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Review: Exploring the Great Outdoors with Lululemon Hike


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Maybe the unexpected energy of a pandemic pup has brought (see: forced) you outside. Maybe your new found love for running—and the deceptive amount of gear involved—has translated to the trails. Maybe you, like us, yearn for the days when there was nothing to do in your small town, but hit the local peak for a few miles and brew with your buds. Either way, we’ll say it: hiking is all the rage.

Also in? Lululemon. The Vancouver-based workout label has gained immense popularity since its inception in 1998, with the rise of athleisure and the unforeseen demands of a global pandemic pushing the brand to new heights and expanding audiences to a grassroots of multi-gender and multi-generation fanatics. united by the desire for comfortable and beautiful clothes.

It is therefore logical that these interests collide; if anything, we’re shocked this hasn’t happened sooner, as other high-end athletics labels have long since taken the step outside. But to our delight—we, too, were won over by the power of wonderfully stretchable boxers—Lululemon announced its inaugural Hike collection in July, a bountiful 33-piece unisex capsule designed as a “complete collection of adaptable pieces—convertible.” , packable and water resistant – intended to make time outdoors easier than ever,” as the athleisure giants explain.

To see how their first foray into the world of outdoor exploration holds up, we got our hands on a complete Lululemon kit — packable anorak ($168), convertible hiking pants ($198), ventilated hiking shirt ( $88) and Power Stride Crew Socks ($28), to be precise — and has been putting the gear through its paces over the past few weeks. We’ve hiked, biked, moved, and come away with a series of concretes: there’s been a lot of good, a few concerns to mention, and some unexpected benefits of wearing zip-up pants in public. Below is our review of Lululemon’s Hike collection.

Design and materials

18 months in the making, Lululemon’s Hike collection is a departure from the brand’s previous efforts. While premium materials, attention to detail and much-needed stretch are present throughout the collection, new features – utility-oriented design in pockets and zippers, as well as a new “Abrasion Resistant” fabric designed to keep you safe on the trails — highlight Hiking. The focus is on convertibility, with many pieces featuring sturdy zipped sleeves and customizable tightening. Dynamic ventilation helps regulate heat as temperatures rise, with reinforced seams protecting against the harsher conditions your normal bodega bottoms are used to.



While my Lulu braved the daring trails of Connecticut, the majority of testing was in a different type of jungle. My aforementioned kit went through a barrage of sprints on the subway, trips to a dusty dog ​​park, and even one of the best beers of my life (but we’ll get to that). Through the hustle and bustle of city life, I’m happy to report that the collection held up admirably – with my testing mostly limited to the ventilated hiking shirt and an adapted version of the Convetable Hiking Pants (CHP) – j I had few complaints. The former performed admirably during a New York heat wave, making downtown jaunts a bearable chore, and, as I soon learned, I vastly prefer the CHP in sport mode (c i.e. in shorts). There are few experiences more pleasurable than crashing in a shady patio on a 99-degree day, ordering a Stella, and converting your pants to shorts. The cargo pockets even allow for easy storage, another unintended benefit.

For the trail experience, the Lululemon Hike collection worked perfectly, more than a match for easy trails. A few notes from the trail test: that the heaviest layers (Anorak and CHP), while strong, weren’t as breathable as one would hope; while the top and socks provided light, cloud-like cushion, I’ll probably opt for traditional shorts on my next summer hike. Likewise, I can’t speak to their weather resistance. I only felt warmth, but I will again note that for their substantial weight, they felt surprisingly delicate.

What we like

  • Versatility: Yes, you can wear Lululemon’s latest offerings on your next trek, but its possible use cases aren’t limited to the trails – rain runs, workouts, and the occasional hangout all fall under it. Preview of Luluelon’s Stretchy & Comfortable Motion Bonding – Forward Speed.
  • Style/Appearance: The Hike collection is beautiful, pure and simple. The brown, gray and black color scheme that runs through the unisex capsule seems appropriate for the approaching seasons, and the cuts are clean and modern.
  • Details: Lululemon is so revered, at least in part, because of its attention to detail, and that attention really shines through in the Hike collection. Clean metal snap closures (as opposed to cheap velcro), a smartly designed hooded lip to keep water away from the face, low profile pocket seams for maximum support – it’s details like these that set them apart Lulu from the competition.
  • Personalization: With a multitude of straps, zippers and attachments to customize to your liking, the fit, feel and look of Lululemon Hike is in your hands.

What we don’t do

  • Sustainability: Less a total problem and more an individual gripe, the mesh lining of the Packable Ripstop Anorak, especially when fitted, feels dangerously thin, a question mark for water-repellent style.
  • Price: There is no way around this; Lululemon’s Hike collection (just like most of their sports leisure offerings) comes at a hefty price tag. We’ll say most of the capsule is worth the hefty price tag, but if $20 for a pair of socks puts you off, then this isn’t the gear for you (especially with the aforementioned durability issues).

Should you buy it?

For those already inducted into the cult of the Lulule-men or those influenced by high-profile brands and equally innovative technologies, the Lululemon Hike collection is a must-have. Chic and sporty, it’s a perfect option for hitting the town and trails in style, whatever the elements, and while outdoor parlance may overstate the collections’ merit as rugged gear, the capsule indeed offers a variety of trail-ready utility gear, apparel, and accessories — provided you have the funds to catch the high-end duds.

The Hike Collection sells for between $28 and $198 and is available to buy now on the Luluemon website and in select stores.

On the Lifts North America Moose Orientation


Swiss running brand On has raised its profit and sales forecasts for the year after announcing quarterly results that beat expectations. Second-quarter sales climbed 66.6%, driven by strong wholesale growth of 70.1% and DTC growth of 60.8%, as well as continued exceptional momentum and demand in the region On North America, up 102.5%.

Other highlights of the quarter include:

  • On record Q2 2022 net sales of CHF 291.7 million, net profit of CHF 49.1 million and adjusted EBITDA of CHF 31.4 million despite the continued challenging supply chain environment as well as geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainties.
  • Delivered gross profit margin of 55.1% in Q2 2022, up from 60.7% in the prior year period and up from 51.8% in Q1 2022, reflecting headwinds continued but reduced transients from the higher share of airfreight and related expenses.
  • Macroeconomic developments and the potential impacts of the current environment on consumer demand are closely watched. However, based on a very successful first half and continued strong demand for On’s products, On is raising its previous guidance and now expects net sales of at least CHF 1.1 billion. and an adjusted EBITDA of CHF 145 million for the full year. 2022. Full-year adjusted EBITDA margin guidance remains unchanged at 13.2%.
  • We continue to focus on innovation that will drive the performance of the world’s best athletes. The second quarter not only saw On’s first win in the Diamond League, but also On’s first medals at the Commonwealth Games and World Championships. In addition, On is making great strides in its sustainability mission, having delivered the first fully recyclable running shoe by subscription to the first subscribers of On’s Cyclon program..

Martin Hoffmann, Co-CEO and CFO of On, said: “We are very pleased and proud to announce that we achieved our highest ever quarterly net sales in the second quarter of 2022 and are thus seeing continued strong demand for Sur products from all regions. Our team has done an outstanding job of efficiently managing product flow in what we anticipate will be the near final stages of supply shortages resulting from last year’s plant closures. Thanks to them, we were able to welcome many new fans into the On community and equip them with our latest product launches. In June, for the first time in our history, monthly net sales exceeded 100 million Swiss francs, bringing our total net sales for the first half of 2022 to more than 500 million Swiss francs. Based on the performance we saw in the first half, we are again raising our full-year 2022 net revenue and adjusted EBITDA outlook. As we continue our mission to ignite the he human spirit through movement, we think long-term and our goal is to build a sustainable business at the intersection of performance, design and impact.

Caspar Coppetti, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman of On, said, “We continue to make great strides and reach new milestones at the intersection of performance, design and impact. We are delighted to see that our commitment to developing high performance products to unlock the full potential of our athletes is paying off. Over the past few weeks, On athletes have shown incredible performances, leading not only to our first Diamond League win, but also to our first Commonwealth Games and World Championship medals. This quarter also saw us achieve significant milestones in our mission to drive sustainable and circular innovations. Just a few weeks ago, our very first community of Cyclon subscribers in the United States received their first subscription-based, fully recyclable shoe called Cloudneo. This very special launch was another step towards our sustainability mission and we look forward to sharing many more innovations in the future.

Financial and operational indicators for the second quarter of 2022

Key highlights for the three-month period ended June 30, 2022 compared to the three-month period ended June 30, 2021 include:

  • net sales increased by 66.6% to CHF 291.7 million;
  • net sales via the direct-to-consumer (“DTC”) channel increased by 60.8% to CHF 105.6 million;
  • net sales via the wholesale channel increased by 70.1 percent to CHF 186.0 million;
  • net sales in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific increased by 102.5% to CHF 181.7 million, by 17.5% to CHF 83.3 million and by 52.2% to 17 CHF.9 million, respectively;
  • net sales of shoes, clothing and accessories increased by 68.2% to 280.6 million francs, by 31.3% to 9.2 million and by 51.9% to 1.8 million;
  • gross profit increased by 51.2% to CHF 160.8 million;
  • the gross margin went from 60.7% to 55.1%;
  • net profit increased to CHF 49.1 million from CHF 14.2 million;
  • net profit margin increased from 8.1% to 16.9%;
  • Class A base EPS (CHF) increased from CHF 0.11 to CHF 0.16;
  • EPS diluted Class A (CHF) increased from CHF 0.10 to CHF 0.15;
  • adjusted EBITDA increased by 14.7% to CHF 31.4 million from CHF 27.4 million;
  • adjusted EBITDA margin decreased from 15.7% to 10.8%;
  • adjusted net profit increased to CHF 44.8 million from CHF 14.0 million;
  • Adjusted base EPS Class A (CHF) increased from CHF 0.09 to CHF 0.14; and
  • Class A Adjusted Diluted EPS (CHF) increased from CHF 0.09 to CHF 0.14.

Key highlights for the six-month period ended June 30, 2022 compared to the six-month period ended June 30, 2021 include:

  • net sales increased by 67.2% to CHF 527.3 million;
  • net sales through the DTC sales channel increased by 63.9% to CHF 189.1 million;
  • net sales via the wholesale channel increased by 69.1 percent to 338.3 million francs;
  • net sales in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific increased by 95.3% to CHF 320.1 million, 23.7% to CHF 158.2 million and 80.4% to CHF 320.1 million, respectively. CHF 34.4 million;
  • net sales of shoes, clothing and accessories increased by 68.5% to CHF 503.1 million, by 38.5% to CHF 20.6 million and by 76.8% to CHF 3.7 million
  • gross profit increased by 51.1 percent to CHF 282.9 million;
  • gross margin decreased to 53.6% from 59.3%;
  • net profit increased to CHF 63.5 million from CHF 3.8 million;
  • net profit margin increased from 1.2% to 12.0%
  • Class A base EPS (CHF) increased from CHF 0.19 to CHF 0.20;
  • EPS diluted Class A (CHF) increased from CHF 0.19 to CHF 0.20;
  • adjusted EBITDA decreased by 0.4% from CHF 47.3 million to CHF 47.1 million;
  • adjusted EBITDA margin decreased from 10.8% to 8.9%;
  • adjusted net profit increased from CHF 26.4 million to CHF 61.8 million;
  • Class A Adjusted Core EPS (CHF) increased by 106.0% to CHF 0.20; and
  • Class A Adjusted Diluted EPS (CHF) increased by 107.5% to CHF 0.19.

Key highlights as of June 30, 2022 include:

  • cash decreased by 14.6% to 557.7 million francs compared to December 31, 2021; and
  • Net working capital was CHF 330.8 million as of June 30, 2022, representing an increase of 76.4% compared to December 31, 2021.


It said: “After a very successful first half with net sales exceeding 500 million Swiss francs, we remain confident in our ability to execute our growth strategy in the second half of 2022 despite the uncertainties and continuing macroeconomic challenges.

“We currently anticipate limited impacts from these macroeconomic uncertainties on demand for our products. Nonetheless, we see it as our duty to remain cautious and alert in such an environment and have taken some steps to increase our cost base somewhat more conservatively than initially expected.

“The first half of 2022 had been further impacted by transient supply shortages following factory closures in 2021. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of our factory partners, our stock situation has meanwhile improved. considerably improved. Thus, the use of air freight should be reduced in the second half of the year. We will continue to selectively use air freight to ensure availability of our more recently launched products, which did not have an initial stock position. From there, we expect a limited headwind to our gross profit margin of 150 to 200 basis points in Q3 2022.

“Given the current macroeconomic challenges as well as the very successful first half of 2022, we are increasing our outlook for net sales and adjusted EBITDA. For the year ended December 31, 2022, we now expect net sales to reach 1.1 billion Swiss francs, representing 52% year-over-year growth compared to 2021. The increase in expected net sales will enable additional growth-oriented investments in the brand while increasing our adjusted EBITDA target for the full year at CHF 145 million, confirming our objective of an adjusted EBITDA margin of 13.2% even with a significantly high sales outlook. under IFRS, we only provide guidance on a non-IFRS basis The Company does not provide a reconciliation between forward-looking Adjusted EBITDA and IFRS net income due to the inherent difficulty in predicting and quantifying certain amounts necessary for such a reconciliation. Accordingly, we are unable to predict with reasonable certainty all of the deductions necessary to provide a reconciliation to net income. »

Previously, On said it expected net sales to exceed CHF 1.04 billion, representing year-on-year growth of at least 44% from 2021. Full-year Adjusted EBITDA target of CHF 137 million and corresponding Adjusted EBITDA. margin at 13.2%.

Illini’s new look to be built for Bielema’s second year


Illinois head coach Bret Bielema speaks to reporters during an NCAA college football news conference during Big Ten Conference media days at Lucas Oil Stadium on Wednesday July 27, 2022, in Indianapolis.  (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Illinois head coach Bret Bielema speaks to reporters during an NCAA college football news conference during Big Ten Conference media days at Lucas Oil Stadium on Wednesday July 27, 2022, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)


Bret Bielema offered Illinois fans a glimmer of hope by going 5-7 in a debut campaign in 2021 highlighted by a nine-overtime victory at Penn State and the first victory over rival Northwestern since 2014 .

Bringing the Illini to a bowling game is among the next challenges for a team that only fires six starters on each side of the ball.

“Just knowing our roster, not that I didn’t like our roster a year ago, it’s just that you’re more comfortable,” Bielema said. “You know their strengths, you know their weaknesses, you know how they handle the moments.”

The offense will look markedly different when Illinois opens the season at home against Wyoming on August 27 after Bielema brought in former UTSA offensive coordinator Barry Lunney Jr. to take over from Tony Petersen after a lamentable passing attack in 2021.

As for the final result, Bielema hinted at an internal “buzz” around the program, picked to finish sixth in the Big Ten West division, according to a media poll.

“As far as predictions go,” Bielema said, “I leave that to the outside world.”


Syracuse transfer Tommy DeVito is seeking the starting quarterback spot over Artur Sitkowski, who missed spring training after offseason surgeries on his throwing shoulder and non-throwing arm. Sitkowski and Brandon Peters have struggled mightily in 2021, completing just 51.2% of passes and averaging 156.2 passing yards per game, the two worst in the Big Ten.

“We’re starting to see the fruits of our labor with (the passing game) right now,” DeVito told reporters during camp. “It’s great to see guys who are eager to learn and want to improve.”

Converted wide receiver Isaiah Williams is a capable No. two a potential flashed.

DeVito’s playing potential could be crucial – along with his consistency. In 2019, he threw for 2,360 yards with 19 touchdowns and five interceptions at Syracuse. Last year, however, he completed 32 of 52 passes for 388 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions before entering the transfer gate.

“The most important thing is to stay healthy, to take care of your body,” DeVito said of returning to top form. “Then, mentally, by then, how much I’ve grown.”

DeVito and Sitkowski have known each other for the better part of a decade after training together as high school prospects in New Jersey.

“It’s funny how people’s paths cross and you never know when you’re going to be back with someone, so you never burn bridges,” DeVito said. “We’ve always had a good relationship and it’s only getting stronger now.”


Illinois should expect opponents to load the box with eight-man fronts to fill the run until the offense proves they can move the ball through the air.

Behind 1,000-yard rusher Chase Brown and a veteran offensive line, the Illini averaged 173.6 rushing yards last season. True freshman Josh McCray has shown plenty of promise as a powerback, averaging 4.9 yards per carry.

Six-foot-6, 315-pound tackles Alex Palczewski and 6-foot-6, 315-pound Julian Pearl provide the Illini with good pocket protection and versatile lineman Alex Pihlstrom will slide to center this season.


The Illini thrived defensively under coordinator Ryan Walters, allowing just 18.9 points per game in Big Ten play.

“Being back out there makes you feel alive again,” defensive tackle Keith Randolph said of returning to full practice after a thumb injury limited his work in the spring.

Randolph (5.5 tackles for loss and four sacks in 2021) and Johnny Newton (three sacks and four tackles for loss) headline a series of returning defensive players, alongside safety Sydney Brown and nickelback Jartavius ​​Martin.


Illinois opens the Big Ten game in Indiana on Sept. 2, which Bielema called a “tremendous challenge.” He noted the Illini were playing a week early before facing the Hoosiers for the first time since 2017.

“They had all spring, all summer, all fall camp to work on Fighting Illini,” Bielema said.

Also on the schedule is Bielema’s Oct. 1 return to Wisconsin, where he won three consecutive Big Ten titles from 2012 to 2014. Big Ten foes West Iowa, Minnesota and Purdue all visit Champaign before the Illini ends the season in Michigan and November.


More AP college football: https://apnews.com/hub/college-football and https://twitter.com/AP_Top25

What have the Miami Dolphins done so far with Austin Jackson? 2022 NFL Pre-Season


What the hell is Austin Jackson so far? Not a single Miami Dolphins fan has yet said his name in vain in the past few years, as his game was more hot body than NFL talent. But this former first-round pick may now be making headlines for a whole different set of reasons.

Austin Jackson has taken advantage of this NFL offseason to play as a starting offensive tackle in the National Football League. Investing in his body and mind to be better prepared, he appeared more assertive and confident. This led the 3rd player of the year to a solid training camp and pre-season. His work is light years ahead of his previous seasons, where he let defensive players pass him at a full sprint. The former USC Trojan is even seen speaking with confidence and determination during his time with the media.

Saturday vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jackson was Miami’s highest-rated offensive lineman who played. His 68.3 Offense and 68.9 Run Block ratings were the highest among his Miami teammates. His 66.0 Pass Block Grade was also far from a disappointment. All of this can and should be taken with a grain of salt. Austin didn’t face any starters in Saturday’s game, but with his work in joint team practices all week, he had several impressive shots against some top linemen on the Buccaneers roster.

Nobody is crowning anyone for anything during pre-season. However, when someone makes a change, it is essential to let them know “I see you”. with a few more improvements in technique and his elite God-given work ethic, this amazing human and overall nice guy can have defensive linemen across the league seeing a new side of him. “I see you”, Austin Jackson, and keep up the great work.

John McEnroe makes his opinion very clear on the situation of Novak Djokovic


LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 12: John McEnroe during a practice session for Milos Raonic at the Aegon Championships at Queens Club on June 12, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Joel Ford/Getty Images)

The US Open will start in two weeks from Monday. From now on, Novak Djokovic will not be allowed to participate in the Grand Slam event.

Three-time US Open champion Djokovic cannot enter the United States for the tournaments because he is not vaccinated against COVID-19. He was adamant about not taking the picture, so unless the US government changes its travel policy in the coming days, Djokovic will have to stay home.

Tennis legend and broadcaster John McEnroe defended Djokovic last month, calling it “ridiculous” that Djokovic was being kept out of the US and Australian Opens due to vaccination mandates.

He reiterated his position this weekend in an interview with Fox News Digital.

“Well, first of all I think it’s BS. That’s what I think. I think he should be allowed to play. My personal opinion, as I was vaccinated, I had a callback, it’s up to the individual.” McEnroe said. “If I was him, and I’m not him, he won a lot more majors than me probably because he dug in his heels and found the equipment, it will be, that very few people in any sport have ever found, so that’s part of what made him so great, he sticks to his guns. He has every right to make the decision.

“This guy is one of the greatest athletes in any sport. He’s very careful about everything he puts into his body. So it’s frustrating to see at this point when we’re sitting here and we let’s all have a good time at an LAFC football game and he’s not allowed to enter the country at the moment because he’s not vaccinated It’s really unfortunate but those are the rules that we really have right now with the government. I don’t agree with that, but that’s life for now.

Djokovic, who won at Wimbledon this year, was Daniil Medvedev’s runner-up at last year’s US Open.

He has already missed several tournaments in the United States due to vaccine regulations, and it seems inevitable that he will miss this one as well.

Just ask | Golf with players from Illinois? | Company


How much does it cost to play a round of golf with Illini athletes?

In this case, for a group of four, $1,200.

This includes green fees, use of the golf cart, packed lunch, on-course refreshments, player meet-and-greet dinner, and a donation to the Illini Guardians name/image/likeness liaison group.

On August 26, Urbana Country Club will host the inaugural NIL Golf Open, featuring several top Illinois athletes and coaches. One ticket pays for four golfers, who will team up with one of the Illini.

“All proceeds from the event go directly to the Illini Guardians and their athletes,” said Jenna Koss, Campus Ink’s Director of Sales. All players are paid for their presence.

Who can a team be paired with? Any of Illini basketball players Luke Goode, Coleman Hawkins, Brandon Lieb, Skyy Clark, Matthew Mayer or Coach Brad Underwood, or Tommy Kuhl, TJ Barger and Jackson Buchanan of Illini Golf. And there’s more to follow, Koss said.

The deadline to register and pay is August 22. As of Thursday, there were still a few team spots left.

The event is presented by Campus Ink, a custom clothing store with a name, image, likeness imprint, and the NIL Illini Guardians fundraiser, which pays Illinois student-athletes through sponsorship contracts. crowdfunding.

“Golf is something we thought we could do to help community members engage with athletes,” said Lindsay Quick, who works on community engagement for Campus Ink.

The clothing store has carved a niche for itself in the local name, image and likeness scene, creating custom merchandise and managing student-athlete brands. The company has partnered with Gameday Spirit to create and sell near-replica jerseys with player names on them, at stores and sports venues like the State Farm Center.

On July 29, Campus Ink held a “birthday party” for Clark, a freshman guard who signed autographs for the fans in attendance.

“NIL has completely transformed our business, it’s a great way to show support for student-athletes,” Koss said. “We want to dive in head first and get as much money as possible for these athletes.”

Jacob deGrom rules out Phillies in 1-0 NY Mets win


NEW YORK — The Mets were tasked Saturday night with doing something they haven’t had to do much this season: bounce back from a loss. When they had to, the Mets did it better than anyone else with a higher winning percentage than any other team in baseball. On Saturday, that winning percentage jumped to .775 with a 1-0 win over the Philadelphia Phillies.

“We knew the points were going to be a bonus,” manager Buck Showalter said. “Our target was to score one more point than they did tonight and Jake was a big part of that.”

The Braves swept a doubleheader in Miami, which meant the Mets’ victory limited Atlanta’s rise in the standings to just half a game. The Mets currently lead the National League East by 5.5 games after all of Saturday’s action.

Lindor:How the $341 million shortstop is key to Mets success

The first time a Phillies baserunner reached second base was on a stolen base in the ninth inning as four Mets pitchers combined to hold Philadelphia to a three-base shutout. The Phillies threatened late with two walks and a double steal putting the runners in second and third with two outs. It ended with Edwin Diaz recording career stoppage number 200.

New York Mets Pete Alonso, left, hits first after hitting an RBI single against Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Aaron Nola in the first inning of a baseball game, Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022, in New York.  (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Re-Pete-ing History

Pete Alonso coming to bat in the first inning often means someone is on base and a chance to drive in a run is available. The National League leader in RBIs added to his tally on Saturday with a first-inning single that was the game’s only run. The bloop to right field tagged Starling Marte, who singled earlier in the inning, stole second base and reached third on an errant pitch.

“The value of a major league run is huge, especially when Jake is on the mound,” Alonso said. “You know you have a pretty good shot to win the baseball game, but I didn’t think one in the first would be enough. Luckily Jake and then our bullpen were great today. Awesome that I got the RBI, but the stars of today’s show were our pitching team.”

Alonso now has 97 RBIs this season, trailing only Aaron Judge for the Major League lead. It’s the 23rd time Alonso has had a winning RBI this season, 10 more than any other player. It was the 31st time an RBI for Alonso gave the Mets the lead, which also leads all players.

Alonso is approaching 100 RBIs for the second time in his career, following his 120 RBIs as a rookie in 2019. Alonso is currently on track for 137 RBIs, which would set a new franchise record.

“It means a lot,” Alonso said. “I just want to bring everything I can to the club. I just want to win football games and be able to play for a championship in October.”

New York Mets starting pitcher Jacob deGrom (48) pitches the first inning of a baseball game against the Philadelphia Phillies, Saturday, August 13, 2022, in New York City.  (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Jake deGreat

In his third start of the season after a lengthy rehab, Jacob deGrom showed more of the dominance Mets fans have come to expect. A first-inning single from Rhys Hoskins was all the Phillies could muster for most of the game as deGrom struck out 10 in six innings and didn’t walk a single batter. A two-out single by Bryson Stott in the sixth inning was the only other hit allowed by deGrom, who threw 76 pitches on the outing.

“We’re trying to build pitches in the major leagues,” deGrom said of his pitch tally. “It’s more stressful with the Braves and Phillies, teams in our division that we want to beat.”

The 76 throws matched the number of deGrom thrown in his last start. Showalter noted that the plan was 80 pitches or six innings and did not wish to push him for a seventh inning with the upcoming schedule calling for deGrom to pitch on a shorter rest each of his next two starts.

“It’s not easy,” Showalter said of managing deGrom usage. “Everyone would like him to throw 120 pitches but may not see him again this season.”

It was the 55th time deGrom had knocked out at least 10 batters in a start, five behind Tom Seaver for the most in Mets history and breaking a tie with Mickey Lolich for 16th all-time in Mets history. Major League. The performance also allowed deGrom to pass Bobby Mathews and Doyle Alexander for 212th all-time with 1,533 career strikeouts.

New York Mets relief pitcher Edwin Diaz (39) reacts after knocking out Nick Castellanos of the Philadelphia Phillies to close out the ninth inning of a baseball game, Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022, in New York City.  (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

trumpet time

The sound of a trumpet can be a symbol of surrender, but when playing for Edwin Diaz’s entry, it’s a sign that the opponent should consider doing the same.

Diaz:Mets shutdown close goes viral for entry theme

Diaz entered over the ninth inning for his 27th save, extending his career-best scoreless streak to 20 innings. Diaz leads all relievers in baseball with 94 strikeouts, striking out Nick Castellanos to end the night. Diaz shrugged off trouble with multiple walks for the first time since May 19. Diaz walked only the 14th time in 47.1 innings this season.

“I was trying to slow everything down,” Diaz said of that final hitter. “I was walking on the mound a bit thinking about it. I told myself to stay back. I did that against Castellanos. I made my shots and we got the win.”

It was the 200th career save for Diaz, who made it in just 384.2 innings. At 28, Diaz becomes the sixth active reliever and 53rd overall to reach the milestone, in his seventh season. Diaz is six years younger than any other active pitcher on the roster.

“Few pitchers reach 200 saves in their first two major league years, so I feel blessed to have reached that mark,” Diaz said.

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @robertaitkenjr

Miami Dolphins Mailbag Saturday: Hill-Waddle vs. Duper-Clayton, Thompson and more


Part 2 of the latest SI Fan Nation All Dolphins mailbag following joint workouts with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

From Jorge Boyd (@raga1922):

Hi Alain, who do you think won the joint training between the Dolphins and the Bucs?

Hey Jorge this is obviously very subjective as they don’t keep score (although each team did a two minute drill on Wednesday and only Tampa Bay was able to score a basket) but I think based on what I could observe that the Dolphins were able to defend themselves and could even have had the advantage. The Dolphins offense certainly had a more productive day than the Bucs offense on Thursday, but Tom Brady’s absence obviously had something to do with it.

From Steven (@SteveA305):

After a few practices at training camp and two days of joint practices with the Buccaneers, what was the most pleasant surprise?

Hi Steven, I don’t know if anything was a big surprise to me, but if I have to mention something (or someone) I think I could go with Trill Williams, who looks like the real deal as than NFL cornerback. I was also impressed, maybe more than I expected, by some of Skylar Thompson’s throws.

From Brian Knipp (@knipp_brian):

Can Mike McDaniel make the playoffs and get fired for Sean Payton next season?

Hey Brian, that’s an interesting question because Stephen Ross has always been known to like the big splash move and getting clear Payton would fall into that category. That said, I just don’t know how you could go past a coach helping you reach the playoffs in his first season. I just have a hard time seeing that.

From Larry Bury (@LarryburyBury):

What unit is this team’s Achilles’ heel that could ultimately prevent a playoff spot?

Hey Larry, would the offensive line be too obvious an answer? I think that’s a good place to start, but I also don’t think it’s as simple as the offensive line and that’s it. I think there are legitimate question marks on defense including stopping the run and what happens at cornerback if Byron Jones has to miss some time and also how things work with Brian Flores who is no longer there. But there’s also plenty of reason to be optimistic everywhere, including this defense, which fires every starter from a group that had a very good time last season.

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From MermAndy (@iamMermandy):

Hey Alain, does Skylar have a real chance of pushing for QB2?

Hey Andy, I understand the question based on some of the awesome work Thompson has done in camp, but training camp practices and the NFL regular season are two entirely different ball games and trust a rookie pick seventh-round replacement for a quarterback whose durability is a big question mark is not how teams usually operate. Bottom line: I hear where you’re from, but I just don’t see it.

From James Sonny Burnett (@JamesBurnett11):

Is there any hope for Williams and Bowden, Jr. to make that list?

Hi James, it’s a logical question in light of the report that both are bought into the league and the truth is that I see no way to make the list except injury. I think the top five at wide receiver are pretty well defined with Hill, Waddle, Wilson, Ezukanma, and Sherfield, and if the Dolphins end up keeping six on the 53-man roster, I think River Cracraft is the guy right now. moment. Both Williams and Bowden have been very quiet in practice at camp, especially Bowden, and I’m just having a hard time seeing either of them having anything like a legit chance to stick .

From Dixon Tam (@DixonTam):

Is it too early to start comparing Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle to former #Dolphins greats Mark Duper and Mark Clayton? Duper was a burner but I’m not sure he’s as sneaky as Hill, and I don’t think Clayton is as quick as Waddle, but both are fearless little WRs. Supplementary question: #Dolphins likely to put their WR room back in an offseason. What credit does Wes Welker get for helping scout and develop players like Eric Ezukanma and Braylon Sanders in such a short time? Bowden & Williams are now apparently expendable.

Hey Dixon, here’s what I would say about the WR lineup: yeah, it’s too early in terms of production because Duper and Clayton both put up big numbers, but let’s not forget they took advantage to play in a wide open passing offense with the ultimate the pitcher gets the ball to them. Talent wise I would have actually put Hill and Waddle ahead of Duper and Clayton and the draft would support me on that because Waddle was the sixth overall pick and Hill was a fifth round pick who would have been a first round if not for off-field issues, whereas Duper (based purely on speed since he was a track guy in college) was a second-round pick and Clayton went in the eighth round. And in terms of size, neither Duper nor Clayton were big receivers either, so there’s no difference there. In fact, I would say Hill is the most physical of the four. As for Welker and his impact on the scouting and development of Ezukanma and Sanders, I’m sure he played a big role in landing EE since both are Texas Tech alumni. But let’s not go overboard and anoint Ezukanma and Sanders too quickly in terms of development while we’re still in training camp.

From Chris Bustin (@ChrisBustin13):

Hi Alan. Sorry for this Football 101 question, but I honestly don’t know what an offensive coordinator does in a system where the head coach calls plays. With Mike McDaniel in charge, what will OC Frank Smith’s main responsibilities be for the team? Thanks!

Hey Chris, to coordinate? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Smith’s responsibilities will be the same as any OC with an attacking-minded head coach in terms of collaborating and helping develop the game plan and directing things in training in conjunction with McDaniel. He’s also still in charge of offense with McDaniel as watchman (with the final say on play calls during games).

From Carl Cassidy (@CarlCassidy11):

If the Dolphins start the season 0-5, is it time to panic?

Hey Carl, uh, yeah! Unless I’m mistaken, no team has ever made the playoffs after starting 0-5 (although the 17-game season only started last year), so that would be a major issue. It would be time to panic not only for the 2022 season, but also globally, because this team was built to make a run towards and in the playoffs, and 0-5 is kind of the antithesis of that.

Volleyball teams gear up for county tournament this weekend | Sports


The Pioneer Volleyball Team will once again enter the Cass County Tournament as the favorites.

The Panthers have won seven consecutive county titles. Last year’s event was canceled due to Logansport’s quarantine.

This year’s event begins at 5 p.m. Saturday at Pioneer. The first game will be Caston against Logansport, followed by Pioneer against Lewis Cass. The consolation game will start around 7 a.m., followed by the championship game at 8 a.m.

Here are the preview capsules of the four teams:


The Panthers lost stars like Hailey Cripe and Mackenzie Robinson until graduation, but they’re reloading again.

Trailblazing coach Rod Nies is looking for his side to be one of the top contenders in Class 2A this year. The Panthers were the defending Class A state champions last year. They went 22-12 and won the HNAC title. They lost to Southwood in a section match.

“My junior class is really strong with Borges, Rogers, the youngest Cripe, Blair Grigsby, Kylie Attinger and Elizabeth Rans. It’s a really good class,” Nies said. “All of them have been playing since first or second year, so they have a lot of talent. We have a decent size in this class and they are all quite athletic.

“I have two very good seniors around whom I can build Mandee Weisenburger and Kaitlin Weldy.”

Weldy and Addie Cripe will lead the Panthers defense at DS. Nies said he had three good passers with Mackenzie Rogers, Blair Grigsby and second Keirsten Nies. Middle and outside hitters include Mandee Weisenburger, Brooklyn Borges, Kylie Attinger and Elizabeth Rans.

“We’re going to be pretty solid, we’re going to be pretty solid for the next two years actually,” Nies said. “Rogers, Borges and Weisenburger, I really expect great things from these girls this year. They have really improved.

“It could be a really fun and exciting season. If we stay healthy and keep improving, I think we have the horses to have a good race, hopefully a deep race. Even though it’s in 2A, I still think we’ve got what it takes. It’s early, we’ll have to wait and see, but it looks promising. But we are not there yet. »


Coach Haleigh Toumine is looking for the Berries to step up in his second season at the helm. The Berries went 8-21 last year.

“Hopefully we will have a much better season than last year,” Toumine said. “It was a learning experience for everyone last year. I’m a little more prepared this year. I have a new staff member, Delanie Deeter, she is from Lewis Cass. She’s great, she loved sports there. She was under Coach Pomasl when she was there. I’m excited for her and I think the girls really like her and listen to her, so that’s really good.

The Berries will be led by their five seniors, Katrina Sejour, Berlyn Huff, Finley Hettinger, Chloe Kelly and Kinzie Byrd.

“I have a very good group of five returning seniors,” Toumine said.

The setters are Kelly, junior Sydney Rance and rookie Adrienne Scott. Byrd will start the season as a libero. Other defensive specialists include juniors Kady Berkshire and Corryn Overway.

Right side hitters are Overway, junior Lacey Sutton and second Ashlyn Brumett. The left side hitters are Hettinger, sophomore Emilia Rozzi and freshman Teagan Wolf. The middle hitters are Sejour, Berlyn Huff and junior Lanee Huff.

Logan tangled Caston on Tuesday and will face the Comets again on Saturday to open the season.

“We just mixed them up. They are very good,” Toumine said. “They have a very powerful team this year. A couple of their outside hitters cut our line really hard and our girls weren’t ready for that. They’re used to big schools hitting that line, not cutting as much cross-court. So we will definitely be training this week. It was nice to see them in preview so that we can practice this week and improve in defending the ball. We were scrappy against them, I think we could have been a bit more scrappy. We didn’t let much touch the ground, but they had quite a few really good servers and a couple of their outsiders were very good.


The Comets have a new coach this year, Gina Hierlmeier, who is also the school’s athletic director.

Hierlmeier inherits a team from Caston that went 21-11 and 6-1 in the HNAC. The Comets finished the regular season with an 11-game winning streak before losing to Southwood in a division game.

