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Sacai & UNDERCOVER LDWaffle clothes are pretty boring


Mark: sacai x UNDERCOVER

Season: Fall / Winter 2021

To buy: UNDERCOVER online store and sacai THE store

Price: $ 683.50 (jacket), $ 367.18 (pants)

Editor’s Notes: I like the sacai. Over the past few years, I’ve been lukewarm on UNDERCOVER, although a few recent positives are changing that opinion.

Even still, except for ardent fans, it would be pretty hard to see the duo’s collaborative last drop as anything but unnecessary.

Seemingly falling to coincide with the new UNDERCOVER x sacai x Nike LDWaffle sneaker collaboration, Japanese companies have ditched a series of jackets and sweatpants to match the kicks in both color and sportiness.

The point is, these rather generic athleisure items – priced at sacai and UNDERCOVER items, not Nike – are more about sacai x Nike collaborative bloat rather than ingenious hybrid designs.

I’m very supportive of large-scale sacai collaborations but, again, unless you’re a big fan of sacai or hype shoes in general, I can’t imagine how the new colourways of the same shoe make you. moving forward.

And I’m happy to recognize that these drops are more about celebrating friendships with like-minded designers than his recent projects with Dior, Gaultier, KAWS and ACRONYM.

Hell, the founder of sacai, Chitose Abe, loves associating with her friends so much that she sometimes organizes pop-up tours to drop off more collaborative products.

That’s fine, but that doesn’t make this jacket or pants set any more interesting.

Like the recent LDWaffle collaboration itself, the last in Nike’s series from sacai until the fall of the KAWS Blazer, this is all pretty unforgettable and wouldn’t be out of place among UNDERCOVER’s usual seasonal lineup. At least last year’s squad was slightly more interesting.

Not really a problem, it’s true, but not meant to be. I just know that both brands are capable of a lot more interesting things, so when they ditch co-branded gear at main market prices, I expect something more. Hopefully, future joint efforts of sacai don’t continue to play it as safe as the deployment of LDWaffle.