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Bradley Chubb wants Miami Dolphins to make throwbacks permanent


Bradley Chubb may only be here a short time, but Miami’s newly acquired outside linebacker is already calling the dolphins to make their throwback jerseys permanent.

On Monday, Chubb took to Instagram to proclaim his love for retro Miami jerseys. And as you’d expect, fans loved it. Here’s the image Chubb posted, which he of course tagged his new best friend, Jaelan Phillips.

Chubb, 26, was traded to the Dolphins before the NFL’s trade deadline. Shortly after, the two sides agreed to a new deal that would net Chubb a five-year extension worth $110 million.

The Pro-Bowl The EDGE defenseman has been a difference maker since joining the Dolphins in Week 9. This season, Chubb has 26 tackles and 5.5 sacks. However, its impact goes far behind the stat sheet.

According to ESPN’s pass-rush win rate, Chubb (28%) currently ranks third among all EDGE rushers.. The only two players who rank above him are Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons (30%) and Cleveland Browns‘ Myles Garrett (29%).

Miami has changed its logo six times in franchise history. The original logo debuted in 1966 and was modified in 1974, shortly after the Dolphins won back-to-back Super Bowls. In 1989, Miami’s logo was changed again to show a darker shade of aqua and orange.

Then, in 1997, the Dolphins completely changed their logo to “cartoon dolphin”. This logo was probably my least favorite of the bunch, although some of my favorite players sported it.

In 2013 we had the first iteration of Miami’s current logo. This logo has been referred to by many as the “Sea World” logo. Like the original logo, the team would eventually transition to darker colors in 2018. These are the jerseys we see today.


Throwbacks have long been a talking point among Miami Dolphins fans for years. I always wanted the team to go full-time back to their throwbacks. So, it’s pretty cool that it’s become a topic of discussion between the coaching staff and the players. But, unfortunately, while we want them to make a permanent change, I don’t foresee a decision being made anytime soon.

What do you think of the Miami Dolphins throwbacks? Do you agree with Bradley Chubb that they should be the main jersey? What do you think of Chubb after two games with the team? Let us know in the comments section below!

Who is the United States soccer captain for the World Cup? Tyler Adams is one of the youngest to wear an armband in USMNT history


The United States Men’s National Team has opted to play the long game to decide who will lead the troops at the 2022 World Cup.

Gregg Berhalter’s side waited until the day before their opening match to appoint a captain, a rare move in the world of international football.

The wait was worth it, though; after a team vote, industrious midfielder Tyler Adams received the armband for Qatar 2022.

It’s the latest culmination of what has been a meteoric rise for the New York native, who went from MLS teenage phenom to Premier League sword-wrecker in the space of seven years. Now the 23-year-old is adding another feather to his cap, becoming one of the youngest players to lead the Star and Stripes onto the pitch at the World Cup.

DeCOURCY: Is football the fifth major sport in the United States? The answer is quite clear

Here’s everything you need to know about Adams, the player who supplanted Christian Pulisic and Weston McKennie to win this year’s tournament skipper.

Who is the American football captain for the World Cup?

After weeks of deliberation (and a player-led vote), the results are in: the player who should wear the armband during the USMNT World Cup is Tyler Adams.

For many, Adams is the perfect embodiment of what the American football pyramid can be. Born and raised in upstate New York, Adams cut his teeth at hometown MLS club New York Red Bulls, starring in their youth teams before joining the first team at age 16.

Adams started his club career with a bang, scoring a goal against European soccer superpowers (and reigning Premier League champions) Chelsea as a teenager.

It was a fairly linear progression for Adams, who made over 80 white and red appearances. He has developed a close relationship with Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch, a relationship that will pay dividends as he moves up the football pyramid.

Adams swapped the L train for lederhosen in 2019, reuniting with Marsch at Bundesliga side RB Leipzig. He started tearing things up, mopping things up as the team’s No.6. He even scored some big goals, including this late winner to seal Leipzig’s place in the Champions League semi-finals:

Marsch eventually took his talents to the Premier League with Leeds. Adams followed, joining the Whites for a fee of £20m ($24m) in the summer. He has since become something of a cult figure in Elland Road, even earning his own vocals after a series of strong performances in the middle of the park.

MORE: MLS players in the 2022 World Cup

How old is US Captain Tyler Adams?

just 23 yearsAdams is among the youngest captains at this year’s World Cup.

He has long made history, breaking into the first team at 16 and making nearly 120 appearances for the Red Bulls and USL Championship feeder club Red Bulls II.

He made his first appearance for the USMNT in November 2017 at the age of 18, playing all 90 minutes against Portugal.

Where does American Tyler Adams play?

Adams currently occupies the midfield at Leeds Unitedsharing the field with fellow American Brenden Aaronson.

He wasn’t cheap: Leeds reportedly paid £20m ($24m) for his services. But given his versatility in the middle of the field – Adams ranks in the 76th percentile of the top five midfielders in the European league in progressive passing while showing an elite penchant for tackles and blocks (90th percentile in two categories) – this could turn out to be money well spent.

He has been part of Marsch’s first team since his arrival, taking part in 13 of Leeds’ 14 Premier League games.

Tyler Adams USA goals, caps

Ever since his breakthrough at Red Bull Arena as a youngster, Adams has been tipped for international greatness. He’s lived up to the hype so far, earning his first senior cap in 2017. Adams has picked up 31 more caps since then, playing a pivotal role in America’s CONCACAF Nations League triumph of 2020.

Adams even found the back of the net on one occasion, calmly hitting the Mexico defense in 2018.

Adams paints a posed figure in the center of the park, a stark contrast to the more combative play of fellow midfielder McKennie.

However, his positional versatility made things difficult in his Stars and Stripes debut. Tactically flexible enough to fill in at right-back and right-winger, Adams regularly lined up with DeAndre Yedlin and Shaq Moore on the flanks. The emergence of Sergiño Dest in recent years, however, has allowed Adams to fill his No. 6/natural No. 8 position, a welcome sight for Berhalter and his team as they prepare for a (potentially) long race under the sparkling Qatar sun.

Former USMNT World Cup Captains

Berhalter’s announcement cements Adams’ place in USMNT history. He becomes one of the few Americans to wear the armband during the World Cup, joining national team legends Clint Dempsey, Carlos Bocanegra and Claudio Reyna, among others.

Here is the complete list of American men who will wear the armband for the Stars and Stripes:

world Cup American captain Age
Qatar 2022 Tyler Adams 23
Brazil 2014 Clint Dempsey 31
South Africa 2010 Carlos Bocanegra 31
Germany 2006 Claudio Reina 32
South Korea/Japan 2002 Claudio Reina 28
France 1998 Thomas Doley 37
United States 1994 Tony Meola 25
Italy 1990 Mike Windischman 24
Brazil 1950 Walter Bahr/Ed McIlvenny 23/25
Italy 1934 Unknown n / A
Uruguay 1930 Tom Florie 33

Saturday Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Chubb, Rowe, D-Line and more


Saturday’s Edition of a Week-Long SI Fan Nation All Dolphins Oversized Mailbag:

From Scott Eckenrode (@snake21104):

Do you buy into the theory that the acquisition of Bradley Chubb shows a change in defensive philosophy? Prioritizing elite passers over elite cornerbacks? Our plan with Howard and Byron was always extremely fragile as it depended on both being healthy at the same time.

Hey Scott, I’m not sure it’s that complicated, especially since it was the opportunity to add an impact player to help an area that was struggling so far this season. I think the Dolphins would have just as easily jumped at the chance to acquire a top-tier cornerback if he had been made available by the trade deadline.

From Mike Small (@realmikesmall):

My question is about Eric Rowe. Have you ever found out why he was a healthy scratch a few weeks ago and if they still consider him the TE cap? I feel like he’s regressed…

Hey Mike, we specifically posed the question to Josh Boyer the next time he spoke after that Detroit game and his answer was the binding deal he had to do with the game plan and matchups. My best guess is that the Dolphins expected the Lions to throw the ball a lot and maybe they preferred Verone McKinley III for that situation and then preferred Rowe’s better tackling ability against the forward-focused attack. Bears race the following week. As for covering tight ends, hmm, I’m not sure I’m buying that. I can’t remember a tight end that really burned the Dolphins this year other than TJ Hockenson on that long pass to Detroit, and it looked like it was Jevon Holland’s responsibility.

From Aaron Roberts (@AaronCRoberts):

The Browns have one of the best O lines in the NFL, but the Dolphins D line has made them mediocre at best. Was it due to the addition of Chubb or something else?

The Dolphins were really good up front against the Browns, no doubt, but understand the strength of Cleveland’s line is guards, Joel Bitonio and Wyatt Teller. And Teller only played 11 snaps against the Dolphins due to injury issues. Then left tackle Jedrick Wills Jr., who is probably the Browns’ third-best O lineman, missed six snaps. So it was a combination of both. But the Dolphins’ inside defensive line has been very good against the run all season, so what those guys did against Nick Chubb shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

————————————————– ————————-


————————————————– ————————-

From Olive Grove Jon (@Owlizee):

Alan. The difference in having a game in progress was obvious as the teams are now trying to eliminate the dual threat of Waddle and Hill. Have the Fins reached a milestone with the racing game?

Hey OGJ I hate to use the term “turned a corner” after a breakout performance but on the other hand I believe the addition of Jeff Wilson Jr. was absolutely huge and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit by other really good rushing games from the Dolphins (even if not nearly 200 yards like against Cleveland).

From Eugenio Tallone (@Ertallone):

Hi Alain, as always thank you for your answers and for your excellent work. If you had to compare the evolution of this team between week 1 and week 10, what would be the 3 aspects that you would highlight the most?

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Hey Eugenio, hmm, that’s interesting and very difficult. I think the passing game would stand out as a point because he’s been really, really sharp the last three games. And it clearly starts with Tua, who has been playing the lights since that Sunday night game against Pittsburgh. I think the run defense has also gotten stronger and stronger, if you take out those occasional long runs. And then maybe I would go with Mike McDaniel who seems to be getting more and more aggressive in his decision-making, which to me is a sign that he’s feeling more and more confident going up front.

From Rich McQuillen (@rkmcquillen):

LG Robert Jones played pretty well against Cleveland. Do you think he has a chance of keeping this starting spot for the year? Pass blocking PFF (Cleveland) LT Terron Armstead – 61.2 LG Robert Jones – 86.8 C Connor Williams – 72.2 RG Robert Hunt – 72.0 RT Brandon Shell – 56.7.

Hey Rich, I absolutely believe everything is on the table as far as the offensive line goes, other than the big three (72, 58, 68) moving or being substituted. If I’ve learned anything about McDaniel so far I don’t think he’s about to play with a winning formula and the O line had a great game against Cleveland so I’d be shocked if that doesn’t didn’t stay the same against Houston.

From Craig M (@Dolfan2334):

How much do you think Ogbah’s injury hurts? How do you think the team will try to make up for that? If you were a bettor, do you think we’ll see Byron Jones this year?

Hey Craig, with all due respect to Ogbah, who I love as a guy and as a player, it’s not like he’s giving the Dolphins much this year so I don’t think the injury will hurt a lot. I see the Dolphins probably signing another defensive end to replace him because they’re light on the big players up front and don’t need another D tackle. I’m not a bettor (although it’s fun), but I’m inclined to think we’ll see Byron Jones at some point this year. This is only a guess, however, not based on actual information.

From Javier (@jboy1724):

Would Byron’s return propel the Dolphins to at least be AFC champions? Is there a chance Trey Flowers will return, and if so, when would he realistically return? Thanks as always! Love your work!

Thanks Javier, there is absolutely a chance that Trey Flowers will return, although it won’t happen right away. As for Jones, no, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that his return means an AFC title for the Dolphins. I’d say if he comes back and reverts to former Byron Jones, the Dolphins could challenge just about anyone in the AFC, although the Chiefs and Bills would still qualify as favorites.

From mikethewreck (@mgcroteau):

Should the fact that Houston has been really bad at defending the run this year indicate that the next game might look a lot like the last game? Should the fact that Jacoby Brissett was regularly running for big chunks against the Dolphins be of concern since he’s not the most mobile of QBs?

Hey Mike, yeah, this Houston game is going like the Dolphins can rush 250 yards, right? The Texans were so terrible against the run. But it’s like Mike McDaniel going off-script and heavy passing while the Texans focus their energy on stopping the run. As for Brissett, even though he’s not Lamar Jackson or Justin Fields, I think his jamming ability is actually very underrated. But, yes, this has been a major issue for the Dolphins and will definitely need to be addressed before the game against Buffalo.

From Dixon Tam (@DixonTam):

Now that we are past mid-season, what do you think are the three areas of position that #Dolphins have to tackle the next offseason? They corrected the attack and now they have to restock the defense. It’s CB, LB and TE for me. Your thoughts?

Hey Dixon, sold! I accept your three choices. TE’s pick would suggest you’re leaving Mike Gesicki, which certainly wouldn’t be surprising. I can’t argue with everything you had there because you can never have enough stud corners and the linebacking corps could use a versatile talent.

————————————————– ————————-

Thanks for reading. Be sure to bookmark this site and check back daily for the latest dolphin news and analysis throughout the year. Also, you can follow me on Twitter at @PoupartNFL, and that’s where you can ask questions for regular All Dolphins mailbags. You can also ask questions by emailing [email protected]

Commanders to wear helmet stickers on Sunday to honor UVA shooting victims – AthlonSports.com


Washington Commanders Helmets

A tragic Sunday night shooting at the University of Virginia claimed the lives of three football players and injured several others.

The shooter – Virginia student and former football player Christopher Darnell Jones Jr – reportedly opened fire on a busload of students returning from a school outing.

Three Cavalier football players, Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr. and D’Sean Perry were killed in the incident while two other students suffered serious injuries.

Today, Ian Rapoport announced Washington COs plan to honor Chandler, Davis Jr. and Perry by wearing three helmet decals with their college numbers during Sunday’s game against Houston.

“Sunday the #Commanders will wear three helmet decals – 1, 15 and 41 – to honor Lavel Davis Jr., D’Sean Perry and Devin Chandler, the three UVA football players who lost their lives in the recent tragic shooting,” Rapoport announced Friday .

Several NFL reporters have took note of the franchise’s posh move from Washington this Friday.

The three decal numbers – 1, 15, and 41 – can be seen on the back of each commander’s helmet in the navy blue and Virginia orange colors.

As Washington honors the victims who died on Sunday, another student faces a long road to recovery after sustaining serious injuries in the shooting.

Michael Hollins, a junior running back for Virginia, was intubated on Tuesday although he now remains in stable condition after undergoing two successful surgeries.

The Commanders kick off at 1:00 p.m. EST Sunday against Houston, while Virginia’s Saturday game against Coastal Carolina has been canceled.

Viva China: Given the improved financial performance and potential of the Clark Group, Viva China announced an increase in its indirect stake in Clark


Viva China Holdings Limited

(stock code8032.HK)

Given the improved financial performance and potential of the Clark Group, Viva China announced an increase in its indirect stake in Clark

[HK-November 18, 2022] Viva China Holdings Limited (“Viva China” or “Company”, With its subsidiariesuniformly referred to as ‘the Group’Stock code8032.HongKong announced that the Group entered into an agreement with LionRock Capital Partners QiLe LP (“LionRock”) on November 17 and conditionally agreed to purchase the remaining 49% shares of LionRock Capital Partners Qile Limited (the “Target Company”) for consideration of £110 million (equivalent to approximately HK$960.3 million). Previously, the Group held 51% of the shares of the Target Company. Following the acquisition, the Group’s stake will increase to 100%. The Target holds a 51% stake in C&J Clark (No 1) Limited (“Clark”). Upon closing of the Acquisition, the Company’s effective ownership interest in Clark Group will increase from approximately 26% to 51%.

The Group actively sought opportunities to develop its internationalized multi-brand footwear and apparel consumables business. The Council considers that,


improving financial performance and the potential of


Group, the acquisition is aligned with its business plan and offers a good

opportunity for the Group to further increase its indirect stake in Clark at a reasonable price. With the extensive management experience in the apparel industry, the Group would be able to continue to improve Clark’s financial performance, which would broaden the Group’s revenue stream and generate better returns for Shareholders.

About LionRock and Clarks

LionRock is a limited partnership incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, primarily engaged in private equity investments in consumer and sports businesses.