Hierlmeier coached girls basketball at West Central, Culver and Mishawaka Marian, winning four section titles in six seasons at West Central. She also coached volleyball for five years at West Central from 2005 to 2009, winning a section title in 2005. She noted that she was hired to coach volleyball at West Central by current Caston manager Chuck Evans.

“The year we won the section we beat Pioneer and that’s when Dr Beth Dean was the coach and Rod took over after that. We had some really good battles in the sections along the way,” said Hierlmeier, who added that she was thrilled to be back coaching.

“I was just telling the girls when we were doing stuff in the gym that I’m excited about what we’re doing and I’m excited to be in the gym with them. The two hours with them are some of the best parts of my day. “They bring a lot of energy and I try to give that back. Things are going well and we’ll see where we are.”

The Comets have graduated All-Loganland prop Maddi Smith, who is expected to play volleyball and basketball at the University of Manchester. But the Comets send most of their team back.

“We have a lot of returning girls with a lot of experience. We’re just trying to focus on one game, one game at a time in hopes of continuing to improve,” Hierlmeier said. “Last year under coach [Melinda] Shultz, the team had the best record they had in school history, they were second in the conference. So obviously we want to take advantage of that and continue to grow. Our goals for this year are nothing more than what you would expect from a team. We want to win every game, we want to win every tournament, we want to compete at a high level and play our best volleyball by the time we get to the section.

“We have a lot of weapons. We try to add a lot of things to our attacking side of the ball to try to make us a tough team to play. We must continue to develop in this area. It’s going to take a whole team effort because I wouldn’t say there’s one person in our team that I would say is going to carry us through the season.

The Comets plan to run a 6-2 offense this year. The setters are senior Delaney Lowry and junior Annie Harsh. Outside hitters are juniors Macee Hinderlider and Isabel Scales. The middle hitters are Bailey Harness senior and Alexa Finke junior. The libero is junior Addison Zimpleman. Senior Kinzie Mollenkopf is also a defensive specialist. Junior Allie Paul is a right side hitter.


Coach Katie (Easter) Cowell returns for her fourth season at the helm of Lewis Cass.

The Kings went 7-23 last season and will look to continue their rebuild this season.

“I feel like we have a good mix of girls coming back and going to be new,” Cowell said. “The girls have been working hard in the gym for the past few weeks. We have good girls on JV stepping up. I can’t wait to see what it looks like this fall. I think we’re going to have younger girls that stand out and shine.

The Kings return Elly Logan senior to right side hitter, Maci Garland junior to outside hitter, Abbey Hileman junior to center hitter and Haley Miller junior to setter. Senior Brooke Whitney is a middle hitter, junior Dixie Wagoner is a libero, and second Maryn Zeck is a setter. Rookie Ava Hubner is in the starting lineup to start the season.

“I’m pretty excited to see how she progresses through the season,” Cowell said. “She’s pretty raw right now, but she’s got a lot of talent that you can see developing as we progress through training with her.”

The Kings open against Pioneer to start the season.

“I’m excited. I wish it was a few weeks later in the season so we could really have a set roster under our belts,” Cowell said. “I think just having this tournament of county as our first official game lights a fire under the girls and gets them ready to go for the season. Especially when you draw Pioneer, it seems almost every year. It’s a very strong team, so our girls know they have to be ready to play. This gives us a good challenge.

Tristin Garcia and Dylan Carter named to 2022 Northwoods League All-Star Team


August 12, 2022 – Northwoods League (Northwoods) – Green Bay Rockers Press Release

Ashwaubenon, Wis. – Two Green Bay Rockers players made the 2022 Northwoods League All-Star Team on Friday, after both had stellar seasons for the Rockers throughout last summer.

Garcia and Carter join 30 other players as part of the All-Star Team here in 2022 after both playing for the majority of the summer of 2022, including in the Northwoods League All-Star Game last July.

Last season, the Arkansas Razorback pitched 57.2 innings and struck out 48 while walking just 18 and finished with a 2.97 ERA in nine games pitched.

One of his first starts came against the Lakeshore Chinooks on June 12, in which he threw a complete shutout with eight strikeouts and only five hits allowed.

Garcia finished his second summer with Green Bay with a .345 batting average, hitting five homers and hitting 46 RBIs. His 79 hits are also good for third place in the entire Northwoods League.

The Western Kentucky product delivered a signature moment for the Rockers at home this season when he hit a two-run home run against the Lakeshore Chinooks earlier in June.

Garcia also appeared in the Major League Dreams Showcase as well as the Northwoods League All-Star Game and in the All-Star Game he went 1-2 with one run scored and one hit.

The Rockers wrap up the 2022 season Friday at home against the Chinooks before facing Lakeshore in a doubleheader Saturday to close out the regular season.

Tickets for individual games and groups are on sale now. Visit www.greenbayrockers.com or call the box office at 920-497-7225 to reserve your seats today. The Rockers Reception and Team Apparel Fan Shop at Capital Credit Union Park are located at 2231 Holmgren Way in Ashwaubenon. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

• Discuss this story on the Northwoods League bulletin board…

The views expressed in this release are those of the organization that issued it and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of OurSports Central or its staff.

Orlando City introduces losing streak in game against New York Red Bulls


Orlando City SC (8-10-6, seventh in the Eastern Conference) vs. New York Red Bulls (10-7-7, fourth in the Eastern Conference)

Harrison, New Jersey; Saturday, 6 p.m. EDT

FANDUEL SPORTSBOOK LINE: New York -144, Orlando City SC +357, Draw +286; over/under is 2.5 goals

BOTTOM LINE: Orlando City will look to break a three-game slide when visiting the New York Red Bulls.

The Red Bulls are 7-4-5 in Eastern Conference games. The Red Bulls are seventh in the Eastern Conference with 104 shots on goal, an average of 4.3 per game.

Orlando is 6-8-3 in Eastern Conference games. Orlando is 4-1-1 when it scores a pair of goals.

The teams meet on Saturday for the second time this season. The Red Bulls won the last meeting 3-0.

TOP PERFORMERS: Lewis Morgan has scored 10 goals and added three assists for the Red Bulls. John Tolkin has two assists in the last 10 games.

Ercan Kara has scored seven goals with two assists for Orlando. Facundo Torres has registered two goals and one assist in the last 10 games.

LAST 10 MATCHES: Red Bulls: 4-4-2, averaging 1.4 goals, 3.3 shots on goal and 4.8 corner kicks per game while allowing 1.5 goals per game.

Orlando: 2-5-3, averaging 1.0 goals, 4.4 shots on goal and 3.9 corners per game while allowing 1.6 goals per game.

NOT SUPPOSED TO PLAY: Red Bulls: Anthony Maucci (injured), Serge Ngoma (injured).

Orlando: Joey Dezart (injured).


The Associated Press created this story using technology provided by Data Skrive and data from Sportradar.

Day 12 From Tampa Bay


Being within earshot of the AdventHealth training facility was enough to decipher what kind of spectacle the Dolphins’ offense offered Thursday against the Buccaneers. Luckily, we had our eyes on a great training from the Tagovailoa, who showed off a plethora of different skills.

The best throw of the day was a needle shot from 30 yards down the middle of Tyreek Hill, which had a great one-handed grip. Tua also found Jaylen Waddle between two defenders with a fastball later in practice.

Later, Tagovailoa handed one to Mike Gesicki in the back corner of the end zone over a defender and just inside the pylon.

A period later, Tagovailoa had an unblocked defender in his face as he rolled to his right. He flipped his hips, dropped the arm lunge like a short stopper and whipped a completion to fullback Alec Ingold.

Tagovailoa’s timing, placement and feel were evident during one-on-ones and carried over to team times. Perhaps most encouraging: the speed at which Tagovailoa appears to process post-snap information. On several occasions – from my vantage point just behind the end zone – Tua’s helmet (eyes) went to one side of the field before returning to the other in unison with his throwing motion.

The Best Sports Psychology Books for the Conscious Athlete


Sports psychology is a well-established field full of insightful research and expertise in the sports mind. This growing knowledge can be useful when applied, helping athletes train harder and more efficiently, and in a way that does not harm mental health.

A key concept is the idea that the mental is just as important as the physical when it comes to pushing yourself. Athletes can train their bodies to extremes, but forgetting to improve mental dexterity may be the reason other athletes can outperform them.

Sports psychology books help get valuable insights into the minds of athletes, helping you learn the lessons they’ve spent years training on. How the psychological and the physical can work together is an important skill, and one that serious athletes must inevitably discover.

Read on to discover our selection of the best sports psychology books, ready to uplift, motivate and inspire.

Best Sports Psychology Books To Buy In 2022

Mind Games by Annie Vernon

World Rowing Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist Annie Vernon draws on her extensive and rigorous training experience to find out why athletes push themselves to the limit. The former competitive athlete interviews some of the most prominent coaches, athletes and psychologists to unpack the mind of the elite.

While working out is often considered a highly physical activity, mind games focuses on the mental dexterity required, which can be just as important when pushing your limits. As the name of the book suggests, Vernon’s investigation reveals the mind games athletes must adopt to stay at the top of their game.

Endure by Alex Hutchinson

Developed from a fascination with the extremes of human endurance, Support reveals how our limits are determined as much by our minds as by our bodies.

Alex Hutchinson supports the idea that a main component of endurance comes down to how our brain responds to distress signals. These signals can be triggered by fatigue, pain, adverse weather conditions and more – and Hutchinson says improving our brain’s responses to these triggers is an effective way to train for endurance.

Hutchinson immerses himself in various experiments, brain imaging and sports psychology research, as well as his own experience as an elite distance runner, to support his claims and build a more detailed view of the athlete’s mind. .

Read our full review of Endure here.

Top performances by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness

Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness unpack the stories of top performers from diverse fields, from sports to academia to art, to create a more universal understanding of how the brain drives performance.

Lessons learned can be applied in various aspects of life, but notes on the cognitive and neuropsychological functions of the mind can be particularly useful for athletes. Peak performance can serve as a guide to improve your approach, with practical applications of the techniques discussed.

Spirit of the Champion by Jim Afremow

What differentiates some athletes from others? Why can some outperform others, even in elite competitions? Champion’s Spirit explains that the main difference is often the mental game that athletes have internalized to maintain long-term excellence.

Along with insightful explanations, Jim Afremow provides a helpful, step-by-step guide to reaching your best, with sections on “how to get in the zone” and “how to level up in a sport” among others.

Endurance performance in sport by Carla Meijen

In Endurance performance in sports, Carla Meijen brings together research and expertise from around the world to provide a comprehensive overview of the psychology of endurance performance. It is a book that delves into the theoretical understanding of sports psychology, as well as details on various techniques and interventions that can improve the mental endurance of athletes.

The Rise of the Ultra Runners by Adharanand Finn

Ultra running is one of the truest tests of endurance, going beyond marathon lengths to push your body even further.

The rise of ultra-runners tells the story of Adharanand Finn’s journey as he tries to become an ultra-runner himself – a venture that has taken him to faraway places like the deserts of Oman and the peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

Finn offers an inspiring insight into what can be found at the most extreme limits of human performance, considering the psychological and social drivers that compel athletes to keep pushing.

High Performance by Jack Humphrey and Damian Hughes

In the podcast of the same name, sportscaster Jake Humphrey and psychologist Damian Hughes talk to the highly successful about their experience of excelling in life.

High performance covers nine “hidden” rules of success, using their unique insight into the wide range of high achievers they’ve interviewed, from top athletes to entrepreneurs.

Pic by Marc Bubbs

Health, nutrition, recovery, state of mind. Dr. Marc Bubbs considers them the four pillars to build on to achieve your peak performance, based on his experience as a performance nutrition consultant for professional and Olympic athletes.

Peak emphasizes the importance of your mindset and emotional intelligence when aiming for the best.

Sports Psychology: A Comprehensive Introduction by John Perry

Focus more on the subject itself, sports psychology is an introduction to academic research in the field. For those who study it, teach it, or even practice it as an athlete, the book can provide detailed, research-based information about the world of sports psychology.

Show your love for the Detroit Lions “Hard Knocks” with deals on team jerseys, t-shirts and more.


Do you love the beleaguered Detroit Lions a little more after watching this week’s season premiere of HBO’s hit series “Hard Knocks,” which features the Lions?

The series gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look, taking them to the training ground and showing them the day-to-day interactions between coaches and players as they prepare for the 2022 season.

If your Lions fan gear needs a refresh, Fanatics has sales that will keep you stocked up for less, whether you’re cheering on the team from home or heading to a game.

RELATED: How to watch ‘Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions | Stream, Channel, Time

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Former UM, NFL star Frank Gore charged with domestic violence in New Jersey – NBC 6 South Florida


Former University of Miami and NFL running back Frank Gore is facing a domestic violence charge stemming from a July incident at a New Jersey hotel.

The Atlantic City, New Jersey, Police Department said in a news release that Gore, 39, faces a charge of common assault after the July 31 incident at the Tropicana Atlantic City. .

Police said they were called to the hotel after being made aware of a domestic violence dispute. Officers found a 28-year-old woman from Miami speaking with security. The woman appeared uninjured, police said, and no charges were filed at the time. However, an investigation later resulted in charges.

The Southwest Ranches resident received a subpoena at a future court date.

Hailing from Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood, Gore was a prep star at Coral Gables High School before later playing for the Hurricanes and being a backup on the 2001 national championship squad. He suffered two injuries to the ACL over the next two seasons before returning to run for nearly 1,000 yards and eight touchdowns in 2004.

Gore played 16 seasons in the NFL, was named to the Pro Bowl five times and rushed for 16,000 yards and 81 touchdowns. He spent 10 seasons in San Francisco and played for the Miami Dolphins in 2018.

Joint training allows coaches to keep players out of games


TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Tom Brady will get his reps in joint practices against the Miami Dolphins this week instead of an exhibition game. Aaron Rodgers hasn’t played a pre-season snap since 2018.

Justin Herbert is expected to watch from the sidelines again this month.

Thirty of the NFL’s 32 teams will launch their preseason schedule this week — the Raiders and Jaguars have played in the Hall of Fame Game before — and many teams will hold off on their starters until the games count in the standings. .

For Buccaneers coach Todd Bowles, it’s an easy decision to keep Brady, 45, on the bench when Tampa Bay hosts Miami on Saturday night. The teams will hold joint training on Wednesday and Thursday. They are valuable representatives in a more controlled setting.

“Obviously with one less preseason game right now, you gotta get all the work you can get,” Bowles said of joint workouts.

Coaches have grown accustomed to the shortened preseason since the league and NFL Players Association eliminated an exhibition game in the 2020 collective bargaining agreement. That year, there were no preseason games. season due to COVID-19.

“I thought we were okay last year,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “I felt pretty good about it. You’re going to make sure your guys get enough work in there to play. And at the same time you try to balance where you can see the young guys. So it’s always this fourth game that you have to see a little bit young people. But again, we’ve been working where we’ll get a good look and see them.

More and more teams are holding joint training with their opponents before games now that the pre-season schedule has been reduced. A total of 23 teams hold joint sessions with one team and seven clubs do so with two. Teams were not allowed to hold joint sessions last season due to COVID-19 protocols.

“Live exposure against different people is a really good assessment tool to see where we are,” Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon said.

Philadelphia will have joint practices with Cleveland and Miami.

First-year coaches are at a slight disadvantage with one less game. Undrafted rookies and players competing for a roster spot are missed the most.

“I think every coach has their own philosophy,” Giants coach Brian Daboll said. “There are people who don’t play their guys at all. There are people who play them a little more than others. I think you have to do, what I’ve learned is what’s best for your team. Rubbing shoulders with different teams and different coaches is kind of what you need to develop your team and your squad. Being our first year, we will try to decide what is best for us with our guys.

Los Angeles Chargers coach Brandon Staley took a conservative approach in his first preseason in 2021 and plans to do the same, so Herbert is unlikely to take any snaps. The Chargers have joint sessions with Dallas next week.

“I think it will be philosophically similar to last year,” Staley said. “If we know who you are, from an assessment point of view, we don’t need to assess you, then you’re probably not going to play in pre-season, but if there is – than that whether it’s a role or whether it’s a young player who we feel is going to benefit them, then that’s the direction we’re going to go in. Then your health is also a very important factor.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur has previously said Rodgers won’t play in Green Bay’s first two preseason games on Friday, but he hasn’t ruled him out of the last.

If he’s playing, Rodgers wants more than one series.

“I definitely don’t see any advantage in playing a series,” he said. “If we want to play, we should play and play a quarter, a few overs, two to three overs. Just dressing for four plays, to me, is a waste.

Raiders coach Josh McDaniels was thrilled his team played the NFL preseason opener last week. The Raiders beat Jacksonville 27-11 with Derek Carr, Davante Adams and several starters sitting out.

“We are grateful to have four. I know someone else might not like it, but I’m really happy we got four chances to do it,” McDaniels said afterwards. “There are definitely some things that we noticed during the course of the game and the operation that we can do better and correct, and we will focus on that this week.”


More AP NFL: https://apnews.com/hub/NFL and https://twitter.com/AP_NFL

The best motorcycle covers you can buy in 2022



Well, you have found your perfect motorcycle. One of the next steps – after finding the right helmet, jacket and gloves for safety, of course – will be finding the right motorcycle cover. Motorcycles, unlike cars, have their keys exposed to the elements at all times. And you’ll probably want to cover them up when you’re parking on the street, traveling, or packing them up for the winter. A motorcycle can protect your important investment from long-term damage. And even in the short term, riding with wet bottoms just isn’t comfortable or fun.

What to look for when buying a motorcycle cover

Space-saving storage: A motorcycle cover is often an item kept with the motorcycle. The best blankets will come with a stuff sack or pouch that’s compact enough to allow for easy storage. This is especially important if you are using the bike for commuting or going on a road trip.

Adapt: Motorcycle covers are available in different sizes to fit different types of motorcycles. Aftermarket accessories that add to the dimensions of the vehicle may require you to size up. A blanket that is too small may not provide adequate coverage. A cover that is too big may not stay on the motorcycle.

Heat resistance: The motorcycles are heating up. And sometimes you just don’t have time to give your bike a full half hour for optimal cooling. Many motorcycle covers will have heat resistant panels to help protect the cover from damage when parts of the motorcycle are still hot.

UV resistance: Motorcycle covers often have treatments to protect against sun exposure and fading. Depending on your location and storage conditions, this may be more important than waterproofing.

Waterproofing: The best motorcycle covers are going to offer complete waterproofing with durable fabric and measures taken to protect seam vulnerabilities. Note that “water resistant” is not the same as waterproof. But a truly waterproof fabric can also drive up the price. And if you live in the desert or store your bike under a roof, a waterproof cover might not be a necessity.

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Best Overall Motorcycle Coverage

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The Best Bluetooth-Equipped Motorcycle Helmets of 2022

The best helmets for keeping in touch with other cyclists, taking calls and receiving turn-by-turn navigation instructions.


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Miami’s New “Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Locker Room” Looks Absolutely Wild | This is the loop


OK, before we say or do anything, let’s talk about the elephant in the room:

Hurricane football is irrelevant.

We know that’s hard to hear, especially for those who grew up with the dynasties of the late 80s and early 2000s, but The U have posted exactly one double-digit winning season since 2003 playing arguably the weakest Power Five football in the division. . Upgrades must be made at all levels, from facilities to the field and beyond. It will be a long and arduous rebuild, but the good news is that with a little help from a benefactor known as The Rock, perhaps you’ve heard of him, the reclamation project finally seems underway.

This is the new Hurricanes locker room from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, named after the former Canes linebacker turned WWE superstar who became a Hollywood box office phenom. As you can clearly see, the renovation immediately puts the Canes near the top of the CFP pile, even eclipsing LSU’s purple pleated beauty. Each locker is customized for the specific player with an illuminated LED display and equipped with a hidden cleat compartment, retractable sneaker “fridges”, cup holders and padded leather seats, which fold down to reveal a storage area. storage of items behind. Not a bad consolation prize for going 7-5 in the ACC Atlantic.

Obviously, the Hurricanes’ new locker room won’t automatically turn them into contenders, but new head coach Mario Cristobal has teased more than $100 million in upgrades to Miami’s football infrastructure. Plus, in today’s new NIL world, you don’t have to be good anymore to land the best recruits. You just need deep pockets, and with guys like Johnson in their corner, it’s safe to assume the Canes won’t be in quite a bit of cash anytime soon.

Miami Dolphins visit with trio of offensive linemen with center Michael Deiter ruled out with injury


With center Michael Deiter sidelined with a foot injury, the Miami Dolphins formed a trio of offensive linemen on Sunday.

According to Aaron Wilson of Pro Football Network, Miami has worked centers Cohl Cabral, Jake Lacina and Cole Toner.

Miami’s projected starting center is currently the only healthy ‘center’ on the roster – and that’s veteran Connor Williams. The 25-year-old Texas offensive lineman signed a two-year contract with the Dolphins this offseason. And after playing solid at left guard for most of his career, the Dolphins obviously decided to move it to the center. But do not worry; McDaniel managed to get the guards through to the center.

Here’s what head coach Mike McDaniel had to say about the transition from guards to centers late last week.

“The cool thing is we have a plethora of offensive line coaches, as you know, but I have direct experience with (offensive assistant) Mike Person as a player doing the same . These are things that definitely come back – that aren’t lost and that you think about, so that was cool. A little known fact, (offensive coordinator) Frank Smith was a center for Ben Roethlisberger in college. We have good centering experience in our coaching staff and that’s something that I think the players can really build on and that’s very helpful, and that’s why I don’t care. I’m not really concerned because I’m used to moving guards around to center and figure out the little bumps in the road throughout the process. »

And here’s a quick look at the three free agent centers the Miami Dolphins worked out on Sunday.

Cohl Cabral

After signing with the St. Louis Rams in 2020, Cohl Cabral bounced back from a few teams playing for the Houston Texans and Minnesota Vikings before spending the 2021 NFL season on the New Orleans Saints training team. He practiced for the Dolphins on Wednesday along with two other centers.

Jake Lacina

Lacina spent time with the Minnesota Vikings and, more recently, with the New Jersey Generals of the USFL. Like Cabral, he’s another young offensive lineman who could bring additional depth to Miami’s offensive line — or at the very least — another center to compete this offseason.


Unlike Cabral and Lacina, Toner has NFL experience – appearing in 13 games throughout his NFL career (3 starts). Toner, 28, was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the fifth round (170th overall) of the 2016 edition NFL Draft. He played for the Cincinnati Bengals (Training Team), New England Patriots (Training Team), Los Angeles Chargers (Practice Squad), and more recently, the Houston Texans.

No signing is imminent, but anyone with two functioning eyeballs can see the Dolphins need help down the center. Maybe it’s one of the players they trained on Sunday. Or maybe it’s time for Chris Grier to call free agent center J. C Tretter — or not, I don’t know.

What do you think of Connor Williams as the Miami Dolphins starting center in 2022? Are you concerned about Michael Deiter’s foot injury? Is there a free agent on the open market you want the Dolphins to sign? Let us know in the comments section below!

North West football gear staff continue to impress


By Morgan Guyer

Once September rolls around, Maryville football fans can see the Bearcats take to the field on Saturday dressed in that classic green and white.

After months of training and preparation, countless film sessions and practices, the players are finally ready, but not without help. In the background, during these months, there is another group of people working to get the team back on the pitch. This is the Northwestern Missouri State Equipment Department.

Making sure the players look good is definitely a plus, but more importantly, the equipment department has to make sure the Bearcats are safe. Player safety has been paramount in the world of college football in recent years.

Tucker Peve has been director of equipment operations at Northwest since 2018, and he describes his department as one of the “teams behind the team.”

“We just try to raise the bar every year and put the team in a position to win games,” Peve said.

Peve has been with the department for eight years, working as a student manager while earning his undergraduate degree in business management and then earning his master’s degree in applied health and sport science. He’s excited for the 2022 season and can’t wait for Bearcat fans to see the new apparel, helmets and uniforms, and everything else they’ve been working on.

Outside of his work with Northwest, Peve worked as a part-time equipment assistant for the Kansas City Chiefs, was on the Pro-Bowl staff, and interned with the Baltimore Ravens. It’s now become almost a tradition for equipment staff to do internships for NFL teams. All of Peve’s five student interns have one of those internships this summer, along with one of his graduate assistants, Will Walker, who is enjoying his time with the Ravens before returning to Maryville.

“I just finished my first week with the Ravens for training camp, and I really enjoyed working at the NFL level,” Walker said. “The Ravens have done a great job making me feel at home. I’m excited for the rest of training camp.

Once back with the Bearcats in the fall, Walker is excited about the road trips where they can work to make sure the team feels at home. He feels like Peve and the rest of the staff helped prepare him for the next level.

“From the day I submitted my resume, Tucker has helped me every step of the way,” Walker said. “With all the knowledge he imparted to me, it prepared me much better to take the next step in a training camp like I am today.”

Outside of the NFL, another Northwestern gear graduate has found success in the industry. Former student-manager Brady Archer is now assistant director of equipment operations at USC, where he previously worked at TCU as a graduate assistant.

“Tucker showed me a lot of things honestly. He really showed me my passion for the industry,” Archer said. “He cares so much about his students, and also the players.”

Archer never knew he wanted to get into the equipment industry until he got to college. Now working at the Power Five Division I school, he is ready to take the next step in his career.

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When It Started, Season 6 Details, How To Stream, And More


Jersey Shore: Family Vacation reunited the original jerseyshore and continues to entertain fans with new episodes today. Find out when Jersey Shore: Family Vacation it starts, more what happens with JSFV Season 6. We also have details on where to stream Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and the original jerseyshore as well as clarity regarding jerseyshore 2.0 spin off.

Logo “Jersey Shore: family holidays” | Rich Polk/Getty Pictures for MTV

The “Jersey Shore” spinoff began in April 2018 with the first episode “What’s in the Bag?”

the original jerseyshore aired from 2009 to 2012 on MTV. Six years later, in 2018, the cast — excluding Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola — reunited in Jersey Shore: family vacation.

In the Season 1 premiere episode “What’s in the Bag?” Pauly DelVecchio arrived home from Miami with a special surprise for his housemates – a Sammi “Sweetheart” doll. In this episode, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s legal battle also returns.

So far, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has been around for five seasons. Except for season 1, each season has been divided into two parts: A and B. Season 2A aired in 2018 and season 2B aired in 2019. Seasons 3, 4 and 5 followed a similar format.

The cast of ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ is currently filming season 6

Earlier in 2022, “The Situation” confirmed that JSFV was renewed for two more seasons at MTV. Season 5 premiered in January 2022. The second half of the season airs upon publication. Additionally, the cast is actively filming Season 6 of the MTV series, which will likely premiere in early 2023.

When and where to stream episodes of ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’

New episodes of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays on MTV at 8 p.m. ET. Fans can stream previous episodes through Paramount+, MTV.com, Hulu, and Prime Video. If you are looking to watch the original jerseyshore series, you can stream those episodes on Paramount+, Hulu, and Prime Video.

‘JSFV’ Hasn’t Been Cancelled, But ‘Jersey Shore 2.0’ Could Eventually Be

Jersey Shore 2.0 was announced in May 2022. The series was set to feature a new group of roommates who would be living together at a property in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the summer.

When the news broke, the original jerseyshore cast made a statement about the reboot on social media. “As a cast that took a chance with a network in need, we put our most vulnerable moments on television for the world to see,” they shared in a joint statement on Twitter.

“We’ve given it our all over the past 13 years, we’ve become a family, and we continue to open our lives to the world. So please understand that we’re not supporting a release that will exploit our original show, our hard work and our authenticity to win viewers.

“Jersey Shore” Cast Statement, Twitter

Still, 495 Productions continued with the new concept, but not without hitting a few speed bumps. They initially struggled to find a filming location — Atlantic City didn’t want the same reputation Seaside Heights gained after the original series.

Additionally, according to TMZ, the producers had issues getting the reboot series off the ground. The outlet reported that a cast member was cut after producers found “homophobic and racist posts on a parent’s social media.”

Despite these issues, MTV has not officially unplugged Jersey Shore 2.0. In that same July 2022 TMZ report, they reported that MTV executives were looking to regroup and resume production.

Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for the latest news on all things Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

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Dolphins defensive line causing offensive problems in training camp


Miami Dolphins tackle Terron Armstead (72) and offensive lineman Robert Hunt (68) perform drills during practice at Baptist Health Training Complex in Miami Gardens on Friday, July 29, 2022.

Miami Dolphins tackle Terron Armstead (72) and offensive lineman Robert Hunt (68) perform drills during practice at Baptist Health Training Complex in Miami Gardens on Friday, July 29, 2022.

[email protected]

It was as if Terron Armstead had the Dolphins roster printed in front of him.

Asked about his impressions of a defensive front he’s become well-acquainted with in the first two weeks of training camp, the Dolphins let the tackle spout names like it’s a roll call .

“Real active group. Very talented, lots of skill,” Armstead said after Friday’s practice.

Armstead had good reason to make sure no player in the positional group was left out. During Friday’s session, the defensive front often blocked the opposing offensive line, grouping runs, recording probable sacks and forcing errant passes during 11-on-11 team drills.

Sometimes a footnote due to the team’s quick receiving tandem and airtight secondary, the Dolphins’ defensive front has made its presence felt in training camp, especially in recent days with pads and a little more contact allowed.

The Dolphins sought continuity in their defense this offseason and their defensive front was no exception. The team signed defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah to a four-year extension as free agency was set to open and re-sign veteran veteran John Jenkins to a one-year contract. Along with returning players such as Christian Wilkins and Raekwon Davis, the Dolphins signed Melvin Ingram III, whose addition Armstead called “grossly underrated.”

“He’s an amazing player, he’s been like that for a long time,” Armstead said of the three-time Pro Bowler.

Even without Adam Butler, a key 2021 replacement who was sidelined for the first two weeks of training camp and released on Tuesday due to physical failure, the depth of the defensive front is evident. There were the usual suspects, such as running backs Wilkins and Davis near the line of scrimmage. Jaelan Phillips and Andrew Van Ginkel collapsed the pocket and disrupted comebacks. Even players battling for roster spots, such as Porter Gustin and undrafted rookie Ben Stille, flashed during the intra-squad action.

“We’re very, very confident in a lot of the young players we’re developing and I’m very confident in this room in general,” head coach Mike McDaniel said.

Competing each day with the speed of the Dolphins’ new offense and a complex running pattern has been welcomed by the group, especially after struggling with the run to start the 2021 season before turning the tide.

“We see looks that you normally don’t see so early in training camp,” Van Ginkel said. “It really tests our advantages and tests our defense against the gap, so as long as everyone is doing their job and working hard to improve, that’s how we should approach every day.”

With the return of Josh Boyer as coordinator, not much is expected to change in the Dolphins’ defensive philosophy in 2022. They still project themselves as an aggressive unit that frequently blitzes and s is leaning heavily on his high-priced cornerback tandem of Xavien Howard and Byron Jones, who remain on the physically unable to perform list.

However, an equally troublesome four-man rush could be a curve ball in the defense’s arsenal. During the Dolphins’ seven-game winning streak after a 1-7 start in 2021, their defense had a league-leading 11% sack rate on non-blitzes, according to ESPN’s Next Gen Stats. .

If the defense turns more towards this trend, a number of players could deliver. It could be someone like Phillips, who after an 8.5 sack rookie season is a breakout contender. It could be Wilkins, who Armstead said would have an “outstanding year, more than ever in the stats line.” It could be Sieler, who was one of the most productive linemen even in a backup role last season.

Or it could be the many other names Armstead wouldn’t dare omit.

“I’m a fan of those guys,” Armstead said.

This story was originally published August 5, 2022 4:14 p.m.

Daniel Oyefusi covers the Dolphins for the Miami Herald. A native of Towson, Maryland, he graduated from the University of Maryland: College Park. He previously covered the Ravens for The Baltimore Sun.

The 2022 USA National Triathlon Championships are back in Milwaukee


A year ago this weekend, Annamarie Strehlow was the first woman to cross the finish line at the 2021 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships at Lakeside Milwaukee.

As a native of Milwaukee, it was very special for Strehlow to be able to compete in front of his friends and family.

“It was probably the best race to be in because my family was there, my friends were there,” said Strehlow, a 2009 graduate from Mequon Homestead. “It’s a really spectator friendly course so I got to see them a few times throughout the bike and race.

“I think that’s what really made the race and not just that, just also because I’m from Milwaukee and so being able to represent Milwaukee and win the race. It was really amazing.”

After:Here’s what you need to know for the USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals

Strehlow, who returned to triathlons just four years ago, will not defend her title this year as she recovers from competing in Ironman Lake Placid on July 24. But she will be present as a spectator at the fifth edition of this event in Milwaukee.

There will be two races this weekend, the Olympic distance race on Saturday and a sprint race on Sunday with athletes from all 50 states.

“It’s one of the most competitive triathlons in the world,” said U.S. Triathlon Events Director Brian D’Amico, “so not having the defending champion back is definitely something, we’d love to see her. compete.

“But at the same time, this age group and at all levels on both men’s and women’s courts is so competitive.”

Saturday, the Olympic-the distance race will be a 1,500 meter swim, a 40 kilometer bike ride and a 10 kilometer run. Sunday’s event will be the sprint, consisting of a 750 meter swim, 20 km bike ride and 5 km run. The races both begin with the swim, where runners will start at Discovery World, swimming south. Course maps for the races are available on the USA Triathlon website.

Milwaukee has hosted these events before, starting with three in a row from 2013 to 2015 and then again last year. D’Amico said large crowds are expected and he invites those unfamiliar with the sport to come check it out.

“I encourage viewers who have never seen the sport to take a step back, take it,” D’Amico said.

After:Here’s what you need to know ahead of this weekend’s USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals

That would have summed up Strehlow’s involvement in triathlons as recently as 2018.

When Strehlow isn’t in the pool, on her bike, running or training for her next competition, she can be found doing her day job as a physical therapist at Froedtert Hospital. Strehlow said she wanted to enter the medical field after seeing her mother as a nurse and having an inspirational physical therapist during her injuries in high school and college as a top soccer player.

She played as a midfielder at the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota, before earning a degree in exercise science in 2013. She then headed north to Duluth and the College of St. Scholastica where she earned a doctorate in physical therapy in 2016.

Upon returning to Milwaukee to begin her career as a physical therapist, Strehlow still had a desire to compete and was training for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon when she injured her Achilles tendon. Her trainer, Heather Haviland, recommended she try water jogging.

Strehlow started aquajogging at Hoyt Park Pool in Wauwatosa alongside other athletes.

“Just going to the pool and seeing all these triathletes in great shape with all their Ironman gear on, I thought I couldn’t water jog next to a group of swimmers,” Strehlow said. “I’m too competitive for that.”

Shortly after, in 2018, Strehlow competed in a short distance triathlon and then her first half of Ironman at Ironman 70.3 Steelhead in Benton Harbor, Michigan, where she won her age group.

Strehlow continued to win and found success early in his triathlete career.

In 2021, Strehlow raced at Ironman Wisconsin for his first full Ironman event. Strehlow came first for her gender and qualified for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

Annamarie Strehlow crosses the finish line at Ironman Lake Placid with a time of 9 hours, 56 minutes and 52 seconds.

For Haviland, Strehlow’s trainer and a USAT-certified trainer, the success has been exciting, but she still sees room for Strehlow to improve.

“That’s what’s exciting because I know she hasn’t reached her potential yet and that’s what she needs and she got those wins and success in a very short time,” said Haviland.

After this season, Strehlow plans to turn pro and Haviland believes his motivation will only grow.

“Now instead of winning those races, she’s now going to be seventh or sixth,” Haviland said. “She’s already super motivated. It’ll only motivate her more to do the little things she needs to do.”

Even turning pro next year, Strehlow hopes to continue working full-time as a physical therapist.

In the meantime, she will spend this weekend as a cheerleader.

“I can’t wait to see all the different age groups compete,” she said, “and I can’t wait to see all the celebrations and smiles at the finish line.”

Jacks of PNG partners with the PNG team


Jacks of PNG sealed a two-year merchandise partnership which saw PNGOC award the supplier the licensing rights to its Team PNG brand to manufacture, advertise and distribute Team PNG merchandise apparel for the two-year period.

The merchandising agreement allows PNGOC to supply its Team PNG brand to Jacks of PNG to create an agreed range of Team PNG supporter apparel for the public to purchase at all Jacks of PNG outlets.

In addition to the license agreement, Jacks of PNG has also pledged in-kind sponsorship to PNGOC worth 100,000K over the two-year period (2022-2023).

