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Xavien Howard ‘dug’ on the issue of the contract


Howard has just had a terrific season, intercepting 10 league-leading assists (the second time in three seasons he’s paced the NFL in INT) and ranking second-best CB in the league according to advanced metrics from Pro Football Focus. . Although Howard’s five-year, $ 75 million pact with the Dolphins in 2019 made him the highest-paid corner kick in the league at the time, his $ 15 million AAV is now the sixth-highest rating. high in football (a spot behind teammate Byron Jones, who isn’t as good as Howard but was lucky enough to sign his free agent contract a year later).

So if Howard only had a year or two left, a renegotiation would probably be a no-brainer for the Dolphins. But Howard is still four years old and it would set a dangerous precedent to rework a contract with so much time left. Plus, under the terms of the new CBA, Miami has some leverage, as Howard would risk losing $ 50,000 in unforgivable fines for every day of training camp he misses, and if he doesn’t. not present on time, he would lose an accumulated sum. season to free agency.

In light of his dominant campaign in 2020, Howard might feel comfortable with these penalties. He may believe that if the Dolphins don’t pay him, another club will be willing to trade for him and offer him the high-end deal he’s looking for, thus canceling out the fines and, perhaps, the issue of free agencies. . However, Miami was rightly demanding a King’s ransom for Howard by last year’s trade deadline, and the club is unlikely to drop their asking price too much.

Head Dolphin Coach Brian Flores recently acknowledged that Howard’s situation is “unique”, but he did not seem particularly keen on reworking the existing CB contract.