Clark, the parent company of a group of companies commonly known by the trading name “Clarks”, is an international footwear wholesaler and retailer headquartered in the United Kingdom.

About Viva China Holdings Limited

Viva China is a multi-brand clothing and footwear operator. Its core business includes the operation of multi-brand apparel and footwear and sports experience businesses. In addition to operating several sports destinations and a network of ice rinks, the Group is also involved in the management, service delivery and investment of the E-Sports team. At present, the company has its own luxury brand LNG, well-known brands in Hong Kong and Mainland China Bossini and bossini.X, Italian luxury leather goods brand Amedeo Testoni, international shoe brand Clarks and loungewear brand Neizhuang.

This press release has been issued by DLK Advisory on behalf of Viva China Holdings Limited.

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Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison honored by Wizards



At halftime of Friday’s game against the Miami Heat, the Washington Wizards will recognize the trio of Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison, who formed the franchise’s ‘Big Three’ from 2005-2010 and made three appearances straight in the playoffs together. The reunion, part of the team’s homecoming party as it celebrates 25 years since the Bullets became the Wizards, has been a long time coming.

Friday will mark Arenas’ first return to Capital One Arena since Feb. 4, 2011, when the three-time all-star and Wizards legend, dubbed Agent Zero during his eight seasons at DC, was greeted with “a mixture of boos and a standing ovation” seven weeks after being traded to the Orlando Magic. Arenas was should make an appearance in 2020 in DC with a different Big3 — Ice Cube’s three-on-three basketball league — but the outfit’s season was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m the only one who’s anxious right now,” Arenas, 40, said of his upcoming return during a recent interview with Butler, Jamison and former Wizards TV analyst Phil Chenier. “Oh my God, what [the fans] will you think? Am I going to get booed? I have so many emotions.

While Jamison and Butler have maintained close ties with the retired team – Jamison was named the Wizards’ professional personnel manager in 2019, and Butler, now in his third year as an assistant coach with the Heat, has was an analyst for the Wizards on NBC. Sports Washington — Arenas has been largely cut from the franchise since being traded to the Magic in December 2010, a move that came about a year after he was suspended for bringing weapons into the locker room. The infamous incident stems from an argument between Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittenton during a team robbery over a card game that went wrong and prompted new owner Ted Leonsis to clean house. Butler and Jamison were both dealt before the 2010 trade deadline.

Caron Butler co-author of a series of books for young adults

“When we looked at the history of the Wizards name, we wanted to focus on the best players to ever wear the Wizards jersey,” Monumental Sports and Entertainment chief marketing officer Hunter Lochmann said in a phone interview. “Gilbert is obviously one of them, so it was very natural that with this anniversary, it was the moment [to bring him back].”

In a team statement, Wizards General Manager Tommy Sheppard said: “Gilbert, Caron and Antawn represent a definitive era for the franchise and they deserve recognition for the excitement they generated on the field and the impact they have had in our community, both of which has led to a new generation of Wizards fans.

Arenas signed as a free agent with Washington in the summer of 2003 and helped change the fortunes of the franchise. Jamison arrived via trade with the Dallas Mavericks the following year. In the 2004-05 season, Arenas, Jamison and Larry Hughes led the Wizards to 45 wins – their most since 1979 – and their first playoff berth since 1997.

After Hughes signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers as a free agent, Washington acquired Butler in a trade with the Los Angeles Lakers. Butler came off the bench to start the 2005-06 season, but by December he had forced himself into coach Eddie Jordan’s starting lineup, and a new Big Three was born. The trio’s run ended after three first-round playoff outings — all against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Friday will be the first time Arenas, Butler and Jamison have been together in years.

“I knew when those other two guys were on the court with me, it didn’t matter if it was Boston, Miami, the Lakers, I had two other guys that were going to compete at a high level,” said Jamison, who once called Arenas the best teammate he’s ever had, Chenier said. “It’s a real friendship between the three of us.”

Despite Arenas’ concerns and some of his disgusting comments in the past, including misogynistic remarks about WNBA players, he expects a warm welcome on Friday. The scene inside Capital One Arena should also look familiar. Wizards use a classic court – designed to look like it did before the franchise changed its colors to red, white and blue in 2011 – for games where they wear the classic white, blue and bronze jerseys they introduced this season, like they will do it against the Heat.

Adding to the nostalgia of the night, the arena’s digital screens, including the scoreboard, will feature a classic look, and Blackstreet’s R&B artist and producer Teddy Riley will headline a post-match concert. The first 10,000 fans of Friday’s game will receive a Wizards hat designed by Jamison and inspired by the black and gold alternate uniforms of the Big Three era. (In an unfortunate throwback, the hat was designed in partnership with and features the logo of FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange that filed for bankruptcy this month and was previously the naming rights partner of the arena of Heat.)

“We’re really proud of how we take the classic concept and look,” Lochmann said. “When you come to a game, the shirts, the pitch, the signage, what our entertainment teams are wearing, the broadcast all look the same. You know you’re tuned or playing a classic game. It was a lot of work, but it was fun. »

The team plans to recognize additional Wizards alumni in additional comeback games throughout the season. Beloved former TV player Steve Buckhantz, who called the Wizards games for 22 years and, alongside Chenier, narrated many of the Big Three’s greatest moments, will also be celebrated at some point in the coming months. Lochmann declined to comment on whether Buckhantz will be part of Friday’s festivities, but said Buckhantz and Chenier are “integral” to Wizards history.

Wednesday Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Pass Rush, O-Line, Cold Considerations, and more


Wednesday’s Edition of an SI Fan Nation All Dolphins One-Week Oversized Mailbag:

From Steven Piper (via email):

Greetings Alain, Steve from Western MA here. Yes, a Dolphins fan on Patriots territory. I refuse to use Twitter or Facebook, so I was really happy to see an email address added recently. I read your articles every time they are posted on FanNation, you have become my favorite read because I feel you say it as you see it, good, bad or ugly, and most of the time I completely agree with your observations. My questions: 1. In light of the secondary having health issues, isn’t the defensive scheme conducive to allowing passers to get sacks? 2. Since Gesicki is more of a receiver, why aren’t the Ends using him more as a receiver than a traditional stretch? 3. (Non Ending Category) In the prodigious NFL stats categories, why aren’t there tipped ball stats for interceptions?

Hey Steve, glad we were able to find a way to get you involved with the mailbag. I probably should have gone the email route sooner. Anyway, let’s get to your questions. I certainly wouldn’t say the pattern doesn’t allow pass rushers to get sacks, although I would say a lot of the pass rush generated the previous two seasons came from those all-out blitzes that have been made possible by having two stud corners with X and Byron Jones. The system is designed for guys on the outside to get bags, be it Phillips, Ingram, Ogbah (before he went to IR) and now Chubb and it’s up to them to go home. The Dolphins aren’t fielding Gesicki at wide receiver because their offense is all about speed and he would slow things down by lining up on the outside. Finally, I couldn’t agree with you that there should be a category of tip pass stats leading to INTs. It’s not like these aren’t listed in the playbooks anyway. Good call.

From Rick Buzzell (via email):

Alain, I don’t think we’re a Super Bowl contender right now because there will come a time when we need a big kick at the end of the game and I don’t believe that much. It’s a two-year struggle, not something new. I also think defense is too inconsistent with all injuries. I do think, however, that we are finally building a team that is not far behind, but I am concerned about our ability to bring back all of our key players and role players as we continue to add to the mix. Tua, Wilkins, Hunt, to name a few. We have some bad contracts there with Jones being number 1 with no way to offload them. Will we have the salary cap space to keep this team intact over the next five years??

Hey Rick, when it comes to the salary cap, there’s usually a way. First, there is a way to offload Byron Jones for the Dolphins in 2023, and that’s with a designation after June 1, which would save $14 million in cap space (per overthecap. com). The Dolphins don’t need to do anything with Tua next offseason if they don’t want to because he’s under contract for 2023 with the fifth-year option for 2024. Wilkins will likely get a long contract term, but it can be structured in such a way that it is compatible with caps at the beginning. Same with Hunt.

From Charlie (via email):

Alain, I’ve been a fan of the Dolphins since I was 6 years old. Almost the entire existence of the team. It’s finally fun to be a Dolphins fan again. I wonder if part of the reason the defense has had a tough time over the last three games has more to do with being too predictable. I know they can’t use the deep 0 look as much because of the secondary injuries, but if we could add a few in every game they might be less predictable. What do you think? Just a quick follow-up question. Do you think the real difference might be the fact that we don’t get turnovers as often on defense?

Hey Charlie, the defense took the brunt of the injuries and those took their toll, no doubt. If/when the Dolphins get Byron Jones back, that could change a lot of things and as Bradley Chubb acclimatizes more and more, that should help the pass as well. And turnovers tend to come with QBs under pressure, so maybe that’s in the cards for the rest of the season.

————————————————– ————————-


————————————————– ————————-

From Michael D (via email):

Hi Alain, a longtime Australian Dolphins fan from Downunder! Your page is easily the most accessible place to get great dolphin information and opinions, so kudos to SI and yourself. 2 questions… does the air show offense remind you a bit of Marino’s ties to Duper and Clayton? Tua at least has the quick release, but not quite the arm yet… but seeing the shorter Hill and Waddle flying all over the room doing big circus tunes gives me a bit of deja vu from the good old days. Also, have you considered going all-in and changing your name to Alain Porpoise?

Hey Michael, I love Alain Porpoise’s suggestion! Good. Yeah, I have Marino/Duper/Clayton vibes with Tua/Tyreek/Waddle in that the trio seems almost unstoppable once they get going. I would actually say this offense could be more dangerous due to the potential of the running game. One thing is for sure, it’s a fun offense to watch, just like in the 1980s.

From Dan K. (via email):

Is the O line better with Robert Jones and Shell than Eichenberg and Austin Jackson Are you surprised Jeff Wilson had such a big impact on the running game?

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Hi Dan, two good questions. First, no, not surprised at all by the impact of Jeff Wilson. Remember he worked with Mike McDaniel for four years so he was very familiar with the system and I’m not sure people realized what a good back that guy was. It’s just that the 49ers like to use a lot of fullbacks, but then they were enamored with the idea of ​​adding Christian McCaffrey. As for the O line, yes, I like the Jones/Shell combo better than Eichenberg/Jackson, but to be very honest the three studs up front are Armstead, Williams and Hunt.

From Michael McDonald (@via email):

Hello Alan. Mondays are so much better this year! How much longer will McDaniel tolerate these misses? I know in the past you’ve said that because of the contractual ramifications, it would still be too costly to remove Sanders. My argument is: how much is a lost game or two worth? Most kickers off the street will earn at least 95% of your extra points and 29-yard FGs. If nothing else, bring competition as a wake-up call. It would be a shame if a missed easy kick cost that (finally) great team playoff ranking or a trip to the playoffs. Progressive Rock question: Your opinion on The Alan Parsons Project?

Hey Mike, I understand your frustration with Jason Sanders, really. The question I would ask is, what are the chances that you will find someone on the street at this time who will be a marked improvement? And that’s on top of, yes, the salary cap ramifications of dumping Sanders. That said, I think the leash is definitely getting shorter, but the Dolphins really don’t want to have to make that move. This is the bottom line. And I really, really have the Alan Parsons project. “You Don’t Believe” and “Let’s Talk About Me” would be two favorites.

From Earl Gottfried (@via email):

Hey Alain, looks like Austin Jackson may be outside watching how the O line is apparently starting to gel. Do you think they will “force” him to act or to remain faithful? The Browns’ Amari Cooper was missing Sunday. Was the Dolphin D too good in cover or playing a decoy?

Hey Earl, Mike McDaniel emphatically stated that Austin Jackson is the right starting tackle, but he’s also smart enough to understand that there’s no point in moving for the sake of moving. And with the O line coming off possibly their best game of the year against Cleveland, I don’t see how you’re making a change right now. As for Cooper, he was certainly no decoy for the Browns. Praise Xavien Howard for making him a non-factor.

From Anthony Berardo (@berardo_anthony):

I’m slightly worried that the O will travel well in cold weather, but only slightly. I think they will be fine. Especially since the racing game came to life with Wilson. But it is a question. So should Ross build a training ground in a blast freezer to recreate those conditions in which to train?

Hey Anthony, hasn’t Ross built enough stuff already? So no. But they can turn the air conditioning up high in the indoor training center to get really cold. And I’m sure they could also bring some wind blowers to simulate the wind. Getting snow in there, however, would be a lot trickier.

From Keith (@Keithrogue1):

With 2 cold weather games on the schedule, has Coach McD started prepping Tua to wear a glove or unfamiliar ways to get going in the cold?

Hey Keith, it’s not the cold that could be a problem for the passing game, it would be the rain and/or the wind. And there will be circumstances that will affect both teams, and the solution is to switch to a shorter passing game and focus a bit more on the running game. I certainly don’t expect Tua to start wearing a glove for cold weather games in Buffalo and New England, but we might ask that question when we get there.

From Reza Hariri (@Therealrezpect1):

Do you see Miami adding a lineman D or settling for Ingram/Phillips/AVG & Chubb?

Hey Reza, well Ogbah was a bit unique in that he was the one who looked like the pure 4-3 defensive end on the roster, whereas the four players you mentioned are more like 3 outside linebackers -4 (peak defenders, if you prefer). I think ideally the Dolphins will find someone else to replace Ogbah and fill that pass-throwing role down the line.

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Montclair High School student-athletes saluted as they sign college Letters of Intent


Montclair High School pitcher Anthony Anzaldi and swimmer Elizabeth Habjan were preparing for their first seasons as high school athletes when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

The pandemic canceled all sports at Montclair High School in the spring of 2020. Before they could even begin, their high school athletic careers were disrupted.

At the height of COVID, a series of changing restrictions were imposed on high school athletes while new rules around public gatherings and mask-wearing were implemented.

Fall sports athletes, like footballers Sonia Neighbors and Stella Tapia, didn’t miss a full season, but had to adapt to completely unexpected conditions.

Along with the pandemic, these athletes have had to deal with injuries, copious amounts of homework and trying to maintain a social life. Yet they persevered through all the challenges thrown at them.

National Signing Day, which was November 9, was a public opportunity to highlight their accomplishments and for them to announce where they will be pursuing their academic and athletic pursuits next year. The celebration took place in the multi-purpose hall of the Aubrey Lewis Sports Complex.

Seven student-athletes signed their letters of intent at the event, led by Anzaldi, and three others also signed letters but did not attend the festivities.

Anzaldi, who was a first-team All Super Essex Conference baseball pitcher, will stay local and attend the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark.

Habjan, who was an All Super Essex Conference swimmer in the backstroke and relays last season, is heading south to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

The Constabulary rowing team had a trio of seniors who will take their college paddles to Maxine Guerra, Bella Moreno and Alexander Stamas, heading to Miami University, Duke University and Northeastern University respectively. .

In Neighbors, Montclair had one of Essex County’s top scorers. She was named to the All SEC first team after tallying 22 goals last fall and will attend the University of Miami. For Tapia, it was a tough 2022 season as she was sidelined with an ACL injury, but she helped head coach Ashley Hammond with practice as Montclair went 15-2-1. Tapia is heading west and will play in the Big Ten at the University of Michigan.

Three lacrosse players signed letters of intent but did not attend signing day. From the women’s team, Megan Previdi, who won the All SEC All-American second team last season, will travel to Buffalo and Canisius College. On the boys’ side, Ian Muchineuta stays local, in Staten Island at Wagner College, while Luca Ward travels to Worcester, Massachusetts, and the College of Holy Cross. Last season, Muchineuta was an All-SEC All-American First Team member, and Ward earned an All-SEC honorable mention while leading the Mounties in goals with 34.

The seven athletes present met a room full of joyful supporters. Family, friends, teammates, coaches and school administrators came to pay tribute to the stars of the sports programs at Montclair High School.

Before the signatures, there were the speeches. Baseball coach Ron Gavazzi praised the commitment and determination of all the athletes. He highlighted the lone baseball player, Anzaldi. “If you haven’t seen him pitch yet, come out this spring, you won’t be disappointed,” Gavazzi said.

Anzaldi smiled and used his hands to cover his face.

Habjan broke individual school grades and was part of a relay team that set Essex County and school records. “The past two years have been full of excitement,” said Montclair swimming head coach Ed Koenigsfest, whose women’s teams have won the last two Essex County team titles.

