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New Balance, BC Launches Student-Athlete Partnership


A little less than a month ago, Jenn medjid was on the lawn of the Johnny Unitas Stadium to celebrate a national championship. Her two goals, including an assist, helped push Boston College past Syracuse, and her performance included her in a list of female lacrosse rock star sweeping the sporting spirit of Chestnut Hill.

The whirlwind that followed put her and her teammates at the top of the Boston scene. She celebrated with Governor Charlie Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, a full-fledged British Columbia alumnus, at Massachusetts State House and performed with the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins. She soaked in the cheers and loot of an NCAA Championship, the first such trophy for British Columbia since men’s hockey won the Frozen Four in 2012.

However, Medjid’s biggest fans weren’t necessarily those in the Maryland or Fenway Park and TD Garden stands. They were the ones who were on the Zoom calls, working remotely for New Balance – his colleagues, so to speak, on an internship that is part of BC’s 10-year deal with the based company. in Boston.

“New Balance is a great opportunity and a really exciting new partnership,” she said. “I thought it would be really cool. I always wanted to stay in the sport, and it was a great opportunity. So I applied, went through two interviews and accepted the internship (position).”

The Medjid internship is one of two components of the largest financial footwear and clothing contract in British Columbia in the history of the school. He has linked 30 of the Eagles’ 31 college sports with local society in a foundational deal that began in early June.

Both his place and that of men’s football Walker Davey were offered to student-athletes as part of an initiative to integrate internships in British Columbia into both licensed sales and overall sales operations starting this month and throughout the summer in New Balance offices in Brighton.

“I thought this was a great opportunity to be almost a voice for the BC student-athlete at New Balance,” said Davey. “It’s really beneficial for the school to have a young voice that looks at how best to sell to students and how best to approach products that students want or probably don’t want. It really pushed me towards my role, and being one of the first people involved in this big opportunity is really cool. “

Each of New Balance’s two positions targets initiatives designed to stage expansion as part of the partnership with Boston College. Davey and Medjid both learned the roles through the Athletic Department’s Student and Athlete Development area, and each applied and accepted the position through a professional interview process with a hiring manager. .

Davey’s role, for example, took him to the team’s general sales operations and offered him an option to assist in the strategic development of New Balance for basketball, lacrosse, soccer, track and field and soccer. baseball and softball. It’s the perfect role for the business analyst to immerse themselves in real-world examples within their focus while blending their hybrid experience as a student and athlete.

“Getting into the retail space and working with BC and other schools and clubs is really, really cool,” he said. “As an athlete, the equipment is such an important part of the game, and being able to see the process and how (things) go from the manufacturer to the athlete is going to be great to watch.”

Medjid, meanwhile, is more focused on New Balance licensed development at Boston College in particular. Her internship works directly with the contact list and analyzes social media reports for trends and analysis while helping with the recap and planning stages of the company’s partnership with the Eagles.

It goes well beyond the National Championship lacrosse program and dives deep into club sports and other campus activities, where New Balance is committed to a level of uniqueness and customization never seen in the world. varsity athletics.

“We are all very excited,” she said. “A lot of people on my team and just in track and field in general really love New Balance. Their shoes are great and we’re excited to try something new in the lacrosse world. They make great cleats. me and for the other athletes., that offers a lot of opportunity with these clinics. Their head office is so close and it touches us. I think it’s really cool for the athletes in BC to get all that equipment and get all these opportunities, it’s really great.

“I’m in business school,” she added, “and I’m majoring in marketing and leadership, but I kind of wanted to work in sports. This is going to give me an idea of ​​what it is. is the real world and me meet people to form new relationships in the world of work. “

BC’s deal and partnership with New Balance amalgamates the two entities, but the deal goes much deeper than just a lucrative deal in its early days. The company allows for custom looks for BC and offers more clothing and gear to its athletes, but the real value is untapped in areas like internships, which often help student-athletes move up to the next level. life after sport. This has helped boost morale on both sides as employees feel a connection to the Eagles and student-athletes take a personalized and invested part in their uniforms, shirts and gear.

“There are top (European association football) athletes like Raheem Sterling and (Sadio Mane) who wear New Balance,” said Davey, “and for me as a football player, if these athletes from top level trust these crampons so they must be good enough. It makes me excited to try them out. I’ve always leaned towards (other brands), but I think the shift to New Balance is about to begin. emerge in the equipment market. It shows that there are things that we can learn, but they are also succeeding and making their way into space. As for BC, we are going to get a lot more gear, and it’s one of the best days of the year. It’s like Christmas is coming early. We’re really excited as a team to see what New Balance has to offer and where we can. go from here.

“I think it’s just a great opportunity,” he said. “I can enter the workforce and put what I did in school to good use with some statistical or marketing elements. I will really have the opportunity to use this knowledge and put my best foot forward. in what I’m going to do. “

“I’ve always worn their running sneakers,” Medjid said, “but I didn’t know much about New Balance. I knew it was a great brand so I’m really excited to be a part of their program. and that they are part of our program. “