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“The Detroit Rams?” Strange Super Bowl shirts sold for Stafford fans – NBC Los Angeles


A sportswear company is capitalizing on Detroit Lions fan loyalty to Matthew Stafford, the Super Bowl-bound Los Angeles Rams quarterback who for 12 years prior made an appearance in that seemingly possible game for his local team.

A store in a Detroit metro mall sells Lions-themed clothing with the phrase “The Detroit Rams” featured above a logo that looks like a lion, only it’s a ram.

“We received them yesterday and they flew off the shelves,” John Yu, owner of Pro Sports Zone in Livonia, told the Detroit News on Friday. “A really hot article.”

Stafford’s split from the Detroit Lions after more than a decade of playing that earned him a reputation as a tough marksman on a struggling football team was painful for some fans, who watched with a glimmer of dread. hope when the No.9 was on the pitch.

Stafford was traded to the Rams ahead of the 2021 season as the Lions took on a new identity under a coach who promised to “bite a kneecap” on his opponents.

There is also a shirt for that.

A spokesperson for the company selling the apparel, The D Line, told the Detroit News they sold about 500 “Detroit Rams” t-shirts on Friday afternoon and expect to sell several hundred more. this weekend, ahead of Sunday night’s Super Bowl. between the Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Stafford, 34, who has donated to the community from his former team, including financial assistance for nurses during the pandemic, said Monday he “will always have a soft spot for Detroit in my heart.”

“They expected what I was going to do when I was there, what it would be like when they came to the Detroit Lions game, and I wanted to make sure that was their experience more often than not,” , Stafford said at a press conference.