Montclair High School Principal Jeffrey Freeman’s speech was short but powerful. “I hope you continue to make us proud,” Freeman said. “The pride of the gendarmes is our heritage.

After the principal’s speech, the athletes officially signed their letters of intent. By signing, each athlete personally thanked the people who helped them, including coaches, parents, friends and even doctors who were listed as invaluable people for their success.

Once the documents were signed, the athletes had the chance to take photos with their friends and family. The neighbors and Tapia posed together as members of the football team. Guerra, Moreno and Stamas took a photo together representing the crew team.

“We’ve gone too far,” laughed Jose Tapia, Stella’s father, as the family posed for a photo. Jose and his wife, Denise, brought balloons with the University of Michigan logo. Several students wore Michigan women’s soccer team apparel to show their support.

Other students made posters announcing the success of their friends. The college name and logo were drawn on the same board; the posters were lifted and scrolled as the athletes walked around the hall.

National Football and Basketball Signing Day will be held on February 1 and April 12, 2023, respectively.

Montclair High School Students Sign National Letters of Intent

soccer girls

Sonia Neighbors – University of Miami

Stella Tapia – University of Michigan

boys lacrosse

Luca Ward – Holy Cross

Ian Muchineuta – Wagner College

Girls lacrosse

Megan Previdi – Canisius College


Anthony Anzaldi – NJIT


Maxine Guerra – University of Miami

Bella Moreno – Duke University

Alexander Stamas – Northeastern University


Elizabeth Habjan – United States Naval Academy

Three takeaways Miami Dolphins Week 10 vs. Cleveland Browns NFL 2022


Miami’s defense did its part to control the play at the point of attack. Facing the league leader in broken tackles and yards after contact, the Dolphins needed an aggressive and fundamentally sound approach to deal with the Browns’ star runner Nick Chubb.

The Cleveland guard rushed for a 33-yard touchdown on a fourth-quarter three-pointer, but only gained 30 yards on his other 10 carries. Jacoby Brissett found some success in the run-game during late scrambles in a lopsided game, but make no mistake, Miami imposed its will in the trenches.

The Browns rushed for just 31 yards on 13 first-half rush attempts. The next time they touched the ball, the scoreboard showed 24-7 in favor of the home team. Making the Browns one-dimensional on offense was a key part of Miami’s success in victory.

The Dolphins also increased the pressure on Cleveland’s passing game. Dropping Brissett for three sacks, the defense produced 28 total quarterback pressures (per Pro Football Focus). Half of those presses produced hits on the quarterback (14 total). The secondary contributed with seven passes defended.

In front of the raucous crowd at Hard Rock Stadium this season, the Dolphins are allowing just 15.4 points per game. Miami is now 10-1 in the last 11 games at Hard Rock Stadium, the best 11-game home streak since the team went 10-1 between December 2001 and December 2022.

Miami Dolphins lose Emmanuel Ogbah for the season


A great day for the Miami Dolphins as they picked up a fourth straight win and took first place in the AFC East also included some disappointing news.

Defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah will miss the remainder of the season with an injury he suffered in the second quarter of a 39-17 win over the Cleveland Browns at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday, a league source said.

The Dolphins first announced that Ogbah was doubtful to return with an elbow injury, then ruled him out early in the second half. Several reports indicated that the injury was actually a torn triceps.


Ogbah becomes the third major player the Dolphins defense has lost to a season-ending injury in 2022.

The first was cornerback Nik Needham, who suffered an Achilles injury in the Week 6 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. He was followed by safety Brandon Jones, who suffered a torn ACL the following week in Sunday night’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Linebacker Trey Flowers also landed on IR after being injured in the Minnesota game, although his foot injury was not described as necessarily season-ending at the time.

And, of course, the Dolphins have played all season without starting cornerback Byron Jones, who is still recovering from offseason leg surgery.

————————————————– ————————-


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————————————————– ————————-


The injury put a disappointing exclamation mark on what has been a tough year for Ogbah, as the Dolphins signed a new contract in March just before free agency began.

After leading the Dolphins in sacks in 2020 and 2021 with nine each season, Ogbah had just one sack in nine games in 2022. He came in the season opener in the 20- 7 against the New England Patriots at Hard Rock Stadium.

Ogbah was held back for a few weeks by a back injury that forced him to miss Sunday night’s Week 7 game against Pittsburgh.

Head coach Mike McDaniel expressed confidence Friday that Ogbah is on his way to becoming a factor for the Dolphins defense.

“I’m not worried at all about the accolade and any kind of production because of what he showed me in preparation because he recovered from being healthy,” McDaniel said. “Just when he had progressed this season, I thought he was playing his best ball and the stat sheet was going to start to fill up. He had a setback from injury which he recovered from. The good news is that I see some of the best things I’ve seen, including last year. I see it in practice. I see it back to full health and confidence. So I don’t mind that because I can seeing that the level of production of stat sheets is a matter of time due to how he does his day-to-day job.

Unfortunately, Ogbah will now have to wait until 2023 to regain the form he showed in those brilliant first two seasons with the Dolphins.

————————————————– ————————-

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7 awesome images from the Battle of Badgers’ Brew City at AmFam Field


The Wisconsin Badgers at American Family Field gave sports fans the crossover (pun intended) they didn’t know they needed, as Wisconsin hosted Kansas State and Stanford for a double basketball game -ball Friday under the same roof where the Milwaukee Brewers live. Converting a Major League Baseball field into a college basketball court, the more than unique setting has created an experience Badgers fans won’t soon forget.

Here are seven awesome images from the Wisconsin Badgers’ Brew City Battle games at AmFam Field:


Fans in attendance yesterday hoped Friday’s Battle of Brew City was just the first in a long streak, as more than 17,000 fans filled the available sections of American Family Field to enjoy basketball at the stadium.


Wisconsin’s Tyler Wahl made sure to take advantage of the sea of ​​red that filled the Brewers stadium last night as he frequently excited Badgers fans after a few big moments throughout the contest.

Badgers at the Battle of Brew CityX

Tyler Wahl wasn’t the only Badger to encourage crowd attendance, as rookie Connor Essegian also pumped up Wisconsin fans throughout the game.

Badgers at the Battle of Brew CityX

Fans got their money’s worth on Friday, as the price of admission included not one but two Wisconsin basketball games. The Badgers women’s team hosted Kansas State for a game at 3:30 p.m., but unfortunately lost a double-digit first-half lead and were beaten 77-63.

Greg GardX

Insert camouflage dad joke here. Wisconsin head coach Greg Gard and his staff showed their support for veterans on Veterans Day with their custom Wisconsin camouflage gear.

Badgers at the Battle of Brew CityX

A non-game highlight came during the fourth quarter when House of Pain’s “Jump Around” played throughout the stadium, making the ballpark feel like Camp Randall. No one, however, jumped higher than Tyler Wahl as he celebrated Carter Gilmore’s dunk in the closing minutes, which helped seal the win for Wisconsin.

Race Sausages at the Battle of Brew CityX

The Wisconsin men’s and women’s teams took to the field on Friday, but the real stars of the game were – as always at American Family Field – the Brewers’ infamous running sausages, who made a special appearance for two runs while throughout the day.

Miami Dolphins Week 9 Chicago Bears Mailbag 2022


Question from @shammbr0w – How do you see backfield shares being split going forward after seeing such success from Jeff Wilson Jr.

A: Most organized games in the league operate with multiple backs; even the Browns, with the league’s best rusher, gave up 117 carries to players not named Nick Chubb. Prior to the Wilson trade, the Dolphins largely operated with a two-headed offense that involved Chase Edmonds, Myles Gaskin and Salvon Ahmed at various times this season.

Raheem Mostert has shown his value to this offense in all three facets of running back. Jeff Wilson Jr. gives the Dolphins another multifaceted player who can also excel in all three facets. Their nearly 50-50 split on Sunday in Chicago was almost an ideal situation, although that will certainly depend on the game plan in any given week.

Associate Head Coach/Running Backs Eric Studesville discussed the Dolphins running back rotation and goal Thursday.

“The bottom line about this game is that we have to find a way to win,” Studesville said. “And we’re going to contribute in any way. If it’s in my room – Jeff has a big block from halftime that gives us a 22-yard throw to Tyreek (Hill) on the sidelines. We’re going to do whatever we need to do to contribute to the victory.”

Question from @PaddyPerk – What stands out from Bradley Chubb’s first game with the Dolphins

A: I know the sacks and pressures weren’t mind-blowing, but his ability to impact the pocket and force the quarterback out of his spot was evident. Over several reps, Chubb moved the left tackle straight into Justin Fields with his scramble. Sure, Fields was capable of maneuvering and making plays, but the process by which Chubb will get that push will produce results over a long period of time if he can maintain that level of play.

Dolphins defensive coordinator Josh Boyer spoke Thursday about the traits he most admires in Chubb.

“He’s an extremely hard worker,” Boyer said. “Like he’s here early, leaves late. It’s important to him. He’s also a phenomenal person…I would say he’s a charismatic individual immediately. Guys in the locker room, he just has this demeanor to his subject. I love everything that he’s been here since he’s been here and obviously we’re working very hard to put him in positions where he can be successful.”

The Sudden Decline of One of the Largest Crypto Exchanges Could Shake the Sports Industry


CNN Business

The near collapse this week of FTX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has sent shockwaves throughout the crypto startup and investor community. But the fallout could also spill over to the sports industry.

Like other crypto companies, FTX has invested heavily in sports sponsorships, including partnerships and naming rights in professional basketball, baseball, and Formula 1 racing. Today, the company is boiling. On Tuesday it announced it would be acquired by rival Binance after experiencing a sudden liquidity crunch, but the deal was canceled by Binance on Wednesday after the company conducted a financial review of FTX.

The uncertainty surrounding FTX’s future raises new questions about what happens to its many sports offerings.

In 2021, FTX signed a 19-year, $135 million deal with the NBA’s Miami Heat to rename American Airlines Arena as FTX Arena. Major League Baseball entered into a five-year deal in 2021 to name FTX as its official cryptocurrency exchange, a partnership that includes putting FTX patches on umpire uniforms. FTX is also the official cryptocurrency exchange partner of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team.

“It’s far too premature for us to comment,” FTX Arena and Miami Heat said in a joint statement provided to CNN Business when asked how the acquisition might impact their deal.

Even college sports has ties to FTX, with the University of California, Berkeley signing a 10-year, $17.5 million naming rights partnership in 2021 for the school’s football stadium. “We think we’ve found a great partner in FTX,” Cal athletic director Jim Knowlton said at the time. “We look forward to building our relationship now and in the years to come.”

In a statement after this story was published, Cal Athletics said, “FTX is a great partner for Cal Athletics. We are monitoring the evolving trading situation with FTX and will determine next steps if warranted.

FTX also works directly with some of the greatest athletes in all of sports. Los Angeles Angels superstar Shohei Ohtani became the Fellowship’s Global Ambassador in exchange for a stake in the company; NBA star Steph Curry and his foundation, Eat.Learn.Play., signed a partnership with FTX in 2021; and soccer legend Tom Brady owns a stake and served as an FTX ambassador.

Sports partnership experts say stadium naming rights are the biggest headache. “There’s not a huge level of permanence to a lot of the things that have been done, except for the two buildings,” Peter Laatz, global managing director at sports partnership consultancy IEG, told CNN Business. .

“It happened during the dot-com days where a bunch of buildings, mostly baseball stadiums, were named after all these crazy dot-com companies, and they all completely freaked out,” said said Laatz. “Naming rights deals are so hard to set up and make work, to get consumers to understand that Staples and American Airlines Arenas are now called something different and pulling the roots of something like that is just harder . This makes property work more difficult. It’s more expensive.”

FTX and Binance did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

FTX isn’t the only crypto firm involved in the sports world. Cryptocurrency brands spent more than $130 million on NBA sponsorships alone last season, compared to less than $2 million the previous season. According to IEG, just five crypto companies, including Crypto.com, Coinbase, and FTX, were responsible for 92% of industry spending.

In 2021, trading platform Coinbase signed a multi-year deal with the NBA to serve as the league’s exclusive cryptocurrency partner, worth an estimated $192 million over four years. Crypto.com, another cryptocurrency exchange, bought the naming rights to the Los Angeles Lakers stadium in November 2021, a deal worth $700 million. He also entered into a multi-year deal to become the official jersey patch partner of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Then the market moved. Coinbase, Crypto.com and other services announced layoffs as rising inflation, fears of a looming recession and broader market turmoil caused the value of cryptocurrencies to fall sharply.

“We always said it was an arms race for brand awareness and users, and there were 40 crypto exchanges spending money on referrals a year ago – and now there there are no more. There are maybe three or four,” Laatz said.

Binance, in particular, avoided the sports sponsorship frenzy. In a job announcement earlier this year, Binance CEO Zhao “CZ” Changpeng said, “It wasn’t easy saying no to Super Bowl ads, stadium naming rights, big sponsorship deals a few months ago, but we did it.”

Time Pedals presents “Parisian Sole: Valcko Studios”


Time Pedals presents “Sole Parisienne: Valcko Studios”

Alex Valcko thinks you don’t have to compromise if you personalize, and that’s the philosophy of his Parisian brand, Valcko Studios. At Valcko Studios, Alex has customized Vans, Nikes, and even Crocs into full-fledged cycling shoes, perfectly suited to clip-and-shred in style.

Alex was just a teenager in Paris when he first saw a fixed-gear bicycle. Growing up skateboarding, he quickly recognized the parallels between skateboarding and fixed gear cultures.

His affair with fixies led him to bike polo, a form of polo popularized by bike messengers in cities around the world. When aggressive sport started taking its toll on his bike and its components, especially his pedals, Alex started riding Time ATAC. His need for cycling shoes that could withstand the same abuse led him to make his own.

Valcko Studios shares the same uncompromising drive to create and innovate that launched Time in 1987 with our first clipless pedal. Since then, we have been connecting cyclists with their bikes.


When you see an article with the label “From the Source” on the home page or with the title in blue, note that this is content directly from the brand that has been verified by our editors and judged worthy of your attention. This is not paid or sponsored content, but rather a way to bring you share-worthy information while freeing up our editors to spend their time adding value where their expertise lies. . Follow the link to learn more about this type of content and our associated posting guidelines.

ROKiT is title partner of BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team

  • New title partner, new name from 2023: ROKiT BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team, with Scott Redding and Michael van der Mark in the FIM Superbike World Championship.

  • ROKiT extends its motorsport involvement to the Superbike World Championship with the ROKiT BMW Motorrad WorldSBK team.

  • Marc Bongers: “ROKiT has established itself as an important player on the international motorsport scene”.

  • Shaun Muir: “It’s great to have ROKiT as a strong partner by our side and to move together into the future”.

  • CEO of ROKiT Jonathan Kendrick“We are very pleased to align our ROKiT companies with the BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team and look forward to great success with this fantastic partnership.”

LONDON, November 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As the FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) enters the final phase of the 2022 season, the course is already set for the future: ROKiT has become the new title partner of the BMW Motorrad team WorldSBK. The multi-year partnership begins in the 2023 season, in which the team principal by Shaun Muir outfit will line up with runners Scott Redding (GBR) and Michael van der Mark (NED) under the new name ROKiT BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team. This title sponsorship allows ROKiT to extend its successful involvement in international motorsport to include WorldSBK. Besides the new team name, the title cooperation also includes many other areas.

ROKiT BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team

ROKiT, co-founded by Jonathan Kendrick and Jean-Paul DeJoria, has a diverse portfolio of innovative business products and services, including mobile phones, ROKiT Cities (deploying mass access to out-of-home Wi-Fi internationally), a portfolio of beverage brands, a large beverage distribution company, a product licensing division, a range of apparel and accessories, e-bikes and 3D content production, film and music development and distribution. 2023 will also bring a range of electronics and gadgets under their ROKiT Life brand that are complementary to the spirit of the ROKiT Team and BMW Motorrad WorldSBK partnership, including a range of stylish and customizable smart glasses and smart watches. digital, to fast-charging power packs.

In recent years, ROKiT has invested heavily in building brand awareness across a variety of motorsports internationally, including the highly innovative ROKiT Racing Star program, designed to unearth and develop the next generation of superstar racers. .