The value-in-kind sponsorship covers the PNG team’s outing uniforms and accessories at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games in 2022 and the Solomon Islands Pacific Games in 2023, in addition to board and staff uniforms. the organization.

Welcoming the partnership, PNGOC General Secretary Auvita Rapilla said, “Jacks PNG joined us last year to sponsor the PNG Team Coming Out Uniform for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. , and we’re thrilled to see this partnership expand to include merchandise from the PNG team.”

Rapilla acknowledged and thanked Jacks of PNG Board for trusting the Team PNG brand and taking on this new challenge, to market and promote Team PNG products to the public despite the ongoing pandemic environment, which had made it possible to secure sponsorship within the company. landscape in PNG difficult.

“Jacks of PNG identified with our Team PNG brand and values. This partnership will allow the general public to share in the pride of the nation by donning the colors of Team PNG branded apparel to support the multi-sport events we travel to and attend each year.

“Now you too can support Team PNG by visiting your nearest Jacks of PNG store and purchasing your own official PNG Team supporter merchandise,” Rapilla said.

City Pharmacy Limited Group Managing Director Navin Raju said it was a great honor for his Jacks of PNG brand to partner with PNGOC.

They look forward to new creative collaborations to create value and build on the existing Team PNG signature brand that will connect and resonate with all Papua New Guineans and Team PNG supporters.

Raju added, “Having this sponsorship will greatly help PNGOC as 2023 will be a big year due to the Pacific Games, which will be held in Honiara, Solomon Islands, where the PNG team will send a large contingent.”

‘CeeDee is that guy’: Cowboys rely on Lamb to help them carry offense – Dallas Cowboys Blog


OXNARD, Calif. — CeeDee Lamb’s importance to the Dallas Cowboys in 2022 was never more evident than after the third practice of training camp. That was not what he was doing on the field. That’s what he didn’t do.

Lamb didn’t take any shots during team drills. He is only 24 years old. It is just entering its third season. He has no injury history.

“I was confused,” Lamb said. “They told me I was done with training. I mean, I didn’t know what else to do with myself. I’m not used to that.

Personal history tells coach Mike McCarthy that players are prone to soft tissue injuries at a higher percentage by the third or fourth practice of camp.

“It was just a rep count, being mindful,” McCarthy said. “There was nothing there physically. Trust the numbers, GPS of the past. It was by design.

The Cowboys opted to leave Amari Cooper in March in a trade with the Cleveland Browns partly because of his $20 million salary and partly because they believe Lamb is ready to be the No. 1 wide receiver. fulfilling the legacy of the No. 88 shirt they gave him after he was selected in the first round in 2020.

On Monday, Lamb’s importance to the Cowboys offense grew even greater when James Washington suffered a broken right foot that will keep him out for six to 10 weeks, multiple sources say. Additionally, Cowboys second receiver Michael Gallup is continuing his recovery from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee suffered in January and will miss at least the season opener.

The only other healthy receiver to catch a pass from quarterback Dak Prescott in a regular season game is Noah Brown.

The move to the No. 1 role doesn’t faze Lamb, who has 153 receptions for 2,037 yards and 11 touchdowns and one Pro Bowl appearance in his first two seasons.

But it’s the job that Lamb, Prescott, coaches and the front office believe will propel him into the top ranks of NFL wide receivers.

After a day of work in the red zone, Lamb spent more time with Prescott working on timing routes near the end zone, perfecting the steps and ball placement that he hopes will become a second nature when the season begins in September.

“We kind of did that all this offseason, just being together,” Lamb said. “Things are very different when you have a body in front of you than on air, so just piece together a few little nuances here and there and then make it happen in-game.”

For a few days in early July, Prescott had Lamb, Jalen Tolbert, and tight ends Dalton Schultz and Sean McKeon in Miami for workouts at the University of Miami facility. It’s a trip Prescott has taken in the past with his pass catchers, but it was Lamb’s first time on it.

COVID-19 prevented a road trip during Lamb’s rookie year, though they met at Prescott’s home to work the quarterback’s backyard field. As of 2021, Prescott was still recovering from a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle.

Lamb called the time in Miami “phenomenal.”

“Just having that kind of experience with your quarterback just builds character and builds better days from training camp,” Lamb said.

Lamb had his usual eye-catching plays, like a one-handed reception of a pass near the sideline. On Monday, he and Prescott connected on five of six pass attempts to receiver. Three were outstanding with defenders on all sides of Lamb. All three went for what would have been a first try.

Prescott said Lamb has made progress “everywhere.”

“He’s just a guy who likes to work – whether it’s in the movie theater, whether it’s here on the court training just in drills or individual on his own,” Prescott said. “He’s going to keep improving and his mentality is something all receivers can follow.”

McCarthy has been part of that wide receiver progression before. During his nearly decade-long run with the Green Bay Packers, he saw Donald Driver handed the No. 1 receiver role to Greg Jennings, who handed it to Jordy Nelson who handed it to Davante Adams , like Lamb did with the Cowboys.

“The light is brighter internally, in terms of the responsibilities and opportunities given to him, but also how defenses will react to him,” McCarthy said. “When you look at CeeDee and those receivers in Green Bay, it’s very similar to how we do it here in Dallas. The ability for receivers to play inside and out, to me, is paramount. When you only play one or the other, you make it much easier for the defense to play.

“CeeDee’s experience of playing so much in the slot last year is only going to help him now that he’s at flanker. … We need to move him around to create more opportunities for him.”

Unlike the Packers’ receivers, Lamb won’t have proven players around him to help distract some of the attention. At least not until Gallup returns or if the Cowboys add a top receiver through free agency or a trade. Owner and general manager Jerry Jones said he saw no urgency in adding a veteran receiver because of Washington’s injury. Washington’s loss is significant because of the way the Cowboys are built at receiver, but he had just 24 catches last year for the Pittsburgh Steelers and never exceeded 44 in a season.

“I feel like I’m going to affect the game regardless,” Lamb said of where he lines up on the pitch. “And that being said, me being No. 1, the focus is going to be on me and I’m kind of prepared for that. It doesn’t change my game. I’m just going to do a play.

Since he was with Lamb in Oklahoma, defensive tackle Neville Gallimore knows him better than most Cowboys players. They had side-by-side lockers and often talked about their NFL dreams.

“I know if you put him in a situation, if you throw him into the fire, he’s always going to come out on top,” Gallimore said. “So I know he’s more than ready for this opportunity and I’m not going to talk too much about it but I’m excited. Not because he’s my teammate, but he’s a good guy. But, man, this guy going to get him. He has a lot to contribute and he hasn’t even scratched the surface. You better think you can expect something special from him this season. Definitely.”

Prescott has no doubts. As Lamb addressed reporters for the first time at camp, the quarterback walked behind the scrum with a message:

“CeeDee is that guy.”

If not Lamb, then who?

REVIEW: No Tom Brady? No Sean Payton? No problem for the Miami Dolphins.


You’ve heard the old saying, “Better to be lucky than good.” Well, for many years now the Miami Dolphins have mostly been neither lucky nor good. When the team was good enough to qualify for the playoffs, they were torn down in the first round by teams like the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s a bit of bad luck.

And then there are other seasons — namely the last two — where they’ve been just good enough…to miss the playoffs by a single game. It’s more bad luck for the Miami Dolphins and their fans.

Then there are the seasons where they’ve been bad and had high draft picks as a result. Surely they would have found the right players at the top of the draft to turn around their bad luck. Try again – no luck so far. We’ll see if recent draft picks like Tua Tagovailoa, Jaylen Waddle, Jaelan Phillips, Jevon Holland and others can turn things around soon.

But if you dig deeper and take a look at some recent developments within the Miami Dolphins organization, you might find a modicum of unwitting luck that owner Stephen Ross stumbled while doing his best jester impression – which might not be an impression at all.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you now know that Stephen Ross intended to bring Tom Brady and/or Sean Payton to South Florida to play and coach the Dolphins, respectively. We’ll never know how close those moves came, and we can never tell if it would have delivered Miami another Lombardi trophy — a trophy that eluded the franchise for fifty years. What we do know, however, is that Ross’ Brady/Payton dream combination didn’t materialize, and in fact, the only tangible result of that dream was a ONE POINT FIVE MILLION fine. OF DOLLARS and the withdrawal of 1st and 3rd Dolphins round draft picks.

The loss of draft picks – high draft picks – stings. It really is. But if you take that out of the equation, were the Dolphins really lucky to “miss” Tom Brady and Sean Payton?

Mike McDaniel was hired to replace disgruntled Brian Flores as head coach of the Miami Dolphins after an extensive search last offseason. McDaniel’s intelligence is very apparent the moment the coach opens his mouth. He is able – and willing – to explain his attacking strategies with a poise and confidence that never would have existed under the old regime. McDaniel has also breathed life and energy into the Dolphins that has members of the league media buzzing. His players also rave about the young head coach on the ball. While admitting he’s never won a game as a National Football League head coach, you have to agree that Mike McDaniel has been impressive so far.

If Sean Payton had been hired to coach the Dolphins, we would have missed all the positives Mike McDaniel has brought to South Florida thus far — and all the positives he will bring in the future.

Then there’s the polarizing quarterback in Miami – Tua Tagovailoa.

Many fans love Tua Tagovailoa. Many fans don’t. Tua’s first two seasons in the NFL didn’t go as well as many Dolphins fans would have hoped. While watching Joe Burrow lead his team to the superbowl and Justin Herbert put up video game numbers in Los Angeles, we’ve seen Tua fall short of the same kinds of successes his two draft mates have achieved with their respective teams. Yes, Tua has a winning record as a starting QB for the Dolphins, but a lot of people would attribute those wins to Miami’s strong defense (although Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jacoby Brissett played with the same defenses and neither had winning records as a starting QB for the Dolphins).

However, something looks different this offseason. Tua Tagovailoa finally has the support of his head coach who, in turn, has allowed his teammates to rally around the young quarterback. Speaking of teammates, the Miami Dolphins finally surrounded Tua with offensive weaponry that would rival the greatest military arsenals the world has ever seen. All-Pro wide receiver Tyreek Hill was acquired from the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason. Cedrick Wilson was brought in after being very productive for the Dallas Cowboys. Chase Edmonds, Sony Michel and Raheem Mostert were added to bolster the running backs’ room, while Terron Armstead and Connor Williams were brought in to help those backs find better running paths and keep Tua up and giving him more long to find his weapons open. down.

These additions, combined with the support of his coaching staff, helped the QB1 regain his confidence. There’s a certain swagger with Tua Tagovailoa that’s prevailed this offseason — a swag that’s been missing from Tua’s stage since he suffered a serious hip injury in his senior year of college ball at Alabama.

Did Miami finally get lucky and find the coach/QB combination that will bring this franchise back to former glory? Only time will tell, but maybe this team won’t need a chance moving forward. Maybe this team will just be a damn good football team. If Mike McDaniel and Tua Tagovailoa continue the trajectory they started on since OTAs began, we’ll be very happy with the results that come with it. just be good – with or without luck. No Tom Brady? No Sean Payton? No problem.

What are your expectations for the Miami Dolphins this year? Do you think Mike McDaniel is the man for the job, or would you have preferred Miami to acquire Sean Payton? Do you want Tom Brady to be the Dolphins quarterback, or do you think Tua Tagovailoa will finally show why he was drafted No. 5 overall just over two years ago? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter at @MBrave13. Fins!

Black Bear LC is offering a free Boys/Girls Clinic on August 21 to support the Daily Bread Pantry

Black Bear LC is offering a free Boys/Girls Clinic on August 21 to support the Daily Bread Pantry

Phillylacrosse.com, published 02/08/22

The Black Bear Lacrosse Club will be offering a FREE lacrosse clinic for boys and girls on Sunday, August 21 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Perkiomen Valley High School with monetary donations accepted to help support the area’s Daily Bread Food Pantry . Black Bear will match the clinic’s total monetary donation to support the food pantry.


Clinic directors:

Bryan Churchey – Co-Owner/Manager Black Bear LC, Perkiomen Valley High School Head Coach

Grady Wise – Co-Owner/Manager Black Bear LC, Head Coach at Boyertown High School

Dulcie Rothermel – Former West Chester University Division II All-American and former Boyertown head coach

Gabi Umstead – Former Division III Goucher College Player, Brandywine LC Youth Coach.

The clinic will also feature local coaches and players from the surrounding community!

The objectives of the clinic are to:

  • Practice the basics of catching, throwing and grounding the balls
  • Improve your skills – whatever your experience
  • Learn position-specific skills for offense and defense (beginner-intermediate-advanced skills offered)
  • Introduce the sport of lacrosse to anyone wishing to try the sport for the first time. (rental gear is available for those who need it!)
  • Enjoy!

Where? Perkiomen Valley High School 509 Gravel Pike Collegeville, PA 19426
When? Sunday August 21 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Who? Boys and girls entering K-8 for the 2022-23 school year!

Players are encouraged to make a monetary donation to the Clinic’s Daily Bread Food Pantry, the Black Bear Lacrosse Club will match the full amount donated.

If you are a beginner looking to try lacrosse, please email us at [email protected] as we offer rental equipment for boys and girls, including a lacrosse stick!


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The NIL era offers new avenues of exploitation

Bryce Young

Bryce Young
Photo: PA

The name, image and likeness deals were appropriately celebrated after the NCAA announced it was finally allowing people who made them billions of dollars to get paid, too. As crazy as it sounds, the NIL offerings are a big step up from what used to be the norm. Unfortunately, the gluttons at the table do not even give up the crumbs that fall from the edge of their mouths and are content to send children to scrounge what they can.

Some partnerships are perfectly harmless with local businesses sponsoring an athlete because his name is ideal for an HVAC spokesperson. Bryce Young deserves the money he’s making from the NIL deals, and he’s doing so well that Alabama is getting in on the action. With so much money to be made legitimately, the frenzy has attracted the sharks.

A court ruling last year allowed agencies to offer players cash upfront in exchange for a percentage of future winnings. The speculative investing strategy has been around for a while, according to the CBS Sports article. Young golfers do it, and it’s been happening in boxing for decades.

Now, Big League Advantage (BLA) is approaching college athletes — who don’t have a fancy enough name, a garish enough skill set, or a high enough position to earn a truckload of NIL money — cash. in advance for a song on the backend. While the article stated that BLA had yet to make a profit, all it needed to do was hit a few leads to turn the tide. The company’s most prominent client, Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr., signed a 14-year, $310 million contract a year ago, and BLA got between 1 and 15 percent (the window of his current rate) of that contract.

My issue is not the risk of investing in teens, nor how often the student-athlete will be the sole beneficiary of this deal. What angers me is that these kids shouldn’t have to choose between cash for a percentage of their future income, or nothing. If Georgia All-SEC preseason linebacker and BLA client Nolan Smith Jr. was on UGA’s books and still wanted to give up points on what could be a long and lucrative NFL career , Go for it.

That said, which college football player demographic is most likely to need some JG Wentworth 877-Cash-Now crap? Hint: This is the most popular demo in sports.

The fact that speculative investing has existed in boxing for ages should ring alarm bells. The BLA may not be Don King scamming Mike Tyson out of generational wealth, but may be taking millions out of athletes’ pockets because they’re not marketable enough for a NIL deal and can’t afford to wait for an NFL payday is the kind of scenario made avoidable by the NCAA paying its workforce.

The Crimson Tide adopts the Green Wave

Speaking of outcomes that should be avoided, how is Alabama allowed to sell NIL gear at Bryant-Denny Stadium? The university has partnered with Fanatics to create the Authentic, a new in-stadium store that will feature licensed team apparel as well as NIL merchandise.

I guess the biggest draw of the outlet won’t be an autographed football but rather the shirts with the names on the back, which are still not allowed to be sold directly by schools, of all the issues, name and resemblance hiccups.

The first thing Bama should have done once he decided to make a bunch of no-name No. 9 jerseys is quit, add Young on his back, and pay the Heisman winner a portion of the profits. Tide’s NIL Shop is sure to be replicated by countless schools and hailed as a way to directly support their student-athletes.

And as altruistic as these colleges make them seem, do you think they’re going to stop taking a cut of the sales because of a name on the back when their name is on the front? The NCAA allows all of these rules and loopholes to grow because they know they can’t tell student-athletes enough is enough when they’ve never sheathed their greed.

These exceptions aren’t enough, however, and they create chaos as children try to capitalize by any means necessary – leading to borderline predatory tactics and ethical puzzles that won’t stop (or at least only slightly relieve themselves) than when student-athletes are on the college payroll.

Browns get clarification on Deshaun Watson, await closure


Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, left, shakes hands with defensive end Myles Garrett during NFL football team training camp, Monday, Aug. 1, 2022, in Berea, Ohio.  (AP Photo/Nick Cammett)

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, left, shakes hands with defensive end Myles Garrett during NFL football team training camp, Monday, Aug. 1, 2022, in Berea, Ohio. (AP Photo/Nick Cammett)


The Browns finally have some clarity on Deshaun Watson’s playing status. Now they are waiting for closing.

It can take hours or days.

More than four months after Cleveland signed him to a five-year, $230 million deal, Watson was suspended six games without pay on Monday by independent referee Sue L. Robinson, who ruled he violated the NFL’s personal conduct policy after he was accused by more than two dozen women in Texas of sexual misconduct.

But while the long-awaited decision came as the Browns braced for the possibility that he could be suspended for the entire 2022 season, nothing is final.

The league, which has been pushing for Watson to be harshly disciplined, plans to appeal Robinson’s decision, which it detailed in a 16-page document. If there is an appeal – the league has until 9 a.m. Thursday to file it – the case will go to commissioner Roger Goodell or someone he designates to shorten, lengthen or maintain the sentence.

For now, Watson’s debut for the Browns will be delayed until Oct. 23 in Baltimore – nearly 22 months since he last appeared in an NFL game.

About 90 minutes after Robinson’s decision was released, Watson ran onto the training ground in his orange No. 4 jersey to cheers. It felt like any other day at work as he joked with his teammates during the stretch period, threw precision passes and waved at fans clamoring for a better view or to get the QB’s autograph by the after.

“I haven’t noticed any difference,” Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said when asked about Watson’s behavior after the decision.

Watson is allowed to train and play in exhibition games during his suspension. He continued to take most of the shots with Cleveland’s first-team offense on Monday, with backup Jacoby Brissett getting the others.

Brissett, 29, is set to play Cleveland’s first six games, pending a modification to Watson’s suspension. Stefanski said the team will prepare both QBs for the start of the season.

Watson is still on the front line, however.

“More than anything, he’s our starter, and we have to get him ready to play games,” Stefanski said. “Jacoby is our replacement, we have to prepare him to play games. Obviously Week 1 with the suspension, we expect Jacoby to be in there.

“So there’s a point in our training plan where we’re going to switch gears, if you will. But for now, we feel comfortable with the plan we have.

Stefanski was the only member of the Cleveland organization to speak publicly, and it didn’t happen until eight hours after Robinson’s decision.

Owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam released a statement, with a team spokesperson saying they will wait with general manager Andrew Berry until the process is complete before commenting in person.

Stefanski said he hadn’t read Robinson’s decision, but planned to. When he does, he’ll see where she called his behavior “blatant” and “predatory” and noted that the player’s “expressed lack of remorse” factored into his decision.

She also weighed her first offense and her reputation ahead of the allegations.

Stefanski has defended the team’s pursuit of Watson, and he believes the 26-year-old, who has previously said he has no regrets, does indeed feel remorse.

“He told me privately that he wanted to be the best version of himself,” Stefanski said. “I believe in it wholeheartedly. He’s working on it.”

Stefanski is also aware that some Browns fans will never be comfortable with Watson.

“I feel incredible empathy for everyone affected by this decision,” he said. “It’s something I don’t take lightly, I’ve spoken to women in our organization, I’ve spoken to women in the community, and it’s something I will continue to do.

“And our fans, whether you’re male or female, our fans are really important to us, so I want to make sure they understand that and never get fired in any way.”

The Haslams attended the fifth practice of training camp in Cleveland, but did not speak to reporters.

In their statement, the Haslams, who have been widely criticized for trading for Watson despite his huge legal troubles, offered their sympathy to the victims while supporting their star.

“We respect Judge Robinson’s ruling, and at the same time sympathize and understand that many people have been triggered throughout this process,” they said. “We know Deshaun is remorseful that this situation has caused a great deal of grief to many and he will continue the work necessary to show who he is on and off the pitch, and we will continue to support him.”


More AP NFL: https://apnews.com/NFL and https://twitter.com/AP_NFL

Miami Dolphins Camp 2022 Day 6: Practice Observations


The Miami Dolphins had a more subdued practice Monday when members of the media were the only non-team employees at the Baptist Health Training Complex.

Rookies Skylar Thompson and Braylon Sanders put things on a fun note when they began duplicating the pumping efforts of Tyreek Hill and Blaise Andries for the crowd in practice on Saturday.

Both Thompson and Sanders ran to the (mostly) empty stands and swung their hands in the air, with Sanders and Thompson topping it all off by doing the Griddy dance.

And then it was time for practice.

So let’s dive into the practice report:


The two injured players were out again – defensive lineman Adam Butler and guard/center Michael Deiter – along with fullback John Lovett.

Running back Raheem Mostert and full-back Alec Ingold both wore red non-contact shirts. Tackle Terron Armstead was back after getting a ‘load management’ day on Saturday but was not spotted during team drills.


– Cornerback Trill Williams continued his great work in camp with a one-handed interception against Tua Tagovailoa in the corner of the end zone in a scoreless period.

– Wide receiver Jaylen Waddle had two great receptions on the field in a five-game streak, the first from Thompson and the second from Tua.

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– Myles Gaskin showed a nice flurry on a running play and also easily beat rookie Channing Tindall in a one-on-one passing drill just outside the 10-yard line, although it took point out that this drill strongly favors the offensive player who has half the width of the court to beat a defender one-on-one.


Because it’s training camp, we have to talk about the quarterback’s performance every practice.

– It was going to be difficult to top or even match what happened in training on Saturday for Tua, although the second half of training was much better than the first. By our unofficial tally, Tua completed 9 of 14 passes with Williams’ lone interception, and there were a few touchdowns in goal-line situations, including throws to Preston Williams and Sony Michel. There was also a 40-yard touchdown pass to Erik Ezukanma, but this comes with a heavy asterisk as it came on a broken play where Tua held the ball for a very long time before the rookie snuck up. place behind the defence. It was one of many examples of pressure being put on Tua and forcing him to scramble or not finding an open receiver before the pressure got to him.

– Teddy Bridgewater did not participate in team drills as the team opted to give Thompson a longer look after getting limited shots in the first four practices.

– Thompson was 5 for 9 in team periods, according to our stats, with his best pass the 20-yard connection with Waddle from deep. Thompson also had a few touchdown passes in red zone situations, including one to Trent Sherfield after rolling to his right and throwing to his left in midfield. Like Tua, Thompson has had his share of games where he just can’t find an open receiver.


– Since becoming an issue worth watching, there have still been a few shotgun blasts from Connor Williams, even though it was a better outing in that department than Saturday.

–Linebacker Calvin Munson blew up a running play when he entered the backfield to meet rookie running back Za’Quandre White.

– Safety Brandon Jones, whose covering skills were in question (backed by poor metrics), had a nice pass breakup against tight end Durham Smythe during the 1-on-1 pass drill in the zone red.

– Linebacker Duke Riley had a nice pass break up in the back of the end zone after it appeared tight end Hunter Long was ready to catch a touchdown pass.

– Tua’s best pitch of the day came when he hit Mostert deep in the seam.

Houston Texans Sport Battle Red Helmet during day two of training camp


HOUSTON — The Houston Texans hit the practice field for the second day of training camp Saturday morning. And for the first time since the team’s inception in 2002, the Texans donned a different helmet.

The Texans unveiled their new Battle Red helmets inside the Houston Methodist Training Center.

“I love red helmets,” linebacker Kamu Grugier-hill said. “I think it’s kinda cute. Especially with the red jersey, it’s going to look slick.”

The Texans wore the new helmets with their normal training gear of navy blue shorts. The attacking side of the ball wore color-matched practice shirts while the defense wore white.

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A few players have made changes to their practice uniforms due to the helmet. Second-year quarterback Davis Mills sported a red visor with his helmet, while rookie defensive back Jalen Pitre wore an all-white outfit.

“When you’re a young franchise, you don’t have a lot of retro uniform jerseys, but for us to feature this combat red helmet, I like the look of it,” coach Lovie Smith said. “I know we’re in Houston, but it’s a bit H-Town for us, so it’s good to put a little different flavor into practice today.”

The NFL has announced that teams will be allowed to wear alternative helmets in 2022.

The updated policy allows teams to wear a secondary color helmet to pair with a throwback, color rush, or alternate uniforms. The Texans will officially debut their Battle Red helmet in a Week 9 game against the Philadelphia Eagles on November 3.

“I think they’re pretty cool,” offensive lineman Justin Britt said. “I wish we could wear them more than once. I’m interested to see if we can get a white one as well. The more the better. It’s cool to see and it’s is different.”

University of Alabama, Fanatics Partners to Reimagine College Fan Experience at Bryant-Denny Stadium


Fanatics and the University of Alabama announced a long-term, multi-faceted partnership that includes a wide range of exclusive rights to UA for activation by Fanatics on its expanded digital sports platform. This comprehensive partnership spans multiple categories, including core licensing rights for fan apparel and headwear, e-commerce, in-stadium retail, physical and digital trading cards and collecting rights.

Fanatics is a long-time partner of the university, operating the official e-commerce destination for the Alabama Department of Athletics at Shop.RollTide.com, as well as the permanent ranking of top-selling licensees for products. Crimson Tide.

Several companies within Fanatics’ digital sports platform will execute this new end-to-end collegiate partnership model, including Fanatics Commerce and Fanatics Collectibles; Topps, the legendary trading card brand, and Candy Digital, a next-generation digital collectibles company.

The expanded partnership will allow UA to capitalize on Fanatics merchandising platforms to create, promote and distribute Alabama merchandise featuring the name, likeness and likeness (NIL) rights of Crimson Tide student-athletes. As a cornerstone of the deal, Fanatics will launch The Authentic, the first retail team store inside Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Scheduled to launch during the 2022 college football season, the one-of-a-kind fan store will feature a sizable assortment of officially licensed team apparel and student-athlete NIL merchandise, including Nike player jerseys personalized, personalized name and number t-shirts. , headwear, official in-game memorabilia, and Topps’ on-demand digital trading cards.

Take a digital peek inside The Authentic @ Bryant-Denny Stadium – A Fanatics Experience from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

The Authentic retail space will create opportunities for Crimson Tide student-athletes to provide autographed memorabilia, host meet and greets with fans, and conduct social media marketing campaigns to support the sales of their NIL products. Fanatics will work with OneTeam Partners to obtain group licensing rights for activating NIL rights to merchandise, in addition to separate marketing and autograph partnerships.

“Fanatics has been one of Alabama Athletics’ best partners for more than a decade and this new agreement elevates our relationship to new heights,” said UA Athletic Director Greg Byrne. “By leveraging Fanatics’ expanded scope of services, we’ve positioned our university and student-athletes to maximize sales and brand exposure with Fanatics’ premier family of brands, including Fanatics Commerce, Topps and Candy Digital I think our fans will be excited when they see it all come together in The Authentic store at Bryant-Denny, which we plan to open this season.

The University of Alabama has historically been Fanatics’ top-selling collegiate partner, and under the new agreement, Fanatics will gain exclusive rights to be the primary apparel and headwear licensee of the University. Alabama across multiple retail distribution channels. Fanatics Brands, Fanatics’ in-house apparel division, will design, manufacture and distribute an expanded selection of Crimson Tide licensed apparel and headwear. UA will retain the right to administer all licensing fees through its licensing agency, CLC, for the campus and local Tuscaloosa market.

Fanatics Collectibles and Topps have secured the rights to design, manufacture and distribute official physical and digital trading cards. These products will combine use of official University of Alabama marks and NIL rights for current and former Crimson Tide student-athletes. Starting in 2025, Fanatics Collectibles will be the university’s exclusive trading card partner. Candy Digital will be creating digital collectibles and NFTs of some former Alabama greats and current Crimson Tide student-athletes.

NY Giants rookies Thibodeaux and Neal are listed as starters


New York Giants offensive lineman Evan Neal (70) plays during training camp at the NFL Football Team's Training Center, Saturday, July 30, 2022, in East Rutherford, NJ ( AP Photo/John Minchillo)

New York Giants offensive lineman Evan Neal (70) plays during training camp at the NFL Football Team’s Training Center, Saturday, July 30, 2022, in East Rutherford, NJ ( AP Photo/John Minchillo)


Kayvon Thibodeaux and Evan Neal were acquaintances when the New York Giants drafted them with the fifth and seventh overall picks in the NFL Draft in late April.

Now it seems like they’re related in more ways than one: they’re teammates and friends, two great men who went head-to-head every day of training camp. And as the first week ended on Saturday, the rookies were also penciled in as starters and a lot is expected.

Linebacker and edge rusher from Oregon, Thibodeaux will line up on both sides in the defense of coordinator Wink Martindale. Neal, who came out of Alabama and was the second of New York’s first-round picks, has been on the right tackle since hosting team activities in the spring.

“They explained that they were counting on us, but I am counting on myself to make the plays and live up to the goals I have set for myself,” Thibodeaux said. “It’s been a great journey so far, and I know they believe in us. And they gave us all the tools to continue to rise. So now it’s up to us to make that happen.

Neal and Thibodeaux had occasionally bumped into each other at summer camps when they were in high school. Alabama and Oregon have never met on the field in their college careers.

“It’s so ironic that we ended up on the same NFL team,” Neal said. “I’m just excited to go against him every day, to improve. I believe that iron sharpens iron.

The Giants got the extra first-round pick after trading with the Chicago Bears in the 2021 draft to go from the 12th overall pick to the No. 20.

After five straight losing seasons, the Giants need Thibodeaux and Neal to perform well as rookies if things are going to start to turn around under coach Brian Daboll. New York posted a 4-13 record in 2021.

The two quickly took over the playbook: Thibodeaux showed his ability to reach the setter and Neal blocked well.

“He beats me a few reps, I give him a few reps. That’s what it’s all about, that’s the name of the game – getting better,” Neal said.

However, the practices took place in shorts and jerseys. Things change next week when the pads are in place.

Thibodeaux has gone from being a big talker in the early days after the draft to more professional since camp opened.

“You have to know how to compartmentalize,” Thibodeaux said. “There is a time and a place for everything. So when you’re in the field, it’s business, and now it’s training camp. We are preparing for a long journey.

Neal said the two don’t share notes off the pitch for fear of giving the other an advantage.

“We just put our heads down and we worked,” Neal said.

The Giants will take that kind of attitude.

NOTES: Safety Dane Belton intercepted a pass from Daniel Jones in the end zone. … Cornerback Darnay Holmes forced a fumble from Saquon Barkley and defensive back Julian Love had a long comeback. … Backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor showed his athleticism as he dunked the ball over the crossbar after running for a touchdown.


More AP NFL: https://apnews.com/hub/nfl and https://apnews.com/hub/pro-32 and https://twitter.com/AP_NFL

Mike McDaniel’s path to the Dolphins started with a lost hat


MIAMI GARDENS, Florida — Having fans at training camp is no problem for Miami Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel.

It’s part of his story, a story that tells how a lost hat led him to practice in front of Dolphins fans for the first time Saturday at training camp.

It was 1993 and the Denver Broncos were holding training camp in Greeley, Colorado. McDaniel was 10, Greeley was home at the time, and he was obsessed with the Broncos.

One day, while scrambling to get an autograph from a player named Robert Delpino, McDaniel’s Charlotte Hornets hat was knocked off, never to be found again.

Broncos video coordinator Gary McCune drove to a nearby mall and bought a new hat to take to the very distraught boy the next day. McCune met McDaniel’s mother. They got married, a heartwarming story that made headlines in Denver.

McDaniel’s obsession with football grew steadily. He eventually became a Broncos ball boy. The rest, as they say, is history.

“I love having fans in practice,” McDaniel said. “It’s kind of true in my heart. Because the loop is literally complete. Training at training camp in Greeley, Colorado for the Denver Broncos is where it all started for me. There’s a connection that I think you can have with the fans.

Like all teams, the Dolphins will do a handful of fan-open practices during training camp. In the super-secret world of the NFL, prying eyes are rarely a good thing, which is why teams err on the side of caution on public days and tend to keep things relatively basic.

“For all the opponents watching, nothing you see today will ever race again,” McDaniel said. “It’s a challenge. You have to think about it. And you just have to be very aware of it. Look, people are going to get an idea of ​​who you are and how you play. And a lot of people are doing things similar in the National Football League in terms of diet, but if there are certain things you have planned for certain opponents, you have to plan around that.

“The good thing is when you’re not going to be able to control what’s happening in the interwebs. So you adapt, to a certain extent.

That said, the Dolphins were happy to put on a show.

They may be around half a century away from their last championship – plans were unveiled on Saturday for the anniversary celebration of the perfect 1972 season – but the support never seems to be lacking. Season tickets will sell out for the first time in team history over the next few days, and the Dolphins will soon have their first-ever ticket waitlist.

McDaniel made sure players are aware of the support, noting that they shouldn’t feel entitled to it automatically.

“Our fans always come with the energy no matter what we do on the field,” linebacker Jerome Baker said. “I always appreciate that the fans, the community and the organization, they’re all right behind us overall.”

The Dolphins did their part to fuel the energy of the first open session on Saturday. When the team exited the indoor facility and came out to stretch, they were greeted by a standing ovation from fans who had started arriving over 2 hours early for seats in the stands. It didn’t take long for wide receiver Tyreek Hill to annoy fans with a backflip and a short speech.

“Prepare your popcorn,” Hill said.

Offensive lineman Blaise Andries then crashed a couple of drink cans into his head, and practice was on. Fans cheered stretching, cheered Tua Tagovailoa completing short passes, completing 30-yard passes. They cheered just about anything.

“It’s a competitive advantage,” McDaniel said. “That’s kind of the reason why you do what you do. … It’s just another reason for us to comb through our daily process, to make sure we’re repaying them for their investment in us.

And maybe there was a 10-year-old kid in the stands who, 29 years from now, will be coaching in the NFL.

“That’s why I didn’t allow any ambitious kids to train,” McDaniel said.

‘Court Cubby’ lockers are stocked with tennis gear to make the sport more accessible


MINNEAPOLIS– An initiative works to ensure that the sport of tennis is accessible to children and adults.

The USTA Northern has partnered with the Camdentown Tennis Club in north Minneapolis to add a locker full of equipment to the courts at Webber Park.

Mya Dennis started the Court Cubby after researching obstacles to the game of tennis.

“Really anyone who wants to can open it up, get a racquet, try it out. If they like the racquet they can keep it, we’re open to that. We really want to have racquets in hand and have people playing,” Denis said.

Inspired by the Little Free Library, there are rackets and balls inside, and the Webber Park locker is kept open. It was added to the courts in partnership with the Camdentown Tennis Club.

“It means these kids will be able to experience the joy that tennis brings,” said co-founder Houston White. “A vibrant, vibrant, fun, energetic and joyful community is a safe community.”

Trinity Shoemaker, 9, tried out one of the racquets. Her mother thinks it will make a difference.

“When I was younger we didn’t have stuff like that, so for people to have that now at their fingertips is really nice,” Tavonna Shoemaker said.

Trinity encourages others to try the Court Cubby.

There is another Court Cubby at Carty Park in St. Paul, and the hope is to add more around the Twin Cities.

Dennis and Houston said they will keep an eye on the Court Cubbies to see if they need to add more racquets or balls to ensure they stay supplied.

Cycling Plus and HUUB launch new team kit


The magazine’s 30th anniversary, 400e edition and a new overhaul… 2022 is a major year for our sister title, Cycling More.

So what better way to celebrate than releasing its first range of branded cycling kits in collaboration with HUUB Design of Derby, the rising force in cycling apparel with loads of Olympic gold medals, world records and track titles in his trophy cabinet. .

“HUUB and Cycling More are a natural fit,” says editor Matt Baird. “Like us, HUUB is immersed in the latest technical trends but its kit, above all, is comfortable for big days on the bike, whether tackling mountain passes in Scotland, the sports of Snowdonia or the rolling Peak District roads near HUUB’s beloved Derby home.

“I can not wait to see Cycling More readers on the tarmac and trails in a kit that celebrates 30 years of being the UK’s biggest cycling magazine.

