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Miami Dolphins Week 9 Chicago Bears Mailbag 2022


Question from @shammbr0w – How do you see backfield shares being split going forward after seeing such success from Jeff Wilson Jr.

A: Most organized games in the league operate with multiple backs; even the Browns, with the league’s best rusher, gave up 117 carries to players not named Nick Chubb. Prior to the Wilson trade, the Dolphins largely operated with a two-headed offense that involved Chase Edmonds, Myles Gaskin and Salvon Ahmed at various times this season.

Raheem Mostert has shown his value to this offense in all three facets of running back. Jeff Wilson Jr. gives the Dolphins another multifaceted player who can also excel in all three facets. Their nearly 50-50 split on Sunday in Chicago was almost an ideal situation, although that will certainly depend on the game plan in any given week.

Associate Head Coach/Running Backs Eric Studesville discussed the Dolphins running back rotation and goal Thursday.

“The bottom line about this game is that we have to find a way to win,” Studesville said. “And we’re going to contribute in any way. If it’s in my room – Jeff has a big block from halftime that gives us a 22-yard throw to Tyreek (Hill) on the sidelines. We’re going to do whatever we need to do to contribute to the victory.”

Question from @PaddyPerk – What stands out from Bradley Chubb’s first game with the Dolphins

A: I know the sacks and pressures weren’t mind-blowing, but his ability to impact the pocket and force the quarterback out of his spot was evident. Over several reps, Chubb moved the left tackle straight into Justin Fields with his scramble. Sure, Fields was capable of maneuvering and making plays, but the process by which Chubb will get that push will produce results over a long period of time if he can maintain that level of play.

Dolphins defensive coordinator Josh Boyer spoke Thursday about the traits he most admires in Chubb.

“He’s an extremely hard worker,” Boyer said. “Like he’s here early, leaves late. It’s important to him. He’s also a phenomenal person…I would say he’s a charismatic individual immediately. Guys in the locker room, he just has this demeanor to his subject. I love everything that he’s been here since he’s been here and obviously we’re working very hard to put him in positions where he can be successful.”