“Thanks to its various commitments, ROKiT has established itself as an important player in motorsport on an international scale, and we are delighted to welcome it to the BMW Motorrad Motorsport family as the title partner of the ROKiT BMW team. Motorrad WorldSBK”, says the director of BMW Motorrad Motorsport. Marc Bongers. “It is fantastic that ROKiT has decided to extend its extensive motorsport activities to WorldSBK through the collaboration with the BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team. Strong partners are an important pillar in the development and success of our project. them, it would not be possible to achieve the goals of the project in such a high quality world championship as WorldSBK. We look forward to a great future together, in which we hope to celebrate much success together with the ROKiT BMW team. Motorrad WorldSBK.”

“I am delighted to have ROKiT as the new title partner for the years to come for the BMW Motorrad WorldSBK team,” said the team principal. Shaun Muir. “ROKiT is a fantastic and very inspiring brand that impresses with its many different global activities across several industries. We are proud of our new collaboration and look forward to it. It will be a global partnership that will also include associated brands within the ROKiT group and it will be an important step to develop our whole project. It is great to have ROKiT as a strong partner at our side and to move into the future together.

“This is a particularly exciting partnership for ROKiT because it’s very clear that BMW Motorrad shares the same passions for innovation, achievement and success as we do, not to mention that we both enjoy Bavarian beer as the best beer in the world!” Said Jonathan Kendrick whose company ROKiT Drinks includes ABK Beer, brewed at its 700-year-old brewery in Kaufbeuren. “Our move into Superbike racing is a natural extension of our recent motorsport sponsorships, through which I seek to involve many of our businesses as we look forward to huge success together in the years to come.”

More information at www.rokit.com and https://bmw-motorradworldsbk.com/

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1943002/ROKiT_BMW_Motorrad_WorldSBK_Team.jpg



See original content to download multimedia: https://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/strong-new-partnership-in-worldsbk-rokit-is-title-partner-of-the-bmw-motorrad -worldsbk-team-301673493.html

Rebuilding America’s Cities: Look to the Future with Conversations November 16-17 | THIRTEEN


For the third consecutive year, The WNET groupwhich houses New York’s PBS stations THIRTEEN and WLIW21and operator of the New Jersey State Public Television Network NJ PBS and NPR station WLIW-FM, will lead a national discussion on how we can reimagine America’s cities for the future. Through two days of virtual conversations, Rebuilding American Cities 2022 will seek to uncover bold steps to build better and more sustainable cities in a post-pandemic reality. Make the conversation truly nationalRebuilding American Cities 2022 offers expanded insight by partnering with public media stations in New York, New Jersey, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, Miami and Atlanta.

Thought leaders from across the country, including Anthony S. Fauci MDdirector of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and Brad Smith, president and vice president of Microsoft – will share ideas on how our cities can solve problems of economic development, health, education, criminal and social justice and climate change. Attendees will hear first-hand from mayors of major US cities about the developments they foresee on the horizon. Reconstruction of American cities Roundtables will be held daily, November 16 and 17, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET. Free virtual events are open to the public. Registration is mandatory. Click on here to register (wnet.org/acr)

“We are proud to deliver Reconstruction of American cities, a platform dedicated to the issues that matter most to our communities, for the third year in a row,” said Neal Shapiro, President and CEO of The WNET Group. “The conference brings together diverse innovators and active community leaders in thoughtful dialogue about constructively redesigning our cities. With the help of renowned journalists, we will explore the critical concerns that cities currently face and discuss sustainable and achievable solutions.

Rebuilding American Cities 2022 is an extension of success Reconstruction of American cities conferences in 2020 and 2021, which was launched by NJ PBS’ news division, NJ Spotlight News. The conferences began by focusing on the New Jersey and New York area, then expanded the following year to include cities in the Midwest, Southwest and West Coast in partnership with WTTW/Chicago, Houston Public Media and KCTS 9/Seattle.

American Cities Rebuilding 2022 Speakers

Participants include (subject to change):

  • Leonard L. Adams, Jr., MBAFounder and CEO, Quest Community Development Organization
  • Christiane Amanpour, Chief International Correspondent for CNN and Host of PBS’ Amanpour and company
  • Cory BookerUnited States, Senator, New Jersey
  • Rev. Dr. Susan Hillary Bucksonpastor of Allen Temple AME Church, Atlanta, GA
  • Mileyka Burgos-Floresactivist and executive director and CEO of The Allapattah Collaborative
  • Mayor GT BynumCity of Tulsa, OK
  • Miguel A. Cardona12e american secretary education
  • Tony ChoCCIM, CEO and Founder, Future of Cities
  • Josh CohenStaff City Reporter, Crosscut, Seattle, WA
  • Former Mayor Mick CornettOklahoma City, OK
  • Dana DonatiCEO, United Aviate Academy, Phoenix, AZ
  • mark doneCEO, King County Regional Homelessness Authority, Washington
  • Anthony S. Fauci, MDDirector, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
  • Jack Fordjournalist and co-host, MetroFocus
  • Charles Gibsonanchor, ABC World News
  • Jeff Greenfieldjournalist and political, media and cultural analyst
  • Mayor Michael B. Hancock, City of Denver, CO
  • Joshua HumphriesDirector of Housing and Community Development, City of Atlanta, GA
  • Walter Isaacsonauthor and journalist, contributor to PBS’ Amanpour and company; Professor of History, Tulane University
  • Shavar D. JeffriesCEO, KIPP Foundation, San Francisco
  • Dana Knowlesmultimedia reporter, Rocky Mountain PBS
  • Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Director of Accessibility, Microsoft
  • Charles L. Marohn, Jr.author, founder and president, Strong Towns
  • Brittany MorganDirector of Economic Stability, The Miami Foundation
  • Miles O’Brienjournalist
  • Jorge M. PerezPresident, CEO, Founder, Related Group
  • Otis Rolley, Head of Philanthropy and Community Impact at Wells Fargo & Company; President of the Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Rhonda SchafflerBusiness Correspondent, NJ Spotlight News
  • John SchreiberPresident and CEO, NJ Performing Arts Center
  • Neal ShapiroPresident and CEO, The WNET Group
  • Brad SmithPresident and Vice President, Microsoft
  • Myrna SonoraRegional Vice President, South Florida, Prospera
  • Hari Sreenivasan, journalist and contributor to PBS’ Amanpour and company
  • Shanta Thank youartistic director, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
  • Megan Thompsonreporter and producer, PBS News Weekend
  • Eduardo VilaroArtistic Director and CEO, Ballet Hispánico, New York
  • Daniel H. WeissPresident and CEO, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
  • Ben Wilsonauthor
  • RJ Youngnational college football writer and analyst FOX Sports
  • Paula Zahnjournalist and co-host, NYC ARTS

Panels and discussions will be recorded and available for viewing at the end of each session.

Rebuilding American Cities 2022 is a production of the WNET group. American Cities Rebuilding 2022 is made possible by Presenting Sponsor, Wells Fargo, and Official Sponsor, PSEG. Websites: wnet.org/acr; #AmericanCitiesRebuilding

Jason Sanders should be on a short leash for the Miami Dolphins


It’s becoming increasingly clear that Jason Sanders is no longer the sure thing the Miami Dolphins signed an extension with. In fact, we have to assume he’s in the hot seat.

Sanders is now three years away from his All-Pro designation and he hasn’t been the kicker since. His value to the team is now more or less touchdown kickoffs rather than field goals.

Since being drafted by the Dolphins in 2018, Sanders has become less reliable than the 90% kicker he was in his rookie season.

  • 2018 – 90% – 18/20 50 yards longest
  • 2019 – 76.7% – 23/30 54 yards longest
  • 2020 – 92.3% – 36/39 56 meters longest
  • 2021 – 74.2% – 23/31 51 yards longest
  • 2022 – 11/15 – 73.3% 49 yards longest

Dolphins fans have wondered if the drop from 2020 to 2021 was a problem with the starter but Thomas Morstead who replaced Matt Haack is one of the best starters in the NFL and has been doing so for years. Obviously, there is only the holder left.

So far this year, across nine games, Sanders has missed half of what he missed all season last year. The additional points are also the same. Sanders hasn’t missed more than one extra point in a full season, but this year he’s already missed a point in the first half of the season.

Sanders just isn’t reliable anymore. From inside the 30, Sanders was money, but this year he’s already missed from inside the 30 and he’s missed all of his attempts outside the 50, three of them, and those These have been critical failures setting up opposing offenses virtually in midfield.

So what’s wrong with Sanders? Is it just being in your own head or is there something else going on? Sanders just doesn’t play like the kicker we saw in 2018 and 2020, but you have to wonder, again, if those two seasons were the anomalies.

Sanders is making $3 million and switching this year but he’s under contract for the next few seasons. Here’s a look at the next four seasons and his cap vs dead money if he was released and capped savings. Does not take into account designations after June 1st.

  • 2023 – $3.7 million – $3.6 million dead money – $95,000 saved
  • 2024 – $4.1 million – $800,000 dead money – $3.3 million saved
  • 2025 – $4.4 million – $400,000 dead money – $4 million saved
  • 2026 – $4.25 million – $0 dead money – $4.25 million saved

Miami can eat $3.6 million if Sanders doesn’t get his act together, but in 2024 it will be surprising if he’s still at the current cap considering how much Miami can save. Maybe knowing he could lose money could motivate him to get back on track.

When Sanders are playing well, few kickers are better and that’s a catch because finding a new kicker might save the Dolphins money at some point, but will that kicker be better? At some point, the Dolphins will have to make that decision and if things are the way they are now, the answer will definitely be yes.

Dolphins edge Chicago, 35-32, on road to third straight win


But when the offense stalled in the fourth quarter, it was Miami’s defense that got stronger. Trailing 35-32 in the final eight minutes of the game, Chicago quarterback Justin Fields had two chances to lead game winners.

Instead, linebacker Melvin Ingram recorded Miami’s first sack of the game to sabotage a Bears practice that ultimately ended in a punt with 3:10 remaining. When Chicago (3-6) got the ball back after a Dolphins trio, Fields’ pass fell incomplete on fourth-and-10 to seal the game.

“The resilience of our team, the resilience of our guys to keep fighting, to keep not giving up the game…that’s what I’m proud of with our team,” said Tagovailoa, who finished with 302 yards. passing and 135.7 quarterback rating, said.

With the win, Miami (6-3) is now on a three-game winning streak for the second time this season.

Chicago scored 17 points in the first half, but it wasn’t enough to keep up with the Dolphins’ top-flight offense, which led the NFL with 2,455 passing yards heading into Sunday’s game.

Tagovailoa picked up where he left off after torching Detroit’s secondary with 382 passing yards last week. He completed his first nine passes for 119 yards on Miami’s first two possessions today to give the Dolphins a 14-10 lead.

Running back Raheem Mostert found the end zone in the Dolphins’ opening practice with a one-yard run. A pass interference call on Chicago gave Miami 32 yards and set the score.

On the Dolphins’ subsequent possession, Hill and Waddle each recorded a catch for over 25 yards, with Hill closing the drive by notching a three-yard touchdown reception, his third of the year.

How It All Began – Texas A&M Athletics


do-it-yourself athletics

It would probably be appropriate to describe the early days of women’s athletics at Texas A&M University as a “do it yourself” program. According to Mickey Stratton, who coached the first female gymnasts in 1970 and 1971, equipment was a major issue. There were no uneven bars for women, so he took a set of men’s parallel bars and rebuilt them for use by women. Other equipment was either borrowed or purchased from manufacturers after the competitions. Equipping the other teams was also a challenge. Things like hitting machines and other equipment to help with practices weren’t available for several years.

Finding uniforms for the competition was a problem. There was no budget for athletics, and A&M bookstore funds were limited. In the first year, women made numbers out of duct tape for the backs of their physical education uniforms for competition and used their own clothes for practice. Another example of the “do-it-yourself” aspects of the program include Coach Holley’s skills as a seamstress; in addition to coaching golf, she made uniforms for the golf team until 1985.

Most student-athletes provided some of their own training equipment and materials. For example, swimmers bought their own goggles. Kelly Krauskopf, who played basketball from 1980 to 1983, recalls their travel bags being so worn out that they needed duct tape to hold them together. The team was embarrassed and decided to go shopping to buy their own bags. Blue was the only color available in the quantity needed, but they bought them anyway so they all had the same bag.

The beginnings of many sports meant finding places to practice and compete, both on campus and in the Bryan/College Station area.

Softball was played at Travis Park in Bryan, Bee Creek Park in College Station, and the Penberthy Intramural Complex on campus until the Aggie Softball Complex was completed in 1996. The Central Park Softball Complex, Bee Creek and Penberthy were all used for tournament play.

Deware Field House hosted volleyball practices and competitions. Coaches and players removed archery goals used by physical education classes and set up nets before every practice and game. Fans were recruited to record scores on a blackboard until flipping scorecards became available.

All track practice and competition took place at Kyle Field, while practice and competition for field events took place where the Clayton Williams Center now exists.

Football games and practices were held near the polo field at the front of campus, an area affectionately known as “Fire Ant Hill”. Simpson Drill Field has served as the host site for many football tournaments.

Gymnastics also shared its space with physical education classes and at one point held a state meet at Bryan High School.

Training areas at the G. Rollie White Coliseum were sparse. The third-floor gymnasium and “sweat box” were frequently used by basketball and volleyball.

Travel presented its own set of problems. In the early years, athletes traveled in their own car or in that of their parents. These same parents frequently paid for gasoline. Accommodation for out-of-town competitions was often provided by relatives, friends, or a combination of both. Sleeping bags and pillows were as important travel items as shoes, uniforms, and other gear. Athletes provided or purchased their own food on the road. Later the money was provided at a rather low rate. A former athlete recounted receiving $2 for food at a 7-11 store.

One of the first major donations to the University was two passenger vans donated by Jocko and Go Go Roberts in 1985. These were a great help for team travel and were mainly used by the basketball and volleyball. Coaches and trainers were the drivers, which meant long days and nights for the staff. Vans were a primary form of transportation until the basketball team crashed into an icy road en route to Dallas in February 1987. After this incident, the athletic department was more aware of such dangers of travel and launched a charter. travel by bus and commercial plane at a much more frequent pace for the teams.

The treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries began in the days of volleyball coach Laura Kitzmiller (Kitz). She and Billy Pickard arranged for the women to use the small Cain Hall training facility at designated times. During this time, Kitz demonstrated to a student, Jen Nixon, the skills necessary to become a sports coach. As soon as Jen completed basic first aid and emergency care and transportation, she was cleared to travel with some of the teams.

Attracting fans was difficult. For many years, women’s basketball games were played right before men’s games. The number of people in the stands would increase as the men’s game approaches. At halftime, the crowd would be large enough to cheer on the women. Cindy Gough recalls the Jan. 23, 1978, game against Texas, which preceded the G. Rollie White men’s game. As the crowd grew in number, the intensity of the game also increased. The Aggies won that game. It was a huge win as Texas won its next 183 games against Southwestern Conference opponents, including every conference game and a national championship. Aggie’s next victory over Texas wouldn’t come until January 20, 1992, in Austin.

Tickets were not sold to women’s sporting events until 1984-85. Lynn Hickey, who was a basketball coach at the time, remembers setting up the ticketing operation before the game, then picking up the ticket box and putting it in the trunk from her car after the competition until she returns to work the next morning. She also recounted an incident during a volleyball game that year when special assistance was requested from outside the stands. A&M was playing at the University of Texas, and the students lined up from the front of G. Rollie White to Rudder Tower across the street. Hickey, who was also assistant sports director for women, went to the stands to ask Wally Groff and John David Crow for keys to open two more wickets. Not only did the gentlemen help with the keys, but they also manned the ticket offices and greeted the crowd at the competition. From then on, ticketing and administration meet the management of events and the needs of women’s sports competitions.

While there have been tough times and women’s athletics had to prove itself and its worth, none of these issues were truly deterrents or barriers to female athletes wanting to compete and represent Texas A&M Athletics. As Bernie Ponzio, who played on the first softball and volleyball teams, said, “We played for the love of the sport. It brought us closer to each other. The conditions didn’t matter.

La Coruña roots for Phillies’ Thomson in World Series


Sporting loyalties on the Ontario side of the St. Clair River have been split between Toronto and Detroit for decades.

Content of the article

CORUNNA — Sporting loyalties on the Ontario side of the St. Clair River have been split between Toronto and Detroit for decades.

