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Miami Dolphins should retire Jason Taylor’s 99 ASAP


Jason Taylor is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and on the Miami Dolphins Walk of Fame as well as the Ring of Honor but now his number should be laid to rest.

Yes, Jason Taylor should have his number retired and the Miami Dolphins should do so as soon as possible because it is long overdue.

The Dolphins have only three jerseys retired. Dan Marino (13), Larry Csonka (39) and Bob Griese (12). It’s time to bring that number to four.

Looking back on history, I can’t think of another uniform number that deserves to be retired for good and why the Dolphins are waiting for Taylor to become number four is beyond me.

A first-round Hall of Famer, Taylor ticks all the boxes and brings with him as much credibility as Griese and Csonka. Like the other three, Taylor’s name is synonymous with an era in Dolphins history that is unlikely to be repeated. Isn’t that a criterion for retirement?

It will be decades before another DE breaks Taylor’s Miami sack record. It will be decades before another DE/LB becomes an HOF player in the first round. Marino broke many records and held most NFL records when he retired, so naturally his 13 outs make sense. You could say that given today’s NFL settings, if Griese and Csonka’s numbers weren’t already retired, they might not be. Taylor has the resume to get her number put away.

Since retiring in 2011, no other player has worn 99 in those 11 years. The only thing that can hold him back is the two seasons he played on other teams, but that was no problem for Larry Csonka who not only played for the Giants but left Miami for the WFL.

It’s a debate that’s been going on for a while now, but something that should be reconsidered once again.