The first release includes the Cycling Plus x HUUB Short Sleeve Jersey (£69.99) and Cycling Plus x Huub Bib Shorts (£99.99) which come in both men’s and women’s versions and sizes.

Cycling Plus x HUUB Short Sleeve Jersey


This performance jersey is designed for all shapes and sizes. Four-way stretch fabrics conform to the contours of your body, keeping the jersey streamlined and comfortable on even the longest training rides. Our jersey meets all your needs for every ride with breathable features and lightweight sweat-wicking fabrics. Available in men’s and women’s options. Sizes XS-XL.


  • Full-length HUUB Cam Lock zipper
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh underarm panels
  • Three reflective welt pockets design
  • Bonded sleeves for better comfort
  • Neutral sleeves
  • Four-way stretch fabrics to fit all body types
  • Reflective zip pocket

Cycling Plus x HUUB Bib Shorts


Our anatomically cut six-panel shorts ensure a custom fit whatever your shape, with less pressure and more comfort. The combination of whipstitching and hidden stitching provides a snug fit with a sleek look, and our elasticated ankles keep the shorts comfortably in place. All made with the latest moisture management fabrics. Available in men’s and women’s options. Sizes S-XXL


  • HUUB exclusive 3D moisture management chamois with high density foam
  • Wide elastic hem and gripper
  • HUUB’s anatomical six-panel fit
  • Premium four-way stretch fabrics for optimal fit
  • Updated elastic strap construction with mesh back

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Chapman 2 HRs, Kikuchi wins in return as Jays top Tigers 5-3


Alejandro Kirk of the Toronto Blue Jays breaks his bat as he hits an RBI single against the Detroit Tigers in the third inning of a baseball game Thursday, July 28, 2022 in Toronto.  (Christopher Katsarov/The Canadian Press via AP)

Alejandro Kirk of the Toronto Blue Jays breaks his bat as he hits an RBI single against the Detroit Tigers in the third inning of a baseball game Thursday, July 28, 2022 in Toronto. (Christopher Katsarov/The Canadian Press via AP)


Matt Chapman hit two home runs, Yusei Kikuchi came off the injured list to pitch five solid innings and the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Detroit Tigers 5-3 Thursday night for their 10th win in 12 games.

Chapman hit a two-run homer off left-hander Tyler Alexander in the fourth and a solo shot off Angel De Jesus in the sixth, the ninth multi-home run game of his career and first this season. The circuits were his 17th and 18th of the year.

Fourteen of Chapman’s 18 home runs have come home. He is batting .306 with seven homers in July.

“I feel comfortable,” Chapman said. “I can see the ball well here.”

Jonathan Schoop and Willi Castro each hit a solo home run for the Tigers, who have lost five of eight since the All-Star break.

Kikuchi (4-5) last pitched July 5 at Oakland, when he walked five batters in 2 1/3 innings. The southpaw went on the injured list the next day with a sprained neck.

“I think today went really well,” Kikuchi said through an interpreter. “The most important thing was to be in and around the strike zone early and often.”

Robbie Grossman hit a first double in the first and Castro homered two out in the second, but those were Kikuchi’s only hits.

“When we had an opportunity, especially on the first double after first double, he was able to crush it,” Tigers manager AJ Hinch said.

Kikuchi walked one and struck out five to win for the first time since beating Tampa Bay on June 30.

“Coming back from injury, he looked really strong tonight,” Detroit wide receiver Eric Haase said. “A little more dizziness on his radiator, driving his breaking ball under the area, keeping us guessing. He looked really lively. There weren’t many pitches to hit.

Detroit used a double, an error and a walk to charge the bases against Yimi Garcia with no one in the eighth, but Garcia got Miguel Cabrera out before Eric Haase hit a sacrificial fly. Toronto’s closest, Jordan Romano, came on and retired Candelario on a first pitch.

After Danny Jansen gave Toronto some confidence with a sacrificial volley from Alex Lange late in the eighth, Romano wrapped it up with a 1-2-3 ninth for his 22nd AL-leading save in 25 chances .

Participating for the fifth time this season, Alexander (2-4) allowed three runs, including two earned, in four innings.

“It’s not an easy lineup to navigate,” Hinch said. “I think he did a good job of challenging them enough, but not just throwing balls into the middle of the middle.”

Castro’s third homer opened the scoring in the second, but Alejandro Kirk tied it with a two-out RBI single in the third.

Chapman’s two home runs gave Toronto a 4-1 lead. Schoop cut it to 4-2 when he joined Tim Mayza in the seventh for his seventh home run.


Tigers: RHP Matt Manning (shoulder) is expected to join the rotation after pitching 5 2/3 scoreless innings Wednesday for Triple-A Toledo. Manning allowed five hits, struck out six and walked two. He hasn’t pitched for Detroit since April 16.


Tigers: Detroit shortlisted unvaccinated LHP Andrew Chafin and selected Triple-A Toledo RHP Bryan Garcia. Chafin will lose $142,857 on his $6.5 million salary.

Blue Jays: To make room for Kikuchi, Toronto picked RHP Jeremy Beasley for Triple-A Buffalo.


Earlier Thursday, the Blue Jays announced plans for a $230 million renovation of the Rogers Center, their downtown home since 1989. The change will not involve replacing the artificial turf surface with grass, but will include new bars, restaurants and patios in the outfield, raised bullpens, reduced foul territory and an expanded clubhouse and practice facility for players.


Blue Jays outfielder George Springer landed a dive to retire Jeimer Candelario in the fourth, racing and letting his feet catch a sinking liner.


Federico Bernadeschi, the new star of Toronto FC, attended the game wearing a Blue Jays jersey with his name and the number 10 on the back. Bernadeschi left Italy’s Juventus to sign with Toronto on July 15.


Bryan Garcia will make his first career start on Friday against Blue Jays RHP Alek Manoah (11-4, 2.24 ERA). Garcia is 5-3 with a 6.12 ERA in 72 relief appearances over three seasons.


More AP MLB: https://apnews.com/hub/MLB and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

Miami Dolphins Camp 2022 Day 2: Practice Observations


The Miami Dolphins’ second practice of training camp was longer than the first and closed out the session with a long 11-on-11 play streak, the latter featuring a diving pass breakup by the cornerback newly signed Tino Ellis on a deep right sideline from Skylar Thompson intended for Trent Sherfield.

Let’s dive into the recap of the practice:


In addition to the two players who started training camp on injured lists, there were four players who weren’t spotted in practice Thursday.

One was defensive lineman Adam Butler, who also missed practice Wednesday, and the others were veteran tackle Terron Armstead, running back Raheem Mostert and guard/center Michael Deiter.

Armstead and Mostert have been sidelined for load management reasons, while Deiter and Butler face undisclosed injuries.


– Cornerback Trill Williams, who had the biggest practice play Wednesday with a six pick, had another great play when he put his arm around Sherfield’s shoulder on a pass from Teddy Bridgewater .

– Wide receiver Jaylen Waddle wore the orange jersey as the best practice player for Wednesday and had another impressive outing himself. He caught six passes on team drills and another passing period where five receivers came out against nine defensemen. Waddle’s first catch was an impressive grab from a long Bridgewater pass where he edged rookie corner Kader Kohou.

– Running back Chase Edmonds looked quick and decisive in his running plays, then made a nice pass from Bridgewater down the middle that seemed to be thrown a bit behind him.

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Because it’s training camp, we have to talk about the quarterback’s performance every practice.

– During the first set of team drills (when he only had one pass attempt) and this 6v9 passing period, Tua Tagovailoa practiced very well, but things went south a bit during this last extended series of 11v11 Games. Tagovailoa finished 5v9 in 11v11 drills with a long run of around 45 yards towards Tyreek Hill, although Hill had had to slow down to catch the ball below. Worse still, there were two dropped interceptions against Tua, one by Brandon Jones and one by Nik Needham. On Needham’s play, the cornerback was playing on the outside and undermining Preston Williams on a deep tilt. Tua’s best pass came on a deep tilt to rookie Braylon Sanders for a gain of about 20 yards.

– Bridgewater was 9 for 12 in 11-for-11 drills, although that included a few dumps and plenty of short throws. His most impressive pass was actually incomplete, as Williams dropped a perfectly thrown pass deep in the right sideline.

– Seventh-round rookie pick Skylar Thompson had a tough day, especially when it came to center quarterback trades. Thompson jumped three times, but without replays it was difficult to determine who was at fault on those plays. He ended up attempting just two passes in team drills, completing a check-down to running back Gerrid Doaks before the long incompletion on the final play.


– Not a good practice for tackle Greg Little, who made a false start and then held off Jaelan Phillips after Phillips rounded him on a rushing pass.

– Hill opened up wide in the middle on the first team practice game, but then dropped a short throw from Tua as he was wide open in the flat – the throw was a bit out of place but should have been caught anyway.

– Hill and Williams weren’t the only ones to drop passes, as it also happened with rookie running back Za’Quandre White.

– Fourth-round rookie pick Erik Ezukanma showed his excellent body control again, twisting to catch a deep pass from Tua in the 6-on-9…until Jevon Holland came in to strike the ball.

– Along with Phillips, rookie free agent Deandre Johnson also rounded the tackle on a pass rush.

– Second-year tight end Hunter Long had a few catches after a very quiet first day.

Simms fishing products sold for $192.5 million


BOZEMAN — Simms Fishing Products was reportedly acquired by Vista Outdoor Inc. on Wednesday for $192.5 million.

In a press release, Vista Outdoor Inc. announced that the gross purchase price includes a net present value of approximately $20 million in future tax benefits.

Vista Outdoor Inc. (NYSE: VSTO) is the parent company of 39 renowned brands that design, manufacture and market sports and outdoor products to consumers around the world. Simms is a leading premium fishing brand and designer, marketer and manufacturer of waders, outerwear, footwear and technical apparel.

Based in Bozeman, Simms was founded in 1980 and acquired in 1993 by KC Walsh, its current executive chairman. Walsh’s initial vision for Simms was to create the most beloved brand in sport fishing that could marry his passion for fishing with his commitment to fisheries conservation. This vision has endured as Simms is today one of the most innovative fishing gear and apparel companies and a purpose-driven brand that resonates with consumers around the world. The company’s products are used by more than 8,500 Simms-sponsored fishing professionals and are distributed through specialty retail stores, both domestically and internationally, and directly to consumers through simmsfishing.com. Fishing continues to be a popular and highly accessible activity, with over 55 million fishing participants in the United States alone.

“Simms is the perfect fit for our diverse portfolio of iconic and leading outdoor brands,” said Chris Metz, CEO of Vista Outdoor. “Simms is expanding our core addressable market in the highly attractive fishing category with a premium, innovative brand with significant room for growth. Simms will be a central part of our long-term growth strategy and anchor of our new fishing platform within Outdoor Products Fishing, especially fly fishing, where Simms has its roots, is a natural complement to our outdoor products business and Simms serves an enthusiastic consumer population which has proven to be largely recession proof over time. With a beloved and well-known brand like Simms leading the way, we believe we can create an angling platform that serves over 55 million anglers while offering long-term growth and value for our shareholders for years to come.”

“Equally important, Simms is the right cultural fit for Vista Outdoor and our soon-to-be-created outdoor products company. Expanding conservation and access to natural waters is a mission critical for leaders and Simms employees, as we do with Vista Outdoor. We share this passion for conserving the places where we hunt, fish, hike and recreate, and look forward to applying this common ethic to lands and waters around the world. Following the separation of the Sporting and Outdoor Products segments from Vista Outdoor, Simms will enable the Outdoor Products segment to become one of the largest and most diversified outdoor recreation businesses in the industry,” concluded Metz.

According to the press statement, Simms has developed the largest network of industry guides and ambassadors and a passionate following among avid and professional anglers, who together drive brand awareness, adoption by consumers and innovation through its brand and product categories. Simms supports over 30 conservation organizations.

“Simms Fishing Products has become the most exciting brand in sport fishing, driving product innovation with our award-winning apparel, outerwear, footwear and accessories,” said Walsh. “Through our high-performance products, we encourage anglers to spend more time on the water, while advocating for healthy fishing, responsible use and clean water.

“We are thrilled to join the Vista Outdoor family of brands. It is hard to imagine a better partner for Simms. Vista Outdoor is committed to helping us build momentum through operational expertise, access to capital of growth and its supply chain and digital centers of excellence.

“The decision to locate the soon-to-be-separate Outdoor Products segment headquarters in Bozeman has made our decision even easier, as it will reinforce Simms’ made-in-Montana heritage and strong commitment to our local community. We We are also closely aligned with the Vista Outdoor Foundation’s commitment to fish and wildlife conservation and its work with veterans groups. Joining Vista Outdoor is an exciting new era for Simms and very positive for our 170 Bozeman-based employees and the thousands of Simms retailers around the world,” concludes Walsh.

Current Simms Managing Director Casey Sheahan will continue to direct Simms’ day-to-day operations, and KC Walsh will continue as a strategic advisor and conservation and government affairs advocate. Simms’ current management team and existing employee base will also remain in place.

Simms will become part of Vista Outdoor’s outdoor products segment and will be included in the new outdoor products company once the previously announced separation is complete.

Details of the proposed transaction

Vista Outdoor has agreed to pay a gross purchase price of $192.5 million, subject to certain customary closing adjustments. The gross purchase price includes a net present value of approximately $20 million in future tax benefits. Simms increased its net sales by a compound annual growth rate of approximately 15% from calendar year 2019 to 2021 and is expected to increase further in calendar year 2022. Vista Outdoor expects the transaction is accretive to earnings, excluding transaction costs. , transition costs and restocking, in Fiscal Year 2024.

Vista Outdoor plans to finance this acquisition through an existing ABL credit facility. Vista Outdoor expects to close the transaction in the second quarter of fiscal year 2023, subject to receipt of regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions. Following the closing of this transaction, Vista Outdoor’s leverage ratio is expected to be approximately 1.6x, well below its target leverage ratio of one to two times. Vista Outdoor expects to reduce its leverage to approximately 1.5x by the end of fiscal 2023. Additionally, following the closing of this transaction, Vista Outdoor does not anticipate any additional significant acquisitions prior to separation.

Robert W. Baird & Co. served as financial advisor and Perkins Coie LLP served as legal advisor to Simms Fishing Products.

Reed Smith LLP acted as legal counsel to Vista Outdoor in connection with the transaction.

For more information about Simms and the definitive agreement, please view the Simms presentation and Simms infographic by visiting http://investors.vistaoutdoor.com/event.

Vista Outdoor expects to release its first quarter fiscal 2023 financial results on Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. EDT, which is earlier than previously announced given the quarter’s dual announcements.

In addition to the first quarter fiscal 2023 results, which will be posted on Vista Outdoor’s website, the company plans to discuss its outlook and financial direction and may discuss strategy matters during the conference call on the results to be held on Thursday 28 July. , 2022, at 9:00 a.m. EDT, as previously communicated.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Dye-Sublimated Clothing Market 2022-2028: Custom Clothing Rising Trend and Promotion of Custom T-Shirts


Reports and data

The dye sublimated clothing market size was USD 4.48 billion in 2020 and is expected to register a CAGR of 9.5% during the forecast period.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, July 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dye-sublimated apparel market is expected to be valued at USD 9.19 billion by 2028 from USD 4.48 billion in 2020, registering a CAGR of 9.5% until the estimated lead time. The growth of the industry is driven by the increasing demand for fashionable clothes among the young population and the increasing consumer inclination towards automation. Sublimation of garments refers to the modification of existing garments in various forms of pants, t-shirts, cotton fabrics, shirts, etc., according to new fashions, using dye/ink. In the process, the ink is first digitally printed on a paper and then the printed image is printed or transferred onto a fabric material using heat. This technique is known as thermal sublimation. This impression applies mainly to several rigid and fabric materials. Numerous and unlimited colors are widely used to dye clothes. The dye sublimation technique on a wide range of clothing materials or garments is becoming popular due to its advanced and high quality photographic results.

To ensure breathability and minimize the appearance of wrinkles on garments, the integration of reduced friction resistance technology has become crucial. Rising spending on various custom garments with printed graphics as well as gradient tones is mainly fueling the growth of the sector. The demand for products is increasing due to the growing popularity of online retailers. Retailers all over the world are especially venturing into online retailing as a large number of consumers in both developed and developing countries strongly prefer digital marketplaces for purchasing products. This factor also supports the growth of the industry.

The impact of COVID-19:

The global textile industry has experienced a major downfall with the pandemic outbreak all over the world. The requirement for fashionable clothes has come to a halt due to the sudden imposition of lockdown, globally. Businesses, including shopping malls and clothing stores, have been ordered by the government to close. With restricted movements and social distancing rules, consumers are forced to avoid visiting such places in order to prevent the spread of the virus. These factors significantly hamper the growth of the sector.

Get a sample report: https://www.reportsanddata.com/sample-enquiry-form/3831

Competitive Landscape:

The research report provides details of major companies in the global Dye-Sublimated Clothing market, along with each player’s global position, financial status, license agreement, product and service portfolio, and revenue contribution. of the market. The major market players are focused on adopting various strategies such as mergers and acquisitions, business expansion plans, new product launches, partnerships, collaborations, joint ventures to enhance their product base and acquire a solid footing in the market.

Some of the major market players are listed below:

• Gildan,
• Under Armor Inc.,
• HanesBrands Inc.,
• Bella+Canvas,
• Others

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Market segmentation :

The global Dye Sublimated Clothing industries are also studied based on major segments and examines the dominating product and application segments in detail. The report aims to assist the reader to take advantage of existing growth prospects in the market in the global Dye Sublimated Clothing industries. It offers key insights into drivers and restraints influencing major segments of the global Dye Sublimated Clothing industries.

Dye Sublimated Clothing Market Segmentation Based on Product Outlook:
• T-shirts
• Leggings
• Hoodies
• Golf shirts
• Others
Dye Sublimated Apparel Market Segmentation Based on Printing Technique Outlook:
• Small format heat press
• Calender heat press
• Flat heat press
• 3D vacuum heat press
Dye Sublimated Clothing Market Segmentation Based on Distribution Channel Outlook:
• On line
• Offline

For comprehensive coverage, the report examines the growth prospects, opportunities and challenges. The market report considers various key factors across major regions.

Dye Sublimated Clothing Market Segmentation By Regions:

• North America (United States, Canada, Mexico)
• Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Benelux, Rest of Europe)
• Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, South Korea, rest of Asia-Pacific)
• Latin America (Brazil, Rest of Latin America)
• Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Rest of Middle East and Africa)

Key Features of the Global Dye Sublimated Clothing Market:

• The report offers detailed estimates at the regional level with manufacturers, consumption, sales and import/export dynamics.
• The report provides accurate details of market manufacturers/suppliers, company overview, price analysis, financial position, product portfolio and gross profit of major companies.
• Company profiling with current expansion strategies, revenue generation and recent developments.
• Optimal strategic initiatives for new market players.
• Manufacturing process, suppliers, cost, production and consumption rates, mode of transport and cost structuring, and analysis of the value chain.
• The study also includes supply chain trends, including elaborate descriptions of the latest technological developments

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LIV Golf event at Trump National promises attention and controversy



Former President Donald Trump joins sport’s biggest controversy this week when his New Jersey golf club hosts the latest event in the Saudi-funded LIV Golf Series, further cementing his relationship with Saudi Arabia. and angering families of 9/11 victims who decried the startup as “sportswashing”.

While the renegade golf circuit has hosted two other events, including another in the United States, this week’s event at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ, promises to be an even more glaring flashpoint, given its proximity to Manhattan and the involvement of the ex-president.

In recent days, Trump has publicly and privately dismissed human rights concerns about the Saudi kingdom and railed against the professional golf establishment. He is expected to attend all days of this weekend’s event and has been in contact with organizers for months over event details, according to an adviser, who said Trump remains livid with officials. PGA of America who moved the 2022 PGA Championship from their Bedminster club after the January 6 insurrection. Doral, his club outside of Miami, will host another LIV Golf event in October.

Trump and his spokesperson did not respond to requests for comment.

Funded by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, the LIV Golf venture has lured top players with exorbitant guaranteed paychecks and lavish perks. But while the players pocketed big bucks – some signing bonuses reportedly amounted to eight- and nine-figure paydays – they also faced serious questioning over the allegations against their benefactors, including the murder in 2018 by Jamal Khashoggi, a contributing columnist for the Washington Post. .

The ritual of golf in 2022: Look at a major, then wonder about LIV

Some 9/11 families protested at the LIV event this month at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club outside Portland, Oregon, and last week members of the 9/11 Justice group sent Trump a letter urging him to cancel this week’s event and requesting a meeting with the former president. Brett Eagleson, whose father died in the September 11 attacks, said a Trump aide contacted him on Saturday to discuss the letter.

“It was a frustrating and frivolous call and it made me even angrier,” Eagleson said. “I wish they had never even called.”

According to Eagleson, the aide said the LIV contract was binding “and there was no way out” and that Trump was “grateful and thankful for the letter” from the 9/11 families.

“My answer was: you have to understand that what you say, words ring hollow,” Eagleson said. “If it’s so important, why is he asking you to call me?” Why doesn’t he call me himself?

Trump repeatedly defended Saudi Arabia when he was president. He made his first foreign trip to the country, despite concerns from some advisers. Since leaving office, son-in-law Jared Kushner has attracted significant investment from the country’s sovereign wealth fund, according to multiple reports.

In an interview this week with the Wall Street Journal, Trump said, “I don’t know much about the 9/11 families. I don’t know what the connection is to that, and their very strong feelings, and I can understand their feelings. I can’t really comment on that because I don’t know exactly what they say, and what they say who did what.

Trump met with a group of 9/11 family members in the Oval Office in 2019, according to two people present, and promised to declassify and release files related to the attack. More than a dozen family members attended the meeting, and some left in tears after years of trying to access files on the Saudi government, they said.

“We all left happy. We wept; families were hugging each other,” Eagleson said. “He said to all of us, ‘We are going to help you. Do not worry. It’s already done. ”

But soon William P. Barr, Trump’s attorney general, classified the documents as top secret, and the White House made no effort to follow up on the families, according to two people at the meeting.

“Trump was a disappointment as a sitting president, and it’s a bigger disappointment now as a former president,” said Terry Strada, national president of 9/11 Families United, whose husband, Tom, worked in the north tower during the attacks. “He knows better than anyone the level of depravity in the kingdom, and he knows – he’s a New Yorker – he knows how families have been affected by the attacks. Seven hundred and fifty people were lost in New Jersey. It’s right in our backyard and just, what, six weeks before the birthday? It’s just beyond insulting.

From June: Golf legend Greg Norman throws his sport into chaos. This time he does it with Saudi money.

LIV Golf has thrown unprecedented amounts of money at golfers, course operators and even broadcasters. This created a sharp divide in the sport; the PGA Tour suspended defectors and others chose to resign from the top golf tour.

Trump has long had a passion for the sport and counts many of the best golfers in the world among his friends. But he has struggled in recent years to officially enter the world of professional golf; many stakeholders, especially in recent years, have shunned his properties and occasionally clashed with Trump himself.

The PGA Tour has not hosted a tournament on a Trump course since 2016. Doral has hosted a PGA event for over half a century in South Florida. After buying the resort in bankruptcy in 2012, Trump renamed it Trump National Doral. But after losing Cadillac as title sponsor, the PGA moved the event to Mexico City in 2016. In response, Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee at the time, told Fox News host Sean Hannity, “I hope they have kidnapping insurance.”

Following the January 6 uprising, the PGA of America terminated its agreement to hold its 2022 PGA Championship at the Bedminster course. The R&A said Trump’s Turnberry club in Scotland would not be considered as a venue for the British Open for the “foreseeable future”.

This left Trump with few options to host a tournament with any level of prestige. Trump Golf’s portfolio includes 19 properties around the world, but no major tournaments in sight. LIV was the only imminent option, creating a marriage of two controversial entities that tried to work their way to mainstream acceptance.

Because LIV’s finances are not public, it’s unclear how much Trump is willing to earn for hosting LIV events, but several industry experts have estimated several million.

The Bedminster event is expected to see protesters this week – family members of 9/11 victims held a press conference on Tuesday and have another scheduled for Friday – and has been shrouded in controversy from day one. The sport has been thrown into a state of chaos. , if not a total crisis. The tour has lost several stars – Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau among them – and cannot match the Saudi-backed band’s deep pockets.

The winner of this weekend in Bedminster will pocket $4 million, the last golfer will take home $120,000 and no golfer will be cut for high scores. By comparison, the winner of last weekend’s PGA Tour event, the 3M Open, won $1.35 million, and only 11 golfers in the field of 153 players won more than $105,000.

In a statement on LIV last week, Trump made no mention of Saudi support or controversy surrounding the event. For him, it’s a question of money.

“All of those golfers who remain ‘faithful’ to the very treacherous PGA, in all its various guises, will pay a heavy price when the inevitable MERGER with LIV arrives, and you’ll get nothing but a big ‘thank you’ PGA officials who earn millions of dollars a year,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Several high-ranking golf executives have said that while Trump would make big money from the event and his course would benefit from international exposure, the former president is likely also relishing the opportunity to alter the PGA Tour. , which will host its own event this week. in Detroit, the Rocket Mortgage Classic.

Greg Norman, the LIV commissioner and Hall of Fame golfer, has been friends with Trump for years, and the two have spoken about the start-up circuit several times. “He loves it,” Norman said in a recent interview.

“He likes the concept, he likes the whole thing – and he thinks I’m the perfect guy for it,” Norman said. “We had many conversations.”

Bedminster has long served as a hub in Trump’s world; the former president spends much of the summer months away from the New Jersey club. A Washington Post report estimated Trump spent 106 days at the club while president, playing nearly three dozen rounds of golf there.

Trump has played 18 to 36 holes of golf four to five days a week since leaving office, an adviser said. In recent months he has spoken or played with a number of professional golfers, including Johnson, Norman, Jack Nicklaus and Ernie Els, the adviser said.

Hosting a high profile golf event in Bedminster has always been a dream of Trump. He bought the property, more than 500 acres of farmland that once served as the estate of automaker John DeLorean, in 2002. At the groundbreaking, Trump brandished a shovel and boasted to reporters: ” It’s a special place. We have so much to work with, we’re going to make it exceed anyone’s wildest dreams and expectations.

Ashley Cooper, who initially managed the property and later became managing partner of Trump Golf, said in an email: “We knew from day one that it was meant to be home to majors.”

Kent Babb contributed to this report.

An introduction to the Miami Dolphins camp from A to Z


After the Miami Dolphins veterans report to training camp, the team’s first practice of the summer will take place on Wednesday.

Borrowing from an idea of ​​John Hendrix’s Sister site of SI Fan Nation Saints News Network, we preview and offer our thoughts on what to watch for in Dolphins practice, including joint workouts with the Buccaneers and Eagles, over the coming weeks

Call it our A-to-Z Miami Dolphins Training Camp Primer:

A is for Terron Armstead: We didn’t get a chance to see Armstead on the field during the offseason program as he continued to recover from knee surgery in the offseason, but he appears to be ready for the start of camp. It will be fun to see his craft this summer.

B is for Lynn Bowden Jr.: Since joining the Dolphins, Bowden has been an intriguing player due to his skill and ability to run in the open field. But he needs a strong side to earn a roster move to a fairly loaded wide receiver position.

This is for Connor Williams and Center: After Williams spent the offseason working at center, he’s expected to stay there unless problems arise. It will therefore be important to clearly monitor its progress.

D is for Defense: With Brian Flores gone, the defense is clearly Josh Boyer’s show in 2022. While we wouldn’t expect to see too many changes during camp practices, we’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled.

E is for Erik Ezukanma: As a fourth-round rookie, Ezukanma is pretty much assured of a spot on the 53-man roster, but the bigger question is what kind of role he can carve out on offense as a rookie and the camp should provide clues.

F is for fans: After all the offseason additions, you’d expect fans to be more excited than usual. when they go out for open practices (the first of which will be on Saturday).

G is for Mike Gesicki: How Gesicki will fit into Mike McDaniel’s offense has been a hot topic since the latter was hired as head coach, and the camp should begin to provide answers.

H is for Tyreek Hill: Hill was an absolute workaholic in media-open offseason practices, and we wouldn’t expect anything different in camp as he looks to set the tone for his teammates on offense.

I is for Melvin Ingram: Like Armstead, Ingram didn’t train in the offseason, although in his case it was about getting into football shape. But now is the time for him to show what he can bring to the defence.

J is for Austin Jackson: It’s Year 3 for Jackson, and the 18th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft is getting a fresh start with a new coaching staff, a new position, but most importantly a new scheme that seems to better match his skill set. . Watching its development this summer should be fun.

K is for Solomon Kindley: Kindley also came in this 2020 draft, despite being a fourth-round pick, and he’s also at a crossroads after going from starter to forgotten man on the O line last year. He’ll have to show something this summer just to make the 53-man roster.

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L is for Hunter Long: After an uneventful rookie season, can the 2021 third-round pick take a step forward, a step towards becoming the player the Dolphins hope to get out of Boston College?

M is for Mike McDaniel: McDaniel got off to a good start as a first-year head coach by quickly building a relationship with his players, but that’s the program for the offseason. Now things are getting (or at least should be getting) more serious and it’s time for him and his staff to hone their skills and get their team ready for the regular season.

N is for Noah Igbinoghene: With Byron Jones starting camp on PUP, this could (should) be an opportunity for the 2020 first-round pick to get some extra reps in hopes that two years of NFL experience and having Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain as position coaches can unlock his potential. If that doesn’t happen this summer, it may never happen for him in Miami.

O for the offensive line: Let’s face it, no position group will be more scrutinized this summer than the offensive line, just as it was the case last year. The results were not encouraging at the time; hopefully they improve this summer.

P is for (joint) practices: There’s perhaps no better gauge of where a team is headed in the regular season than joint practices — yes, more so than preseason games. And the Dolphins will have two chances to see how they stack up, first against the Bucs and then against the Eagles.

Q is for Quincy Wilson: The Dolphins need a fourth cornerback after Justin Coleman left in the offseason, and if it’s not Igbinoghene, then watch out for this former second-round pick, who is looking for a career revival in Miami. .

R is for racing game: McDaniel is well known for his innovative racing game concepts, so it will be interesting to see everything he reveals during the summer and what he keeps secret for the regular season.

S is for Skylar Thompson: The seventh-round rookie pick had some good practices (among those open to the media) in the spring, but he’ll have to stack them if he hopes to make the 53-man roster as the third quarterback. Either way, watching his first rookie camp will be interesting.

T is for Tua Tagovailoa: There wasn’t much doubt who would be involved here, was there? And no matter where you stand on the Dolphins quarterback, his first two seasons, his future, all of that, everyone can agree that it will be nice to finally just be able to watch and assess his work on the field rather than speculating on what he might or might not be able to do.

U is for undrafted recruits: Not too long ago, the Dolphins’ roster offered plenty of opportunities for rookie free agents, but this 2022 edition is much deeper and solid from top to bottom, so rookies who signed after the 2022 draft are going to have to shine. sharply and quickly to attract the attention of the coaches. We offered our take on UDFA in May with the best chance of making the team.

V is for Andrew Van Ginkel: We’re going to confess here and admit that we couldn’t find anything else for V. It’s not that Van Ginkel doesn’t deserve a mention, it’s just that we now know what he brings (energy, ability to rush) so he’s not really an unknown commodity. He is expected to become UFA next spring though, so perhaps his contract status (possible extension) is something to watch.

W is for Wes Welker: We should add Madison and Surtain to that as they represent the three former Dolphins players new to the coaching staff. It will be fun to see if their coaching can be as good as their work as players.

X is for Xavien Howard: We don’t expect much from X this summer, but it’s actually a nice change from last summer when his contract situation was an unpleasant cloud hanging over the team until it is resolved at the beginning of August. From that perspective, it wouldn’t matter if he just had a limited number of reps in training and was out for the entire preseason.

There is for young people: Of the 89 players on the roster (after moves involving Mohamed Sanu and Cody Core on Tuesday), 21 are either rookies or first-year players. That includes four rookie draft picks, 13 rookie free agents and four freshmen. Of them all, the two who will be most watched will be first pick Channing Tindall and Skylar Thompson.

Z is for Za’Quandre White: We end with one of those rookie free agents, the former running back from South Carolina. While he has his share of supporters and there’s a lot to love about his game, the reality is that White is going to have to be awfully impressive to earn a place in a squad that includes three veteran newcomers – Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert and Sony. Michel – with two-time team race leader Myles Gaskin.

March Town’s Ashley Taylor and Wisbech Town’s Leon Mettam are preparing for the 2022/23 United Counties League campaigns


March Town and Wisbech Town are eager to leave as the 2022/23 campaign gets ready to kick off – but the clubs have set very different targets.

The Hares are aiming high in what will be their first campaign in the United Counties League Premier Division South, with manager Ashley Taylor delighted with the squad he has built over a busy summer.

Meanwhile, new Fenmen boss Leon Mettam admits a slow start could be on the cards as he offers to lead a young first team during a transition period in the UCL Premier Division North.

March boss Ashley Taylor and Wisbech manager Leon Mettam

March travel to Bugbrooke St Michaels this Saturday for their opener, before hosting Eynesbury Rovers next Tuesday in their first home clash.

Wisbech will host AFC Mansfield this weekend then move to Pinchbeck United for a week today (August 3).

Taylor, who signed young goalkeeper Jonah Gill on Monday to replace injured Charlie Congreve, wants his side to prove they’re not here to make the numbers – and he’s aiming for a matchday one win.

Hares boss Ashley Taylor wants a good season
Hares boss Ashley Taylor wants a good season

“We want to aim as high as possible,” he told the Citizen.

“That’s the mindset and mentality that I want my management team, the club and the players to have. Why not try to do our best and finish as high as possible?

“Where it remains to be seen, but we want to be ambitious. We want to compete at the top if we can. In reality, there will be a slight transition to get used to different teams and a different style of play.

“We want three points (Saturday). It’s the mentality, we want to get off to a good start.

Leon Mettam has set realistic goals ahead of new campaign
Leon Mettam has set realistic goals ahead of new campaign

“It’s going to be a tough game, but we’re looking forward to it. We take a coach with players and supporters, so we will have a lot of support during the game.

Mettam has struggled to recruit from Wisbech so far and expects he will have to wait a few weeks into the season before adding the players he would like.

In the meantime, having had just one training session and two matches so far, he is managing expectations ahead of their opener at Mansfield on Saturday.

“It won’t be easy, but the guys I’ve seen are ready to walk through brick walls for me any minute,” he said.

“It won’t be for lack of trying. It’s not a silver bullet – I think from what you can see over the last 18 months or two years, it’s unfortunately been a steady decline for Wisbech.

“It could be a slow start. I wouldn’t want to put unnecessary pressure on myself to come out swinging.

However, Mettam added that he was “optimistic” ahead of the season opener.

Suns pilot Cam Johnson 3-on-3 tournament July 30-31 in Phoenix


Cam Johnson’s second annual CJ23 Invitational 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament will take place this weekend, July 30-31, at Ability360 at 5031 E. Washington Street in Phoenix.

Last year’s inaugural tournament was held in Moon Township, Pa., where Johnson grew up before becoming one of the NBA’s top 3-point shooters for the Phoenix Suns.

There are two tournaments – high school (13-17) and adult (18+) – this weekend as each team must have at least five players (three players and two substitutes).

Each of the five players on the winning team in each bracket will win a Johnson-signed jersey and a straight ticket to a “pre-determined Suns game” for the upcoming 2022-23 season.

Games will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Admission is $5.

Spectators can donate a pair of sneakers for Saturday admission.

RESHOEVN8R, a shoe cleaning company in Phoenix, Phoenix Suns Charities and Brittney Griner Heart and Sole Shoe Drive are teaming up for the shoe drive.

The Many Worlds Apparel & Sneaker store, located at 4524 N 7th St in Phoenix, is accepting shoe donations this week. Store hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 7 p.m. from Friday to Sunday.

Donated shoes will go to Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Johnson was featured in a RESHOEVN8R ad this year that altered the classic black and white Nike Air Jordan ads featuring Michael Jordan and Spike Lee to promote the Reshoevn8r sneaker cleaner.

Cam Johnson and Vick Almighty recreate the 1988 Nike Air Jordan-Mars Blackmon sneaker promotional poster for the RESHOEVN8R shoe cleaner ad campaign.

Like Jordan, Johnson wears number 23 and played college ball in North Carolina where he also wore the number.

Johnson began his college career at Pitt.

