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Philadelphia 76ers named one of America’s hottest sports brands


American professional sports continue to grow in popularity each year, with millions of fans around the world following various American franchises.
And with that, we’ve seen a significant increase in the wearing of sportswear, from jerseys and jackets to caps and t-shirts.

But which American sports teams and leagues benefit the most from stylish fan clothing, and which are left behind?

To determine the hottest sports teams in America, data was collected from the Linkfluence social listening tool over the period August 2020 to August 2021.

Filtering out the team-specific sportswear terms used on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter during the recorded period, we found a total of 411,000 posts.

These posts were then analyzed and ranked, and the teams with the most relevant tags were ranked first.

Photo: The Action Network

The five hottest sports teams

By combining and ranking each team from each of the five major US sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS), we can reveal that it is the Dallas Cowboys who rank first as the hottest team. to wear, with 16,428 items tagged during the period August 2020 to August 2021.

Not far behind are the Chicago Bulls of the NBA, with 16,313 posts tagged on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. While their era of dominance on the pitch may have faded since the glory years of the ’90s, the Bulls remain at the heart of the fashion conversation, perhaps aided by the prominence of the legend of the club Michael Jordan, which is a household name in the world of sports sneakers, jerseys and casual wear.

We are following closely and ranking third overall with 15,493 social media posts, we have LeBron James’ current team, the Los Angeles Lakers, while his former Miami Heat team (14,261) ranks fourth. Rounding out the top five, the Cleveland Browns of the NFL recorded 10,349 tagged social media posts in the past year.

The NBA sells the most fashionable clothes

Photo: Monica Herndon / The Philadelphia Inquirer

Contributing to an impressive 10 teams in the overall top 20, we can officially crown the NBA as America’s most elegant sports league. Joining the Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers and Miami Heat among the fashion elite, the NBA is also represented by current champions Milwaukee Bucks (8,334) and Golden State Warriors Steph Curry (7,277), as well as the Brooklyn Nets (7,020), Phoenix Suns (6,117), Philadelphia 76ers (5,905), Boston Celtics (5,821) and Utah Jazz (5,654).

Not far behind, the NFL is seven times in the top 20 sports teams based on the popularity of branded clothing. Besides the Cowboys and Browns, there’s also room for six-time Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots (9,593), alongside the Kansas City Chiefs (6,271), Pittsburgh Steelers (5,948). , Green Bay Packers (5,599) and Chicago Bears (5557). Meanwhile, recent Super Bowl success clearly wasn’t enough to make the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4,353) a pretty fashionable brand, with the Florida team placing 30th overall.

Best of the rest (and the teams that failed)

While the NFL and NBA dominate when it comes to hosting the hottest sports teams, there is still room for baseball in the top 20. The easiest MLB team to wear is a household name among the New York Yankees (9,670), whose branded caps, in particular, are worn around the world. However, perhaps surprisingly, their famous rivals, the Boston Red Sox (4,333), are missing. Instead, places are won by the Cleveland Indians (6,770) and the Chicago Cubs (6,550).

Unfortunately for the NHL and MLS, hockey and soccer still have a long way to go before they can break into the lucrative fashion market. The NHL’s top performing player is the Washington Capitals (4,007), while MLS’s first feature film is on the list with the LA Galaxy (1,397).

As American sport continues to grow in audience across the globe, it’s interesting how relevant each team is in the fashion and apparel world.
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