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Miami Dolphins should consider Aaron Rodgers more valuable than Watson


I’m not sure I fully understand why everyone is talking about Deshaun Watson at the Miami Dolphins. If Miami is to take a step, go after a player who can actually play and who doesn’t bring the drama Deshaun would have. It would probably cost you the same, but the total package would be something that could finally get the Dolphins to the Super Bowl.

Look, I think Deshaun Watson is a great player. But he didn’t win anything. The Houston Texans a few years ago were a strong football team. They were on par with the Kansas City Chiefs, future Super Bowl champions, and built a solid defense led by JJ Watt and an attack centralized around DeAndre Hopkins. They were a solid team and Watson played well enough to progress with career stats, but nothing more.

Now, if we focus our attention on other potential quarterbacks that may be available, you can’t help but notice what Aaron Rodgers did last night. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, presents no potential crime charges and has won multiple Super Bowls and understands what a Championship team needs and looks like.

Then you add that the fact that one of Rodgers’ best friends, Devante Adams is also entering the final season of his contract and rumors are going to start swirling about a forfeit. So let me be the first to post it, I’d rather pass three first-round draft picks over Aaron Rodgers and Devante Adams then Deshaun Watson.

Besides, I would keep Tua. Rodgers is one of the best mentors in the league, he’s learned so much behind Brett Favre that you can see how Rodger emulates everything about Favre, from his gunslinger mentality to his chin-strap buckling before going to caucus. Tua did not receive any mentoring leadership. I’m not criticizing Charlie Fyre, but to be fair, Fyre hasn’t ripped this league apart and led any team to a winning season. Rodger’s mentorship with Tua could be instrumental in his career development. This type of advice would also create a synergy between the two players, just in case Rodger had any injury issues as he is not as young as he once was. For Tua, this is nothing new. He learned from Ryan Fitzpatrick and that type of mentorship is something he lacks right now. Ryan no longer with the Miami Dolphins, this key mentorship is a key development for such a young player.

The addition of Devante is the icing on the cake. At the end of this season, the only wide receiver on the current roster might be Jaylen Waddle. Devante Parker, Will Fuller, Albert Wilson, Allen Hurns all have contracts that either expire or will most likely be cut. You add Devante lining up opposite Jaylen and looking to quit Mike Gesicki, you have better training to present to Rodger’s than he currently has in Green Bay.

With over 80 million potential ceiling space, the Miami Dolphins would then be wise to solidify the offensive line by investing in Rodgers protection and giving him a running back. As the draft capital is sent to Green Bay (1st round in 2022 and first two rounds in 2023), the Dolphins would still have their 2nd round selections to add to their development on the defensive side of the ball. Also, don’t sleep on veteran players who want to come and play for Rodgers in Miami (Tax Free State). I don’t think Deshaun has that kind of guarantee.

If the Dolphins want to get rid of their three first-round picks, I totally agree, but let’s make sure they do it wisely and avoid the risks. Rodgers and Devante are at risk as both players are over 30 years old, but they bring loot that no longer exists in Miami since Dan Marino.