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Saturday Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Chubb, Rowe, D-Line and more


Saturday’s Edition of a Week-Long SI Fan Nation All Dolphins Oversized Mailbag:

From Scott Eckenrode (@snake21104):

Do you buy into the theory that the acquisition of Bradley Chubb shows a change in defensive philosophy? Prioritizing elite passers over elite cornerbacks? Our plan with Howard and Byron was always extremely fragile as it depended on both being healthy at the same time.

Hey Scott, I’m not sure it’s that complicated, especially since it was the opportunity to add an impact player to help an area that was struggling so far this season. I think the Dolphins would have just as easily jumped at the chance to acquire a top-tier cornerback if he had been made available by the trade deadline.

From Mike Small (@realmikesmall):

My question is about Eric Rowe. Have you ever found out why he was a healthy scratch a few weeks ago and if they still consider him the TE cap? I feel like he’s regressed…

Hey Mike, we specifically posed the question to Josh Boyer the next time he spoke after that Detroit game and his answer was the binding deal he had to do with the game plan and matchups. My best guess is that the Dolphins expected the Lions to throw the ball a lot and maybe they preferred Verone McKinley III for that situation and then preferred Rowe’s better tackling ability against the forward-focused attack. Bears race the following week. As for covering tight ends, hmm, I’m not sure I’m buying that. I can’t remember a tight end that really burned the Dolphins this year other than TJ Hockenson on that long pass to Detroit, and it looked like it was Jevon Holland’s responsibility.

From Aaron Roberts (@AaronCRoberts):

The Browns have one of the best O lines in the NFL, but the Dolphins D line has made them mediocre at best. Was it due to the addition of Chubb or something else?

The Dolphins were really good up front against the Browns, no doubt, but understand the strength of Cleveland’s line is guards, Joel Bitonio and Wyatt Teller. And Teller only played 11 snaps against the Dolphins due to injury issues. Then left tackle Jedrick Wills Jr., who is probably the Browns’ third-best O lineman, missed six snaps. So it was a combination of both. But the Dolphins’ inside defensive line has been very good against the run all season, so what those guys did against Nick Chubb shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

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From Olive Grove Jon (@Owlizee):

Alan. The difference in having a game in progress was obvious as the teams are now trying to eliminate the dual threat of Waddle and Hill. Have the Fins reached a milestone with the racing game?

Hey OGJ I hate to use the term “turned a corner” after a breakout performance but on the other hand I believe the addition of Jeff Wilson Jr. was absolutely huge and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit by other really good rushing games from the Dolphins (even if not nearly 200 yards like against Cleveland).

From Eugenio Tallone (@Ertallone):

Hi Alain, as always thank you for your answers and for your excellent work. If you had to compare the evolution of this team between week 1 and week 10, what would be the 3 aspects that you would highlight the most?

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Hey Eugenio, hmm, that’s interesting and very difficult. I think the passing game would stand out as a point because he’s been really, really sharp the last three games. And it clearly starts with Tua, who has been playing the lights since that Sunday night game against Pittsburgh. I think the run defense has also gotten stronger and stronger, if you take out those occasional long runs. And then maybe I would go with Mike McDaniel who seems to be getting more and more aggressive in his decision-making, which to me is a sign that he’s feeling more and more confident going up front.

From Rich McQuillen (@rkmcquillen):

LG Robert Jones played pretty well against Cleveland. Do you think he has a chance of keeping this starting spot for the year? Pass blocking PFF (Cleveland) LT Terron Armstead – 61.2 LG Robert Jones – 86.8 C Connor Williams – 72.2 RG Robert Hunt – 72.0 RT Brandon Shell – 56.7.

Hey Rich, I absolutely believe everything is on the table as far as the offensive line goes, other than the big three (72, 58, 68) moving or being substituted. If I’ve learned anything about McDaniel so far I don’t think he’s about to play with a winning formula and the O line had a great game against Cleveland so I’d be shocked if that doesn’t didn’t stay the same against Houston.

From Craig M (@Dolfan2334):

How much do you think Ogbah’s injury hurts? How do you think the team will try to make up for that? If you were a bettor, do you think we’ll see Byron Jones this year?

Hey Craig, with all due respect to Ogbah, who I love as a guy and as a player, it’s not like he’s giving the Dolphins much this year so I don’t think the injury will hurt a lot. I see the Dolphins probably signing another defensive end to replace him because they’re light on the big players up front and don’t need another D tackle. I’m not a bettor (although it’s fun), but I’m inclined to think we’ll see Byron Jones at some point this year. This is only a guess, however, not based on actual information.

From Javier (@jboy1724):

Would Byron’s return propel the Dolphins to at least be AFC champions? Is there a chance Trey Flowers will return, and if so, when would he realistically return? Thanks as always! Love your work!

Thanks Javier, there is absolutely a chance that Trey Flowers will return, although it won’t happen right away. As for Jones, no, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that his return means an AFC title for the Dolphins. I’d say if he comes back and reverts to former Byron Jones, the Dolphins could challenge just about anyone in the AFC, although the Chiefs and Bills would still qualify as favorites.

From mikethewreck (@mgcroteau):

Should the fact that Houston has been really bad at defending the run this year indicate that the next game might look a lot like the last game? Should the fact that Jacoby Brissett was regularly running for big chunks against the Dolphins be of concern since he’s not the most mobile of QBs?

Hey Mike, yeah, this Houston game is going like the Dolphins can rush 250 yards, right? The Texans were so terrible against the run. But it’s like Mike McDaniel going off-script and heavy passing while the Texans focus their energy on stopping the run. As for Brissett, even though he’s not Lamar Jackson or Justin Fields, I think his jamming ability is actually very underrated. But, yes, this has been a major issue for the Dolphins and will definitely need to be addressed before the game against Buffalo.

From Dixon Tam (@DixonTam):

Now that we are past mid-season, what do you think are the three areas of position that #Dolphins have to tackle the next offseason? They corrected the attack and now they have to restock the defense. It’s CB, LB and TE for me. Your thoughts?

Hey Dixon, sold! I accept your three choices. TE’s pick would suggest you’re leaving Mike Gesicki, which certainly wouldn’t be surprising. I can’t argue with everything you had there because you can never have enough stud corners and the linebacking corps could use a versatile talent.

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