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Verification of some Miami Dolphins draft adjustments


It was time again for NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah’s pre-match media session on Friday, and as usual, he provided great insight into prospects and teams, and occasionally matched prospects to teams.

Jeremiah, a former Eagles, Ravens and Browns scout, gave insight into what the Miami Dolphins would be looking for if they decided to use one of their early 2022 draft picks on a lineman. offensive or a wide receiver.


Along the offensive line, it’s easy to connect the Dolphins to one of Boston College’s top prospects, either Zion Johnson or Alec Lindstrom, given that new assistant for that position, Matt Applebaum, has coached them every two at university.

“Yeah, those two guys would be good friends,” Jeremiah said. “I like Zion a little better as a player. He would fit well there.”

Jeremiah then provided two other inside offensive line prospects who would be a good fit for the Dolphins, Cole Strange of Tennessee-Chattanooga and Luke Fortner of Kentucky.

“You know, Cole Strange is someone that I think all of these away teams are going to love,” Jeremiah said. “He can really move. He started 44 games. Only one of them was center, but then he goes to the Senior Bowl, played center all week and was really, really competitive. And if you look at the Dolphins coach (Mike McDaniel) and how smart he is and his reputation and then you look at a guy like Cole Strange, who was watching the service academies and was a major engineer and is a really, really smart guy I think it’s an interesting adjustment.

“And Luke Fortner, Zion Johnson, all these guys are smart. Luke Fortner is going to have two master’s degrees. So you have guys who can move and guys who are really, really smart. And if you look at what the Niners tried to do they really tried to focus on those two things get guys with really good intelligence especially soccer intelligence and guys who are really athletic and can move so that would be (guys) i think that it would be really, really good in that scheme.”

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The Dolphins selected a wide receiver with their first pick in Alabama’s Jaylen Waddle last year and it’s certainly possible they could go that route again.

And it’s also possible they could also return to Alabama because Jeremiah says Jameson Williams is perhaps better suited to what the Dolphins want to do offensively (based on the 49ers’ pattern) than a bigger wide receiver. .

“I think one of the things with this attack coming in is that they generally like these guys to be interchangeable,” Jeremiah said. “So, yeah, we talk about the basketball team all the time, don’t we? But a lot of times when you talk to guys who are in this McVay, Shanahan system, they talk about having guys who can play all three positions, they’re interchangeable, so they don’t really have the same philosophy in terms of building a basketball team.

“So if I look at them, and damn it, let’s see what number they pick, 29, Jameson Williams, if they want to take a flyer on that if you get him in. You know what he can do with a tilt I mean Tua, the best thing he does RPO-tilt people to death. That’s where he’s in his comfort zone. And you’re lucky to have someone like that, you got it and Waddle, you miss a tackle, that’s it, so I’d like to see them keep adding that type of guy instead of saying, oh, you gotta get the bigger, more physical player. ‘d try to build a track team, a run after -catch team with Tua because his best thing he does, survey the pitch, get the ball out fast, accurately underhand, middle and then it’s up to them to do something with it.”

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