The 6-8 forward finished third in NBA Sixth Man of the Year voting in the final 2021-22 season after hitting career highs in nearly every statistical category by helping the Suns win a franchise record 64 games in a regular season.

  • Games played – 66
  • Games started – 16
  • Minutes per game – 26.2
  • Points per game – 12.5 ppg.
  • Field goal percentage – 46%
  • 3 point percentage – 42.5%
  • Free throw percentage – 86%
  • Rebounds per game – 4.1 rpg.
  • Assists per game – 1.5.
  • Flights per game – 0.9.

A first-round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, Johnson is eligible for a rookie extension.

Johnson is entering the fourth and final year of his first rookie contract.

Do you have an opinion on the current state of the Suns? Contact Suns Insider Duane Rankin at [email protected] or contact him at 480-787-1240. Follow him on Twitter at @DuaneRankin.

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Bob Baffert Wins 1st Del Mar Summer Meet Winner


FILE - Trainer Bob Baffert awaits the Breeders' Cup horse racing at Del Mar Racetrack in Del Mar, Calif., November 5, 2021. Taiba is the slight 7-5 favorite over undefeated Jack Christopher in the $1 million Haskell Stakes on Saturday, July 23, 2022, the first big run for 3-year-olds after the Triple Crown.  Taiba is trained by Hall of Famer Bob Baffert, who is looking to extend his appearances record with a 10th win for Haskell at Monmouth Park.  (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)

FILE – Trainer Bob Baffert awaits the Breeders’ Cup horse racing at Del Mar Racetrack in Del Mar, Calif., November 5, 2021. Taiba is the slight 7-5 favorite over undefeated Jack Christopher in the $1 million Haskell Stakes on Saturday, July 23, 2022, the first big run for 3-year-olds after the Triple Crown. Taiba is trained by Hall of Famer Bob Baffert, who is looking to extend his appearances record with a 10th win for Haskell at Monmouth Park. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)


Hall of Fame coach Bob Baffert won for the first time at Del Mar’s summer meet on Sunday, three weeks after his 90-day suspension ended.

Havnameltdown won by 2 1/4 lengths in its first career start in the $80,000 fourth race at the seaside track north of San Diego. The 2-year-old colt is owned by long-time Baffert clients Mike Pegram, Karl Watson and Paul Weitman.

The colt is one of about 45 horses that Baffert has shipped from his training base in Santa Anita near Los Angeles. He did not participate in any of the lucrative stakes races during the competition’s opening weekend which began on Friday.

On Saturday, Taiba finished second by a header to Baffert in the $1 million Haskell Invitational at Monmouth Park in New Jersey.

Baffert’s long suspension by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission ended on July 2.

He picked up his first win since returning to the $125,000 Los Alamitos Derby a week later.

In April, Baffert began serving the suspension for a failed post-race drug test involving Medina Spirit, who finished first in the 2021 Kentucky Derby and was subsequently disqualified. Baffert was not allowed on any track, and his horses were given to other trainers in his absence.

In June, the New York Racing Association suspended Baffert for one year for repeated drug violations, although none of them occurred in New York. This punishment, which keeps him out of Saratoga, Belmont and Aqueduct, ends on January 26.

The two-time triple crown coach remains under a two-year ban by Churchill Downs that will keep him out of the Kentucky Derby for two years. He pursues the trail of Louisville to overthrow her.


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Puzzled Miami Dolphins player exposes Florida residents who don’t pump gas properly


Miami Dolphins long snapper Blake Ferguson was shocked at the way some Florida residents were pumping their gas.

Ferguson shared two photos on Twitter of people wrapping the pump around their vehicles rather than pulling the pump on the side of their gas tank.

It’s hard to fault Ferguson for being confused, as it’s certainly an unorthodox way to fill up at the pump.

Ferguson, who played collegiately at Louisiana State University, was a 2020 Dolphins sixth-round pick.

A key part of the Dolphins’ special teams unit, Ferguson has made the most of his opportunity in Miami so far. He has played 33 games for the Dolphins over the past two seasons, and he has recovered one fumble and five tackles.

The Dolphins have one of the best kicking games in all of football, and Ferguson and kicker Jason Sanders are at the heart of it.

Ferguson and the Dolphins are looking to break through and make the 2022 NFL season playoffs. Miami has narrowly missed the playoffs in each of the past two seasons despite averaging over .500 each campaign.

With new head coach Mike McDaniel running the show and several off-season additions joining the team on offense, the Dolphins are poised to take the next step in 2022.

Ferguson is looking to continue playing at a high level for Miami’s special teams unit and to prove that he was one of the team’s best decisions in the final rounds of the draft.

If he and the Dolphins make the playoffs, they’ll definitely get the people of Miami excited no matter how they decide to pump their gas.

Top Gear host Paddy McGuinness splits from model wife Christine


TOP GEAR host Paddy McGuinness and his wife Christine have announced their separation.

The couple, who married in 2011, released a statement on Instagram confirming the separation.

The statement said that despite the split, their primary goal “is to continue to love and support our children.”

The couple have twins Penelope and Leo, as well as Felicity, all of whom have been diagnosed with autism.

Christine revealed last year that she too had been diagnosed with the disease.

‘Difficult decision’

In their statement, the couple said they had made the decision to separate some time ago and although they had no intention of announcing their decision, reviewing their personal lives made them encouraged to express themselves.

“We hadn’t planned to share this publicly until we were ready, but after the lack of privacy surrounding our personal lives, we feel we have no choice but to clarify,” it read. in the press release.

“Some time ago we made the difficult decision to separate, but our main goal, as always, is to continue to love and support our children.

“It was not an easy decision to make, but we are moving forward as the best parents we can be to our three beautiful children.

“We will always be a loving family, we will always have a great relationship and will always live happily together in our family home.

“We hope this will put an end to any unwanted and unnecessary intrusions into our privacy.

“While we are working in the public eye, we ask that you please respect our privacy wishes in this regard.”

Autism documentary

Second-generation Irishman Paddy shot to fame on the sitcom Phoenix Nights and its spin-off, Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere.

He then hosted the dating show Take Me Out and in 2019 joined the Top Gear presenting team.

Last year he replaced Sue Barker as host of long-running BBC quiz show A Question of Sport.

Model and beauty queen Christine has had a spell on The Real Housewives of Cheshire and appeared as a guest on several TV shows.

Last year she appeared with her husband in the documentary Paddy and Christine McGuinness: Our Family and Autism.

The Rockers hit the road again to face the Chinooks


July 23, 2022 – Northwoods League (Northwoods) – Green Bay Rockers Press Release

Ashwaubenon, Wis. – The Green Bay Rockers face the Lakeshore Chinooks for the first of back-to-back meetings, with the first pitch scheduled for 6:35 p.m. at Kapco Park on Saturday.

The Rockers come into this game on a three-game winning streak and are 8-6 in the second half, while the Chinooks also come in with an 8-6 record through the first 14 games.

Green Bay is coming off a 5-3 victory over the Madison Mallards on Friday night, in which the Rockers trailed by an eighth inning three-run, two-run home run by Chase Hudson.

Tristin Garcia and Griffin Stevens also each went 2-4 while Keniel De Leon added a clutch RBI late, sealing the deal for the sweep over the Mallards.

Rashad Ruff took the win on the mound, pitching the final 2.2 innings and allowing just one hit overall, as he earned his second win of the season on Friday night.

Caden Capomaccio will start for Green Bay on Saturday with his final appearance July 14 against Madison.

Capomaccio has pitched in three games so far this season for the Rockers and has thrown a total of eight innings while allowing eight walks and striking out five.

The Chinooks will pitch Mitch Alba on the mound, who pitches nine games and pitched a total of 18.1 innings. His last appearance dates back to July 17 against the Wausau Woodchucks.

Green Bay will return home after Saturday’s game, hosting the Chinooks for an early Sunday game. The first pitch is scheduled for 1:05 p.m. at Capital Credit Union Park.

Tickets for individual games and groups are on sale now. Visit www.greenbayrockers.com or call the box office at 920-497-7225 to reserve your seats today. The Rockers Reception and Team Apparel Fan Shop at Capital Credit Union Park are located at 2231 Holmgren Way in Ashwaubenon. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

• Discuss this story on the Northwoods League bulletin board…

The views expressed in this release are those of the organization that issued it and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of OurSports Central or its staff.

High expectations for Marsch, new Americans in Leeds


U.S. midfielder Tyler Adams, center, stands for the national anthems before the first half of a friendly soccer match against Morocco, Wednesday, June 1, 2022, in Cincinnati.  Leeds manager Jesse Marsch acknowledges last season's relegation battle was

U.S. midfielder Tyler Adams, center, stands for the national anthems before the first half of a friendly soccer match against Morocco, Wednesday, June 1, 2022, in Cincinnati. Leeds manager Jesse Marsch admits last season’s relegation battle was “extremely stressful”. A pre-season trip Down Under for the American and his squad – which now includes fellow midfielders Brenden Aaronson and Tyler Adams – has been more laid back. As well as a few friendlies, the team went surfing and got up close with the kangaroos at Perth Zoo. (AP Photo/Jeff Dean, File)


Leeds manager Jesse Marsch admits last season’s relegation battle was “extremely stressful”.

A pre-season trip Down Under for the American and his squad – which now includes fellow midfielders Brenden Aaronson and Tyler Adams – has been more laid back. As well as a few friendlies, the team went surfing and got up close with the kangaroos at Perth Zoo.

But with the end of the trip to Australia, expectations are rising for the three Americans. A slow start could spell trouble for Marsch, while Elland Road fans will be eager to see what the club got for the $53m transfer fee spent on the USA internationals.

Leeds host Wolverhampton in the season opener on August 6 and have been busy bringing in new faces after selling playmaker Raphinha to Barcelona for $60m and midfielder Kalvin Phillips to Manchester City for $55m. millions of dollars.

“Of course we lost two great players but I think we added a lot of quality and we added more depth,” Marsch said ahead of their final game of the trip, a 1-1 draw with Crystal Palace in Perth. Friday.

“It won’t make it any easier – the league is amazing, it’s amazing, and it’s a pleasure to be a part of it. It keeps you challenged, it keeps you honest, it makes sure you never overdo it. overtake you.

Marsch, 48, replaced Marcelo Bielsa at the end of February and it wasn’t until the season finale – a 2-1 win over Brentford – that Leeds’ place in the Premier League was secured for the 2022-23 season. .

The new Americans have played for Marsch before – Aaronson, 21, at Red Bull Salzburg, and Adams, 23, at New York Red Bulls and then in Germany with Leipzig. Like Phillips, Adams is a defensive midfielder, while Aaronson fills a playmaking role.

It will take some time to gel, although the season is only two weeks away.

“With each passing game we understand each other better and better,” Aaronson told club media after a 1-0 loss to Aston Villa in Brisbane last Sunday. “We build chemistry, connections. This is what we need to start the season. There have been a lot of great games we’ve put together, but that’s just the finishing touches. It will come.

Aaronson, who cost Leeds $29million, showed good decision-making when he sent a pass to Patrick Bamford in the area for a first-half shot on goal against Villa.

Marsch praised Aaronson’s intelligence in understanding his tactics – noting he hadn’t been as confident when the New Jersey native moved to Austria in January 2021.

“When he arrived in Salzburg,” Marsch said, “the first training session, I thought, poof, he’s in over his head here, he’s going to have to adapt to the level of what’s going on. pass. And in two weeks, he was almost our best player. That’s his quality. Thanks to his intelligence, his desire, his hard work, he is able to apply his talents quite quickly, to adapt and to grow up.

“We will still need him. He will be an important player for us this year.”

The good news for Marsch is that he’s not starting from scratch. He played 12 games for the club last season, although the home stretch was “a very stressful time”.

“It’s a bit too early to start talking about the end goal of the season,” Marsch said ahead of a 2-1 win over A-League side Brisbane Roar, “but we would definitely think we can put together – with the new players that we have, with the existing process that we have – a season where we avoid putting ourselves in the situation that we were in towards the end of last year.”

Marsch also understands that there is pressure as an American manager. Bob Bradley only managed Swansea for 85 days in 2016. There was also David Wagner, a German-born former United States international who managed Huddersfield in the English Premier League from 2017 to 2019.

“The better I can do (manage),” Marsch said, “the more hopefully I can help the sport progress at home and give other American coaches an opportunity.”


More AP soccer: https://apnews.com/hub/soccer and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

Miami Dolphins QB Chatter and Other Notes


If proving the skeptics, haters and skeptics wrong will provide Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa some extra motivation, the folks behind Madden 23’s player ratings have served up another big dose.

The video game’s ratings for quarterbacks were released Friday, and Tagovailoa tied for 22nd in the overall rating for the position. He received an overall score of 75, exactly the same number as veteran Teddy Bridgewater, who was signed this offseason to serve as his backup.

As with every position, players were assessed on several skills, such as awareness, accuracy, throwing power, agility, acceleration, speed and strength.

The only category where Tagovailoa made it into the NFL’s top 10 was in carry rating, where he tied for second in the NFL with a score of 69, one point behind Lamar Jackson.

Perhaps the biggest accusation in the ratings, worse than Xavien Howard being ranked only tied for 10th among cornerbacks, was that one of the QBs tied with Tua in scoring – again, at just one point from the electrifying Jackson – was the Dolphins’ former second. round pick Chad Henne, who has never, ever, been known to be even dynamically remote as a running back.

Dolphins fans, and Tua fans in particular, should therefore keep this in mind when looking at short, middle and deep passing accuracy ratings and fail to find Tagovailoa in the top 10 in any of them. them.

So while there are plenty of other important reasons for the Dolphins and their fans to take Tagovailoa to a major milestone in 2022, you can add Madden better grades for next year.

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In light of a Heavy.com report citing an unnamed NFC executive naming the Dolphins as a potential trade partner with the 49ers for the services of QB Jimmy Garoppolo, we implied in our analysis of the big picture that trade was unlikely to be consummated.

At least one bettor thinks the Dolphins aren’t even in the picture when it comes to making a move for Jimmy G.

According to BetOnline, the Dolphins weren’t among the NFL’s eight teams given the chances of acquiring Garoppolo now that his agent has received official clearance to seek a trade.

Favorites listed were Cleveland Browns at 9/4, followed by New York Giants at 7/2, Seattle Seahawks at 7/2, Houston Texans at 4/1, Detroit Lions at 5/1 , the Chicago Bears at 12/1, New York Jets at 20/1 and New Orleans Saints at 20/1.


– The Browns, of course, would only be interested in Jimmy G. because of the impending suspension of offseason acquisition Deshaun Watson, with the idea that he would be a better alternative than the former replacement of the Dolphins Jacoby Brissett. What wouldn’t impact the possibility of acquiring Garoppolo is the recent signing of another former Dolphins QB Josh Rosen. The 10th overall pick in 2018 will be on his fourth team since the Dolphins released him less than two years ago. The best-case scenario for Rosen in Cleveland would seem to serve as a replacement for Brissett until Watson is done with his NFL suspension.

–The Dolphins will now have two recent members of the organization serving as NFL analysts this fall. After Ryan Fitzpatrick was hired by Amazon for his Thursday Night shows, former defensive back Jason McCourty was hired to appear on Good Morning Football on the NFL Network. McCourty recently announced his retirement after playing for the Dolphins in 2021.

– Malcolm Perry, the Dolphins’ 11th and final pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, is done with the NFL. The New England Patriots placed him on the reserve/retirement roster on Friday, with a report indicating he would return to serve in the Navy, where he served as a multi-dimensional quarterback. Perry appeared in nine games with two starts as a wide receiver for the Dolphins in 2020, but didn’t play last year for the Patriots after they claimed him on waivers from Miami.

The new Sixers Arena could be a huge win for the team and the city



The proposed “76 Place” would be the right facility in the right place – and the right people would build and fund it.

Rendering of the proposed Sixers Arena, 76 Place at Market East / Images via 76 Devcorp

Note: This story has been updated to note opposition to this proposed project by members of the Chinatown community.

This morning, the Sixers unveiled their vision for a new sports arena that they own and can control.

And with their 76 Place at Market East proposal, they’ve found a win-win.

The first victory is for Market East itself. The public and private investment that has gone into what was once the city’s largest mall has failed to restore its former glory, and the recent transformation of the Gallery mall into Philadelphia’s Fashion District has also failed to live up to its advance billing. This totally private venture brings with it the possibility of more people coming to both Market East and the Fashion District – and since the Sixers are paying for the experience, we’ll be able to see how more and more customers of the coin-operated arena drop in surrounding businesses (if only).

The second victory is for the fans who come to these events. The Sixers cited New York’s Madison Square Garden as an example of what they want to emulate with this arena. This arena sits right above the busiest passenger train station in the country, as well as two major metro lines. This will also be located directly atop a central regional rail station and a stop on the city’s busiest metro line.

Two other similarly located arenas – Boston’s TD Garden and Washington’s Capital One Arena – do not cause massive traffic congestion on event days as many patrons use public transportation to get there. Even more customers are expected to use public transport to get to this arena, as it will have direct all-weather domestic connections to nine public transport stations, including one on the PATCO Lindenwold Line. This will give this facility something that no other sports or concert venue in this region has: one-seat travel from just about any point in the region, the holy grail of the transport planner in common.

(Of course, that’s assuming runners will take the trains to the games. The direct connections should make more of them choose to ride rather than drive to 76 Place rather than the sports complex in the south of Philadelphia, but SEPTA will need to increase both its operations and its marketing games to maximize that number.)

Three of these nine stations will require fans to pass through the Fashion District mall, which will also benefit from this project. The former Gallery II mall, which this arena will replace, never functioned properly due to a flawed design from the start. The Fashion District makeover compensated for these flaws with its placement of entertainment hotspots at its highest; this ensured that more people would be willing to take the escalators to that level. But Round 1 and the AMC theaters combined won’t bring as many people to the mall as this arena would.

arena site map

The proposed arena site will have the best transit access of any sport facility or event venue in the city

Not to mention that with a little thoughtful interior design, the arena could still function as an extension of the mall. Fan amenities like clothing stores, bars and restaurants could stay open when the arena isn’t hosting events to serve mall visitors, for example. Similarly, some of the arena lobbies could contain retail stores that would serve mall customers as well as event fans.

Even the Chinatown neighbors of the Sixers’ new arena could enjoy it. At least its many restaurant and bar owners should. And since the transit lines will siphon off much of the rest of the traffic, it shouldn’t weigh heavily on the neighborhood’s narrow streets the way the Phillies’ proposed ballpark might have. It also won’t stifle Chinatown’s room for growth, as it replaces an existing barrier rather than adding a new one.

However, a coalition of Chinatown community members and organizations today announced they are forming to resist the proposal. The coalition says it has not been contacted by the 76ers despite the significant impact the project would have on the community. In a press release, Steven Zhu, president of the Chinese Restaurant Association, cited the negative impact that DC’s NBA arena has had on that city’s Chinatown, adding “we know that these large sports arenas don’t contribute to the neighborhoods in which they are located; they only serve their own needs and their own profits. These concerns are important and will need to be addressed.

In other ways, at least, the Sixers seem to signal a willingness to make communities around the arena partners in its success. The development team includes Mosaic Development Partners, one of the city’s most successful and creative social impact development firms, led by two black entrepreneurs. And the Sixers say they intend to draft community benefit agreements with its neighbors.

Finally, this proposal is a victory for the town hall and Harrisburg, because the Sixers will not ask for a red penny of support for it. They spend their own money to build it, which is what every sports team owner should do.

Indoor arenas are used more – and more intensively – than football stadiums or even baseball stadiums, and 76 Place would certainly have a year-round calendar of events and activities. Even cities with weaker public transit networks have found that downtown sports arenas provide significant benefits – look at Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston or even Kansas City, whose downtown arena is not home to no major league sports team. Since it would bring so many people downtown and it wouldn’t cost us anything unless we bought tickets to events, this very well thought out proposal deserves our support.

AFC East Rumors: Carter, Scarlett, Armstead, Dolphins


In addition to three first-round picks, the Jets also selected the top running back in the 2022 NFL Draft, taking Iowa State. Brece Hall in the second round in 36th place overall. After New York finished the 2021 NFL season as a bottom-10 team in rushing yards, last year’s starter, Michael Carteris should take a back seat in Hall in 2022, according to Pro Football Network’s Mike Kaye.

After having watched Tevin Coleman and Ty Johnson starting in Weeks 1 and 2, respectively, Carter got his turn in Week 3 and held on to become the team’s top rusher. The fourth-round rookie carried the ball 147 times (63 times more than the closest back) for 639 yards and 4 touchdowns.

While Hall is expected to take over as the starter, Carter is “likely to be the change of pace” for the Jets. Coleman and Johnson return and will compete with La’Mical Perine and undrafted rookie Zonovian Knight for the remaining places behind Hall and Carter.

Here are some other AFC East rumours, all originating in South Beach:

  • After spending his first season in Miami working with linebackers, the former Texan Brennan Scarlett worked with defensive sides more this offseason, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. It could open the door to a little more playing time for Scarlett as he returns to the role he had success with in Houston. In his two most successful seasons with the Texans, Scarlett had 5.5 sacks and 9.0 tackles for a loss with 80 total tackles. The Dolphins would like to see this production return in 2022.
  • After only playing eight games last year with the Saints, the offensive tackle Terron Armstead is not guaranteed to start the 2022 season healthy for the Dolphins, according to Adam H. Beasley of Pro Football Network. Armstead was closed in mid-December due to arm and knee injuries, undergoing knee surgery. Miami has been paying attention to Armstead, who has had many health issues in his past, holding him back for all spring activities. Beasley points out healthy Armstead could be crucial to young quarterback’s development Tua Tagovailoawhereas “the Dolphins were last in pass block win rate (47%) and 18th in sack rate (6.5%)” in the NFL last year.
  • The Dolphins added to their front office last week with the hiring of a new football analysis staff assistant Jeremy Stabile. He announced the hiring, himself, on his Twitter last Thursday. Stabile’s first football job came at Syracuse University as a recruiting/analytics intern. He has also spent time with football analysis websites as an analyst at Pro Football Focus and PlayerProfiler.com. This is Stabile’s first job in the NFL.

The best sports watches for every situation


If you’re looking to buy a watch in the 21st century, chances are you have a sports watch in mind. And why not? Sports watches are ideal for everyday wear in our increasingly casual culture, promise durability and tend to communicate a ‘doer of action’ – whether or not you indulge in the activities for which they were designed.

What exactly is a sports watch?

Just about any watch that isn’t a dress watch is some kind of “sports watch”. At least that is how the term is widely used. Sports watches come primarily from a specific activity, with functionality and durability driving the design – good qualities for any watch. And that often makes them not only interesting but also cool, fun to wear, and even useful in all sorts of everyday applications.

You can use the rotating bezel of a diver’s watch to time your pasta. Although a Breitling Navitimer was originally designed to help mid-century pilots perform important calculations, you can use its chronograph to time how fast your child can clean up their room. You might wear a field watch, originally designed for soldiers, simply because it’s sturdy, tells time, and is fun to wear on your wrist.

While dress watches are a fairly well-defined category, sports watches include many genres, from diver’s watches and field watches to pilot’s watches, racing chronographs and more. Many luxury watches such as the Rolex Submariner or the Omega Speedmaster are also sports watches, although they are probably not used for their intended purpose. Watches like Audmars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus are considered “sports watches” solely because of their design rather than any practical purpose behind them.

If you want a watch for doing physical activities like hiking or biking, there are watches made specifically for those sports as well. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and watches with features like GPS will come in very handy. Whatever your needs, here are some great sports watch options to consider.

For the beach

Great watches for swimming, lounging, strutting or surfing.

Breitling Superocean

Water resistant to 300m, you can also take the Breitling Superocean to dive under the waves. But it’ll serve you just as well for splashing around on the surface as it does on dry land, and it’s a great example of why dive watches are so versatile. One of the colored variants is all the more suitable for sun and sand.

Diameter: 42mm (also available in 36mm, 44mm and 46mm)

Movement: ETA 2824 automatic, COSC certified

Water resistance: 300m

    Nixon Base Tide Pro

    Rugged, water resistant and available in fun colors, the Nixon Base Tide Pro has real credibility with real surfers. One of the main reasons for this is its large, easy-to-read display which also features tide chart data for 550 beaches around the world. This is the sports watch you need when doing beach-related sports.

    Diameter: 42mm


    Water resistance: 100m

      For the hinterland

      Rugged watches designed for the outdoors.

      Victorinox INOX Mechanical

      Victorinox INOX Mechanical

      If you just want a sturdy watch to tell the time when you’re out in the woods, field watches are for that. Many are smaller and with a retro military aesthetic, but the Victorinox INOX looks like a modern instrument genuinely built for camping – and it’s tested for extreme endurance. A watch from the brand that makes the famous Swiss Army knives will also feel appropriate.

      Diameter: 43mm

      Movement: Sellita SW200 automatic

      Water resistance: 200m

        Garmin Instinct 2S Solar

        If your sport is something like camping, hiking, kayaking, or biking, a Garmin watch can serve a lot more purpose than just telling the time. A company founded on GPS technology, it puts an incredible amount of important maps and other information right on your wrist. Garmin watches like the Instinct 2S Solar are what many outdoor enthusiasts and adventure athletes rely on.

        Diameter: 40mm, 45mm

        Movement: Smart watch

        Water resistance: 100m

          For the gym

          Want to track your heart rate? These smartwatches can do that and more.

          apple watch

          The Apple Watch remains pretty much the ultimate fitness tool for your wrist. If you didn’t already know, it’s equipped with a huge range of sensors and features, all integrated to provide a smooth and intuitive user experience. No matter what kind of sport or activity you do, in the gym or elsewhere, the Apple Watch is one of the best choices – and that makes the smartwatch a true sports watch.

          Length: 41mm, 45mm

          Movement: AppleiOS

          Water resistance: 50m

            TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4

            TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4

            Maybe you’re not an Apple adopter. And maybe you don’t want to bother with a lot of plastic-coated smartwatches and Android-powered gadgets. In this case, TAG Heuer, a historic Swiss watchmaker, offers an elevated experience. With the same type of case that houses the mechanical movements of the brand’s Carrera collection, TAG Heuer’s smartwatch offers a luxury experience and specific applications for a range of activities.

            Diameter: 42mm

            Movement: Caliber E4

            Water resistance: 50m

              For the racetrack or the cockpit?

              Even if you are not an F1 driver or a pilot, you can enjoy a racing chronograph or a pilot’s watch.

              TAG Heuer Monaco

              Many chronograph watches have been designed to time motorsports, but one of the most famous is the Monaco. His quirky, sporty character led to an on-screen legacy, appearing on the wrist of Steve McQueen as he played race car drivers as well as fictional anti-hero Walter White on the show. breaking Bad.

              Diameter: 39mm

              Movement: Sellita SW300-1 automatic (modified) with Dubois-Depraz chronograph module

              Water resistance: 100m

                Fortis Flieger F-39 Automatic

                Fortis Flieger F-39 Automatic



                The Fortis version of the classic style of the Flieger pilot’s watch has a decidedly modern look. Designed for readability and sometimes even calculation, pilot’s watches are sports watches by nature, but the steel 12-hour bezel and orange highlights make the F-39 even sportier. It comes in a few different variations and sizes, but we like the simple automatic version in a handheld 39mm.

                Diameter: 39mm

                Movement: Sellita SW-200 automatic

                Water resistance: 200m

                  For the office

                  Yes, sports watches also belong here.

                  Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight

                  black bay fifty eight

                  You sleep


                  Diving watches like the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight have a lot of merit for sports and diving, but you know what? They’re also handsome as hell and perfectly suited for business situations, unless anything really formal. Call it a “desk diver” if you will, but it’s a sporty watch that’ll handle almost any situation – and you’ll want to keep wearing it on weekends.

                  Diameter: 39mm

                  Movement: Tudor MT5402 automatic, COSC certified

                  Water resistance: 200m

                    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak “Jumbo” Extra-Flat

                    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak



                    While the sports watches above are designed for a specific activity like diving or flying, the Royal Oak is unusual in that it is simply a “sports watch”. This is because its design is “sporty” rather than having a specific purpose or 50m+ water resistance. If you want a sports watch for the office, this is a serious flex.

                    Diameter: 39mm


                    Water resistance: 50m

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                      All-Star ratings: Manfred defends All-Star modes


                      The American League All-Stars sported an unusual look in Tuesday’s game: dark charcoal gray uniforms, in stark contrast to the stark whites worn by the NL All-Stars.

                      “I love them,” Luis Arraez said. “I love that the ‘Minnesota’ is gold so it looks special.” He also appreciated the subtle touch of the star next to the TC logo on his matching gray cap, acknowledging his achievement.

                      However, not everyone is a fan of annual uniform remakes from clothing company Nike. Many fans prefer the traditional look of each player wearing their team’s regular season uniform.

                      But the commissioner Rob Manfred defended the uniform choices ahead of Tuesday’s game, telling reporters that “I never thought that a baseball team wearing different jerseys in a game was a particularly attractive look.”

                      Also, he said, the goal is to use uniforms and other changes to attract more casual fans. “It’s important to develop things like that, to make the game look a bit different,” Manfred said. “I understand that people may have different opinions on this. It’s part of a larger program designed to look at the game in a non-traditional way.”

                      Arraez and Buxton spiced up their looks with some unusual footwear, with Arraez sporting cleats with the Venezuelan flag on them and Buxton sporting lime green baseball shoes.

                      Also prepare for another notable change next year, recalled Manfred. MLB will begin allowing teams to add small logos from an announcer starting next year.

                      “It’s a big enough source of revenue that it’s really impossible for the sport to ignore it,” Manfred said. “And that’s the truth.”


                      • Had Tuesday’s game been tied after nine innings, the winner would have been decided with a brief home run derby, three batters per team, three pitchers per batter. Both managers were to name their competitors before the game, and each picked non-runners, players who would be less likely to sit around for a few hours before throwing a bat again.

                      LA Manager dusty baker of the Astros chose its own outfielder, Kyle Tuckerwith a pair of Mariners, outfielder Julio Rodriguez and first baseman France. NL Manager Brian Snitker also chose an outfielder from his own team, Ronald Acuna Jr.with the Phillies outfielder Kyle Schwarber and Mets first baseman Pete Alonzo.

                      • It was the second consecutive season that a former Twins pitcher represented the Texas Rangers in the All-Star Game. Kyle Gibsonwho spent seven seasons at Minnesota, pitched a scoreless third inning in the AL’s 5-2 win at Denver last July, while Martin Perezwho won 10 games in 2019, his only season with the Twins, struck out all three batters he faced in the fifth inning on Tuesday.

                      Most action ends at WSOP with NJ Grinders scoring big


                      The Main Event took center stage during the week, but many other tournaments were part of the mix of the World Series of Poker. This included beautiful scores of New Jersey grinders at live and online events.

                      Several players also picked up their first victories and players from France also produced major results. texas player Laurent Brandt (pictured above) also scored his second bracelet in the series.

                      The WSOP live and online schedule mostly ended with the Tournament of Champions only remains to be decided. Here’s a look at the last week of action.

                      Claim your free $50 at the WSOP

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                      Event 75: $777 Lucky 7s NLHE 7-Handed

                      Long live France! French Gregory Teboul won their first bracelet in this event with a friendly slot payout of $777,777. This massive event saw 6,891 entries for a prize pool of $4.7 million.

                      georgia Rodney Tourvin finished second for $400,777. It’s been quite a journey Las Vegas for Teboul. Days before the Lucky 7 win, he also landed a $400 WSOP Daily Deepstack for $31,583.

                      “I feel very, very good because winning a tournament in Las Vegas is a big deal,” he said after his bracelet. “It’s my fifth year here and it was the right year.”

                      Event 77: $1,500 NLHE mixed; Pot Limit Omaha

                      This event featured two of the most popular poker games and Sandeep Pulusani found her second bracelet. The Huntsville, Alabama player won $277,949 for his efforts. The victory came nine years after Pulusani’s first bracelet win.

                      Longtime poker pro Esther Taylor Brady took second place for $171,787. The tournament attracted 1,234 entries for a prize pool of $1.6 million.

                      Event 78: $2,500 NLHE

                      from Canada Sebastien Aubewho lives in Quebec, scored her first bracelet in this event for $499,636. The tournament produced 1,364 entries for a $3 million prize pool.

                      France Jilien Loire finished second for $308,817. It was only Aube’s second WSOP win and he was inspired by a poker pro to start playing again in the past few years.

                      “I played recreationally in my twenties and when I opened my last business during the pandemic, I came across the MasterClass of Daniel Negreanu“, he said after the win. “I always liked the guy, so I was like, ‘Okay, let’s go. He really turned me on. It’s the same recipe for succeed in poker than in business, so that really appealed to me.

                      Event 79: $10,000 Razz Championship

                      This lowball tournament attracts big names and it has continued this year. When the dust settled, another Frenchman found the top spot. Julien Martini wins his fourth bracelet for $328,906. The tournament attracted 125 participants for a prize pool of $1.2 million.

                      Martini is a bit of a mixed game specialist with his previous bracelets in Omaha Hi/Lo, Short Deck and Eight-Game Mix. These last two came in 2021 in the WSOP Europe.

                      He also finished third for $134,587 in the same Razz Championship in 2018. New York’s Hal Rotholz finished second for $203,281.

                      Online Event 10: $3,200 High Roller

                      Online poker bracelet action returned on Tuesday and another Canadian found a win. Julien Perugiaof Toronto, scored a bracelet and $324,767. This is the Canadiens’ fourth win, all in online events.

                      poker professional Calvina Anderson finished second for $202,627. He also added a second-place finish in a WSOP.com Online Circuit event on the same day for $49,130.

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                      $25 free on first deposit

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                      Event 80: $600 NLHE mixed; Pot Limit Omaha Deepstack

                      This low buy-in event had 2,107 entries for a prize pool of $1.1 million. In the end, Latvia Voitov Novels reached the winner’s circle for $158,609 and her first bracelet. New York’s Michael Dobbs finished second for $98,026.

                      Event 81: $5,000 Freezeout NLHE

                      The Texans played a big role in the early WSOP and we found a bracelet in that freezeout. Mohammad Araniof Map, Texas, scored his first bracelet for $665,459. The win came on his 52nd money streak and Arani credited another poker pro for helping him get to the finish line.

                      The tournament saw 756 entries for a $3.5 million jackpot. Johannes Straverof the Netherlands, finished second for $411,279.

                      Event 82: $800 NLHE Eight-Handed Deepstack

                      from minnesota Richard Alsup won this event for his first bracelet and $272,065. The poker pro topped a field of 2,812 entries, which created a prize pool of $2 million.

                      “It’s phenomenal,” he said afterwards. “I haven’t really been a bracelet hunter but this one is really special. It’s really special because my travel buddy Rob Wazwaz won the same event a month before. The stars aligned, I wasn’t even going to play.

                      Gary WhiteHeadfrom the United Kingdom, finished in second place for $168,093.

                      Event 83: $50,000 High Roller

                      The beefy price action returned with Portugal João Vieira raising his hands in victory for his second bracelet. The tournament attracted 107 entries for a $4.6 million jackpot and Vieira landed $1.4 million.

                      Vieira’s first bracelet arrived in 2019 at a $5,000 NLHE event for $758,011. He now has 83 cashes at the WSOP for $3.2 million. spain Lander Lijo found second place for $855,631.

                      Event 84: $3,000 HORSE

                      Another Texan not only scored a bracelet, but his second of the summer in this event. Laurent Brandt rode the HORSE action to victory and a $205,319 payday. The tournament produced a field of 327 entries for a prize pool of $873,090.

                      In June, Brandt also won a $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo event for $289,610. With the Main Event champion Espen Jorstad and Daniel ZacBrandt becomes the third double winner of the summer.

                      “It’s great because it’s my first HORSE tournament,” Brandt said afterwards. “The only reason I played this tournament was because I won the first one and stayed until the Tournament of Champions, so running deep was a dream, getting to the final table was crazy I came in third in chips today but felt really good and confident and the cards went my way.

                      the New York one Roberto Marine finished second for $126,895.

                      Event 85: Nearest $1,500

                      from New Jersey Minh Nguyen won one of the last events of the summer, eliminating The Closer for $536,280 and her first bracelet. The event drew 2,968 entries for a $4 million prize pool. South African Ahmed Karrim finished second for $331,470.

                      Event 86: $10,000 NLHE Six-Man Championship

                      Gergory Jensen, of Ridgefield, Connecticut, found first place in this event for his first bracelet and $824,649. Czech Pavel Plesuv finished second for $509,674 in an event that saw 394 entries for a $3.7 million prize pool.

