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Miami Dolphins Statement on Sharks Hiring of Mike Grier


The Grier brothers take over the sports world. The pair manage both turquoise and orange teams named after big fish – Chris, the Miami Dolphins general manager, and now Mike, the San Jose Sharks general manager.

As the hockey world comes together to congratulate Mike Grier on his historic standing, he also hears from his football family. Chris Grier released a statement through the Dolphins after today’s press conference in San Jose introducing Mike as the Sharks’ new general manager.

The statement reads as follows:

I am incredibly happy and proud of Mike. The San Jose Sharks organization is recruiting a man of character and integrity. He has always been respected on and off the ice by his peers. Mike will bring his work ethic and passion to the job every day. Mike understands the game, with intelligence, experience and knowledge to succeed as a GM. Our parents deserve all the credit for the way they raised us. We were very lucky to be able to watch and learn from our father, Bobby, while growing up. Congratulations to Mike and the San Jose Sharks for a great rental!

Mike praised his brother and father – Bobby, who also has an impressive resume as an NFL manager and coach – during today’s press conference, noting that the two had been preparing for the job “since [he] was about 10 years old.

Grier also described conversations at the dinner table, where his father and brother wanted to talk about hockey, while he wanted to talk about football. There were regular conversations about the affairs of the sport between them, including the tough decisions Chris made while rebuilding in Miami.

Mike is confident in the direction his brother has taken for the Dolphins. “He’s a contender, they have talent all over the pitch.”

Expect plenty of Dolphins x Sharks crossovers in the era of the Grier brothers. Congratulations to both of them for picking the teams with the best jerseys in their respective leagues.