backups as the year progresses. is progressing.

But what are the righteous statistic expectations for this year’s Rookie Class?

This piece will take a look at each of the rookies drafted on that list and provide predictions on how each one will perform. It won’t include undrafted rookies although there are a few who could make this team and become contributors, especially towards the end of the season.