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Content of the article

The Blue Jays and Tigers hats have been put away for another season, and the hockey rivalry between the Maple Leafs and Red Wings won’t be renewed for a few weeks.

There is a new rooting interest in the border town of La Coruña and its surroundings. The Philadelphia Phillies are getting the love now that local skipper Rob Thomson has guided the team to the World Series.

“Anyone who thought a boy from La Coruña who went to the same high school as us was going to do something like that,” said local resident Becky Gilliland. “It’s incredible.”

Thomson took over as Phillies manager on June 3 and helped a 22-29 team turn the tide, ultimately claiming the final postseason berth in the National League.

Philadelphia has won three playoff rounds but now trails the Houston Astros 3-2 in the Fall Classic. Game 6 of the best-of-seven series is scheduled for Saturday night at Minute Maid Park.

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Thomson, 59, was born in Sarnia and raised in nearby La Coruña, a small town of about 5,500 that overlooks the river and Marysville, Michigan, on the US side.

He played for the Stratford Hillers of the Intercounty Baseball League in the early 1980s and rose to Class A level as a player before becoming a coach in 1988.

Thomson joined the New York Yankees organization in 1990 and rose through the coaching ranks. Inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in 2019, he spent the last few seasons as Philadelphia’s bench coach before being promoted to coach.

“He’s really been a lifer in baseball,” Hall’s chief operating officer Scott Crawford said.

Some Phillies flags flutter on porches in the warm and friendly community of La Coruña, about a 90-minute drive from Detroit and four hours from Toronto.

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Antonio’s Pizza, located a stone’s throw from the fields where Thomson learned the game, posted a congratulatory note to him on its signage along the city’s main street at the three traffic lights.

Inside the restaurant and sports bar, a few dozen people – almost all of them pro-Phillies – watched the action of Game 4 on the big screen.

Gilliland and his friends bought the “Rob Thomson Special”, a jug of beer and a medium Philly pizza with green peppers, onions, strips of beef and aioli sauce.

“He’s a small-town kid who made it big,” she said, staring at the screen. “There he is doing great things.”

Thomson is the first Canadian to serve as World Series manager since 1887, when Brantford’s Bill Watkins guided the Detroit Wolverines to victory over the St. Louis Browns.

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Longtime Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley said baseball loyalties are divided in the region, but when Detroit failed to qualify for the playoffs and Toronto made an early exit, ” the whole mood has changed.”

“It’s all Phillies now and (there’s) great love from Rob and the team,” he said. “And it’s genuine because they’ve seen this workaholic who’s very calm continue to do what he’s been doing.

“Now look at the success he achieved.”

Crawford said Thomson, who played for Canada in the 1984 Olympics when baseball was a demonstration sport, is just an average guy with a long career.

“She’s just the friendliest, nicest person,” he said. “You hear a lot about people, but it’s a World Series game day and he (takes the time to) text me thanking me for wishing him luck.”

Lindsay Reid, a server at Antonio’s, said there was a significant increase in the number of customers – many dressed in Philadelphia jerseys – watching the series opener last Friday.

If a decisive game is needed, it will be played Sunday in Houston.

“There’s definitely a huge vibe now,” Reid said. “The unfortunate thing is that you can’t find too many American (team) clothes here, so a lot of people are going to have to order it.

“I actually saw that a little girl had a Phillies hat on and someone gave her (offered) $20 to have that hat. So I think people are pretty excited.

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After a busy week, the Chicago Bears prepare to face the Miami Dolphins


CHICAGO (CBS) – As the Chicago Bears prepare for Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins, they have some good injury news.

Offensive lineman Tevin Jenkins was back in practice as a full participant. He had been limited by a back injury.

Newly acquired receiver Chase Claypool will be ready to face the Dolphins on Sunday. There’s no word on how big of a role he’ll have.

The big question is with quarterback Justin Fields improving, will fans see a tilt toward the passing game in offensive coordinator Luke Getsy’s calls?

“We’re going to do whatever it takes to win,” Getsy said. “That’s my goal and the way we approach everything. So if it’s the best way to win, then yes. If it’s not the best way to win, then no. Our clashes are more important for me than the stat line for anyone, so we’re going to try to put the players in the best position to go and be successful.”

On the defensive side, it looks like Nicholas Morrow will take the place of the late Roquan Smith at weakside linebacker, with Jack Sanborn playing more on the strongside. Defensive coordinator Alan Williams said they reversed them in practice.

Either way, it looks like rookie Sanborn, from Lake Zurich, will have a bigger role.

UTEP to switch from Nike to Adidas for athletic department apparel in 2023


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — UTEP plans to switch from Nike to Adidas in time for the 2023-24 track and field season, KTSM has learned.

Sources tell KTSM that the miners are entering into a five-year deal with third-party esports provider Game One that will replace Nike with Adidas products for UTEP jerseys, gear and more across all sports, at from 2023.

UTEP initially partnered with Nike in 2004 to outfit their football program and this deal eventually expanded to include all UTEP sports.

Sources told KTSM that the contract has not yet been finalized and must be approved by the University of Texas board of trustees before the deal is officially closed.

UTEP officials would not comment on the matter.

Representatives from Game One and Adidas were on the UTEP campus earlier this week to meet with staff and coaches, according to multiple people with knowledge of the situation.

According to an offer sheet obtained by KTSM, Game One and Adidas would offer UTEP annual discounts on apparel and footwear.

There are also incentives that would provide UTEP with additional equipment and clothing at no cost to the school, if they spend specific dollar amounts per year with the company.

According to the offer sheet, UTEP would also receive monetary assistance in fiscal year 2023 to help miners transition to Adidas.

There are also various performance incentives in place in the bid sheet for on-court and off-court performance, including increased funds for conference championships, bowl berths, and NCAA tournament appearances.

How the Dolphins turned a draft pick into three premium players


Prior to launching his NFL career, Trey Lance was a hot commodity to land, requiring three first-round players and a third-round selection for the San Francisco 49ers to progress and pick the No. 3 overall quarterback in of the 2021 draft. Fast forward two years later and it’s the Miami Dolphins whose trade comeback is aging significantly better.

To refresh your memory, here is how the trade initially went down:

San Francisco acquired Lance while handing out the No. 12 overall draft pick in 2021, first-round picks in 2022 and 2023, and a third-round pick in 2022 to Miami.

However, that comeback package has become quite the loot of the Dolphins, just 19 months later.

During that same draft night, which saw Lance shake hands with commissioner Roger Goodell while holding a 49ers jersey, the Dolphins opted to distribute the No. 12 pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for No. 123 with a first round of 2022.

With this first round of 2022, the Dolphins selected wide receiver Jaylen Waddle at No. 6. In Week 16 during his rookie run in Miami, Waddle set a new NFL record with his 104th reception of the season, breaking Anquan Boldin’s previously set record of 101. Assembling his follow-up this season, Waddle is on the right track. In eight games played, the 23-year-old had 727 receiving yards (4th in the NFL) with five touchdowns (tied for 3rd).

On March 23, instead of making another acquisition through the draft, the Dolphins dealt one of their first rounds of 2022 from the 49ers (No. 29 overall) to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for wide receiver Tyreek. Hill.

Miami Dolphins Most Valuable Player | Eighth week | Tua has his best game as a pro


What a difference a few weeks make.

On September 29, the dolphins traveled to Cincinnati with a 3-0 record for a Thursday night showdown with the Bengals.

Miami was on a roll just days after an unlikely victory over the Buffalo Tickets. Those feelings of elation don’t last long, however.

In the second quarter of the game against the Bengals, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was shoved backward onto the turf, hitting his head on the concrete surface, causing him to lose consciousness and sustain a serious leg injury. the head. He was carried off the pitch after being down for several minutes. The Dolphins would lose to Cincinnati.

Tagovailoa would miss Miami’s next two contests as his team lost two more games against the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings.

October 23 – a Sunday night football game against the Steelers – Tua returned to action and led his team to victory despite looking rusty and out of sync with his receivers. Some fans started to get a bit agitated, wondering if Miami’s early-season offensive success was something of an anomaly.

Fast forward to last Sunday in Detroit, and Tua Tagovailoa put those worries to rest while having, arguably, his best game as a professional football player against the Lions.

Miami Dolphins Week 8 MVP – Tua Tagovailoa

Was Sunday’s victory in Detroit Tua’s best game in a Dolphins uniform? Focus on professional football thinks.

Not only was Tua’s Sunday game the highest rated as a pro, it was the highest rated quarterback performance for the entire NFL this season.

Against the Lions, Tua completed 29 passes on 36 attempts (80.6% completion rate), for 382 yards and three touchdowns. He should have been credited with a fourth touchdown, but umpires misjudged wide receiver Trent Sherfield within a yard on a Tua pass and the Dolphins opted not to contest the infield call. .

Perhaps Tagovailoa’s most impressive achievement on Sunday was something that was actually missing from the stat sheet. Tua had zero revenue – and most importantly – games worthy of zero revenue.

Games like Sunday are the ones that make fans feel like Miami has finally found its franchise quarterback after decades of waiting since Dan Marino’s retirement. Some will scoff at Tua’s stats and say, “He only did it against the Lions!” Well, to that I say there are a bunch of bad teams in the NFL playing week after week. Tua had the best game of any quarterback against any team this season, good or bad. It did exactly what it was supposed to do and that doesn’t make it any less impressive in my book.

Tua Tagovailoa and the rest of the Miami Dolphins offense will look to continue their success next week when they face the sudden Roquan Smith-less Chicago Bears.


First week – DB Kader Kohou

Week Two – QB Tua Tagovailoa

Week Three – S Jevon Holland

Week 4 – WR Tyreek Hill

Week Five – RB Raheem Mostert

Week Six – WR Tyreek Hill

Seventh week – DB Noah Igbinoghene

Week Eight – QB Tua Tagovailoa

Winners and losers at Martinsville Speedway


MARTINSVILLE, Va. — Ross Chastain was trying to figure out what he had done nearly an hour after his video game move upset the Cup playoffs and stole a sold-out Martinsville Speedway while leaving some drivers worried about about such a maneuver and NASCAR officials are considering a possible rule change to ensure it never happens again.

“It’s sinking into the fact that we’ve done something that nobody else has ever done,” Chastain said of his rim run on the final lap.

But what to call the move against the wall was too difficult a question for him to answer.

“I’ll check on the Internet,” he said.

Instead, it was easier for him to answer that he drove his car into the wall as fast as he could.

“It was a fight or flight,” Chastain explained.

Chastain was two points behind Denny Hamlin for the final transfer spot for next week’s Championship race on the final lap. Chastain was too far behind to earn those two positions, so he put his car in fifth gear on the back straight, planted his Chevy against the wall, took his hands off the steering wheel, and let the wall guide his vehicle around the last quarter mile while on the ground. the accelerator.

“My brain couldn’t figure it out, my bandwidth was shot when I went into (Turn) 3 and grabbed fifth gear,” Chastain said. “Everything became blurry. I couldn’t understand it.

It’s understandable why. Data from Chastain’s car reveals that his top speed in Turns 3 and 4 on the final lap was 50mph faster than a normal lap.

Cole Custer, who was following Chastain, told NBC Sports he originally thought the No. 1 Chevrolet had lost its brakes until he realized what Chastain was doing.

“It was crazy,” Custer said. “He has balls. It was cool.”

Chastain’s car seemed to be traveling at a cartoonish speed compared to the rest of the field.

He passed five cars between Turn 3 and the finish line to earn enough points to beat Hamlin and have a chance to race Joey Logano, Chase Elliott and Martinsville winner Christopher Bell for the championship Nov. 6 at Phoenix Raceway .

“How did it work? Chastain later said of his move.

Either way, he set the fastest lap a production car has ever run at Martinsville Speedway, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary. The track record was 18.954 seconds. Chastain’s last lap was 18.845 seconds.

Chastain said he had never tried anything like it in a car before. He said he first saw such a move more than 15 years ago in a video game.

“My brother Chad beat me doing it,” Chastain said.

“It came back to my mind on the white flag (turn). … If it wrecks, OK, we can’t do it. It might not work, but I’ll try.

Not everyone was seduced by the move.

Kyle Larson, who attempted a similar move at Darlington last year, disapproved of Chastain’s actions on Sunday.

“It’s just a bad look,” Larson said. “I’m embarrassed that I did it at Darlington. Maybe if I hadn’t done it last year people wouldn’t even think about it, so I myself am embarrassed and happy that I didn’t win that way (at Darlington). It’s not just a good look. Not a good look. … It’s embarassing.”

Larson went on to say, “If you think (Chastain’s move is right), why would you think it’s right?”

Logano appreciated Chastain’s decision but also suggested the sport should not revisit such a bold scheme again, citing safety concerns.

“As spectacular as it was, as much as it worked, the problem now is that the box is open, isn’t it?” Logan said. “Now every Xfinity race, every truck race, every cup race, no matter what track, that wall is going to be a game. It’s not good. It’s not good.

“I mean, it was awesome, it was cool. It happened for the first time. There’s no rule against it. There has to be a rule against it because I don’t know not if you want the whole peloton riding the wall to come to the checkered flag.

Logano suggested a rule needs to be in place ahead of this weekend’s championship races in Truck, Xfinity and Cup.

A NASCAR spokesperson said Sunday night that Chastain’s decision “was within the rules and (officials) will discuss any driver concerns this week.”

Hamlin, eliminated by Chastain’s charge, admitted his team’s struggles in the pits played a part in his failure to qualify for the title chase. Yet losing on such a knock from a competitor.

“It’s funny,” Hamlin said, “but not to me. … We lost on one shot which is fair game.

Chase Briscoe admitted that “I think we’ve all thought about ‘doing what Chastain did but don’t do it.

Briscoe was the first car Chastain passed. Then Bubba Wallace, Logano, William Byron and Hamlin just before the finish line.

“I wish I had done it now,” Briscoe said of Chastain’s move. “It’s like a 50-50 deal. Any of us could have done it, but is it fair to the (five) guys he passed? Probably not. But all of us (five) could have done the same thing.

Instead, it was Chastain who did it.

But after watching a video of his bold move?

“I can’t believe that’s me in this,” he said.

DRL Flight Club PointsKash – DRONELIFE


DRL Flight Club PointsKashDrone Racing League Launches DRL Flight Club

by DRONELIFE Editor Ian M. Crosby

The Drone Racing League (DRL) has announced an inaugural loyalty rewards partnership with loyalty points conversion platform PointsKash to expand the reach of the DRL fandom worldwide. The five-year deal will see the launch of DRL Flight Club, the first program for DRL fans to collect rewards on PointsKash, as well as brand integrations into DRL events, game products and content from this 2022-23 season of the DRL Algorand World Championship.

PointsKash and DRL will use Algorand’s blockchain platform to allow DRL Flight Club members to easily redeem PointsKash Points for access to DRL Live Events, limited-edition apparel, and additional in-game DRL bonuses SIM, the Drone Racing Arcade mobile game and upcoming Fly-to-Own NFT drone racing game.

“PointsKash is designed for Gen Z, so we knew we had to partner with Gen Z’s favorite sport, the Drone Racing League,” said Steve Janjic, CEO of PointsKash. “DRL fans are young, tech-savvy, and tend to have higher incomes than traditional sports fans, suggesting they are more likely to accumulate points in various loyalty rewards programs. We’ll help DRL fans consolidate these benefits into a centralized PointsKash account and use them for DRL’s amazing drone racing events, gaming merchandise and swag.

Each year, approximately $400 billion in loyalty rewards go unused in sports and other industries. PointsKash’s upcoming mobile app will allow users to merge points collected from other loyalty programs into one central account and convert the points into cash.

“We wake up every day to partnering with brands that both enhance the DRL fan experience and leverage DRL to connect with their target consumers,” said DRL SVP, Head of Partnership Development, AriMark. “We are thrilled to partner with PointsKash to innovatively reward our fans and give them access to special experiences, while demonstrating the speed and reliability of the Algorand blockchain.”

During the term of the partnership, DRL Flight Club members will be able to earn PointsKash points by purchasing DRL merchandise, registering for DRL races, downloading DRL racing games and interacting with DRL digital content.

The PointsKash mobile app will be launched next December during the 2022-23 DRL Algorand World Championship season. The season opener, Race in the Cloud presented by Google Cloud, will stream November 19 on NBC, Tiktok, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Learn more about Drone Racing League:

Ian attended Dominican University in California, where he graduated with a BA in English in 2019. With a lifelong passion for writing and storytelling and a keen interest in technology, he now contributes to DroneLife as an editor .

