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Miami Dolphins Week 9 Win: The Five Biggest Games


The Miami Dolphins improved to 2-7 this season with a 17-9 victory over the Houston Texans at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday.

We rank the five most important and important games in the game:

1. The interception of Jérôme Baker

This game epitomized the ugly nature of this game between the Dolphins and Texans, but it also helped provide all the cushion the Dolphins would need. It came just after Miami put in a field goal to increase their lead to 10-6 with 1:08 left in the half. After returning to kickoff at his 26, Houston decided to try moving the ball instead of running out of time, even after Emmanuel Ogbah sacked Tyrod Taylor on the first down. Taylor was under pressure again on the second try when he rushed to his left and towards the sideline. Not wanting to take the sack, Taylor casually returned the ball forward before reaching the sideline, but he made the mistake of not aiming wide enough. Big props to Baker for realizing he went out of bounds and recovered on the pitch before catching the ball with both toes on the pitch.

2. The interception of Jevon Holland

The game certainly didn’t start off as if the Dolphins were going to stop the Houston offense because Taylor led the Texans from their 28 to Miami 16 on their first possession. But on the third and 1s, the Texans decided to go big and Taylor threw himself into the end zone. But pressure from Brandon Jones precipitated the pass, which then became well reversed but in the hands of Holland for his first career interception. The Texans never really seemed in sync after this game.

3. Brandon Jones Fumble Recovery

We didn’t put it at number 1, although that pretty much won the Dolphins victory, as we doubt the Texans beat the field for a touchdown and a two-point conversion anyway. Still, it was obviously a huge game, and kudos to safety Eric Rowe for removing the ball from tight end Jordan Akins, Brandon Jones for being there to jump on the ball, and the Dolphins’ coaching staff. for challenging the original decision of an incomplete pass.

4. Emmanuel Ogbah’s “Sack” in the Fourth Quarter

We put “sack” in quotes because this piece was more about the mess Texans than Ogbah’s individual effort. But it was still a huge game. It came with the Dolphins leading 17-9 but Houston with a first and 10 at the Miami 45 two games after Jacoby Brissett’s fumble. Taylor fell back to pass that first and 10, but his left foot struck running back Rex Burkhead’s right foot and he fell to the ground, where Ogbah just ran and hit him for the sack. The Texans never recovered from the 11-yard loss on record and ended up walking away.

5. Mack Hollins touchdown

We have to give honorable mention to the circus catch of Mike Gesicki on a second and 22 which set up Jason Sanders’ first basket, but Hollins gets the green light here because he had to come down to catch the low throw. of Jacoby Brissett on the third and -beg of 4 after Baker’s interception. It wasn’t an easy catch, and Hollins’ ability to come down with the ball made the difference between the Dolphins leading 17-6 or 13-6 at halftime.

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