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NFL October issues painful reminder to Miami dolphins


The NFL announced its monthly October winners on Wednesday, and the AFC’s offensive player of the month was Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts and the NFL’s offensive rookie of the month was Najee Harris.

Two ball carriers.

Two players the Dolphins were able to select in the 2020 and 2021 Draft, respectively.

Two players the Dolphins bypassed because they felt comfortable with what they had in the semifinals.

Granted, there are plenty of issues with Miami’s offense that could be bigger, but the lack of a top-notch running back is pretty clear.

And that problem gets worse with each passing week that Noah Igbinoghene lands on the inactive roster because the Dolphins took him with the 30th overall selection in the 2020 Draft at a time when not a single running back had come out. of the whiteboard.

Just think about it for a second.

After dropping four spots from 26th to 30th thanks to a trade with the Green Bay Packers, the Dolphins still had any running back to choose from in this draft. They took a cornerback.

The Dolphins then took Robert Hunt and Raekwon Davis to the second round, who became starters but didn’t necessarily make a difference.

Meanwhile, six running backs ended up being drafted in the first round: Clyde Edwards-Helaire by Kansas City, D’Andre Swift by Detroit, Taylor, Cam Akers by the LA Rams, JK Dobbins by Baltimore and AJ Dillon by Green Bay. .

All six would start for the Dolphins against Myles Gaskin, Malcolm Brown, Salvon Ahmed or Patrick Laird, which is natural considering they entered the NFL as a seventh round pick (Gaskin) or as a non rookie free agent. drafted (the other three).

As for Harris, he was the 24th overall pick in the 2021 draft, won by the Steelers six places after the Dolphins selected University of Miami edge defenseman Jaelan Phillips.

Let’s just say here that we didn’t advocate for the Dolphins to select Harris in the first round just because of the realities of the running back position and the idea is that you can get a good one in the second or third round.

But that’s just the point: the second or the third round.

And this is where the Dolphins missed the boat in 2020.

And we would also say the Dolphins would have been better off taking Harris at No.18 than continuing to ignore the running back position.

Yes, it’s safe to say that no running back would be very successful in this Dolphins offense, but it’s also a reality that a very good or good running back can improve the appearance of an offensive line. .

And that’s where the Dolphins dropped the ball.

The belief seems to have been that a committee back-back is the approach to take, but the state of the Dolphins racing game last year and that says it’s absolutely not the way to go.

It’s painfully obvious with every passing play when the running play isn’t producing. It’s even more painful when guys like Taylor and Harris win the league awards.