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MLB Relaxes COVID Restrictions, Drops Masks For Vaccineers


NEW YORK – All fully vaccinated players and staff can stop wearing masks in canoes, reliever pens and lodges under the latest changes to Major League Baseball’s coronavirus protocols.

In addition, fully vaccinated players and staff can eat at restaurants without restrictions and attend sporting events as spectators at venues with government-approved safety protocols, the commissioner’s office and the association said. players in a note sent Wednesday evening.

Kinexon electronic tracking devices and monitor tests are eliminated, and compliance officers no longer have to accompany teams on trips.

Social distancing and mask requirements have been removed for team buses involving fully vaccinated players and staff, and players and staff can start arriving at clubs again more than five hours before time. match.

Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated players and staff should always wear masks, but it will not be considered a violation to remove or remove the mask to eat or drink briefly, before entering or exiting a shower or on instruction from medical or training personnel.

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Social distancing from the clubhouse has been eliminated for all teams achieving 85% vaccination among Level 1 individuals such as players, managers, coaches and coaching staff. As of Friday, 22 of the 30 teams had reached 85% among Level 1 individuals.

Restrictions on team members who dine together have also been removed, except that unvaccinated people should always wear masks when not eating or drinking.

Fully vaccinated players and staff can also resume their business trips without a PCR admission test when they join the team, unless they show symptoms of COVID-19 or are known to have been exposed. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated family can stay with fully vaccinated players and staff on the road, and players and staff can use hotel pools and fitness centers, with provisions that masks are mandatory in fitness centers if they are open to the public and physical distancing is mandatory in swimming pools.

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The five-day quarantine has been eliminated for free agents and players selected from the list of 40 players on a team who were not in the COVID testing program previously.

The Seattle Mariners announced Thursday that they will return to 100% capacity at T-Mobile Park on July 2, the 29th of 30 teams to return to full capacity.

Only Texas has started this season 100% after fans were not allowed during the shortened 2020 regular season due to the coronavirus.

Atlanta (May 7), Arizona (May 25), Boston (May 29), Kansas City (May 31), Baltimore (June 1), Cincinnati and Cleveland (June 2) have announced the move to full capacity in season. . Philadelphia (June 4), Detroit (June 8), Chicago and Washington Cubs (June 11), Philadelphia (June 12), St. Louis (June 14), Los Angeles Dodgers (June 16). Los Angeles Angels and San Diego (June 17), New York Yankees (June 18), New York Mets (June 21), Chicago White Sox, Houston, Milwaukee and San Francisco (June 25), Colorado (June 28) ), Oakland (June 29), Pittsburgh (July 1) and Minnesota and Tampa Bay (July 5).

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Only Toronto will not regain its normal capacity. The Blue Jays have not played in Toronto since 2019 due to Canadian government restrictions on coronaviruses. They played last season at their affiliate Triple-A baseball stadium in Buffalo, New York with a 17-9 record, then started their season 10-11 at their spring training stadium in Dunedin, NY. Florida, until May 24 before returning to Buffalo this month. They will play home games in Buffalo until at least July 21.


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