                      Michael Wang shows off his latest piece of WSOP material. (photo courtesy WSOP)

                      Event 87: Eight-man $5,000 NLHE

                      Another grinder from New Jersey picked up a victory in this event. Michael Wangof Livingston, won her second bracelet and $541,604. Farid Jattin of Miami, Fla., was second for $334,747.

                      Poker legend Erik Seidel took third place for $238,321. The tournament drew 573 entries for $2.6 million.

                      Online Event 11: $777 Lucky 7s Second Chance

                      The online action was back with Ohio’s Fred Li win this one for $159,060. Zachary Okin of New York won the silver medal for $98,291. The tournament drew a prize pool of $854,700 from 781 entries.

                      Event 88: $1,000 Super Turbo No-Limit Hold’em

                      A Canadian again won gold in this tournament. Jaspal Brarof Edmonton, Alta., won this fast-paced event for $190,731. Oregon’s Jese Lonis took second place for $117,872. The tournament saw 1,282 entries for $1.1 million.

                      Claim your free $50 at the WSOP

                      $25 free on registration

                      $25 free on first deposit

                      100% up to $1,000 on deposit

                      Use bonus code: 25FREE

                      Online Event 12: $5,300 High Roller Freezeout Encore

                      italy Gianluca “Inmyhouse” Speranza won this title for $324,625. Paul Scaturro, of Old Bridge, New Jersey, took second place for $189,875. The 245 entries created a prize pool of $2.1 million.

                      Online Event 13: $500 NLHE Summer Saver

                      Another New Jersey player scored big here, with Succasunna Shaun “BabyLegs” O’Donnell winning for $125,330. This is the first wristband for the regular inline grinder.

                      Benjamin Chung, of Los Angeles, finished second for $77,275. The tournament drew 1,189 entries for a prize pool of $741,600.

                      Tournament of Champions

                      The $1 million freeroll is for any WSOPC championship bracelet or ring within the past year. After starting on Monday with 463 playersonly 144 were due to return to action on Tuesday.

                      The TOC is the final event on the WSOP schedule and ends on Wednesday with the winner walking away with a bracelet and a nice payout. However, the payments have not yet been determined. A total of 575 players were eligible and some of them can still participate on Day 2.

                      The United Kingdom Robert Cowen leads the pack after winning the $50,000 High Roller PLO earlier in the series for $1.4 million. Return to USPoker later in the week for the winner of this event.

                      ★★★ Ready to get in on the action at WSOP.com? Click here for a full site review with exclusive USPoker bonus offers. ★★★

                      2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Summer Sleeper: Miami Dolphins


                      In our 32-part annual report summer sleeper series, DLF scribes identify a lightly touted player on each NFL roster who might be worthy of your consideration. Our subjects all have different levels of “drowsiness”, but each deserves an in-depth discussion.

                      To help everyone, we will categorize our sleepers under one of three headings:

                      Super deep sleepers – Players who are not worthy of being in 12-team leagues, but still worth watching.

                      Deep Sleepers – A late roster player who is on the waiver wire most often in 12-team leagues.

                      Sleeper – A probably registered player who constitutes a good commercial target. Their startup ADP puts them out of the top 175 or so.

                      Because we’re not going to give you the tastes of traditional sleepers, most of these players will undoubtedly fizz. All we ask is that you keep an open mind and maybe be ready to make room for one of these players on your bench. You never know when the next Adam Thielen or James Robinson will arise. Feel free to add your own thoughts on our pick for Designated Sleeper, or nominate one of your own in the comments below.

                      Next in our series, the Miami Dolphins…

                      Myles Gaskin, RB MIA

                      Category: Deep Sleep

                      I can already hear the collective groans from readers, so I’ll try my best to show you why you shouldn’t give up on someone like Gaskin. It has plenty left in its tank and its price is also very good. First, let’s check its statistical history.

                      Statistics of Professional Football Reference.

                      It’s no wonder and I hope you weren’t expecting it, but if you take a look at the receiving stats to go along with his running stats, it might be a bit of an eye opener. Gaskin was top with Miami last year and finished RB26 overall, putting him in flex territory at worst. Considering the dumpster fire that the offense was, I think it’s an achievement for a Dolphins running back to be anywhere in the top 32.

                      I get that veterans Chase Edmonds and Raheem Mostert were brought into the fold and that put people off Gaskin, but in my opinion, that’s exactly why we should love him. At 5’10” and 195 pounds, he was never meant to be the point guard anyway.

                      Gaskin is better suited to the passing game, and the addition of Edmonds and Mostert means Gaskin can focus on the lows that matter to his game. I also don’t think Mostert can fully heal and withstand punishment. an entire NFL season, so Gaskin should be considered number two at worst at some point this season.

                      Given that most NFL teams use committee running back these days, I think it’s safe to assume that Gaskin will still generate about 30% of his team’s transfers, which equates to about 100 to 110 races. As a result, his stats may drop a bit, but even if it does, it will still outperform his ADP, which is 267 and RB83.

                      This means – even with a low projection – that Gaskin should outperform his ADP by far, making him a good deal overall. It can still be found on the waiver wire, and for pennies it can be obtained through trade. Here are some good examples I found using our trade finder tool.

                      Finally, I think we should look at the fact that Miami will be coached this year by first head coach Mike McDaniel, who spent the previous five seasons in San Francisco primarily as a running game coordinator, and his final season in as offensive coordinator. . The 49ers’ running game was among the NFL’s elite offenses during this period.

                      The team returns to third-year quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, a set of excellent pass-catchers in Mike Gesicki, Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill, a deep threat. I think teams can focus on forcing the Dolphins to run the ball more, which will fall directly into the hands of McDaniel and his offensive plan, of which Gaskin will be one of the beneficiaries.

                      If you need depth to run, Gaskin is probably floating on the waiver wire right now. At worst, I think he will be a flex, and maybe an injury away from starting again in the 2022 season.

                      Latest posts from Mike Havens (see everything)

                      2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Summer Sleeper: Miami Dolphins

                      Alex Morgan has taken on a more vocal role for American women


                      Alex Morgan (13) of the United States and Mariana Benavides of Costa Rica battle for the ball during a CONCACAF Women's Championship semi-final soccer match in Monterrey, Mexico, Thursday July 14, 2022. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

                      Alex Morgan (13) of the United States and Mariana Benavides of Costa Rica battle for the ball during a CONCACAF Women’s Championship semi-final soccer match in Monterrey, Mexico, Thursday July 14, 2022. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)


                      As the US national team has focused on developing young talent ahead of next summer’s World Cup, veteran striker Alex Morgan has taken on a more vocal role.

                      Morgan, 33, is now one of the most experienced members of the squad, which has signed up-and-coming players like fellow forwards Sophia Smith, Mallory Pugh and Trinity Rodman since the Tokyo Olympics.

                      “Young players can defend themselves. They did amazing things. I think the one thing that I would say that I’ve definitely improved this tournament is vocally on the pitch, like helping players with positioning, set pieces, things that this team is proud of, mentality, sort of kind of just helping push the players along a bit,” she said.

                      Morgan and the defending World Cup champions are in Mexico preparing for a showdown with rivals Canada on Monday night in the CONCACAF W Championship title match.

                      The United States and Canada have already qualified for next summer’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand as the tournament’s top finishers. But the winner of the final also wins one of the region’s places at the 2024 Olympics in France.

                      Morgan isn’t slowing down in any way as evidenced by his fantastic club season so far. She’s back home in California, in her first season playing for the San Diego Wave expansion, and currently leads the National Women’s Soccer League with 11 goals in just 10 games.

                      In the W Championship, Morgan scored twice against Haiti in the group stage, for his 29th career multi-goal game. She scored 21 goals in 22 qualifying appearances for the United States, the third most in team history. In total, she has 117 goals and 47 assists in 195 career games.

                      “Alex has World Cup medals, Olympic medals. It’s something that she’s very, very good at, obviously, to win,” current USA coach Vlatko Andonovski said. It’s not like winning or being able to win big tournaments.

                      Morgan said the team is gaining momentum and doing a better job of reading the pitch after integrating the new faces of the team and adopting Andonovski’s tactical approach, which is tailored to each opponent.

                      “We also have to understand, though, what the coach gave us,” Morgan said. “We all have to buy in, we can’t have one or two players not doing what they’re supposed to do because it ruins the whole flow of the game if we’re going to play in certain structures. I think that’s important ie – it’s free to play but know your role, and that will change from game to game.

                      Morgan is easily one of the most recognizable and popular players on the team. In Mexico, she was greeted with loud cheers. Among his admirers was a 2-year-old child named Luca, whose mother posted a video of the toddler shouting his name.

                      Morgan saw the video and sent Luca an autographed jersey. Then Luca met his favorite player following the match against Haiti.

                      But among those touching moments, there is work to be done. Canada is increasingly challenging the United States on the international stage.

                      Canada won gold at the Tokyo Games, beating Sweden on penalties in the final after beating the world’s top-ranked American team 1-0 in the semifinals. The United States won the bronze medal, which the United States later recognized as an honor while acknowledging that it did not meet team standards.

                      “I mean, the rivalry has definitely intensified in the last couple of years. So it’s going to be a great game. But it’s not really about looking back, it’s about looking forward,” he said. Morgan said. “At the same time, look at this team, there are a lot of girls who weren’t even there last year. So this will be an opportunity for us to get our ticket to the Olympics and prove to ourselves- themselves and to the world why we have the #1 ranking.”


                      More AP soccer: https://apnews.com/hub/soccer and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

                      Miami Dolphins should retire Jason Taylor’s 99 ASAP


                      Jason Taylor is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and on the Miami Dolphins Walk of Fame as well as the Ring of Honor but now his number should be laid to rest.

                      Yes, Jason Taylor should have his number retired and the Miami Dolphins should do so as soon as possible because it is long overdue.

                      The Dolphins have only three jerseys retired. Dan Marino (13), Larry Csonka (39) and Bob Griese (12). It’s time to bring that number to four.

                      Looking back on history, I can’t think of another uniform number that deserves to be retired for good and why the Dolphins are waiting for Taylor to become number four is beyond me.

                      A first-round Hall of Famer, Taylor ticks all the boxes and brings with him as much credibility as Griese and Csonka. Like the other three, Taylor’s name is synonymous with an era in Dolphins history that is unlikely to be repeated. Isn’t that a criterion for retirement?

                      It will be decades before another DE breaks Taylor’s Miami sack record. It will be decades before another DE/LB becomes an HOF player in the first round. Marino broke many records and held most NFL records when he retired, so naturally his 13 outs make sense. You could say that given today’s NFL settings, if Griese and Csonka’s numbers weren’t already retired, they might not be. Taylor has the resume to get her number put away.

                      Since retiring in 2011, no other player has worn 99 in those 11 years. The only thing that can hold him back is the two seasons he played on other teams, but that was no problem for Larry Csonka who not only played for the Giants but left Miami for the WFL.

                      It’s a debate that’s been going on for a while now, but something that should be reconsidered once again.

                      Get ready and walk the Banasura path in Wayanad district


                      Every traveler loves trekking and Kerala boasts of many marvelous destinations that can satisfy your urge to literally reach new heights. But many questions such as how to go on a trekking trip, what will be the expenses, who to contact and if one day is enough for trekking can arise.

                      Here is an awesome place that will require you to hit the road and wear the trekking gear.

                      Bringing cheers to hundreds of trekkers, the trek started at Banasura Hills Meenmutty Ecotourism Center in Wayanad District. The trekking route through Meenmutty-Kattukunnu-Aanchola from Banasura Hill has been carefully plotted keeping in mind the pristine natural beauty of the area.

                      Entry tickets must be collected from the ticket office near the entrance to Meenmutty Waterfalls and the hike will begin early in the morning under the competent guidance of a guide. The lowest trekking fare including the services of a guide is Rs 2,860 and a team of five members can climb the hills. The cost will be the same even if there are only two members. If the team consists of more than five members, each additional person will have to pay Rs 425 as trekking fees. All hikers must show up by 9am and latecomers will not be entertained.

                      The trekking will start at 8am and it will take almost 4 hours to climb and descend Kattukunnu hill. But the trek through Sayippukunnu hill which is on the other side is a bit dangerous and it will take almost 8 hours to trek the hill.

                      You must carry food and drinking water. Also be sure to pack some salt to thwart the threat of leeches during the monsoon. Once you get through the first part of the forest and into the lush grasslands, there will be less threat of leeches. You should definitely visit this beautiful place once in your life because the strong cool breeze, stunning view of the hills and the Banasura Dam can lift your spirits.

                      Follow the guide’s instructions during the trek and do not soil the area with plastic waste.

                      How online stores rallied to sell products featuring images from the James Webb Space Telescope


                      The world had the opportunity this week to peer 13 billion years into our past after the James Webb Space Telescope captured the deepest infrared image of the universe.

                      “Webb’s image is approximately the size of a grain of sand held at arm’s length, a tiny piece of the vast universe,” NASA said.

                      The JWST, considered a successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, captured the galaxies shown in Webb’s first deep field in 12.5 hours.

                      In what seems like an equally short amount of time, images taken by the telescope have appeared on light panels, sweatshirts, fanny packs and mugs. Other renowned space images, such as the Pillars of Creation, have also become staples on products: puzzles, pillowcases, jewelry and all sorts of other trinkets.

                      Retailers are free to use these images as they are in the public domain. NASA images — as well as video, audio, and other content — are generally not copyrighted, according to the agency’s website.

                      How changes in manufacturing have changed online stores

                      On-demand manufacturing, a production model, has allowed some online sellers to become more nimble than ever, building listings in days. They don’t have to worry about how many items to pre-order or if they’ll be able to sell all of their inventory.

                      Within 48 hours of unveiling Webb’s first deep field, the StemCell Science Shop online store listed a fanny pack and sweatshirt with the image. He also announced that he would be giving away free Deep Field posters with every purchase this week.

                      “Just as a magazine might jump to the latest gossip news, or an app might jump to the latest software update, it’s our responsibility to jump to the latest scientific observations,” said Terry Mudge, owner of StemCell ScienceShop. , a five-employee operation that also has an Etsy store.

                      Mudge opened her store in 2015, inspired by her love of science. Growing up, he remembers being captivated by a book full of images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

                      A sweatshirt and fanny pack featuring Webb’s first Deep Field. (Courtesy of StemCell Science Shop)

                      The store uses a make-to-order manufacturer called Gooten, named after the inventor of the printing press, Johannes Gutenberg. Gooten is one of a series of companies that offer these services, including Printful, CustomCat, and Prodigi.

                      Companies like Gooten print the fabric, cut it, assemble the product to order, and then ship it directly to customers.

                      “It’s been really great for companies like mine that want to offer apparel and stuff without it being our main income. It’s just kind of a fun thing for our customers,” Mudge said.

                      Gooten, he explained, allows him to do this without requiring his store to pre-purchase large amounts of merchandise in advance. They don’t have to guess what sizes people will want and it creates less waste.

                      “Products ship as soon as they’re assembled, which usually only takes a few days,” Mudge said. “Everything is made in the United States, and that saves us from having stagnant inventory. It’s a win-win everywhere.

                      Anna D’Elia, who sells merchandise featuring images from the James Webb Telescope, also uses on-demand manufacturing to fulfill orders.

                      A view of the Carina Nebula.  The James Webb Space Telescope
                      A view of the Carina Nebula. The James Webb Space Telescope “reveals emerging stellar nurseries and individual stars” in the region that could not be seen before. (Photo credit: NASA, ESA, CSA and STScI)

                      This week on her ProductiveSlacker store, she uploaded listings of mugs, leggings, yoga mats and Bluetooth speakers that feature both First Deep Field and the Carina Nebula, which was also taken by the James Telescope. Webb. (The Hubble Telescope also took images of the star-forming region, but recently released images show it in more detail.)

                      While some online sellers may use on-demand businesses, others may have the ability to create products in-house. It’s now easier than ever to own a high-quality printer or other equipment needed to produce these products quickly, said Lorynn Divita, associate professor of apparel design and merchandising at Baylor University.

                      “That’s why so many small sellers can exist in this market,” Divita said. “Now anyone can have a store.”

                      How lucrative is this market?

                      While a method like make-to-order is convenient for sellers, it’s not necessarily cost-effective.

                      Mudge said the store was roughly breaking even for Webb’s Deep Field products. Their team actually makes bigger profits on items that aren’t made to order, like their subscription boxes, periodic table element samples, and fossils.

                      “But it’s always fun to have additional trending things, like the Webb Deep Field, available,” he said.

                      D’Elia, who just launched her shop last year, said it hasn’t been that lucrative so far. The New Jersey resident works as a school counselor and runs her shop as a side hobby.

                      So far, she has raked in around $2,500 in profit. “I would love to do this for a living. But I don’t think I could live off Etsy,” D’Elia said.

                      A yoga mat with the image of the Carina Nebula captured by the James Webb Space Telescope. (Courtesy of Etsy Shop Productive Slacker)

                      It’s not the most profitable business, but online sellers who use public domain images avoid the risks of inappropriate use of copyrighted material.

                      “It’s definitely a safe market,” Divita said. “If found guilty of copyright infringement, they may have to pay damages as well as attorneys’ fees and court costs. And for a small seller like an Etsy seller, that could put them out of business.

                      There will be many more images from space to come – this is just the start of the James Webb Space Telescope.

                      Astronomers, after seeing the telescope’s capabilities, will likely have “more challenging or daunting targets,” Brett Tingley wrote for Space.com.

                      “Perhaps the greatest immediate source of value will be for scientists and science in general – it will propel the careers of some scientists and universities and help us discover important new facts about the universe,” Abhishek said. Nagaraj, assistant professor in the organization management group at the University of California, Berkeley.

                      And that is priceless.

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                      25 years later, motive remains a mystery in Cunanan killing spree


                      In the 25 years since Andrew Cunanan shot and killed fashion designer Gianni Versace in Miami Beach, there has been much speculation about the motive for this murder and four others. However, no one will ever really know. That was the conclusion of a Minneapolis homicide detective who worked the case in 1997.

                      “There are just too many unanswered questions and Andrew Cunanan is the only one who can answer those questions and even he probably couldn’t answer those questions,” Dale Barsness told 5 EYEWITNESSS NEWS in 2017 on the 20th.e anniversary of the murders. “Anyone who has the answers is no longer with us.” This now also includes Barsness, head of the Minneapolis police homicide unit in 1997. He died in 2019 at the age of 73.

                      In 2017 on the 20e anniversary of murder spree Barness looks back at the murders committed by Andrew Cunanan. The first two out of five murders took place in Minnesota. Jeffrey Trail was murdered in Minneapolis and David Madson near Rush City. Both were friends or acquaintances of Cunanan. While fleeing these two murders, Cunanan killed millionaire Lee Miglin in Chicago and a cemetery worker in New Jersey. He disappeared for two months before landing in Miami Beach and murdering fashion designer Gianni Versace on the front porch of his mansion.

                      Barsness said there was a key missed opportunity to arrest Cunanan after a single murder. David Madson’s neighbors heard a commotion coming from his Minneapolis apartment where Jeffrey Trail was bludgeoned to death by Cunanan, but no one called the police.

                      “Have you ever wondered how different things could have been if the neighbors had called the police right away that night? 5 EYEWITNESSS NEWS asked Barsness in 2017. “We may have only had one homicide,” he replied.

                      Dolphins’ Terron Armstead outside Touchdown Wire’s top 5 OT rankings


                      The Miami Dolphins gave Terron Armstead a big contract this offseason to help secure an offensive line that was shaky at best in 2021.

                      We’ve yet to see Armstead on the training ground as he recovers from surgery, but that hasn’t stopped him from making an impact on the team teaching some technique and professionalism. younger team members.

                      This time in the offseason is always when everyone wants to discuss rankings. Who is better than whom? Everyone has their opinion.

                      This week, Touchdown Wire’s Doug Farrar has been uploaded with ranking the league’s top 12 offensive tackles, and he did it, while also listing a number of honorable mentions. Armstead came in at No. 6 on Farrar’s list.

                      In an effort to resolve their left tackle issues, the Dolphins signed former Saints star Armstead to a five-year, $75 million deal in March. It’s a contract that could reach $87.5 million with incentives, and given Armstead’s excellence throughout his NFL career, we wouldn’t be surprised if he achieved those lofty goals. . Elbow, knee and shoulder injuries limited Armstead to just eight games in his final season with the Saints, but even with all that going on he only gave up one sack, two hits quarterback and nine quarterback rushes on 263 pass-blocking snaps. . Armstead, selected in the third round of the 2013 draft from Arkansas Pine-Bluff (HBCU!) has never allowed more than five sacks in a season and has given up seven sacks in total since 2018.

                      Jordan Mailata, Tyron Smith, Tristan Wirfs, Lane Johnson and Trent Williams were all above Armstead in this ranking.

                      Some of those names are certainly debatable, but the injuries really do impact everyone’s perception of Armstead, and rightly so. If the guy is not able to go on the court, it has a significant impact on his value.

                      Since 2016, Smith has missed 33 games, including nine last season. He’s spent this offseason recovering from surgery and preparing to perform at his best. He wants to prove he was worth that contract the Dolphins gave him, help win a Super Bowl, and whether he knows it or not, move up this list.

                      The most outstanding Bimmer in years


                      Damn good. With 516 horsepower and 564 lb-ft of torque, it’s delightfully quick, both standing still and on the road. It’s fast enough to let you dive into gaps or do other moves you might not have considered before. There’s an M60 version that packs even more power, but honestly it’s not necessary; the accompanying range sacrifice is a bigger loss than the extra juice is a draw

                      Turn the wheel and you’ll discover an unexpected surprise: precise steering and taut handling, more in tune with a sedan than most SUVs. Some credit certainly goes to the giant 111.5kWh battery that keeps the center of gravity so low, but a lot also deserves to go to the suspension and chassis engineers whose work keeps this trapeze’s mass down so well. controlled even under extreme stress. (My tester came with the Sport Package and the Dynamic Driving Package, for what it’s worth, so it was about as boogie as an iX xDrive50 can get.) If all Bimmers were still just as fun to drive, they could perhaps reclaim some legitimacy for their slogan.

                      Speaking of said battery, it deserves a special mention, as its size plays a key role in the iX’s downright impressive range. I took the iX on a weekend trip from New York to Washington DC and back, a trip of about 225 miles, and even though I had planned for primary and secondary quick-charge points along the way, I didn’t need to worry about it. Even in the summer heat with the air conditioning on, with traffic alternating between fast freeways (New Jersey), intolerable intermittent traffic (Delaware), and a mix of the two (Maryland), the iX’s full battery would have carried about 320 -340 miles, according to the display and my calculations. At this point, worries about distance anxiety start to fade quickly, at least in my experience.

                      Slowing down is reassuring and rewarding, thanks to a combination of powerful physical brakes and a regenerative braking system. The active regeneration feature is particularly – and unexpectedly – delicious; using the cruise control’s radar system, it monitors the distance between you and vehicles ahead and dials in the appropriate amount of brake regeneration. If the road is open in front of you, lifting the throttle allows you to roll freely; if there’s a car in front of you, releasing pressure on the accelerator slows the iX down accordingly. It’s seamless, intuitive, and enhances your experience without you having to think about it, like the best technology always does.

                      Fake NBA, NFL, MLB Jerseys, Rings Caught in Dual CBP Intercepts – Sourcing Journal


                      U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in Indianapolis and Louisville this week seized 178 counterfeit championship rings and 171 counterfeit professional sports jerseys that, if genuine, would have had value combined Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $288,350.

                      The first shipments arrived on the night of July 11, when CBP agents in Indianapolis discovered 108 counterfeit jerseys from multiple teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), and National Football League ( NFL). These counterfeits were all destined for a residence in Bakersfield, California.

                      Meanwhile, CBP officers in Louisville were preventing 63 counterfeit MLB jerseys from reaching their destination, a residence in University Park, Illinois. The following night, CBP officers in Louisville discovered a shipment bound for West Chapel, Florida that contained 178 counterfeit championship rings from MLB’s Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox and St. Louis, Boston Celtics of the NBA and the University of Georgia.

                      All of the shipments arrived from various locations in China, CBP noted. Officers found them all to be counterfeit based on various observations, such as incorrect description of goods, declared value, packaging, poor quality materials, substandard printing, and demonstrated practices such than shipping a commercial quantity of items to a residential address.

                      “Shipments like these prey on the many sports fans across the country who may be duped into paying high prices for inauthentic products,” said LaFonda D. Sutton-Burke, director of field operations. at the Chicago Field Office. “I am extremely proud of these officers’ determination to stop illicit shipments and our commitment to protecting the American economy.”

                      CBP said the rapid growth of e-commerce makes it easy for consumers to search and purchase millions of products through online sellers, but this easy access gives counterfeit and pirated products more ways to enter the market. American economy. Counterfeit products fund smugglers and organized crime members, while consumers often believe they are buying a genuine product but quickly realize the item is substandard.

                      “Counterfeiters only care about making a profit,” said Thomas Mahn, Port of Louisville Director. “They don’t care what effect their fake product has on you, your family, or the economy. Our officers are well trained to find seizures like these to further our mission of protecting the American public.”

                      In fiscal year 2021, CBP seized 27,107 shipments with violations related to intellectual property rights (IPRs). If the seized products were genuine, the total MSRP of the items would have been valued at over $3.3 billion. This represents a 152% increase from 2020, when goods worth MSRP $1.31 billion were seized for IPR infringement.

                      A return to pre-pandemic trade levels and an overall increase in the number of counterfeit product seizures by CBP account for the significant increase in MSRP. Additionally, adversaries seek to exploit an increase in volume, threatening U.S. economic interests with risks in the form of IPR infringement, as well as security risks from shoddy and untested consumer products. In 2021, 89% of IPR seizures were found in express shipments and international mail shipments.

                      Last year, apparel and accessories topped the list for the number of seizures with 30,681, accounting for 30% of all IPR seizures, CBP said. Sold online and in stores, counterfeit products harm the US economy, cost Americans their jobs, threaten consumer health and safety, and fund criminal activity.

                      Goalies on the move: Kuemper to Capitals, Campbell to Oilers


                      Colorado Avalanche goaltender Darcy Kuemper acknowledges fans during a rally outside the City/County Building for the NHL Hockey Champions, after a parade Thursday, June 30, 2022, in Denver.  (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

                      Colorado Avalanche goaltender Darcy Kuemper acknowledges fans during a rally outside the City/County Building for the NHL Hockey Champions, after a parade Thursday, June 30, 2022, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)


                      The NHL’s goaltending reshuffle continued its momentum in Wednesday’s free agency opener, with the Washington Capitals signing a Stanley Cup champion to stabilize the position and the Edmonton Oilers trying to make likewise.

                      The Capitals signed Darcy Kuemper to a five-year, $26.25 million deal less than three weeks after backing Colorado to their first title since 2001. Kuemper, 32, will carry charge of a perennial playoff team playoffs who also signed Charlie Lindgren as a backup.

                      Since the end of the Cup Final at the end of June, 19 goaltenders who played in the NHL last season have changed teams.

                      Kuemper knew he was leaving the Avalanche when they traded and signed Alexandar Georgiev to replace him.

                      “You never know where you’re going to end up,” Kuemper said. “A lot of unknowns. You can’t think about it too much because you’ll go crazy. But everything happens for a reason and it worked and ended with a great organization, a great team and super excited for it.

                      Edmonton has signed former Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Jack Campbell to a five-year, $25 million deal. Campbell is yet to win a playoff but put up impressive numbers in the first round last year and will now be counted on to try and help Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl win a championship after Mike Smith been inconsistent in goal for the Oilers this postseason.

                      “Obviously it’s such an important position (when you’re trying) to win,” Edmonton general manager Ken Holland said. “Certainly probably as much movement this year as there has been in a long, long time.”

                      Now that they hadn’t won the Cup in four years, the Capitals took steps to enter the goaltending market, completely remaking their situation in net, as promised by general manager Brian MacLellan. They traded Vitek Vanecek to New Jersey, let Ilya Samsonov leave rather than label him a restricted free agent, and added Lindgren to a three-year deal worth $3.3 million.

                      Samsonov, once considered a top prospect, has signed a budget contract with the Maple Leafs: $1.8 million for next season, about half of what the Capitals expected the Russian to of 25 obtains in arbitration.

                      Toronto associates Samsonov with Matt Murray, acquired from Ottawa a few days earlier. The Senators added Cam Talbot in a trade with Minnesota after the Wild re-signed Marc-André Fleury.

                      Murray will count slightly less against the cap in Toronto than Campbell in Edmonton. Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas said the difference was the two years left on Murray’s contract compared to Campbell who wanted five.

                      Edmonton was more than happy to oblige on that front, especially since Smith is not expected to play next season due to injury.

                      “(Campbell) looks to me from afar as a guy (who) gets better all the time,” Holland said. “He is competitive. It is comfortable. And I think he’s 30, and from a goalkeeper’s point of view, that’s a good age. I think that with Stu Skinner, we will have a good tandem.

                      St. Louis now has 2019 Cup winner Jordan Binnington and Thomas Greiss in tandem. Greiss signed a $1.25 million contract for next season to replace Husso, who the Blues traded to Detroit last week.


                      Follow AP Hockey writer Stephen Whyno on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SWhyno


                      More AP NHL: https://apnews.com/hub/NHL and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

                      NFL Texas A&M Aggies Draft: Devon Achane ‘best fit’ in AFC East with Miami Dolphins?


                      The Texas A&M Aggies and coach Jimbo Fisher had an elite two-headed offense last season.

                      Matching the combined speed, power and versatility of running backs Devon Achane and Isaiah Spiller was a daunting task in arguably the best conference in the nation. Last season, the one-two punch combined for 358 total touches, 2,371 yards from scrimmage and 17 total touchdowns.

                      But now, with Spiller in the NFL, it’s Achane’s show that will go down this fall, though the Missouri City, TX native could be on his way to the league once he finishes his season. junior at College Station.

                      Achane already has NFL-ready speed, and Pro Football Focus seems to agree. The site recently published its List of best fits from the 2023 NFL Draft, projecting Achane as an ideal couple in the AFC East with the Miami Dolphins, who desperately need help running.

                      Here is what PFF had to say:

                      The NFL’s fastest offense could get even faster if they add Achane. The amount of explosiveness they would have if they recruited Achane would be dizzying. He has top-end running speed and can also play contact, averaging 4.3 yards after contact per attempt.

                      The Dolphins had one of the league’s worst rushing attacks last season and could use a playmaker like Achane out of the backfield. Miami had the third fewest rushing yards (1,568) and rushing yards per game (92.2).

                      Scroll to continue

                      Miami would get one of the fastest prospects in the upcoming draft with Achane, who also proved his versatility out of the backfield as a receiver. He was the Aggies’ third-highest receiver last season with 24 catches for 261 yards and a score.

                      In an offense where the focus will be on star receiver Tyreek Hill, Achane could find his way to the end zone with speed off the occasional delayed handoff or run past a linebacker in man coverage on a wheel road .

                      He’ll get his first chance to prove why he’s one of the top running back prospects in the nation when the Aggies take on the Sam Houston State Bearkats on Sept. 3 at College Station.

                      You can follow Zach Dimmitt on Twitter at @ZachDimmitt7

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                      These anglers inspire the new spirit of fly fishing


                      Fly fishing is experiencing a renaissance. A new generation of anglers are helping to make this activity the accessible and life-changing sport it has always been. Working with Chevrolet Silverado, we brought three of these anglers together for a trip along Idaho’s historic Trout Highway. Read on to learn more about their stories or head over to The New Spirit of Fly Fishing, an interactive hub loaded with more videos and content from the trip.

                      Austin Campbell: Casting a Wider Net

                      Fishing hasn’t necessarily changed Austin Campbell’s life as much as it has defined it, at least since he got his driver’s license as a teenager living in Denver. “When I got a car in high school, it was a game-changer for me,” Campbell says. “I just started overfishing.”

                      And he didn’t stop fishing “too much”. Campbell was a track star in high school with his choice of college programs. Watching videos of anglers fishing in the spring creeks around campus made her decision to go to Penn State easier. He managed to fish three times a week between classes, practices and meets, then spent his summers as a fly fishing instructor with Lincoln Hills Cares, a nonprofit organization that introduces children to the downtown to sports.

                      “I’m completely self-taught, learning to fish by watching YouTube videos and using Walmart rods,” Campbell says of his own trajectory in the sport. “I didn’t have a mentor on the river growing up. Other fishermen looked at me and wondered what I was doing there, because the river was not “our space”. Being able to mentor these kids was fun, but it was also important for me to show them that they belong on the river, that there is someone like them who loves this sport. We need to shed some light on this. »

                      Campbell is still actively shedding light. He’s now a full-time guide and advocate for getting kids outdoors, continuing his relationship with Lincoln Hills Cares, and starting his own free clinics that introduce fly fishing to people in the Denver neighborhoods that would otherwise have no contact with the sport.

                      “The outdoors is for everyone,” says Campbell. “Being out there and connected with nature just does something. All my other problems, I don’t think about. I’m just in the moment. Everyone should have this opportunity. If we can keep pushing the ball in the right direction in this industry, hopefully in five to 10 years you’ll see everyone on the river.

                      Watch the full story and learn about the new Chevy Silverado ZR2 in action on The New Spirit of Fly Fishing hub.

                      Katie Cahn: Fishing for Mental Health

                      Katie Cahn is brutally honest, especially when it comes to her personal struggles. Not just the fact that she survived cancer or grew up without a strong male role model or her family struggles with addiction. She is honest that being a mother is hard; that being a woman is difficult. That it takes effort, therapy and a bit of fishing to succeed in these demanding roles. Not that she can fish as much as she wants – she’s honest about that, too.

                      “I probably haven’t fished in three months,” Cahn says from his home on the Chattooga River in southern Appalachia. “I used to be able to take my daughter to the river and fish because she was sleeping, but now she’s three and a half so she wants me to play Elsa and Anna with her in the sand.”

                      Cahn grew up paddling the Chattooga, where she had stints as a rafting guide. She has also led fishing trips with the nonprofit organization Casting for Recovery, which teaches cancer patients and survivors how to fly fish. But fishing is not Cahn’s job. It is his liberation.

                      “I think fly fishing is the most meditative thing I’ve ever done,” says Cahn. “I can wash away the rest of my life for a while when I’m on the river and be who I am again. If I try to find that time for myself, even if it’s just a few hours or a day, I become Katie again. Not a wife or a mother. Just Katie.

                      Cahn thinks this kind of transparency will help other women deal with their own struggles and hopefully normalize the idea that a woman should take time for herself. She thinks fly fishing could help more women rediscover themselves after years of putting others first.

                      Learn about Cahn’s history and the new Chevy Silverado ZR2 on The New Spirit of Fly Fishing hub.

                      Matt Mendes: Inspiring the next generation of conservationists

                      Matt Mendes understands how lucky he is. The 32-year-old owns Spin the Handle, a fly-fishing guide business in Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon, which allows him to have his boots in the water 180 days a year . He mainly fishes for rainbow trout, a legendary species known to drive anglers to depression or ecstasy. Sometimes both on the same day. Mendes has one of the few commercial licenses to work on the same ancestral Deschutes River fishing grounds where he learned the art from his grandfather.

                      “There aren’t many places in the United States where you can go and feel like you’re the only one there,” Mendes says of his ancestral fishing waters. “That solitude is rare, and you’re back in the mountain range where about 700 wild horses run around, and there’s deer, antelope… you name it. It’s like a mini Yellowstone.

                      Mendes has worked on the Deschutes since he was 12, when he started driving shuttles for his grandfather’s fly-fishing business. A few years later, he was guiding and would eventually buy that business and run it as his own. Now Mendes sees his leadership as a way to help save the fishery he grew up loving.

                      “I realize this river is a sanctuary, and I’m working to make it a better place for everyone, not just for the anglers, but for the fish,” Mendes says. “The education of my clients plays a big role in this management. I want people to go home and get a better sense of the fishery from a conservation perspective. Educating the few hundred customers I deal with each year is one way to put a small dent in the major problem we face.

                      The stewardship of the river hits close to home for Mendes. Not only has he made a living on the ancestral waters of the Deschutes since the age of 12, but he now has a 12-year-old son who is learning to fish on the same river. Mendes cherishes this role as an educator, whether it is with a client, his own son or one of the youngsters of the tribe to whom he provides free instructions and materials.

                      “I love watching other people catch fish,” Mendes says. “If I can hang out all day with a buddy or a client or a kid and watch them swing a line, I’m happy. I get more excited when that person catches a fish than if I catch a fish.