10 Most Wrong Things About The Show, According To The Cast And Crew


Unlike other reality shows in MTV’s iconic lineup, there hasn’t been a more tight-knit group than the OG JCote d’Ersey crew. With their instant compatibility and party lifestyle, the group would always have a great time with their fair share of drama.

It may be one of TV’s worst-kept secrets, but a certain “reality” in reality shows is manufactured to keep the storyline interesting. That being said, what moments have the jerseyshore the cast and crew turned out to be wrong?


Origin of Snooki’s nickname

Although the entire cast garnered a sizable fanbase thanks to the show’s success, it’s safe to say that Nicole “Snooki” LaValle was the star of the bunch. She currently hosts MTV’s “Messyness” with Tori Spelling, Adam Rippon and the late Teddy Ray. “Snooki” may have become a household name, but contrary to popular belief, she didn’t go by that nickname before the show.

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LaValle has admitted since the show’s success that “Snooki” was never his real nickname. She revealed to Vulture that she never even had a nickname at home, but when the jerseyshore the app asked for a nickname, her friend suggested “Snooki” as a joke, and LaValle wrote it down. The nickname helped land her spot on the show, so the name stuck.

The shore store

During the first season of the show, the jerseyshore distribution was not paid for by the producers. The producers wanted to capture the lives of young adults summering on the shore, but they were able to work at the Shore Store to earn their money while living in the house of store owner Danny Merk. While it’s true that they worked at the store for their pay, it wasn’t a typical job.

Store owner Danny Merk told Vulture that the band started making $10 an hour and gradually moved up to $20 an hour that summer. Employees at the store often complained about the group’s work ethic, but said that Mike “The Situation” was the “laziest person to work with”, and that Snooki wasn’t much better. That being said, Merk admitted that Pauly D, Jenni and Sammi proved to be quite talented on the register.

Guests for the night

With most of the main cast married with kids (or just trying to settle down), there aren’t many club guests for the night like when the band started. It was common for one of the cast members to bring home a guest for the night, although it was not without many demands from the producers.

Although it looks like the overnight guests have just been picked up from the club where the group was partying, the guest selection process was lengthy. Executive producer SallyAnn Salsano revealed to Vulture that most of the guests brought home went through a rigorous application process before being chosen, including the presentation and scanning of ID proving that the guest is over 21 years old.

Vinny and Pauly D’s street fight

There have been many romantic exploits both on the show and behind the scenes of Jersey, but none are tighter than Vinny and Pauly D’s bromance. Aside from the main show, the two brought their charisma natural to Double Shot At Love and proved to be one of the best duos on the show. That’s until a certain episode in Season 4 where the two broke out in a street fight in Italy (or so it seemed).

Upon the episode’s release, a waitress working near the fight revealed to The Daily Beast that the two had planned some aspects of the fight while drinking at the bar, including moving under a street lamp to properly light the shot. It was also revealed that security kept photographers and fans away from the scene before filming began.

Snooki and JWoww Voltage

Snooki and JWoww may not have started off on the right foot in the early episodes, but the two have grown to have one of the most organic friendships on the show. Throughout multiple seasons and spinoffs, the two have shown to have effortless banter on and off set, causing fans to worry when there was obvious tension during an episode of Jersey Shore: family vacation.

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Tension ensues when Vinny vents his frustration to Snooki with her simply ignoring him because of their checkered past, as Vinny is a frequent talking point with Snooki and her husband. JWoww tries to console her, which leads to an argument between the two about Vinny. It was nothing more than a good montage, as revealed by JWoww on her Twitter, where she assured viewers that she and Snooki were still best friends and that her son barely missed JWoww.

The drama of the notes

Anyone on the internet when the infamous note was given to Sammi regarding Ronnie’s behavior remembers how much drama surrounded him at the time. Everything from the sloppy way the note was written to Sammi’s overreaction to it took the world by storm. Turns out, that infamous altercation may have had producers meddling.

Snooki revealed to Vulture that a producer made it clear to Sammi that the producers didn’t write the note. The producers added to the drama by informing Sammi that the note was written by one of the housemates, a fact that upset her more than the note itself.

Vinny didn’t really party

There is not a single person in the jerseyshore crew with a healthier Italian upbringing than Vinny. Although the show still portrays him as constantly partying and meeting girls, Vinny was quite shy around girls before he met his jerseyshore and Double shot at love co-star, Pauly D.

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Vinny revealed to Vulture that he didn’t bond for the entire first season, saying he only kissed a few girls in the house. Spending time with The Situation and Pauly D introduced Vinny to the club lifestyle, leading to the iconic dream team, MVP, and Vinny being more comfortable bringing the girls home.

Most of the actors are not from Jersey

It’s no longer a secret that most jerseyshore the cast hails from New York. However, during the show’s first season, viewers were led to believe that the entire cast had Jersey roots when in reality only two members of the crew are from Jersey – Sammi and Deena.

Deena is introduced in Season 3 as Angelina’s replacement after leaving the jerseyshore house the previous season. Although Deena and Sammi initially don’t get along, Deena helps Sammi come out of her shell and have fun instead of worrying about her ongoing fights with Ronnie, leading to Sammi getting along with the girls after they all fight in Miami.

The situation was not affiliated with A&F

“GTL” has been launched countless times in the jerseyshore crew. The Situation always wanted to wear nice clothes, but one brand he frequented was Abercrombie & Fitch, so much so that viewers speculated the company sponsored him, but that was far from the truth.

The clothing company knew that Situation still wore her clothes, but felt that their brand being associated with her would be bad for business. The company decided to go public with their issue in a press release, where they would offer the star $10,000 to stop wearing their clothes on the show.

Pauly D didn’t start “GTL”

As mentioned earlier, the boys of the jerseyshore live by “GTL” (gym, tanning, laundry). One member, in particular, was Pauly D, who even had a tanning bed in his house. The show seems like Pauly D coined the phrase, but the producers may have played a bigger role in creating it.

SallyAnn Salsano revealed to Complex that the producers tried to schedule shooting days to work with the actors, specifically setting aside time for the gym, tanning and laundry. Instead of writing the full words, the producers wrote the acronym “GTL” on the board. Pauly D saw the potential of the phrase and made it one of the show’s most iconic quotes.

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Miami Dolphins’ Raheem Mostert takes on big role after surgery


At this time last year, Raheem Mostert was on crutches, unable to walk without help.

A member of the San Francisco 49ers at the time, Mostert suffered a Week 1 knee cartilage injury against the Detroit Lions that was supposed to sideline the running back for several weeks. Mostert, however, eventually underwent season-ending surgery and embarked on the arduous road to rehabilitation.

“The first seven weeks after the operation, I was unable to walk,” Mostert said. “And that drained me a lot emotionally, because I’m a ball carrier. I run fast. I throw the ball. Everything is always able to run and capitalize. For the first seven weeks it was a challenge. And then having my family too, just trying to take care of them and support them, it was all a mental block.

“But moving forward, I was just thinking about the outcome, how nice it would be to be back on the pitch and participating in team activities and all the little things that go along with it so that I comes to the regular season.”

Mostert, 30, not only returned for the start of the 2022 season, but in recent weeks he has effectively taken on the role of point guard for the Dolphins (4-3), who will face the Lions (1-5) on the Sunday road. In a Week 5 loss to the New York Jets, Mostert rushed for 113 yards, his best since a 220-yard performance in the 2019 NFC Championship Game.

Although Mostert is still coming back after essentially a year out of the game, his teammates and coaches say he already looks like the running back who is arguably the fastest player in the NFL.

“Raheem is a speed demon,” said fullback Alec Ingold, “and it’s so smooth when you watch him work, week after week, day after day.”

Miami Dolphins running back Raheem Mostert (31) celebrates with teammates after scoring in the first quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on Sunday, October 23, 2022. Al Diaz [email protected]

In the Dolphins’ Week 7 home win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mostert scored Miami’s only touchdown, on an 8-yard catch on the first drive. Once he reached the end zone, Mostert dove belly first to the ground, making a swimming motion with his hands and jumping to his feet as if riding a surfboard.

The touchdown celebration is a nod to Mostert’s roots growing in New Smyrna Beach, which is located on Florida’s east-central coast, about 80 miles northeast of Orlando. Mostert surfed in one of the best surf towns in the country, dubbed the “Shark Bite Capital of the World.”

“I didn’t have a stable lifestyle,” he says. “My parents, I couldn’t rely on them sometimes but I grew up in a place where you just have to work hard.” As a teenager, Mostert not only surfed, but also played soccer and ran track.

“I love it because it takes me away from everything,” he said of surfing. “I’m on the ocean, just me alone and me with a few buddies, just trying to learn little techniques. I try to understand what they are doing. And just being one with the ocean, I think that was what appealed to me the most.

Mostert and Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel said they see similarities between surfing and running back.

“We say, ‘press every stroke, one gap at a time,’ and it’s kind of like riding a wave – surfing,” McDaniel said. “Because you take it right there and then all of a sudden you go down, but then the wave brings you back.”

One day Mostert was approached by an agent from Billabong, a surf apparel company, with a sponsorship offer. But playing in the waves was just a pastime; his passions were athletics and football – sports where he stood out at New Smyrna Beach High School. Mostert won district titles as a hurdler and sprinter, and he was also a dynamic receiver and kick returner.

Mostert committed to Purdue University, attracted to the school after a visit with former NFL safety Ricardo Allen, who is a boilermaker, and from nearby Daytona Beach. Allen now works as a special teams assistant with the Dolphins.

At Purdue, Mostert found a role as a return specialist before moving to running back as a junior. He also won Big Ten titles as a sprinter in the 60-meter, 100-meter, and 200-meter races. He became the first member of his family to graduate from college.

Mostert was not selected in the 2015 NFL Draft. He spent the next few years bouncing from team to team, mostly as a returner. He had short stints with half a dozen teams, including the Dolphins – just when current Lions coach Dan Campbell was named interim coach at Miami – before joining the 49ers in 2016 Mostert spent the next five seasons in San Francisco alongside McDaniel. , who served as running play coordinator before being elevated to offensive coordinator.

Frequent injuries limited his role. But when healthy, Mostert was one of the most effective and explosive fullbacks in the league. He rushed for a career-high 772 yards in 2019 for a 49ers team that qualified for the Super Bowl. At Mostert 5.39 yards per rush average is the most in NFL history among running backs with 250 career attempts.

“It was just the time aspect, and I knew my time was coming,” Mostert said. “Whether I believe it or not, I believed wholeheartedly that I deserved to be in the league and that I deserved to play and that I would be an NFL running back and that I was going to do great things. I’ve always wanted to hunt for a gold jacket. I guess that helped me too. But my wife, she helped me. She’s a person with a lot of spirit and willpower, so I owe her credit, she helped me through a lot.

Although Mostert’s one-year absence last season meant he only played nine games in the past two years, he signed a one-year, $2 million contract with the Dolphins. during the first week of free will. The fact that cornerback Xavien Howard underwent a similar knee procedure gave Mostert confidence that he would be able to return to his pre-injury form.

And despite the severity of the injury — in a July tweet, Mostert said he was told he ‘may never be back on the pitch again’ — he was allowed to practice in the training camp.

Miami Dolphins running back Raheem Mostert (31) waits to speak to reporters after practice at the Baptist Health Training Complex in Miami Gardens on Wednesday, August 17, 2022. Al Diaz [email protected]

The Dolphins were expected to split the backfield workload after also signing Chase Edmonds. But with Mostert’s familiarity with the outside zone pattern and the tough run, he’s been taking the majority of the shots in the backfield recently. Mostert leads the team with 388 rushing yards and was the leading kick returner.

The Dolphins’ revamped offense has yet to really take off — and that includes a running game that ranks 29th in yards per game. Part of the key to unlocking their potential is that Mostert continues to feel like himself. And that can mean showing off your track speed in the open field. Mostert’s top speed of 22.73 miles per hour in 2020 remains the fastest for a running back since 2018.

“I’m at about 20 miles per hour,” Mostert said of his top speed in a game this season. “I tweaked and worked my way through the line and tried to break something.”

This story was originally published October 29, 2022 9:21 a.m.

Daniel Oyefusi covers the Dolphins for the Miami Herald. A native of Towson, Maryland, he graduated from the University of Maryland: College Park. He previously covered the Ravens for The Baltimore Sun.

How to spend $200 on winter golf gear


The winter golf season is fast approaching and brings with it cooler temperatures, softer ground and plenty of rain. If you’re an avid golfer like me, you won’t let bad weather stop you from getting out and playing the sport you love! But obviously, playing in harder and colder conditions can take a toll on your body and have a negative effect on your golf. But the good news is that you can protect yourself from the harshest elements by properly outfitting yourself with top-notch winter golf apparel. (opens in a new tab) and you’ll be happy to know that you can do that too without spending a fortune.

Recently we celebrated the cold weather here at Golf Monthly during our Winter Golf Week (opens in a new tab) and highlighted some of our favorite golf gear for the winter season. We’ve worked hard to test all kinds of gear, from the best waterproof pants (opens in a new tab) to the best golf jackets (opens in a new tab) and looked at some of the best deals on winter golf gear you should take advantage of. I scoured specials, closeouts and sales from a range of golf specialty and more general retailers to identify a great selection of products that can be found right now for a total of $200!

Each product represents fantastic value for money individually, but cumulatively it’s good to see just how high $200 can go if you’re savvy with your spending. While there are plenty of great deals out there, I’ve listed some of my favorites that I’ve been able to find online below. And if you’re looking for more money-saving tips on your golf equipment, check out our guides to the best budget rangefinders. (opens in a new tab)best budget golf balls (opens in a new tab) and the best budget golf clubs (opens in a new tab).

Adidas Textured Print Crewneck Sweatshirt ($51)

Adidas Textured Print Crew Neck Sweatshirt

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

This sleek and stylish sweater is super trendy and will keep you warm on the cooler days without the extra bulk that might get in the way of your swing. It won’t keep the rain out, but we’re on a tight budget here and assume you already own a golf umbrella if the skies open up.

Bridgestone golf e12 contact matte golf balls

(Image credit: Bridgestone Golf)

Our tests showed Bridgestone’s e12 Contact to be a great all-rounder for the price. Solid off the tee and responsive around the greens, it also comes in matte finish colors that are ideal for increased winter visibility without affecting performance.

Under Armor ColdGear Armor Compression Mock Base Layer ($40)

Under Armor ColdGear Armor Compression Mock Base Layer

(Image credit: Under Armour)

Under Armor is one of the market leaders among the best golf base layers and for $40 you get a lot of performance for the price. Concretely, it keeps you warm during very cold outings but without overheating when the temperatures start to rise. It can be embarrassing when you have to remove a basecoat mid-run, and this scenario should be avoided if you’re making this investment.

Puma P Circle Patch Beanie ($20)

Puma P Circle Patch Beanie

(Image credit: Puma)

Puma is undoubtedly one of the most stylish brands in golf and this beanie is the perfect example. Plus, it’s soft to the touch, so it won’t be uncomfortable in any way and allows you to just focus on shooting in the hand instead of worrying about how your body shivers from the cold when you’re standing. over a shot.

Stuburt Winter Mitts ($24)

Stuburt Winter Mittens

(Image credit: future)

Easy to take on and off, these winter golf mitts from Stuburt are a great value addition to this list, offering excellent comfort and warmth over your standard golf gloves for just $23. $.72 on Amazon. (opens in a new tab). The inner area inside the mitt is a simple void but features a fleecy interior which means they will definitely keep your hands warm on a bitter day. They also feature a handy clip on their wrist that can be used to clip the gloves together or even attach them to your golf bag or cart. Another nice feature is that they have an elastic wristband which allows air to flow through your hands keeping them well ventilated while wearing the gloves.

Bionic AquaGrip Wet Weather Gloves ($15)

Best Wet Weather Gloves

(Image credit: Bionic)

Bionic makes some unique golf gloves, like the StableGrip 2.0 glove that we recently tested and impressed with. But when it rains you need a glove that doesn’t skimp on traction and control and you should find it with this model. It’s designed to perform better when wet and will allow you to hit the shots you want when others are spraying the ball left and right.

