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The 15 Best Infiniti Cars of All Time


Every few years, the design team of video game developers Polyphony Digital invites a new group of manufacturers to design cars, especially for their iconic racing game series, Gran Turismo. In 2014, it was Infiniti’s turn, and the automaker responded by creating one of its most stunning designs to date. With swooping lines and race-ready aerodynamics, the Infiniti Vision Gran Turismo featured a 4.5-liter V8 engine with hybrid technology and a near-perfect 45:55 weight distribution between the front and the back. It was designed purely for the track, with a particular focus on optimizing aerodynamics to provide great downforce at high speeds.

At first, the concept was unveiled only in digital form, but in 2015 Infiniti also unveiled a real version at the Shanghai Motor Show. Unfortunately, the show car was not functional, but it nevertheless attracted a lot of attention. Too bad the brand has never developed a road-legal version, even if it was only a one-off. Infiniti would do well to learn from longtime rival Lexus, which lost money on every LFA sold, but in doing so, advertised the brand heavily and attracted more consumers to its core vehicles. Infiniti’s declining sales indicate an urgent need to revive its brand image, and finally taking the plunge and making a low-volume halo car could help bring attention to Nissan’s struggling luxury arm.