                      See the new Chevy Silverado ZR2 in action and watch the full video on The New Spirit of Fly Fishing hub.

                      Silverado drivers don’t just have a truck – they have a symbol of authenticity. Of pleasure. Of adventure. Reliability. Freedom. It can take you to places you never dreamed of or just down the street. From construction site to campsite. From Friday evening to the Northern Lights. And between each destination is the chapter of the story you decide to tell the world. Make sure it’s solid.

                      American Rebel Holdings Announces $13.0 Million Closing


                      Nashville, TN, July 12 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — American Rebel Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: AREB) (NASDAQ: AREBW) (the “Company”, “American Rebel”, “we”, “our” or “us”), a designer and distributor of branded safes and personal security and self-defense products, today announced the closing of its previously announced private placement of common stock (or pre-funded warrants in lieu) and warrants subscription.

                      Pursuant to the securities purchase agreement, the Company sold 11,711,712 common shares (or prefunded warrants in lieu thereof) and warrants to purchase 23,423,424 common shares. Each common share (or pre-funded warrant in lieu thereof) was sold together with the accompanying warrants for a combined effective purchase price of $1.11. The warrants will be exercisable immediately from the date of issue at an initial exercise price of $0.86 per share, subject to the adjustments set forth therein, and will expire five years from the date of issue. .

                      The Company intends to use the net proceeds from the private placement primarily to fund the planned acquisition of Champion Safe Company, as well as for general working capital and administrative purposes. Andy Ross, President and CEO of the company, said, “We are thrilled to introduce the Champion name to the American Rebel family. Founded in 1999 by Ray Crosby, Champion offers three lines of security products: Champion Safe, Superior Safe and Safe Guard Security Products. The American Rebel team is very much looking forward to working with Ray and his team and moving the business forward. »

                      EF Hutton, a division of Benchmark Investments, LLC, acted as the exclusive placement agent for the offering.

                      The common stock, prefunded warrants and warrants described above have not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and may not be offered or sold in the United States without registration with of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or an applicable exemption from these registration requirements. The securities were only offered to qualified investors. Pursuant to a registration rights agreement with investors, the Company has agreed to file one or more registration statements with the SEC covering the resale of common stock and shares issuable upon exercise of warrants. subscription and pre-funded warrants.

                      This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any of the securities described herein, and there will be no sale of such securities in any state or jurisdiction in which a such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful. prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of such state or territory.

                      About American Rebel Holdings, Inc.

                      American Rebel operates primarily as a designer and marketer of branded safes and personal security and self-defense products. The company also designs and produces branded clothing and accessories. To learn more, visit www.americanrebel.com. For more investor information, visit www.americanrebel.com/investor-relations.

                      Caution Regarding Forward-Looking Statements:

                      This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. American Rebel Holdings, Inc., (NASDAQ:AREB) (NASDAQ:AREBW) (the “Company”, “American Rebel”, ” we”, “us” or “us”) wishes to take advantage of the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and includes this disclaimer as part of such safe harbor legislation. The words “expect”, “believe”, “may”, “estimate”, “continue”, “anticipate”, “intend”, “should”, “plan”, “could”, “target”, ” potential”, “is likely”, “expect” and similar expressions, as they relate to us, are intended to identify forward-looking statements. We have based these forward-looking statements primarily on our current expectations and projections regarding future events and financial trends that we believe may affect our financial condition, results of operations, business strategy and financial needs. actual events that differ from those set forth in the forward-looking statements include our ability to raise sufficient funds to complete the acquisition, our current reliance on a single manufacturer and supplier for the production of our safes, the ability to our manufacturing partner to meet production demands, our ability to expand our sales organization to meet existing and new markets we intend to target, our ability to compete effectively in a competitive industry and the risk factors contained in our SEC filings, including our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021. Any forward-looking statement made by us herein speaks only as of the date on which it is made. Factors or events that could cause our actual results to differ may arise from time to time and it is impossible for us to predict all of them. We undertake no obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future developments or otherwise, except as required by law.

                      Company Contact:
                      [email protected]

                      Investor Relations:
                      John McNamara
                      TraDigital IR
                      [email protected]

                      Gaudreau and Kadri among players to watch in NHL free agency


                      Calgary Flames left wing Johnny Gaudreau (13) carries the puck past Tampa Bay Lightning left wing Ondrej Palat (18) during the third period of an NHL hockey game, January 11 2018, in Tampa, Florida.  NHL executives are expecting a lot of movement before free agency opens on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. Several high-profile players, including Gaudreau and Palat, could still sign contracts before entering the market free.  (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara, file)

                      Calgary Flames left wing Johnny Gaudreau (13) carries the puck past Tampa Bay Lightning left wing Ondrej Palat (18) during the third period of an NHL hockey game, January 11 2018, in Tampa, Florida. NHL executives are expecting a lot of movement before free agency opens on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. Several high-profile players, including Gaudreau and Palat, could still sign contracts before entering the market free. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara, file)


                      The top players who should be available in NHL free agency include an MVP candidate who may have the chance to return home and a veteran who flipped his old playoff script to become a Stanley Cup champion.

                      Each had a career year at the perfect time.

                      Calgary Flames winger Johnny Gaudreau and Colorado Avalanche center Nazem Kadri may be the richest beneficiaries of free agency when it opens on Wednesday. Seven-year contracts worth up to, if not more than, $10 million per year are possible.

                      That is, unless Gaudreau stays with the Flames. “Johnny Hockey” can sign for eight years until midnight EDT Tuesday night.

                      “These are big decisions,” Calgary general manager Brad Treliving said. “These are life decisions. If he doesn’t sign with us, he’s earned the opportunity to watch the market. It is something he must consider.

                      One thing Gaudreau might consider is the allure of playing for the Philadelphia Flyers team he rooted for when he grew up in Carney’s Point, New Jersey. They would need to clear significant cap space to make room for Gaudreau, who recorded a career-high 40 goals, 75 assists and 115 points last season in leading Calgary to the Pacific Division title and second round. playoffs.

                      Gaudreau, who turns 29 in August, finished fourth in voting for the Hart Trophy as the league’s most valuable player.

                      Kadri was one of Colorado’s most valuable performers poised to lift the Cup for the first time with that core led by Nathan MacKinnon, Gabriel Landeskog and Mikko Rantanen and the third time in franchise history.

                      Acquired three years ago after back-to-back playoff suspensions, he rebounded from another lengthy ban in the 2021 playoffs to rack up 87 regular-season points and 15 more in 16 games of the League Cup run. ‘Avalanche.

                      But the future 32-year-old might be one of the oddest men out there, given Colorado also has wingers Valeri Nichushkin and Andre Burakovsky and defensemen Josh Manson and Jack Johnson who will be unrestricted free agents.

                      “We know we won’t be able to sign everyone,” said Joe Sakic, who was promoted Monday from general manager to president of hockey operations. “We know that. But we have our priority, and then we’ll see. I think some players will test the market and see what’s available to them and see if they want to come back, but time will tell.

                      Here are some other interesting players who could test the market at noon EDT on Wednesday:

                      DARCY KUEMPER

                      The Colorado Cup-winning goalie won’t be back after a trade to the New York Rangers to make Alexander Georgiev the starter. Kuemper was solid, unspectacular, backing the Avalanche to the title with a 2.57 goals-against average and .902 save percentage, though that stability may be what another high-scoring contender has. need.

                      The 32-year-old could be a perfect fit for the Toronto Maple Leafs, another team looking to make the playoffs with a solid game in net. They’ve already cleared cap space by trading Petr Mrazek to Chicago and are in place to move into the most important position in hockey.

                      JACK CAMPBELL

                      Toronto’s newest starting goaltender could return or see what else there is for a 30-year-old who showed he can handle the load in the regular season and succeed in the playoffs.

                      Campbell as recently as the first round in 2021 posted a 1.81 GAA and .934 save percentage, which wasn’t enough to help Toronto progress, but with the right amount of points. Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl and the Edmonton Oilers would be able to provide that, and Campbell is an upgrade from boom-or-bust 40-year-old Mike Smith.

                      EVGENI MALKIN

                      Sidney Crosby’s 16-year-old Batman Robin is a superstar in his own right like Scottie Pippen was to Michael Jordan with the NBA’s Chicago Bulls in the 1990s. The big question now is whether 36-year-old Malkin , will stay with the Pittsburgh Penguins or flee for a new opportunity.

                      A person familiar with the decision said Malkin opted to jump into the free agent market and see what his options were. The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Monday because neither Malkin nor the Penguins have announced plans to test the waters in free agency.

                      Penguins general manager Ron Hextall predicted last week to strike a deal with defenseman Kris Letang soon and a day later finalized a six-year, $36.6 million deal. In the same breath, Hextall said talks with Malkin were on a different level — further from a sure thing.

                      Malkin scored one point per game last season after returning from right knee surgery.

                      JOHN KLINGBERG

                      In a free agent class far ahead and shallow on the blue line, Klingberg is by far the best defender available.

                      The Dallas Stars knew before the trade deadline that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to re-sign Klingberg before free agency began. Just last week, general manager Jim Nill acknowledged that the soon-to-be 30-year-old Swede will speak to other teams as each team assesses what is best going forward.

                      Klingberg is a coveted right-handed defenseman who can run a power play and skate long minutes. The seven-year, $63 million deal Dougie Hamilton signed a year ago with the New Jersey Devils is a good comparison.

                      CLAUDE GIROUX

                      The longtime Philadelphia Flyers captain who joined the Florida Panthers at the deadline helped them reach the second round of the playoffs, but the Presidents’ Trophy winners were then swept in the second round by the Lightning from Tampa Bay. Giroux chose Florida as the destination because of the no-move clause in his contract, and he could return even if nothing is signed until Wednesday.

                      Another option is to go close to home and join the Ottawa Senators, who are moving from rebuilding to the early stages of the competition and showed it by acquiring winger Alex DeBrincat from the Chicago Blackhawks. Giroux hails from Hearst, Ont., and would be exactly the kind of veteran the Senators’ young core needs to lead the way to victory.


                      Follow AP Hockey writer Stephen Whyno on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SWhyno


                      More AP NHL: https://apnews.com/hub/NHL and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

                      Dolphins star Tyreek Hill visits UAlbany for soccer camp


                      All-Pro wide receiver Tyreek Hill, recently traded to the Miami Dolphins, brought his world-class hands and speed to the University of Albany on Saturday for a youth football camp with more than 150 local young athletes.

                      The event was presented by Crowned Elite Sports, which markets itself as a competitive sports organization that is “committed to presenting top-level competition while providing a great experience”.

                      The history of Team GB >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News

                      The history of Team GB >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News

                      Royal Yachting Association race director Ian Walker hopes a new documentary on the British sailing team will shatter elite stereotypes of the sport.

                      The feature film ‘Chasing Tokyo’ follows Walker and his charges as they prepare for Tokyo 2020, an Olympic Games thrown into uncertainty by COVID.

                      It also highlights some of the brightest figures in British sailing who come from a variety of backgrounds, all determined to carry on their country’s sparkling heritage in the sport.

                      “I think the perception a lot of people have of sailing is that it’s incredibly elite and that’s just not the case when you look at our athletes on the Olympic team,” said the two-time Olympic medalist who will move from the RYA to North Sails. on August 1, 2022.

                      “And I think you can really see the context and start to understand, sometimes it’s quite grim in terms of the pressure athletes are under, which I’m sure is true in many other sports.

                      “I like to drive home the idea, there were real people working incredibly hard, not getting the rewards, in fact the complete opposite, of what you get in other sports.

                      “But what we get from sailing is something very different from the fact that we get a very rich experience, in terms of knowledge and teamwork, resilience, and dealing with weather, challenges and boat technology.

                      “And you get the most out of your teammates, even if you’re on your own, working with all the different people who contribute to your performance.

                      “So that’s one of the reasons why I really want my children to go sailing. Not because I want them to necessarily win gold medals, but because it’s so good for their personal development and for their characters.

                      “I think sailors are generally incredibly well-rounded people who I think are then very well placed to move into other areas of life.”

                      Team GB finished top of the sailing medal table with three golds, one silver and one bronze each at Tokyo 2020. The film will be released on July 28 on Olympics.com. To watch the trailer, click here.

                      Source: https://www.leighjournal.co.uk/

                      Superior Group of Companies An


                      SEMINOLE, Fla., May 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Superior Group of Companies, Inc. (SGC), is pleased to announce that the Company’s Board of Directors has appointed Michael Koempel as Chief Financial Officer (Chief financial) of the Company, as of May 31, 2022.

                      Koempel, with over 30 years of financial experience, has an impressive track record of building and scaling high-growth apparel and retail brands. Most recently, Koempel was COO of IT’SUGAR®one of the largest specialty candy retailers in the United States. Prior to that, Koempel served as COO of Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, a multi-billion dollar online and in-store retailer specializing in lingerie and apparel, from April 2017 to August. 2020, and Chief Financial Officer of Mast Global, which is the supply chain division of L Brands Inc. (now named Bath & Body Works®) from 2007 to 2017, among other positions. Koempel holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Dayton and is a certified public accountant (currently inactive).

                      Koempel will report directly to SGC Chairman and CEO Michael Benstock.

                      “We are very pleased to welcome Mike to SGC,” said Benstock. “Mike brings with him excellent leadership and team building skills, honed in companies that have enjoyed substantial success while he was part of their senior management. His vast experience both overlaps and complements our current activities. We look forward to leveraging Mike’s knowledge and passion to grow SGC. »

                      Koempel said: “I am fully aware of the responsibility SGC has given me as the financial manager of such a legendary but still evolving company. SGC is ready to convert its strategic initiatives, and I look forward to helping drive that growth. It is never easy to take over from a long-serving and successful executive, but knowing that Andy has chosen me as his successor and having him stay with the company for the short term will help smooth the transition.

                      Along with Koempel’s hiring comes the announcement that Andrew D. Demott, Jr. will step down as Chief Financial Officer, effective May 31, 2022, but will remain with the company as Chief Financial Officer. operation and as an administrator. Demott intends to retire as an employee in 2023.

                      SGC CEO Michael Benstock said: “Andy has been a very important part of SGC’s success over the past 24 years. While I am professionally and personally saddened that Andy is retiring as an employee in 2023, I am pleased to know that Andy will remain with the Company as Chief Operating Officer for a period of time, and that his handpicked replacement is ready to hit the ground running.

                      Demott went on to add, “I have had no greater professional love than being an employee of SGC. It has truly been a privilege to work alongside Michael, our Board of Directors and the rest of the SGC team for decades. I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished and of the lives of many employees, shareholders, customers and other constituents on whom we have had a positive impact. The decision to retire is never easy to make. It’s all the easier to know that the Company’s financial leadership is in good hands; I’m excited to see where Mike’s vision, energy, preparation and passion will take SGC in the years to come.

                      AAbout Superior Groupp by companotthat is to say invs. (SCG):

                      Superior Band ohfCohmpanything, formerly Superior Uniform Group, established in 1920, is a combination of companies that help customers unleash the power of their brands by creating extraordinary brand experiences for employees and customers. It provides personalized support to each of its divisions thanks to its shared services model.

                      fashion seal® and VSReso IDyourace are iconic medical apparel divisions of Superior Group of Companies, Healthcare. Each is a leading US provider of caregiver uniforms and image apparel. They specialize in innovative uniform program design, global manufacturing and state-of-the-art distribution. Every day, more than four million Americans come to work wearing a uniform from Superior Uniform Group, Healthcare.

                      BAMKO®, Tangerine Specials®, Public identity®Gifts by DesignSutter’s Mill Specialties and Guardian productsare promotional products and trademarks of Superior Group of Companies. They provide unique custom branding, design, sourcing and marketing solutions to some of the world’s most successful brands.

                      HPI® is Superior Group of Companies Employee Identification Branded Uniform Division. HPI is one of our nation’s largest and most respected designers, manufacturers and fulfillment companies. More than two million people walk to work every day wearing HPI uniforms.

                      Office gurus® is a global provider of personalized call and contact center support. A true strategic partner, The Office Gurus implements customized solutions for its clients to accelerate their growth and improve their customers’ service experiences.

                      SGC’s commitment to service, technology, quality, and value-added benefits, along with its financial strength and resources, provides unparalleled support for the diverse needs of its customers while adopting a “Customer Driven” approach. first, every time! philosophy and culture in all its sectors of activity.

                      Visit wwww.superiorgroupohcompanys.vsohm for more information.


                      Keith Hernandez still impressed with Mets jersey retirement


                      Keith Hernandez is still absorbing it all in six months after receiving a phone call from Mets owner Steve Cohen that the organization would retire its No. 17 in a ceremony at Citi Field on July 9.

                      Time hasn’t changed his perspective and the excitement he has ahead of his special day.

                      “Well, I’m a big procrastinator. I didn’t work this week and I had my family. It’s been pushed a little bit as each day gets closer, you realize that,” Hernandez said in a press conference ahead of Saturday afternoon’s game at Citi Field. “I gave my speech this morning. I am a big procrastinator. I woke up, I think, at 8 in the morning, had a coffee, then sat for about an hour and gave the speech. It will hit me when I get there today. I just drove up right now and I see all the number 17 jerseys there, which is kind of touching and nice.

                      The Mets retired Hernandez’s No. 17 ahead of Saturday’s game against the Miami Marlins in an emotional on-field ceremony before a packed house. Hernandez’s wife, daughters, Jesse, Melissa and Mary, and brother, Gary, were on hand to honor his legacy.

                      Former teammates from the 1986 team – Mookie Wilson, Tim Teufel and Ron Darling – were in attendance as well as former Mets great and Hall of Famer Mike Piazza.

                      Hernandez gave a touching speech, thanking his former teammates, family and friends, while recounting his career in New York. He threw the honorary first pitch.

                      Hernandez is only the fourth Mets player to have his number retired and the seventh overall, joining Jerry Koosman (#36), Tom Seaver (#41) and Mike Piazza (#31). The Mets also retired manager Gil Hodges’ No. 14, manager Casey Stengel’s No. 37 and Jackie Robinson’s No. 42.

                      It’s the second number in as many years the Mets have retired with Koosman honored last August. Cohen prioritized the history of the Mets, which celebrate their 60th year this season.

                      The theme for the day was Hernandez, whose name, image and number were prominently displayed throughout the stadium, including the scoreboard and digital displays. The number 17 was carved into the grass at center field and a large illustration of Hernandez playing first base covered home plate. Mets players wore a No. 17 crest on their jerseys, and the first 25,000 fans received a Bobblehead from Hernandez.

                      The organization presented Hernandez with several gifts, including a one-of-a-kind mosaic of his likeness made up of more than 6,000 of his various baseball cards.

                      The first captain in franchise history, Hernandez ranks among the best to wear a Mets uniform and is considered one of the greatest first basemen in major league history.

                      During his seven-year stint at Queens (1983-1989), the southpaw won the Rawlings `Gold Glove award every year except his final season. He won a Silver Slugger award in 1984 and led New York to its second World Series title in 1986.

                      He is second in Mets history with a .297 ERA and fourth in club history with .387 on-base percentage and his 468 RBI ranks 10.e.

                      “It’s certainly a great honour. He’s started a last-place team for about six years since the infamous Tom Seaver trade. I come here from a world championship side after a troubling 1983 season and I’m really soaked up all the culture of the New York Mets But then Spring Training in 1984 and in 10 days I realized I was surrounded by a great group of talented young players and everything Frank Cashen told me the day I was traded that we think we’re ready to move up. We hadn’t wasted our draft picks. Everything was there for me to see in spring training.

                      Hernandez finished second in MVP voting in 1984 after hitting 15 homers, 94 RBIs and 83 .311 runs at bat. The following year, the Mets missed the playoffs despite winning by 97 games. Hernandez posted a .309 team average with 10 home runs and 91 RBIs. He finished fourth in MVP voting in 1986.

                      “When I think of Keith, I probably think of defense. He was one of those guys who could provide what the team needed that day. He was a guy you could hit and run with. He could hit the ball off the ball. I tend to watch and listen to teammates a lot about playing with him. Keith made his teammates better,” Mets manager Buck Showalter said. “We talk a lot in the offseason about players and acquisitions. One of the criteria you look at is whether they improve their teammate. It’s not a question of what they say, but sometimes it’s is just their actions and the karma they create around the club because of who they are and the way they choose to conduct their business professionally.As a manager you are looking for things you can count on every day You can count on Keith every day.

                      Hernandez was inducted into the New York Mets Hall of Fame in 1997 and was voted Mets All-Time First Baseman by fans on the team’s 40th anniversary in 2002.

                      Prior to joining the Mets, Hernandez played nine seasons with St. Louis where he won five Gold Gloves and was named to the All-Star team in 1979 and 1980. In 1979, Hernandez shared the player award most valuable in the National League with Willie of the Pirates. Stargell after leading the league with an average of .344, 48 doubles and 116 points. He led St. Louis to the World Series title in 1982.

                      In 17 Big League seasons, Hernandez batted .296 with 2,182 hits, 162 homers and 1,071 RBI. He batted over .300 seven times in his career and led the National League in runs scored (1979 and 1980), batting average (1979), doubles (1979), on-base percentage (1980) and the steps (1986) during his career. Hernandez won 11 Gold Glove awards for his first base defense, setting a Major League record for the position that still stands.

                      He signed with the Cleveland Indians for the 1990 season and played in just 43 games, batting .200 with one homer and eight RBIs. He retired at the end of the season.

                      “Another thing is that my perspective of the game for so long has been in the booth watching the action with Gary [Cohen] and Ron [Darling]. You lose perspective when you walk on the field in front of a packed house,’ said Hernandez, who served as the Mets color commentator on broadcasts with Gary Cohen and former teammate Ron Darling. “Before, it was commonplace every day when you were playing. You would go to the game, look up in the fifth inning and say, ‘Oh my God, it’s a full house. You would be so used to playing in front of so many people.

                      “I will definitely look around and it will be a different perspective. It will be like old times, but I will be in a suit instead of a uniform.”

                      Email: [email protected]

                      Twitter: @ngantaifis1

                      PHINSIDER RADIO | What should fans expect from Miami Dolphins cornerback Noah Igbinoghene in 2022? – Miami Dolphins Podcast by SBNation


                      Jake and Josh are back with a new episode of SBNation’s Phinsider Radio: The James and Josh Spectacle. In this episode, Jake and I jump into Chapter 4 of our critically acclaimed NURSERY book club to discuss Miami Dolphins cornerback Noah Igbinoghene.

                      Want to listen to the latest episode of Phinsider Radio? Click the play button below!

                      IN THIS EPISODE:

                      First, Jake and I dive into Noah Igbinoghene’s college numbers and discuss what made him a first-round pick in the first place. (Spoiler alert: Athleticism) Then we try to figure out how many excuses we can come up with for why he struggled through his first two seasons and how he might fit into Josh Boyer’s defense during the third year. The most painful, however, is when we realized which players were available when the Dolphins were on the 30 draft pick in 2020. NFL Draft. And let’s just say, #TheTruthHurts.

                      We also break down Igbinoghene’s comments on the one-on-one against Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill.

                      To power against them, a lot of receivers aren’t as good as them. Their speed and the way they catch the ball and stuff like that, just to be able to go against them is a blessing to have them on my team.

                      approaching every day, just to get better every day. And be present on that day and don’t worry about the past or the future. As you said, the last two years have been difficult for me. So don’t worry about all this, don’t worry about my future. Just take today and care about today and focus on today and improve today. Take that same plan and that same routine, bring it to tomorrow, and do the same thing too.

                      And his comments on Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison…

                      “I love them, especially I feel like there’s definitely a lot of experience in the room. I’m not saying there weren’t last year, but these guys played the position and they played at a high level. Just to be able to learn – they are also excellent teachers. I am lucky to be able to learn from them.

                      Finally, Jake and I discuss how new coaching staff – like Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison – could impact Igbingohene. Can they help him take his game to the next level? We also discuss this Philadelphia Eagles WR DeVonta Smith had to say about the former first-round pick, his transition from wide receiver to safety, Brian Flores’ time at Auburn, and much more!

                      What do you think of Noah Igbinoghene? How do you think he fits into Miami’s defense this season? Will he get a chance to show his skills this coming season? Can he push Nik Needham to the nickel? Let us know in the comments section below!

                      Gear up like a local: Summit County stores make getting outdoors easy and accessible

                      After renting a bike from Breckenridge Ski & Sport, a cyclist rides a trail in Breckenridge. Breckenridge Ski & Sport rents its bikes by the day rather than by the hour.
                      Breckenridge Ski & Sport / Courtesy Photo

                      Summer in Summit County means more than cool breezes and great beers, it’s also a time for outdoor activities like camping, biking, hiking, and swimming.

                      For many visitors – and some residents – the equipment needed to participate in these activities is hard to come by. From renting e-bikes, paddle boards, and camping gear, these Summit County businesses have everything a person could need.

                      Breckenridge Skiing and Sports

                      8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily; 970-368-4540; 116 Huron Road and 411 S. Main St., Breckenridge; BreckenridgeSkiAndSport.com

                      In winter, Breckenridge Ski & Sport on Huron Road is often bustling with cyclists, new and experienced, equipped with skis, snowboards, helmets and poles. In the summer, the store changes gear and offers bike rental for those looking for a new adventure.

                      Unlike many outfitters in the area, Breckenridge Ski & Sport rents its bikes by the day rather than by the hour, spokesman Abner Ruiz said. This allows riders to spend more time riding for less money.

                      The store has a wide selection of bikes that are suitable for people of all skill levels, Ruiz said. Some of the options include electric bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and comfort bikes that allow for a relaxed ride throughout the community.

                      It’s important for people to be aware of their comfort level before renting bikes, Ruiz said. Breckenridge Ski & Sport staff are on hand to answer questions and suggest runs based on experience level.

                      “If they’re going downhill mountain biking, the Breckenridge Bike Park has options for beginners, but it can still be quite dangerous and there’s still a lot of risk,” Ruiz said.

                      People who are unsure of their skill level or experience can always seek advice from store employees, Ruiz added.

                      In addition to bike rentals, Breckenridge Ski & Sport offers shuttles to and from Boreas Pass. Shuttles are an additional $15.

                      A customer browses inventory at Breckenridge Ski & Sport. The store offers a wide selection for all levels.
                      Breckenridge Ski & Sport / Courtesy Photo

                      Pioneer Sports

                      9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily at both locations; 970-668-3668, 842 N. Summit Blvd., Frisco; and 970-468-1632, 191 Blue River Parkway, Silverthorne; PioneerSportsColorado.com

                      As with Breckenridge Ski & Sport, Pioneer Sports offers bike rentals from its Frisco location on Summit Boulevard.

                      Store manager Brent Ford said Pioneer rents bikes for people of all skill levels. Ford recommends people who aren’t used to cycling at high altitudes opt for an e-bike, which allows people to ride up to 20 miles per hour.

                      Ford said Pioneer Sports has worked in recent years to diversify its offerings beyond ski and bike rentals. The store is one of the only locations in Summit County to carry disc golf supplies.

                      People can choose from a selection of 400 records for sale and rent at the store’s Frisco and Silverthorne stores. Store staff members play the sport regularly themselves and can recommend golf and disc golf courses. Pioneer Sports is also host to the Frisco Monday Night Disc League, which starts at 6 p.m. in the summer and is free.

                      “We’re definitely going to be the county’s benchmark for disc golf,” Ford said. “Really no one else has that many records.”

                      This summer, Pioneer Sports also began offering paddle board rentals from its Frisco location. Guests can rent paddle boards to use on the Dillon Reservoir.

                      Additionally, the store offers camping gear, including isobutane canisters, tents, and sleeping bags.

                      For people who want to play traditional sports, the Pioneer Sports store in Silverthorne sells a wide selection of equipment for football, basketball, tennis, baseball and softball. Ford said it worked to expand the store’s offering after seeing the need for more sporting goods options in Summit County.

                      “Instead of someone having to go to Denver or jump online and order two or three different sized cleats for their kid, … they can come to the store and try on cleats on the spot,” Ford said.

                      rebel sports

                      8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily; 970-668-2759, 220 Main St., Frisco; 970-485-6167, 1121 Dillon Dam Road, Frisco; and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily; 970-968-2408, 214 Ten Mile Circle, Copper Mountain; RebelSkiAndBike.com

                      People who go to Rebel Sports for their bike rental will see 20 years of service in action.

                      The ski and bike rental shop offers a wide range of options, including comfort bikes, hybrid bikes, children’s bikes, Weehoo bike trailers, full suspension mountain bikes, trail bikes and bikes road, said store manager Bob Hufnagel.

                      With such a wide selection, Hufnagel said people of all skill levels can find what they need. The store has a shuttle to and from Vail Pass, and store employees often recommend people use comfort bikes, hybrid bikes, and kids’ bikes to ride this trail.

                      For more advanced riders, Hufnagel recommends mountain or road bikes.

                      All Rebel Sports bikes are rented by the hour, Hufnagel said. People who choose to rent from Rebel Sports will benefit from two decades of expertise in the bicycle business. Store employees can recommend the best trails as well as the best bikes to ride them.

                      “We’ve been here a long time, and our inventory is definitely more specific to customer needs than we see here,” Hufnagel said.

                      Breckenridge Ski & Sport staff help customers choose the bike that’s right for them. People who are unsure of their skill level or experience can always seek advice from store employees.
                      Breckenridge Ski & Sport / Courtesy Photo

                      This story previously appeared in the Summer 2022 edition of Explore Breckenridge & Summit County magazine.

                      RYU WILL BE PRESENTING SPONSOR O


                      VANCOUVER, BC, May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – RYU Apparel Inc. (TSXV: RYU) (OTCQB: RYPPF) (FWB: RYA) (“RYU“or the”Company“), creator of award-winning urban sportswear, is pleased to announce that as Canada Skateboard’s Official Performance Apparel Supplier, they will be a Presenting Partner of the CBC series Keep Pushing.

                      Created in collaboration by Canada Skateboard and Société Radio-Canada, the second season of Keep Pushing, a documentary series highlighting the skateboarding culture and community in Canada set to launch on CBC GEM later this year!

                      As Presenting Sponsor, RYU, whose brand and products focus on movement, creation, exploration and discovery, complementing active lifestyle apparel for skateboarders, will be represented throughout the series. .

                      Said Hagan McCreathExecutive Director, Canada Skateboard, “CBC’s Keep Pushing series is the perfect platform for skateboarders to share their stories. Everyone will connect with these behind-the-scenes, real-life, insights into skateboarding in Canada.”

                      “RYU’s collaboration with Canada Skateboard’s National Team Olympic Uniforms and “Progression Session” training camps provide a perfect fit for both organizations as well as the Keep Pushing Series. We are absolutely thrilled to support these amazing athletes and of course to share inspiring stories.” Say CEO of RYU Cesare Fazari

                      About RYU Clothing

                      RYU Apparel (TSXV: RYU, OTCQB: RYPPF), or Respect Your Universe, is an award-winning brand of urban athletic apparel and accessories designed for active lifestyles. Designed without compromise for fit, comfort and durability, RYU exists to facilitate optimal human performance. For more information, please visit the RYU website at: http://ryu.com

                      Disclaimer of Forward-Looking Statements

                      Neither TSX Venture Exchange Inc. nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of TSX Venture Exchange Inc.) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. Press.

                      This press release contains forward-looking information that involves various risks and uncertainties regarding future events. Such forward-looking information may include, but is not limited to, statements based on current expectations involving a number of risks and uncertainties and are not guarantees of RYU’s future performance. There are numerous risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results and RYU’s plans and objectives to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking information, including: (i) adverse market conditions resulting in RYU’s inability to raise the necessary funding to enter into and make payments under the proposed definitive agreements; (ii) RYU’s failure to obtain necessary approvals with respect to the proposed arrangements, including approvals necessary to issue the RSUs; and (iii) the inability to restructure and transform its business as needed. Actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in this information. These written and oral forward-looking statements and all subsequent forward-looking statements are based on management’s estimates and opinions as of the dates they are made and are expressly qualified in their entirety by this notice. Except as required by law, RYU does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.

                      View original content to download multimedia: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ryu-to-be-presenting-sponsor-of-canada-skateboards-keep-pushing-docu-series-is-back -on-board-with-cbc-301542131.html

                      SOURCE RYU Clothing Inc.

                      Tracking Every First-Round Pick – NBC 6 South Florida


                      2022 NHL Draft: Tracking every first-round pick originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

                      The best young hockey players in the world are ready to take the big stage.

                      The 2022 NHL Draft will take place over two days, starting Thursday with the first round and continuing Friday with rounds 2-7. The Montreal Canadiens had the best selection overall and were able to qualify at their local arena, the Bell Center.

                      After Montreal, the New Jersey Devils, Arizona Coyotes, Seattle Kraken and Philadelphia Flyers complete the top five. A total of 23 teams entered the draft with a first-round pick, but organizations can still make deals to acquire a first-rounder in 2022. Just look at the Chicago Blackhawks, who acquired the seventh overall pick in part of a trade comeback after sending Alex DeBrincat to the Ottawa Senators on Thursday afternoon.

                      Here’s the full list of Thursday night’s draft order and all first-round selections in the 2022 NHL Draft:

                      First round

                      1. Montreal Canadiens: Juraj Slafkovsky, AG, TPS (FIN)
                      2. New Jersey Devils: Simon Nemec, D, Nitra (SVK)
                      3. Arizona Coyotes: Logan Cooley, C, USA U-18 (NTDP)
                      4. Seattle Kraken: Shane Wright, C, Kingston (OHL)
                      5. Philadelphia Flyers: Cutter Gauthier, LW, USA U-18 (NTDP)
                      6. Columbus Blue Jackets (from CHI): David Jiricek, D, Pilsen (CZE)
                      7. Chicago Blackhawks (from OTT): Kevin Korchinski, D, Seattle (WHL)
                      8. Detroit Red Wings: Marco Kasper, C, Rogle (Sweden)
                      9. bison sabers: Matthew Savoie, C, Winnipeg (WHL)
                      10. Anaheim Ducks: Pavel Mintyukov, D, Saginaw (OHL)
                      11. Arizona Coyotes (from SJ): Conor Geekie, C, Winnipeg (WHL)
                      12. Columbus Blue Jackets: Denton Mateychuk, D, Moose Jaw (WHL)
                      13. Chicago Blackhawks (from MON via NYI): Frank Nazar, C, USA U-18 (NTDP)
                      14. Winnipeg Jets: Rutger McGroarty, RW, USA U-18 (NTDP)
                      15. Vancouver Canucks: Jonathan Lekkerimaki, AD, Djurgarden (SWE)
                      16. Buffalo Sabers (from VGK): Noah Ostlund, C, Djurgarden Jr. (SWE)
                      17. Nashville Predators: Joakim Kemell, RW, JYP (END)
                      18. Dallas Stars: Lian Bichsel, D, Leksand (SWE)
                      19. Minnesota Wild (from LA): Liam Ohgren, AG, Djurgarden Jr. (SWE)
                      20. Washington Capitals: Ivan Miroshnichenko, AG, Omskie Krylia (RUS)
                      21. Pittsburgh penguins: Owen Pickering, D, Swift Current (WHL)
                      22. Anaheim Ducks (from BOS): Nathan Gaucher, C, Quebec (QMJHL)
                      23. St. Louis Blues: Jimmy Snuggerud, RW, USA U-18 (NTDP)
                      24. Minnesota Wild: Danila Yurov, RW, Magnitogorsk (RUS)
                      25. Chicago Blackhawks (from TOR): Sam Rinzel, D, Chaska (HS-MIN)
                      26. Montreal Canadiens (from CGY): Filip Mesar, RW, Poprad (SVK)
                      27. San Jose Sharks (from ARI via CAR and MTL): Filip Bystedt, C, Linkoping (Sweden)
                      28. Buffalo Sabers (of the FLA): Jiri Kulich, C, Karlovy Vary (CZE)
                      29. Arizona Coyotes (from EDM): Maveric Lamoureux, D, Drummondville (QMJHL)
                      30. Winnipeg Jets (from NYR): Brad Lambert, C, Pelicans (FIN)
                      31. Tampa Bay Lightning: Isaac Howard, LW, USA U-18 (NTDP)
                      32. Edmonton Oilers (from ARI via COL): Reid Schaefer, LW, Seattle (WHL)

                      Dolphins announce 2022 training camp schedule


                      MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA. – Excitement is building ahead of the Miami Dolphins’ 2022 season.

