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Red Bull ‘Formation’ reloads with extended field, more female firepower


Red Bull’s Formation event returns to Virgin, Utah this year. Watch the one-of-a-kind freeride MTB progression session and check out the roster of riders, mentors and more.

Freeride mountain biking is a bold and exploratory side downhill where only the most experienced and daring can go. Red Bull athletes conceptualized the training to help more women gain confidence in their abilities – and show the world that women have the skills and drive to ride on this type of terrain.

In Beyoncé’s words: “OK, ladies, now let’s get in line.”

Who to watch in Red Bull’s 2022 roster

The third iteration of the event returns May 8-15, 2022, with 12 runners, double the number from the original 2019 event. These runners are ready to push themselves – and their sport – to the next level. And we can’t wait to watch.

Virgo, Utah, one of the discipline’s flagship destinationsopens the way to Formation, as in previous years.

Top athletes like Vinny Armstrong, Hannah Bergemann and Casey Brown will be back. They and a host of other talented mountain bikers (see the full list) will deliver a huge dose of female freeride firepower.

Duration: 6 minute trailer

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