Callaway Weather Series Snood ($17)

The best golf snoods

(Image credit: Callaway)

Snood, gaiter, neck warmer – whatever you call them, this is an essential winter golf item and was one of the most budget-friendly options we could find among the best golf snoods. It will soothe cold days and prevent the cold from penetrating your top. You can also pull them up on your face so your cheeks don’t turn red with frost.

Zivisk Wooden Golf Tees – $7

zivisk golf tees

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

These Zivisk tees come in a variety of sizes and designs, including castle tees which are ideal for achieving consistent height when playing from winter mats. They are also made of wood, so better for the environment.

Total spend: $204

Ok, I just went over budget by $200, but in doing so, I managed to find eight great value winter golf essentials that every golfer should pack in their winter golf bag. . Who said equipping yourself for winter golf had to be expensive! The quality of each of these products speaks for itself, but also proves that you can be smart when buying equipment in what can sometimes seem like a very expensive market. It’s fair to say that any golfer would benefit from using each of the items listed above on the course, but why stop there? There are plenty of deals to be had on good value golf equipment. So if you’re on the hunt for some new golf equipment, why not also consider adding a set of cheap golf clubs to your bag. (opens in a new tab)or a cheap golf cart (opens in a new tab).

Michael Tuohy, PGA, talks golf fashion


PGA Professional Michael Tuohy is a five-time North Florida PGA Chapter and Section Merchandiser of the Year award winner. He is the Chief Golf Professional at Esplanade d’Azario in Lakewood Ranch, Florida in the Bradenton/Sarasota area. Michael has over ten years of experience in the golf industry and a proven ability to thrive in the business marketing arena.

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Michael to get his thoughts on golf fashion trends, what he and his team are doing merchandising in their store, and what he sees as important factors in marketing golf apparel to the masses.

What are some of the trends you see in men’s and women’s golf apparel in your store?

Michael Tuohy (MT): Sunday Swagger is a leading shirt brand in our store along with Waggle and William Murray. We still carry classics like FootJoy, Travis Mathews, Cutter and Buck and Straight Down. All of our outside service staff and food and beverage staff wear 4 different Sunday Swagger designs.

As we enter fall and winter, hoodies from FootJoy and other companies are definitely the trend in outerwear. For men’s bottoms we do, women have great success with IBKUL, JoFit and Kate Lord.

When it comes to shoes, 95% off the company is now spikeless. Casual shoes you can wear during and for the rest of the day. Finally, headgear is a major factor in our shop. We carry several different hat companies. Travis Mathew, Black Clover, AHead, O’Connor, Sunday Swagger, Waggle, and more. Style trends include rope hats and Flexfit.

What are some of the trends you see in youth golf apparel?

MT: When it comes to young boys and girls, everything we do is PUMA. We have a Junior section in the store, but its category is slowly growing. We hope to participate in the PGA Jr. League this year and hope this will boost our junior category.

What are the most important purchasing factors for adults (price, quality, brand, etc.)?

MT: We try to be different. Find businesses on Instagram and other places you don’t typically see when going to a golf store. This is where we have been most successful and where we have tried to follow this trend. The price plays a role; people would rather pay $69 for a polo than $98, but we’ve got a good mix.

What are some of the most important purchasing factors for young people (price, quality, brand, etc.)?

MT: Again, we are always trying to grow this category, but our primary focus is PUMA and the growth of this category over time.

Given that you are a Chapter and Section Merchant of the Year in the Public category, what do you consider to be important factors in marketing apparel to golfers?

MT: There are a few key factors:

As a company, we strive to step outside the brick and mortar walls of a traditional store. Currently, I’m working with our developer and retail consultant to launch an e-commerce site for Esplanade Communities. Esplanade communities can be found across the country, from California to Florida. We will soon be offering all Esplanade members consistent, quality merchandise in a convenient online setting. No matter where members are located, they can purchase quality Esplanade merchandise.

As we grow as a company, I personally develop my “Think Out Of The Box” philosophy and expand it to “Shock & Awe!” I am continually on the lookout for new trends, keeping the store exciting and fresh. Not only keep the products interesting, but also the displays. I strive to create loyal customers through a unique shopping experience. My goal is for all customers to walk into the store and say “wow”, “what is this?” and “I’ve never seen this before!” As I expand my strategy, our store’s merchandise should add $100,000 to the bottom line this year, turning merchandising into tangible profit and a successful career.

Merchandising is definitely my passion. I use my knowledge to teach our assistants so they can grow in the golf and merchandising industry. My staff receive daily hands-on training, place orders, organize displays and sell products. Recently I had the honor of hosting a PGA Wizard Tournament. After the tournament, I spent time talking to the group to share tips, techniques and resources to help them deepen their knowledge and develop their career path. I am also working hard to further my education as secretary of our chapter board. I believe education is critical to the success of PGA professionals and the golf industry.

Ga Kook-Hyun and Jung, Chul


originally published: 27/10/2022

Emotional still life, 51 x 51 inches, oil on canvas, 2022

(HACKENSACK, NJ) — Riverside Gallery presents a solo exhibition of Ga Kook-Hyun’s paintings, titled “Alchemy with Representation and Abstraction” in the gallery’s first space. The exhibition will run from November 1 to 14, 2022, with an opening on Saturday November 5, Saturday, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

It is said that Ga does not use references but uses imagination and insight to arrive at his imagery. This is why Ga calls his pieces “Emotional Still Life”. Its flowers and vases are richly painted in rich colors and with a fine texture. Flowers do not exist in reality. Ga discovered the water bubble technique 8-9 years ago and began to feel that he was realizing his true vision 4-5 years ago; Ga thinks he is currently going through a golden age as an artist and should carry on with the spirit of a master painter. Ga underwent many different styles and techniques before arriving at his current work. He chose Korean porcelain as his main subject because when he went to overseas art fairs, he realized that the beauty that is essentially Korean is world-class.

By rigorously applying elaborate color patterns to a “blank” form or space, Ga achieves visual depth and forms abstract experiences and sensations that reach a meditative level. In this way, Ga seems to adopt the view that in nothing there is something on an infinitesimal scale, and something is a nothing on an infinitely large scale. The way Ga flattens the form of three-dimensional perspective into flat forms of symbolic and abstract roles is perhaps the main reason Professor Byon argues that Ga’s works are in an ambiguous state of abstraction and representation. .

Unlike other artists who place their main subject in an environment of three-dimensional space or interior, Ga places her vases in an abstract, infinitely continuous space that simultaneously centers and decenters the subject.

Ga Kook-Hyun graduated from the Art Education Department of Han-nam University and received his MFA from the Painting Department of Sejong University. He had a total of 38 solo exhibitions in Seoul, Daejon, Paris and metropolitan area (NY), including Gallery Korea, Gallery Christine, Hyundai Art Gallery. He has also participated in Korea Art Fair, Seoul Art Show and KIAF held at COEX in Seoul in the past. He was a sold artist at the Miami Art Fair in 2010, and he has also participated in art fairs in France, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Solo exhibitions at the Riverside Gallery: Ga Kook-Hyun and Jung, Chul

Energy Tuning, acrylic on canvas, 64 x 51 inches

Advertise with New Jersey Stage for $50-$100 per month, click here for more info

Jung, Chul will exhibit his abstract paintings in the gallery’s second space, titled “Energy Tuning”. Jung is a painter who uses abstract marks to create landscapes about the earth and people’s relationship with it. Jung strives for a poetic quality from the ephemeral and abstract marks that occupy the paintings as spatial or temporal regions, which the artist intends to be purely abstract but which limit representation due to their suggestive shapes or appearance. . The title of the exhibition, “Energy Tuning”, could suggest the type of energy that the earth brings to its inhabitants in the Eastern tradition.

In Jung’s earlier series, Chul, its title, which is “The Land I Want to Believe In”, suggests a sense of belief about a land and what it has to offer in terms of experiences and lives for people. The concept of “land” appears as an in-between within nature and culture, breaking the binary opposition and its implicit domination of culture over nature. The experience and life that Jung, Chul strives for is one of purity and balance, which benefits the land in which he resides and in which he wants to believe. Jung, Chul equates the essence of nature with motherhood, which is a tremendous structure or being that is so big and deep and is a “lonely wound…that cannot dare to be expressed in words or through language. (artist’s statement). What is first seen as a “shared impossibility”, according to art critic KyungHan Hong, becomes a beginning that calls for reason in the other as a form of emulation, which Jung, Chul use to “throw up… completely new things with reality”. as a substructure.

In Jung, Chul’s abstract paintings, one can find connected sensibilities that can be paired as “desire and sadness, loneliness and joy, despair and delight, nobility and cheerfulness, heaviness and lightness, restriction and liberation, etc.” as “seeds” of the land cultivated by the people and the artist (metaphorically speaking). These elements activate the lyrical (poetic) elements in the works of Jung, Chul, and they become his pictorial language; even though people say Jung, Chul’s paintings are similar to abstract expressionism or have the same solid color as other artist’s style, they are not the same because of the mentioned lyrical and emotional elements or seeds .

Jung, Chul is a Korean artist who has had over 30 solo exhibitions and over 300 group exhibitions. He has a teaching career at Chugye University of the Arts, Jungang University and Hannam University. He participated in KIAF, Seoul Art Fair, and many others. His works are in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Modern Art, Korea Development Bank, KB Bank, Seoul Museum of Art, SK Company, Daejeon Art Museum, from Navy Headquarters in Jeju, Joymaru, Daejeon Broadcasting Corp and International Taekwondoon.

The Riverside Gallery is located in The Shops at Riverside (Riverside Square) at One Riverside Square, Suite 201, Hackensack, New Jersey. Hours are 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday.

Preparations for co-hosting FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023 kick into high gear


The Philippines Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for co-hosting the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup completed another round of detailed planning workshops in Clark late last week as the countdown has reached its 10-month mark for the August 25-September 10 major event.

Through the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP), led by President Emeritus Manuel V. Pangilinan and President Al S. Panlilio, the country will lead an unprecedented hosting with Japan and Indonesia for the 19th edition of the Cup which will bring together 32 teams from the continental zones of Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Spain are the defending champions of the World Cup, which serves as a qualifying tournament for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

FIBA World Cup 2023 Executive Director David Crocker attended the two-day session at the Quest Plus Conference Center inside the Clark Freeport area along with the heads of the many committees involved in the organization.

Also in attendance were SBP Executive Director and LOC Director of Events Renauld “Sonny” Barrios and Deputy Director of Events Erika Dy.

LOC Senior Planner Ramon “Tats” Suzara facilitated the workshop, which was also held at the Malarayat Golf and Country Club in Lipa City in March and at the PLDT office in Makati in June.

It covered updated reports from the Joint Management Committee and Heads of Departments in charge of Ways and Means, Broadcast and Media, World Congress, Games Services and Sport/Competition.

Suzara said two more planning sessions are scheduled for March and July after the draw ceremony on April 22.

“I think now that the various departments realize that very detailed planning is important for this event, such as the transport schedule, the catering plan, the identification plan and the drawings of the place, the spaces, between others, everything falls into place,” Suzara said.

A final planning meeting will take place, Suzara said, once the incoming teams are known after the draw.

Crocker, former CEO of Basketball New Zealand and senior director of sports development at the Australian Sports Commission, was impressed with how the first day of the planning session went.

“I like the start of the session because it’s all about team building,” said Crocker, who also provided input on Day 2, including on the broadcast and media stand to set up and in the function. volunteer services.

“With approximately 300 days, it’s really time for all of these functional areas to start coming together, not just as individual areas of expertise, but to work across all functional areas in some level of cooperation and harmony. “, added Crocker.

Crocker said it was “quite comforting” to know that “steps have been taken for an advanced level of thinking in preparation at this stage.”

Barrios, meanwhile, pointed to the benefit of having such detailed workshops.

“It’s a major achievement because we were able to see the progress of every functional area,” he said.

The clothing industry should be affected in the fourth quarter. See which elements will be the outstanding “bright spots”.


“As brands and retailers kicked off holiday promotions ahead of Halloween costume purchases, we can expect an elongated holiday selling season for the apparel industry,” said analyst Maria Rugolo. of the apparel industry at NPD. “As prices rise, the fourth quarter will be a balancing act as buyers prioritize where they trade, exit or invest, prompting them to be more cautious in their clothing spending.”

NPD’s latest “Future of Apparel” report found that consumers are increasingly considering buying apparel tailored to a specific need. Sales of sweatshirts, outerwear and dresses are expected to increase in the fourth quarter from a year ago. “Wardrobe needs, stemming from replacement or restocking purchases and a return to social gatherings, will drive consumers to invest in certain aspects of their wardrobe this holiday season,” Rugolo said.

In addition to being more selective in their purchases, many consumers invoke cost-saving measures. In the last quarter, 41% of consumers said they had to give up buying clothes to buy products from another category, an increase of 5 points since the start of the year. Consumers also said that “lower prices” were the most important factor in their future clothing buying decisions. When exploring alternative shopping options, nearly 45% of consumers bought clothes on a resale platform in the third quarter, up 2 points since the first quarter.

See also from GDA:

Miami Dolphins ready to move up on winning side of column


The Miami Dolphins will have most of their players back for Sunday Night Football and they’re ready to get back in the win column.

There’s plenty of football left in the season, but tonight Miami is playing one of the biggest games of the season after losing three in a row.

The Steelers are an interesting game. Rookie Kenny Pickett who was in concussion protocol has been cleared, but will he actually start against Miami or will it be Mitch Trubisky?

Offensively, the Steelers have an excellent running back, Najee Harris, but his season so far hasn’t been a statistical bargain in production. Dionte Johnson may be the Steelers’ best receiver, but he has suffered statistically due to quarterback changes.

In many ways, the Steelers are like Miami in terms of running teams. After decades of quarterback stability, Pittsburgh is transitioning to the position and, as Miami fans know, sometimes that can’t go as planned.

Tonight will be a good test for Miami because the Steelers are a team they should be able to beat. The Steelers beat the Bengals in Week 1 but then lost to the Patriots, Browns, Jets and Bills before securing a shock victory over the Buccaneers last weekend.

Pittsburgh is riding high after this game, but they will face a Dolphins team that will have their starting quarterback healthy and starting. Miami has lost all three games Tua has been unable to complete this year.

Tonight’s game will only be the 4th time since NBC resumed broadcasting that the Dolphins played on a Sunday night.

Two runners go missing in Colorado mountains, prompting more education – The Durango Herald


Physical fitness is not enough to stay safe in remote areas where risks are amplified

David Lunde, seen here running in the annual Kennebec Mountain Run in August in the La Plata Mountains, was last seen when he parked his car in the La Plata Canyon and went for a run on the road away from La Plata Enchilada. (Ben Brashear/Special for The Colorado Sun)

Ben Brashear / Special for The Colorado Sun

As the worlds of trail running and technical mountaineering collide, rescuers share the message that physical fitness alone is not enough to successfully navigate remote mountains where the risk of accidents is amplified.

“There’s a big difference between going out for a run on some trails around town and venturing out into the San Juans and into really tough terrain,” said Brett Sublett, owner of Durango Running Co. for eight years.

There is a strong light ethic in trail running that eschews loaded packs. But as more and more athletes take up running in steep and remote mountainous terrain, which requires safety equipment, planning and more careful movement, the trail running community is seeing a growing need for ‘education. The redirection of runners comes after two athletes have gone missing on remote trails in the San Juans since July.

The focus on education is reminiscent of the increase in backcountry safety education over the past 20 years, as more and more skiers with honed skills on lift-served trails venture into avalanche-prone terrain, where a more diverse skill set is required for safe descents and navigation.

“There are a growing number of people going to very remote places on quite ambitious outings where one misstep can spell disaster if they don’t have safety equipment and are not consultable with someone. thing like a Garmin InReach,” said Brendan Trimboli, a longtime Durango runner who hosts the annual 15-mile Kennebec Mountain Run in the La Plata Mountains as a fundraiser for the research and development team. La Plata County rescue. “I think our sport has reached a point where we have to wrap it in a bit of responsibility while still keeping it fun.”

Beloved Durango runner David Lunde has been missing since Oct. 1, when he parked his car at the Madden Peak trailhead in La Plata Canyon and went for a run on the remote La Plata Enchilada Road . Dozens of local volunteers joined search and rescue teams in search of Lunde, 29, a rancher respected for his trail running prowess. Researchers recently suspended daily ground missions in an attempt to find him.