                      With a new head coach in Mike McDaniel, a new Pro Bowl wide receiver in Tyreek Hill and young quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, not to mention one of the best defenses in the NFL, the Dolphins hope to be one of the best teams in the AFC.

                      The Dolphins announced the team’s 2022 training camp schedule on Thursday, giving fans the chance to see the Fins in action as they fight for roster spots and prepare for the season. coming.

                      All public practices are held at the Baptist Health Training Complex in Miami Gardens, right next to Hard Rock Stadium.

                      Additionally, the Dolphins will host two joint practices with the Philadelphia Eagles on August 24 and 25.

                      Tickets for the training camp are free, but must be reserved in advance. The website to collect tickets can be found by click here.

                      A d

                      According to the Dolphins, “This year’s training camp will include theme days, food trucks from local and minority-owned restaurants, fan festivities and the garage sale to benefit the Miami Dolphins Foundation.”

                      The full training camp schedule can be viewed below:

                      Saturday July 30 – 10:25 a.m.

                      Tuesday, August 2 – 10:25 a.m.

                      Wednesday August 3 – 10:25 a.m.

                      Friday August 5 – 10:25 a.m.

                      Saturday August 6 – 10:25 a.m.

                      *Sunday August 7 – 10:25 a.m.

                      Wednesday, August 24 – To be determined

                      Thursday, August 25 – To be determined

                      *only season seat owners

                      Copyright 2022 by WPLG Local10.com – All rights reserved.

                      Best Camping Trailers for Backcountry Adventures


                      Deckers Brands appoints Anne Spangenberg as President of Fashion Lifestyle


                      GOLETA, Calif., July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Deckers Brands (NYSE: DECK), a global leader in the design, marketing and distribution of innovative footwear, apparel and accessories, today announced the appointment of Anne Spangenberg as President of Fashion Lifestyle, effective July 11, 2022. Spangenberg will be part of the management team, reporting directly to Dave PowersCEO and President of Deckers Brands.

                      Spangenberg has a long track record as a global leader and strategic brand builder, most recently serving as Global Vice President of Merchandising for Nike, Inc. She will lead Deckers’ Fashion Lifestyle brands, including UGG and Koolaburra, putting the focus on product diversification, consumer adoption and evolution of franchises in a tightly managed omnichannel marketplace.

                      “The UGG brand is currently in its strongest position, which will only be strengthened by Anne’s appointment,” Powers said. “Anne is a proven industry leader who has played a significant role in building and transforming merchandising functions across categories, channels and markets. Above all, she brings to Deckers an innate understanding of the consumer and the ability to effectively execute a strategy in alignment with the I am proud of the great work of the UGG team and look forward to working with Anne to accelerate brand growth, improve customer experience and continue to progress towards our goals over the next few years.”

                      “I am thrilled to take on the role of President of Fashion Lifestyle and lead an incredible team of passionate individuals fueled by collaboration and creativity,” said Spangenberg. “With significant opportunities ahead for UGG, I look forward to leading this already extremely successful business to its next level of growth. The brand’s unique combination of strong consumer demand, loyal and expanding customer base and ability to innovate both new and existing franchises gives me confidence in our ability to further elevate UGG through disciplined and strategic global market management while building on exciting levels of global brand heat.”

                      About Deckers Brands

                      Deckers Brands is a global leader in the design, market and distribution of innovative footwear, apparel and accessories developed for casual everyday wear and high performance activities. The Company’s brand portfolio includes UGG®, Koolaburra®, HOKA®, Teva® and Sanuk®. Deckers Brands products are sold in more than 50 countries and territories through select department and specialty stores, company-owned and operated retail stores, and select online stores, including company-owned websites. . Deckers Brands has over 40 years of history building niche footwear brands into lifestyle market leaders, attracting millions of loyal consumers worldwide. For more information, visit www.deckers.com.

                      Forward-looking statements

                      This press release contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, which statements are subject to substantial risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements include all statements other than statements of historical facts contained in this press release, including statements regarding the future growth and success of our brands. We have attempted to identify forward-looking statements by using words such as “anticipate”, “believe”, “could”, “estimate”, “expect”, “intend”, “may”, “plan”, “predict”, “project”, “should”, “will” or “would” and similar expressions or the negative of these expressions.

                      Forward-looking statements represent our management’s current expectations and forecasts regarding trends affecting our business and our industry and are based on information available at the time such statements are made. Although we do not make forward-looking statements unless we believe we have a reasonable basis for doing so, we cannot guarantee their accuracy or completeness. Forward-looking statements involve numerous known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause our actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements anticipated, assumed or implied by the forward-looking statements. Certain of the risks and uncertainties that could cause our actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements are described in the section entitled “Risk Factors” in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended. March 31, 2022as well as in our quarterly reports on Form 10-Q and other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

                      Any forward-looking statement we make in this press release is based solely on information currently available to us and speaks only as of the date on which it is made. Except as required by applicable law or the listing rules of the New York Stock Exchange, we expressly disclaim any intention or obligation to update any forward-looking statements, or to update the reasons why actual results could differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. – forward-looking statements, whether to conform such statements to actual results or to changes in our expectations, or as a result of the availability of new information.

                      SOURCE Deckers Brands

                      Miami Dolphins Statement on Sharks Hiring of Mike Grier


                      The Grier brothers take over the sports world. The pair manage both turquoise and orange teams named after big fish – Chris, the Miami Dolphins general manager, and now Mike, the San Jose Sharks general manager.

                      As the hockey world comes together to congratulate Mike Grier on his historic standing, he also hears from his football family. Chris Grier released a statement through the Dolphins after today’s press conference in San Jose introducing Mike as the Sharks’ new general manager.

                      The statement reads as follows:

                      I am incredibly happy and proud of Mike. The San Jose Sharks organization is recruiting a man of character and integrity. He has always been respected on and off the ice by his peers. Mike will bring his work ethic and passion to the job every day. Mike understands the game, with intelligence, experience and knowledge to succeed as a GM. Our parents deserve all the credit for the way they raised us. We were very lucky to be able to watch and learn from our father, Bobby, while growing up. Congratulations to Mike and the San Jose Sharks for a great rental!

                      Mike praised his brother and father – Bobby, who also has an impressive resume as an NFL manager and coach – during today’s press conference, noting that the two had been preparing for the job “since [he] was about 10 years old.

                      Grier also described conversations at the dinner table, where his father and brother wanted to talk about hockey, while he wanted to talk about football. There were regular conversations about the affairs of the sport between them, including the tough decisions Chris made while rebuilding in Miami.

                      Mike is confident in the direction his brother has taken for the Dolphins. “He’s a contender, they have talent all over the pitch.”

                      Expect plenty of Dolphins x Sharks crossovers in the era of the Grier brothers. Congratulations to both of them for picking the teams with the best jerseys in their respective leagues.

                      AFC Ratings: Bills, Tyreek Hill, Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins, Jets



                      With credit card invoices Tre’Davious White struggling to return from injury, the remaining cornerbacks Siran Neal, Danish Jacksonand first-round pick Kaiir Elam all battling for the No. 2 spot for White’s comeback.

                      “We have a lot of young guys in the room right now, more than the older guys,” Neal said, via Dante Lasting from BuffaloBills.com. “I take all the young people under my arm at the moment. The things that I see in the movies and the things that they struggle with, I just tell them to think about it this way or that way and keep pushing. Right now it’s early in the process, so their heads are spinning, but they get the hang of it pretty quickly. And with the guys we’ve had and the guys they’ve brought in, the DB room looks good.

                      Neal is the veteran of the group and his versatility gives him a good shot at sticking to a role, whether it’s slot corner or special teams.

                      “How resilient you have to be,” Jackson said what he learned from Neal. “He bounced back with so many different positions. He’s here, he’s there, but he never wavered. He comes to work every day and that’s exactly what he does.


                      QB Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa appeared on WR Tyreek Hill‘s podcast saying he wants to elevate the team’s position in Miami.

                      “It means a lot to play for the Miami Dolphins,” Tagovailoa said, via the Miami Herald. “At one point, the city of Miami revolved around the Dolphins, because the Dolphins were really the only professional sports team that was here at any point. And then the Heat came, the Panthers came. But that’s really what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to restore the culture here in Miami.

                      Tagovailoa admitted he and Hill need to improve their chemistry ahead of the season.

                      “I don’t think it’s good enough” said Tagovailoa. “I’ve outwitted him so many times. I say it like that. I underestimated him so many times. He got people talking about how I can’t throw the ball deep.

                      “It’s Alright, Man” said Hill. “I just feel like our chemistry is gonna get there, man. It’s gonna be like 2 a.m. one night, and you’re gonna wake up. You’re gonna walk into your kitchen, and I’m gonna wash your dishes. is how our chemistry is going to be good. You’re going to say ‘what the fuck are you doing here?’ I’m going to be like ‘Man, look. I’m trying to get that chemistry and that bond together. So you know where I am on the court at all times, so if I’m running a 60-yard course and I decide to make a comeback, I just need the ball right there. Our chemistry is going to be there. Just believe that.


                      Looking for the latest NFL Insider news and rumours?

                      Be sure to follow NFL Trade Rumors on TWITTER and FACEBOOK for uncovering NFL news and rumors for all 32 teams!

                      Tour de France 2022: fourth stage – live! | Tour de France


                      The key events:

                      120km: Aaaaaaand, the peloton is back together.

                      125km: The peloton separates! Mathieu van der Poel and Pinot are briefly caught in this last group, but make up the difference. About 20 seconds apart at the moment.

                      130km to cover: The peloton is only 3min28secs behind. To recap, here’s Cort nailing that first sprint.

                      135km to cover: Regarding Gary’s tweet below, I would say that the riders are quite nervous today. The first crosswinds, the first cobbles after a big day of change from Denmark, most of these contenders will try to negotiate the dangers safely today, and leave the finish to the sprinters, most likely. It would be a high risk strategy for someone like Thomas to use this stage as a platform for an attack. But then, if that’s not something Pogacar and co expect, perhaps the reward could outweigh the risk.

                      @michaelbutler18? In the early days of Sky, that was a Brailsford thing, the misbehaving outsider ignoring the orthodox and stealing a march

                      — Gary Naylor (@garynaylor999) July 5, 2022n","url":"https://twitter.com/garynaylor999/status/1544289041390227456","id":"1544289041390227456","hasMedia":false,"role":"inline","isThirdPartyTracking":false,"source":"Twitter","elementId":"dd627f17-b561-45a7-b308-9202d1eb522c"}}'>

                      With Pogacar unbeatable without “something” happening, shouldn’t Ineos or AG2R Citroën try to force something today for Thomas or O’Connor @michaelbutler18? At the start of Sky it was a Brailsford thing, the misbehaving outsider ignoring the Orthodox and stealing a march

                      — Gary Naylor (@garynaylor999) July 5, 2022

                      137km to cover: The peloton is in its own climb on the cobbles, and it has closed the gap on the leaders to 4min45secs.

                      Cort takes the first King of the Mountains point in Kassel!

                      140km to cover: Cort is guaranteed to keep the polka dot jersey after beating Perez at the top of the first ascent! It was Perez who got into it first, but a dodgy shift, dropped bottle and sprinting technique (bum out of the saddle too soon) allowed Cort to pass him on the narrow cobbled road. .

                      141km to cover: Cort and Perez’s hands and wrists chatter as they ascend the first climb, with cobbles under their wheels. It’s only a small stretch of cobbles, but it will definitely be on every runner’s mind for tomorrow.

                      145km to cover: The lead is such that Perez, who was 5min16secs behind Wout van Aert at the start, is the virtual holder of the yellow jersey! It won’t last, however.

                      149km to cover: About six kilometers to go until the riders reach the Côte de Cassel and the first climb. The peloton descends a stretch of straight road, so very waiting. Meanwhile, the two leaders, Cort and Perez, increased their lead to six minutes and thirty seconds! Very early, however.

                      159km to cover: This stage has a bit of everything today. Some climbs, some crosswinds in play from the northwest as the riders return to the coast in the final 25km. There are even some cobblestones to help riders prepare for tomorrow’s stage, which includes 11 treacherous cobblestone sections in the final 80 kilometres. Wout van Aert, a remarkable winner of mountain, time trial and sprint stages last year, is the strongest all-rounder in the world and as the holder of the yellow jersey one would expect that whether he is there or about to finish today. I think Pogacar will probably keep the momentum going today and try to get through the next two stages unscathed.

                      167km to cover: Magnus Cort, keeper of the polka dot jersey after climbing all six category four climbs in Denmark in first position, leads an early breakaway with Anthony Perez. The peloton let them go, and fairly quickly there was a two-minute gap between the main peloton and our new leaders.

                      🚩 C'est parti !!#TDF2022 pic.twitter.com/ct4swZ0nNk

                      — Tour de France™ (@LeTour) July 5, 2022n","url":"https://twitter.com/LeTour/status/1544280460796248065","id":"1544280460796248065","hasMedia":false,"role":"inline","isThirdPartyTracking":false,"source":"Twitter","elementId":"880be550-0c72-4b6f-984d-6cbdb7b26102"}}'>

                      A rest day for all runners yesterday. Pogacar took advantage of his free time to… rap.

                      Fictitious departure

                      The runners left Dunkirk, with thousands of fans along the coastal road, which heads east before heading south towards the Côte de Cassel. It should be mentioned that there was a minute’s applause at the start line for the three victims of Sunday night’s horrific shooting in Copenhagen, which is of course the starting point of the Tour this year.


                      Welcome ! After the first three stages in Denmark, the Tour arrives in France at its northernmost end, from the port city of Dunkirk, winding inland and back towards the coast, all the way to Calais. “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat,” a famous man once said.

                      From our step-by-step guide, here’s what today’s preview has to say.

                      Stage 4: Dunkirk-Calais, 171.5km

                      Relatively short, and with a series of short, steep climbs inland from the Channel coast, this stage will be “nervous”, as the riders say, although the pattern should be familiar, with an early breakaway small team riders looking to pick up points on all five climbs. However, the last 25 kilometers along exposed roads around Cap Gris Nez could split the field if the wind blows from the northwest.

                      Stage four interactive

                      Here’s how the GC standings fall, after Monday’s rest day, with heavy favorite Tadaj Pogacar firmly in third place.

                      • 1. Wout van Aert (Bel/Jumbo-Visma) 9:01:17 a.m.
                      • 2. Yves Lampaert (Bel/Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl) +7secs
                      • 3. Tadaj Pogacar (Slo/UAE Team Emirates) +14secs
                      • 4. Mads Pedersen (Den/Trek-Segafredo) +18secs
                      • 5. Mathieu van der Poel (Ned/Alpecin-Fenix) +20secs
                      • 6. Jonas Vingeard (Den/Jumbo-Visma) +22secs
                      • 7. Primoz Roglic (Slo/Jumbo-Visma) +23secs
                      • 8. Adam Yates (GB/Ineos Grenadiers) +30 seconds
                      • 9. Stefan Kung (Swi/Groupama – FDJ Same time
                      • 10. Tom Pidcock (GB/Ineos Grenadiers) +31sec

                      Wout van Aert holds the yellow jersey, having narrowly missed stage one, two and three wins. “It’s not funny anymore,” Van Aert said on Sunday, after missing Dylan Groenewegen in the sprint.

                      An intriguing day awaits you… join me!

                      The Thickies Team Launches Merchandise That Represents Women’s Empowerment


                      Merchandise is inspired by confident plus size women and the people who support them.

                      What started as a “work for hire” experiment for Lyric Richardson & MC Jonny T (JTLR) has grown into a movement and initiative in its own right that celebrates women of all sizes and those who love them most. Originally intended as an original song for a group of models and plus-size online personalities, it didn’t take long for additional concepts to emerge and materialize into a commercial release of The Thickies; distributed by Digidi and the Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Music.

                      “The song functions as the soundtrack to the Team Thickies apparel and merchandise line. Until the release of Chubby Girl Swag last year, it had been years since we (JTLR) had released a song for celebrate the plus size community. Resources and timing have come together to make it happen. The Thickies is a sequel to last year’s song. We invite you all to the Team Thickies & Chubby Girl Swag celebration. We have soon something for men with daddy bodies. said MC Jonny T, a popular artist who helps launch Team Thickies.

                      Fatimah Mirbaha is the CEO of Team Thickies. She states that “Team Thickies represents the empowerment of women who own their strengths and the people who support them. We want to celebrate the contribution and beauty of plus-size bodies. Team Thickies is a forward-thinking brand for plus-size women and people who support their causes. We include all adults, regardless of culture or gender.”

                      Team Thickies t-shirt sizes are available up to 5XL. Other items available are tote bags, towels, backpacks, drawstring bags, sports bottles, and stickers. The upcoming fall clothing line will include sweatshirts and hoodies. For those who wish to represent the brand, Team Thickies offers an ambassador program.

                      For more details visit: https://teamthickies.com or email: [email protected]

                      For updates, follow the Thickies team on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chubbygirlswag/

                      Media Contact
                      Company Name: Team thick
                      Contact person: Media Relations
                      E-mail: Send an email
                      Town: Los Angeles
                      State: California
                      Country: United States
                      Website: teamthickies.com

                      Philadelphia Phillies pitching prospect Andrew Painter returns, outfielder Johan Rojas dazzles on star-studded weekend


                      The Philadelphia Phillies farm system had a pretty crazy weekend. Not only were there some exciting promotions, like those of Griff McGarry and Johan Rojas, but one of Philadelphia’s best arms in Andrew Painter finally made his first start since June 12.

                      His absence is due to load management constraints that were placed on the top prospect in an effort to temper his innings and workload. Painter pitched two scoreless innings for Jersey Shore on Sunday, striking out two.

                      Matt Gelb of The Athletic was also the first to report something that had been rumored since June 23, which was that top prospect Logan O’Hoppe was sidelined with a non-COVID illness.

                      Along with some big news, promotions and throwbacks, there were a host of individual performances worth highlighting this weekend, so here’s everything you missed from the Phillies farm over the weekend. July 1 to 3.

                      Other featured stories:

                      Triple-A: Donny Sands and Will Toffey will continue to have good seasons

                      As mentioned in several previous episodes, receiver Donny Sands continues to blow up the raters. The 26-year-old hit his third home run of the season on Sunday, taking his season average to a whopping .346, alongside a .951 OPS. He only punched 21 times during the season and, conversely, walked 26 times, showing strong discipline and a knack for solid contact.

                      Will Toffey, the Phillies’ minor league hitter of the month for June, is a new name in the mix, however. The infielder has a solid glove and had a massive June, hitting .338/.459/.632, while smashing his first three homers of the season.

                      Things didn’t slow down for Toffey in July either. The southpaw has worked seven hits in his first three games of the month and continues to show a knack for getting on base.

                      Once a fourth-round pick, Toffey was traded to the Phillies from the San Francisco Giants in exchange for utility Luke Williams, who now resides with the Miami Marlins.

                      While Toffey doesn’t have a similar value to Sands, it will be interesting to see if either player receives interest at the early August trade deadline.

                      Double-A: Johan Rojas begins his Double-A career with a four-game hitting streak

                      Following his aggressive promotion to Reading, Johan Rojas proved he was up to the challenge, smashing five hits in his first four games.

                      The youngster also showed off his impressive gauntlet as well as his positive speed, slipping four sacks in his first four games.

                      Many have speculated that the Rojas promotion will serve as a showcase for interested parties ahead of the trade deadline. So far, it’s been easy for the top prospect, who has yet to knock on his new home, walking twice.

                      High-A: Ben Brown cuts out Wilmington

                      Following Andrew Painter’s two-run return to the BlueClaws rotation, Ben Brown followed in extra-long relief mode.

                      The impressive right-hander threw seven good innings, allowing three runs on just four hits, while striking out 10.

                      Scroll to continue

                      Brown continues on the breakout route, now sporting a 3.79 ERA on the season with a whopping 80 strikeouts in 57.0 innings. He, like many others in today’s article, will prove to be a name often mentioned before the MLB trade deadline.

                      Single-A: Luis Garcia launches Hot Rehab Start

                      After being sidelined earlier this season by injury on April 19, shortstop prospect Luis Garcia made his long-awaited return to the Phillies system this weekend, whipping out two singles, walking once and slipping a bag.

                      Garcia has been in the upper echelon of Phillies prospects for a while now, mostly due to his strong defensive toolset, as well as his knack for contact, but lack of power in the game.

                      The shortstop will likely return to Jersey Shore very soon, where he hopes to find some solid offensive results.

                      Lehigh Valley IronPigs vs. Syracuse Mets: L 4-5, W 9-5, W 7-5

                      C Rafael Marchan – 4 for 8, HR, 2B, R, RBI, BB, K

                      LHP Ryan Sherriff – 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 1 K

                      Reading Fightin Phils vs Somerset Patriots: W 7-5, W 9-6, L 3-8

                      LHP JoJo Romero – 1.0 IP, 1H, 0R, 0BB, 1K

                      RHP Francisco Morales – 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 K

                      Jersey Shore BlueClaws vs. Wilmington Blue Rocks: L 3-4, W 3-1

                      RHP Mick Abel – 6.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 4 BB, 4 K

                      OF Ethan Wilson – 3 for 8, 2 2B, R, K

                      Clearwater Threshers vs. Lakeland Flying Tigers: L 0-3, L 6-7, L 6-8

                      RHP Jean Cabrera – 4.0 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 4 BB, 4 K

                      LHP Jordi Martinez – 5.0 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 3 BB, 3 K

                      More IS Inside the Phillies:

                      1. How Mike Trout will join the Phillies
                      2. Andrew Painter makes historic start
                      3. Could the Phillies soon play at Wawa Park?
                      4. Phillies Prospect, 18, makes history
                      5. How did Philadelphia end up with Citizens Bank Park?
                      6. How the Phillie Phanatic Became America’s Favorite Sports Mascot
                      7. This unlikely draft pick could be the final piece in the Phillies’ next blockbuster trade
                      8. “The family was more nervous than him”, Stott’s relatives in their early days
                      9. Choosing the Phillies’ All-Time Single Season Lineup
                      10. Drawing comparisons to Harper, Phillies Prospect Wilson warms up

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                      Miami Dolphins cornerbacks ranked behind Xavien Howard


                      The Miami Dolphins’ best cornerback by far is Xavien Howard, but how do they rank behind him? It’s a very slim unit if we’re being honest.

                      If we’re being honest, and we were when we looked at unit depth last month, the Dolphins are pretty thin at cornerback. There is a lot of youth and inexperience but if there are positives, there are also talents with potential.

                      There’s no debating that Howard sits at the top. His play for the past few years has been near the top of the NFL and he’s shaping up to be the best player in the position statistically for Miami.

                      With Howard at number one, we can safely say that Byron Jones is number two.

                      Jones isn’t a flashy corner who gets all those big accolades and interceptions that make for the best times, but he’s still good. His calm nature makes him underrated. You don’t hear him complaining, you don’t see him throw his helmet or talk nonsense on the field. He goes out and does his job. In many ways, it’s refreshing.

                      Jones will make a few mistakes from time to time, but he’s been consistent in being good, better than good in many cases and that’s why the Dolphins have invested in him. Fans want INTs but Jones is a CB who can handle No. 2 receiver or No. 1 without worry.

                      There are 11 corners or defensive backs listed on the Dolphins roster. By the end of camp, that number will drop to about 6. Of those 11, two are rookies. Elijah Hamilton and Kader Kohou. Needless to say, they rank low given their NFL experience. Here’s how I would rank the remaining CBs.

                      • Elijah Campbell – 1 year
                      • D’Angelo Ross – 1 year
                      • Trill Williams – 1 year
                      • Noah Igbinoghene – 2 years old
                      • Keion Crossen – 4 years old
                      • Quincy Wilson – 4 years old
                      • Nik Needham – 3 years old

                      Crossen could be ranked higher, but his value to the team is more on special teams and we’ll have to see how he does as a corner. Noah Igbinoghene must have a banner year in 2022 or it will likely be his last. Miami can’t wait that long and there’s no way their 5th year option will go through.

                      Nik Needham is probably the closest player ready to step in if needed. He’s been constantly improving year on year and if he can have a good year in 2022, he’ll get a longer deal which might be overdue.

                      Despite entering his 6th season in the NFL, Wilson has only played four seasons. He has 11 starts, including one in 2020 when he was with the Jets.

                      If we look at these ranked players we can clearly see that the depth of the Dolphins is not impressive and honestly I think Williams can have a better future than three of the top four on this list only behind Needham but we need to see him more to be sure.

                      RYU ANNOUNCES APPOINTMENT – GuruFocus.com


                      VANCOUVER, BC, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – RYU Apparel Inc. (TSXV: RYU) (OTCQB: RYPPF) (FWB: RYA) (“RYU“or the”Company“), creator of award-winning urban sportswear, is pleased to welcome Robert Lelovic, CA, CPA as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFQO).

                      Mr. Lelovic brings two decades of experience building public companies in a variety of industries, from technology companies in Silicon Valley to the energy sector in Canada’s oilfields and Toronto’s financial district.

                      During his tenure as Senior Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mr. Lelovic gained extensive experience not only in the preparation and review of financial information for publicly listed companies, but also includes, but is not limited to, implementation of corporate governance practices and regulatory reporting, including prospectuses, for both CSO and SEC clients. He has overseen a wide variety of engagements including budget reviews, audits, IPOs, due diligences and special reports such as IFRS diagnostics and preparation of white papers, GAAP reconciliations and internal control reports .

                      Mr. Lelovic commented, “I am delighted to join the talented and hardworking team at RYU. As a fan of the brand and a user of their fantastic products, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to support the advancement of strategic growth plans, while executing on the financial reporting and control environment that enables management team to continue doing what they do best.”

                      In addition to appointing Mr. Lelovic as Chief Financial Officer, the Company issued a total of 7,722,000 options to purchase common shares of the Company of which 2,250,000 of the options issued were for directors and/or officers of the society. Options vest immediately and may be exercised for a period of 5 years from the date of grant at the price of $0.055 per ordinary share.

                      About RYU Clothing

                      RYU Apparel (TSXV: RYU, OTCQB: RYPPF), or Respect Your Universe, is an award-winning brand of urban athletic apparel and accessories designed for active lifestyles. Designed without compromise for fit, comfort and durability, RYU exists to facilitate optimal human performance. For more information, please visit the RYU website at: http://ryu.com

                      Disclaimer of Forward-Looking Statements

                      Neither TSX Venture Exchange Inc. nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of TSX Venture Exchange Inc.) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. Press.

                      This press release contains forward-looking information that involves various risks and uncertainties regarding future events. Such forward-looking information may include, but is not limited to, statements based on current expectations involving a number of risks and uncertainties and are not guarantees of RYU’s future performance. There are numerous risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results and RYU’s plans and objectives to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking information, including: (i) adverse market conditions resulting in RYU’s inability to raise the necessary funding to enter into and make payments under the proposed definitive agreements; (ii) RYU’s failure to obtain necessary approvals with respect to the proposed arrangements, including approvals necessary to issue the RSUs; and (iii) the inability to restructure and transform its business as needed. Actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in this information. These written and oral forward-looking statements and all subsequent forward-looking statements are based on management’s estimates and opinions as of the dates they are made and are expressly qualified in their entirety by this notice. Except as required by law, RYU does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.

                      See original content to download multimedia: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ryu-announces-the-appointment-of-robert-lelovic-as-chief-financial-officer-and-the-issuance -of-options-301560783.html

                      SOURCE RYU Clothing Inc.

                      Miami Dolphins cornerbacks Xavien Howard and Byron Jones claim the best duo in the NFL


                      The nature of competition is to find the best. In the NFL, the best team wins the superbowl. The best team of all time ends the perfect season. The best players are recognized by Pro-Bowl and All-Pro selections. The greatest players of all time are immortalized with entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (or are snubbed every year like Zach Thomas and Richmond Webb, but I digress).

                      Who is the best quarterback in the NFL? Aaron Rodgers? Tom Brady? Patrick Mahomes? Add in all-time greats like Dan Marino, Joe Montana, and Peyton Manning, and the debate only escalates as people dig into the wrong answer just because Marino never won a Super Bowl.

                      Is the greatest running back Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, Earl Campbell…the list can go on. But that’s what makes the sport and being a fan fun. Who is the best is always a discussion that can take place.

                      This week, NFL.com’s Bucky Brooks attempted to rank the best duos in every major NFL position group for 2022. The rankings, of course, are open to debate. Does the pairing of Buffalo Tickets quarterbacks Josh Allen and Case Keenum really better than Arizona Cardinals‘ Kyler Murray and Colt McCoy or Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo for the San Francisco 49ers? Where is the pairing of Mahomes and Chad Henne? Clearly the Kansas City Chiefs‘ The Mahomes/Henne duo is better than Murray/McCoy or Lance/Garoppolo.

                      See. You can always create a debate.

                      On the defensive side of the ball, there should be no debate over the best cornerback duo in the league. It is a clearly decided classification. Brooks’ second-place duo of Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters of the Baltimore Ravens and the third tandem of Jaire Alexander and Rasul Douglas from Green Bay Packers both are really good. But they’re not the special duo with the Miami Dolphins.

                      Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

                      Brooks, in acknowledging that Miami’s Xavien Howard and Byron Jones are the best pair of cornerbacks in the league, wrote:

                      The Dolphins invested heavily in the cornerback position, and it paid off with a stellar performance on the perimeters. Howard and Jones excel at man-to-man coverage systems, and the defense’s success hinges on their ability to put wides in straitjackets. Although the 28-year-old Howard is more of a ballhawk than a tight corner, the perennial Pro Bowler has mastered the art of taking the ball. Whether catching the ball on a spike or reverse pass or aggressively pausing after reading the course, the veteran has a knack for coming down with choices. The 29-year-old Jones lacks the ball skills and instinct to log huge turnover numbers, but he is a sticky defender in coverage. As a decathlete with exceptional speed and jumping ability, the veteran provides all-around coverage against WR2s on the other side of the court. With a pair of high-end corners at his disposal, third-year defensive coordinator Josh Boyer can unleash the dogs on opponents with his aggressive blitz shots.

                      NFL: Houston Texans vs. Miami Dolphins

                      Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

                      Or maybe there are areas where it is impossible to create a debate. Brooks pretty much explains the simple fact that Miami cornerbacks are the best duo in the league.

                      It is all good.

                      No debate and fan bias here.

                      College Football Recruiting Class Rankings 2023


                      Arch Manning’s commitment to Texas sent shockwaves through the college football recruiting world and helped the Longhorns enter the top 10. That momentum has since propelled them into the top five, as they landed several other commitments, including two new potential receiving targets in ESPN. 300 WR in the state Johntay Cook II and Jonah Wilson.

                      Texas’ ascent has placed the Longhorns in the thick of the battle for the No. 1 class, which is becoming increasingly intense. After grabbing headlines with its haul of three ESPN 300 receivers in as many days, Ohio State has also added some strong talent to its defensive backline with several four-star DB pickups, especially Kayin Lee.

                      These additions have put the Buckeyes on the heels of No. 1-ranked Notre Dame, who are doing their best to fend off any contenders with a pair of recent ESPN 300 commitments to OL Charles Jagusah and ATH Micah Bell, who is projecting cornerback .

                      A constant contender for the No. 1 class, Alabama began to climb the rankings, moving into the top 10. A key addition was No. 2 CB Tony Mitchell, who boasts a good mix of length, flow and speed, in- Thompson High School State Powerhouse.

                      Miami and Florida are two programs that are no strangers to the top 25, but have struggled in recent years and are both starting over with new head coaches.

                      Mario Cristobal’s return to Miami is starting to show positive results, as the Hurricanes landed several key commitments, including from one of the top QB prospects in the class in Jaden Rashada. The ESPN 300 caller from California is a balanced player with a smooth release and good arm strength.

                      Working on his first full class as head coach in Florida, Billy Napier managed to get the Gators back into the top 25 by strengthening their defense. They added a pair of ESPN 300 prospects in DE Isaiah Nixon and defensive back Sharif Denson, who has good feet and hips and brings a tough style of play to the high school.

                      ESPN 300 commits: 11 | Previous ranking: 1

                      Independent ranking: 1
                      Best Offensive Commitment: WR Braylon James (#46)
                      Best defensive engagement: OF Keon Keeley (#23)

                      The Fighting Irish have signed back-to-back top-10 classes and are not only on course to extend that streak, they are also in contention for the nation’s top class. New coach Marcus Freeman has his fingerprints in all of this class with multiple key additions on the defensive side of the ball. Keeley is a long edge defender who can be a disruptive passing presence. LB Drayk Bowen was a big pick-up in the state as Indiana’s top-rated player. The Irish have two ESPN 300 defensive back commitments in Peyton Bowen of Texas and Adon Shuler of New Jersey. There are also promising offensive talents on board, led by ESPN 300 WR James, a long vertical threat who posted a laser 4.47 40 this spring on the camp circuit.

                      All Blacks v Ireland: Auckland bars prepare for test match


                      Sydney’s Irish fans crossed the gap for the game of the year. Photo / Raphael Franks

                      Pubs are preparing in Kingsland for tonight’s game between New Zealand and Ireland.

                      They’re expecting 3-4 times more than usual, and hours before kick-off the fans are already arriving.

                      Fans sport their team colors and, so far, the green shirts are hard to spot in a sea of ​​black.

                      There is no doubt on either side who will win, but the focus is on enjoying the night.

                      A group of diehard All Blacks fans gather for pre-game drinks.  Photo / Raphael Franks
                      A group of diehard All Blacks fans gather for pre-game drinks. Photo / Raphael Franks

                      Lucia Gardner and Pascal Bousquie show their support ahead of the All Blacks test.  Photo / Raphael Franks
                      Lucia Gardner and Pascal Bousquie show their support ahead of the All Blacks test. Photo / Raphael Franks

                      All Blacks v Ireland – all you need to know

                      What’s new ?

                      All Blacks v Ireland, the opening test of a three match tour. Kick off at 7:05 p.m. at Eden Park.

                      What’s at stake?

                      The All Blacks are likely to meet either Ireland or South Africa (whom they will face in two Tests just after this series) in the quarter-finals of next year’s Rugby World Cup. So there will be a lot of tea leaves to sift after this round.

                      In a word:

                      If the All Blacks win all three matches, the streak doesn’t matter. If you lose one, we’ll shift nervously in our seats. Lose the series and it’s back to national lockdowns and 1pm briefings.

                      So, is this one of those half-baked teams that nations from the northern hemisphere send here and we score by 50 points?

                      No. Ireland are a real team – and tonight’s first test is their best chance to break another barrier, beating the All Blacks at home. They will be greatly helped by the fact that the All Blacks are often testy in their first test of the year.

                      But the length of the tour should catch up with them by the time they arrive in Wellington for the third test on July 16. Some players will need to double between midweek games against the Māori All Blacks and Saturday Tests – there are three on the bench tonight (Conor Murray, Joey Carberry and Bundee Aki) who featured in Wednesday’s loss against the Maori.

                      For the Irish, tonight is night.

                      Erin Dench, James Kilby, Amy and Abbie Dench are confident their team will make it two in a row.  Photo / Raphael Franks
                      Erin Dench, James Kilby, Amy and Abbie Dench are confident their team will make it two in a row. Photo / Raphael Franks

                      Also in game:

                      There is the much-discussed issue of the All Blacks Never Ever Losing at Eden Park. The last time the national team lost was in 1994, when Wet Wet Wet’s Love Is All Around topped the charts and a skinny, bright-eyed kid called Ian Foster played five-eights for Waikato.

                      Shape of Ireland:

                      In March, the Irish beat England 32-15 at Twickenham, finishing second in the competition thanks to a 30-24 loss to eventual winners France in Paris.

                      They have won three of the last five matches between these two teams, having never won an All Black scalp before 2016. Ten of the starters named by coach Andy Farrell were part of the team that won in Dublin last November. These guys know what it takes to beat the All Blacks, and they know how to break hoodoos.

                      Recent form of the All Blacks:

                      Let’s just try to stay optimistic, okay?

                      Who’s the referee?

                      Englishman Karl Dickson is the referee. He whistled during November’s game between the All Blacks and Italy in Rome – a match which rugby caller ZB Elliott Smith called ‘one of the worst spectacles in rugby’s recent memory’… and he saw Josh Kronfeld perform a paso doble on Dancing with the Stars.

                      Dickson has a side hustle: He’s part of Out Of The Scrum, a rugby training company that shares practice drills on its Facebook page, including a breakdown practice that feels like a more brutal version of Duck Duck Goose. Along the same lines, he used to blog about parenting issues on Baba’s website.