Home Sport gear Time Pedals presents “Parisian Sole: Valcko Studios”

Time Pedals presents “Parisian Sole: Valcko Studios”


Time Pedals presents “Sole Parisienne: Valcko Studios”

Alex Valcko thinks you don’t have to compromise if you personalize, and that’s the philosophy of his Parisian brand, Valcko Studios. At Valcko Studios, Alex has customized Vans, Nikes, and even Crocs into full-fledged cycling shoes, perfectly suited to clip-and-shred in style.

Alex was just a teenager in Paris when he first saw a fixed-gear bicycle. Growing up skateboarding, he quickly recognized the parallels between skateboarding and fixed gear cultures.

His affair with fixies led him to bike polo, a form of polo popularized by bike messengers in cities around the world. When aggressive sport started taking its toll on his bike and its components, especially his pedals, Alex started riding Time ATAC. His need for cycling shoes that could withstand the same abuse led him to make his own.

Valcko Studios shares the same uncompromising drive to create and innovate that launched Time in 1987 with our first clipless pedal. Since then, we have been connecting cyclists with their bikes.


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