On July 17, 22-year-old Daniel Lamthach, a volunteer for the grueling Hardrock 100 race, went for a run at Col de Molas. He was unprepared for a night in the desert. The next day, hikers found her cell phone on the Elk Creek trail. Searchers and rescuers spent 10 days searching the area with planes and crews dropped by helicopter around the Trinity Peaks area. Severe weather, lightning and a mudslide hampered the search, which authorities suspended on July 27 after more than 250 staff hours the crews spent with the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control and 600 hours spent by local rescuers.

Julie Engel-Schrumm runs across a lingering summer snowfield on Georgia Pass near Fairplay with her dog Badger. The ultrarunning community is planning an education campaign to help trail runners better prepare for technical, high-consequence mountain running. (Dean Krakel/Special for The Colorado Sun)

Search and rescue teams have a growing list of missions involving ultrarunners in steep and remote terrain. In July 2018, Hannah Taylor, 39, a popular Summit County ski coach and accomplished mountain athlete, was killed in a fall in the Gore Range. A month later, rescuers from the Summit County Rescue Group needed a helicopter from the Army National Guard High Altitude Aviation Training Site – or HAATS – in Gypsum to hoist a trail runner wounded off the Tenmile crossing.

Just like Taylor, the man had grabbed a boulder to get around an outcrop and the boulder broke loose. He had “a significant fall, threatening his life and his limbs”, said Charles Pitman, who took part in the rescue mission for the man, who came from Europe. “The HAATS lifting operation probably saved his life as it would have been a very long, precarious and technically difficult rescue to carry out.”

In 2019, Rocky Mountain National Park rescuers needed a helicopter from Space Force Base Buckley to rescue a fallen trail runner near The Trough on Longs Peak. Park spokeswoman Kyle Patterson said the 30-year-old was “very lucky” that nearby travelers were able to keep him warm with extra layers in the hours it took to clear the injured man.

Patterson said park lifeguards are seeing more runners on Longs Peak and other remote locations in the park.

“Most of the time, because their goal is to move fast, they have very little with them, including extra layers and water. If an accident happened, they would be ill-prepared and ill-equipped to deal with the situation,” she said. “We have more and more people mixing trail running with climbing and mountaineering goals as well. Often attempting to achieve the fastest recorded times without proper mountaineering or rock climbing equipment.

In October 2020, Hinsdale County searchers found the body of Ben Brownlee, a 26-year-old former college cross-country runner beneath Redcloud Peak after he was reported missing while solo hiking in the 14er.

No one is saying any of these athletes did anything wrong. The recent push to educate athletes who race further into remote areas with minimal equipment is more about how to prevent future accidents.

“When you choose to go light, your ability to move fast is your lifeline,” Trimboli said. “If something goes wrong and you can’t move quickly, you’re screwed.”

Trail runner Jenn Fields negotiates a dangerous stretch of ice, rock and snow on a trail in the foothills above Boulder. (Dean Krakel/Special for The Colorado Sun)

No educational campaign plan is formalized yet, but runners and lifesavers are working on messages that encourage runners to venture into technical terrain to plan and tell others where you are going, make sure you have skills for the route and wear essential safety gear for longer runs. in remote terrain, including diapers, a bivouac bag, emergency food, a medical kit and a satellite-connected device to call for help.

Ron Corkish, who served more than 34 years with La Plata County Search and Rescue, understands that runners don’t want to carry 10-pound packs on the trails.

But athletes exploring remote trails — the La Plata Enchilada Loop, for example, can stretch 40 miles, and fast runners need at least 20 hours to complete it — should always have a way to call in. ugly. A charged cell phone or satellite-connected device can not only save a life, but it can calm worried loved ones who can call rescuers when a runner fails to return in time.

“It’s light and it’s expensive, but it’s one of the best ways to tell the world that I’m fine or that I need help,” said Corkish, who suggests that mountain runners also bring a way to start a fire and additional layers, preferably in bright, unnatural colors.

(In recent research, airborne rescuers captured high-resolution video that’s filtered by software capable of identifying colors not typically seen in nature, such as royal blue, Corkish said.)

Rescuers and runners also hope to orient backcountry explorers to weather forecasts so they can prepare for the sudden changes common in Colorado’s high country.

Education can start with a simple “vernacular tweak,” Sublett said, like changing the way insiders define routes to differentiate between trail running and technical mountain running.

“Anyone can twist their ankle or blow their knee while running,” said Anna DeBattiste of the Colorado Search and Rescue Association. “Do you have what you need to survive for hours if you don’t move to stay warm? A high level of physical fitness will not save you if you are injured.

Durango riders Sublett and Trimboli saw more riders tackling high-consequence routes without proper preparation. Many have seen social media feeds of ultra-athletes like Kilian Jornet, a world-renowned runner galloping nimbly over alpine ridges. Strava streams highlight aggressive routes, making them less consequential.

For example, Sublett often hears strangers in his store asking about Wham Ridge, a steep and isolated climb on Vestal Peak in San Juans’ Weminuche Wilderness. It requires over 16 miles of running, all away from any road.

“We tell them that if you are Kilian Jornet, it’s not difficult at all. But it really depends on your level of ability, your skills and your experience with exposure on very important ground,” said Sublett.

It’s the same scenario that played out decades ago when ski films spotlighted top athletes hurtling down avalanche terrain without necessarily showing the days of study and years of training. who led these skiers to these lines. Back in the 1990s, backcountry skiers didn’t always carry an avalanche beacon, rescue shovel, and probe. Thirty years ago, many backcountry skiers didn’t take avalanche safety courses or annual refresher courses.

Now, it’s rare to see someone in the snowy backcountry without safety gear. Avalanche awareness courses are full. Traffic to avalanche forecasts from state-funded scientists like those at the Colorado Avalanche Information Center continues to grow.

Education campaigns can therefore help to improve risk awareness in the hinterland. It’s the goal for endurance runners and rescuers hoping for more head-up mountain adventures.

“The bar just keeps getting higher in our sport,” said Sublett, who is also course director for the Hardrock 100, a 100-mile race over technical terrain in the San Juans that was once ranked as the showpiece event of the endurance race. “Now people are looking for even bigger, steeper and gnarlier pitches. There is an appetite for that and people need to be well equipped and well informed.

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Sportsman’s Warehouse expects opening before holidays | Jax Daily Record | Jacksonville Daily Record


Sportsman’s Warehouse Holdings Inc., based in West Jordan, Utah, said Oct. 13 that it plans to open before the start of the holiday season in Jacksonville and Montrose, Colorado.

The outdoor specialty retailer recently opened stores in Seminole, Florida and in Eastgate, Ohio, and Santee, California.

The Jacksonville store is located at River City Marketplace.

The five new stores will offer a combined 127,000 square feet of space for hunting, fishing, camping, shooting sports, apparel and footwear.

Sportsman’s Warehouse operates stores in 30 states, with the five new locations resulting in 16 stores in California, eight in Colorado, three in Florida and the first in Ohio.

Sportsman’s Warehouse arrives at the former Gander Mountain space at River City Marketplace in North Jacksonville.

It has a Florida location in Lady Lake, north of Orlando.

“As we execute our flexible store format strategy, we remain nimble and will adapt our store footprint to match the size and requirements of the markets we enter,” said Sportsman’s Warehouse CEO Jon Barkers.

He said the sizes of the five new stores ranged from 12,000 to nearly 40,000 square feet.

“Once we officially launch in Jacksonville, Florida, we will have opened nine new stores in 2022, with a total of 131 stores in our fleet. Over the next few years, we plan to accelerate our new store expansion strategy and aim to have 190-210 total stores in our fleet by the end of fiscal 2025,” he said. .

Sportsman’s Warehouse said stores are including “region-specific items as demand for high-quality outdoor gear, gear and accessories continues to be strong.”

At River City Marketplace in North Jacksonville, the city issued a permit Aug. 5 to Cameron Construction of Salt Like City to upgrade 39,968 square feet of space at a cost of nearly $2.1 million for the specialty retailer en plein air opens its first store in northeast Florida.

Sportsman’s Warehouse will occupy 13075 City Square Drive, #107, in a store next door to Burlington.

Be the first to know about the latest news and information that business leaders rely on in this rapidly changing Northeast Florida economy. Regional business news, trends and statistics needed to grow your business. The main upcoming events you won’t want to miss and much more.

Best Cardinals vs Saints betting promotions, Thursday night football free bets and bonuses


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At some point Thursday night will be better. No matter how good the matchup between the Saints and the Cardinals, online sportsbooks will continue to deliver amazing welcome bonus offers and in-game promotions.

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Responsible gaming

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Sports betting and gambling are not legal everywhere. Be sure to follow applicable laws where you live.

This story was originally published October 20, 2022 4 p.m.

Mark Strotman is a veteran sportswriter who has covered the Bulls and the NBA since 2012. His work has appeared on ESPN.com, FoxSports.com, Chicago Tribune and Yahoo Sports. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Miami Dolphins News 10/20/22: Brian Flores Revenge Game


Brian Flores was fired as head coach of the Miami Dolphins in January. Flores then filed a lawsuit against the Dolphins and the NFL for racial discrimination as well as tampering allegations against Stephen Ross. We know how it ended with Ross being suspended and losing selection to the Dolphins in the first round in the 2023 NFL Draft. Now Flores is returning to Florida to face the Dolphins as a staff member. Pittsburgh Steelers. There are a ton of great stories in this game and hopefully the Dolphins will start winning football games again with the return of Tua Tagovailoa.

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The Dolphins Quarterbacks

Back from concussion, Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa discusses long-term health risks
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Dolphins wide receivers

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Dolphins’ Hill explains reasons for record receiving pace. And injury news, roster changes
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List of dolphins

Miami Dolphins puts two players on injured reserve – Sports Illustrated Miami Dolphins News, Analysis and More
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Dolphins Reacts Survey: Fan confidence and chances of making Miami Playoffs in Week 7 – Reuters Sports News
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Pittsburgh Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick reflects on returning to Miami this weekend – Reuters
Fitzpatrick was selected by the Dolphins in the first round of the 2018 draft.

Miami Dolphins place Nik Needham and Trey Flowers on injured reserve
Miami can’t avoid the injury bug at the start of this season.

Mikaela Shiffrin opens the Alpine Skiing World Cup season, live on Peacock


It was at the beginning of last spring that Raphael Aroutiounianlong-time coach of Nathan Chenhas met Roman Skorniakovwho mentioned that his son, a 17-year-old American Ilia Malininwanted to land a quadruple Axel, the only four-revolution jump that has yet to be performed properly by a competitive figure skater.

Arutyunyan, 65, who worked with Malinin part-time, assured Skorniakov, a 1998 and 2002 Olympic skater for Uzbekistan, that Malinin’s triple Axel was so polished he would eventually get that quad.

You think? asked Skornyakov. I know it, Arutyunyan replied.

About a month later, Skorniakov relayed that Malinin did. The world found out in May, when US Figure Skating posted a video of him hitting the Axel at a camp.

Malinin officially entered the history books when he first attempted it competitively last month, tying it up on his season debut in a lower-tier event.

Even before that, Malinin was already the new leader in American figure skating, considering Olympic champion Chen and his teammates. Vincent Zhu and Jason Brown are on an indefinite, if not permanent, break from competition.

Now, Malinin is the most talked about active skater in all four disciplines ahead of this weekend’s Skate America, the season’s first high-level event. He is favored to become the youngest man to win the annual contest which began in 1979.

SKATE AMERICA: Broadcast Schedule

“All eyes are on me, it puts a lot of pressure on me,” Malinin, who splits her days between Marshall High School and the SkateQuest rink in Virginia, said last Saturday.

Malinin said he’s not yet sure if he’ll try the Axel quad at Skate America. He focuses on “clean and consistent” programs with a “basic layout,” which includes four more quads in his free skate.

“If I keep putting it in [programs] this season, I think that over time, it will become quite regular; especially if they were to increase the base value, then I feel like there would be a reason to try and practice a lot,” Malinin said, referring to the points awarded to an Axel quad by the International Skating Union (12.5, one more point than the next highest jump, the quad Lutz). “But at the moment I think we don’t really know what to do with it. At the moment I think it’s more practice, as opposed to trying to fit it into the program to take advantage of it. In future years, when the base value is higher, it will be much more reasonable to include it.

He didn’t even mention the quad Axel, or any jumps, when asked about his goals for the season.

“Improve the choreography and the component score because in the past it wasn’t the best,” he said.

Whether fully earned or not, young show jumping phenoms are often marked with component – ​​or artistic – scores that can amount to half of a skater’s total score. Chen experienced this as a teenager, improved his skating skills and music interpretation, and increased his grades.

Malinin sees her style as a mix between Chen and her childhood idol, 2014 and 2018 Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyuwith a bit of its own taste splashed. He sifts through that last bit, spending up to 90 minutes of his four- to five-hour days on the ice doing footwork and performing programs without jumps or spins.

When asked how long he’s been traveling the country to see show jumping master Arutyunyan in California, Malinin said he’ll be going there primarily to work on choreography with renowned Canadian artists. Shae Lynn Bourne. She also collaborated with Chen.

“I’m kind of finding my own style,” he said.

He is clearly confident in the jumps. Malinin started believing he could land the Axel quad last season, when skaters including Hanyu tried it out (but didn’t land it properly in competition).

“At first it was kind of a joke,” to try, he said. Malinin started out perfecting her triple Axel, then started practicing quads in a pole harness (helping with technique and preventing falls and injuries).

“Eventually, it led me to try a lot of attempts,” he said. “And then I landed it.”

He is already thinking of an unprecedented quintuple jump. He would like to land one in training by the end of this season.

“I really believe this guy can do it,” Arutyunyan said.

The question is whether Malinin can make it on the biggest stages in the sport. And not just the jumps, but the whole package.

In January, when the spotlight was on Chen, he broke through with a second-place finish in his senior U.S. Championships debut (and was cut from the three-man Olympic team due to his youth and lack of overall resume. ).

In his senior world championship debut in March, he placed ninth after a four-four free skate that included a fall and two underrotation jumps.

In last month’s event where he hit the quad Axel in his free skate, he also fell on the quads twice in his short program. It was in front of some fans in Lake Placid, NY

Malinin was informed that this week’s Skate America, the largest annual international competition held in the United States, sold out a 2,500-seat arena outside of Boston.

“It makes me really excited, but also a little scary to see that I’m going to be playing in front of a lot of people,” he said. “It will be something to start getting used to in other big competitions because who knows, there could be a huge stadium full of people I have to play in front of.”

NBC Sports’ Sarah Hughes (not the figure skater) contributed to this report.

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Metal detectors are now in place at the Mall of America after shootings and robberies in recent months


The Mall of America is now using metal detectors at its entrances on a trial basis, a decision made after two shooting incidents in the past year, and nearly eight weeks after a man with a gun allegedly robbed two retailers and forced the massive shopping and entertainment complex into lockdown.

Bloomington police say they were made aware of the mall’s improved security about a week ago, Deputy Chief of Police Michael Utecht said Tuesday.

Responding to a Star Tribune investigation into the installation of metal detectors and the search of customers’ luggage prior to entry, mall spokeswoman Laura Utecht said in a statement: “At the Mall of America, the safety and security of our guests, tenants and team members is our top priority.We are always looking for innovative ways to improve security using the latest technology.

“With Mall of America being such a unique property, it is important to thoroughly evaluate this technology on-site to ensure its accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency. We are currently testing a variety of options that may allow us to ‘further improve our technologically advanced security systems at the Mall of America.’

Laura Utecht declined to reveal what customers should avoid trying to pass through metal detectors or what enforcement action would be taken based on what the detectors report.

The mall has long had a no-guns and no-fireworks policy at the Bloomington Mall, which has seen millions of visitors each year since it opened 30 years ago, but has never had detectors of metals nor searched for bags during all this time.

She also declined to say how long the trial period for the detectors would last or whether people who work at the mall are required to go through the detectors.

On August 26, 29-year-old Cartier T. Alexander of Woodbury allegedly robbed two Mall of America stores shortly after committing the same crime at a Minneapolis pawn shop. Alexander is charged with first-degree aggravated robbery in connection with the targeting of a Lids sportswear store and newsstand retailer as well as Twin Cities Pawn on E. Lake Street in Minneapolis.

Mall security apprehended Alexander and seized a loaded gun from him, according to the charges and other court documents.

About three weeks earlier, gunfire had erupted inside the crowded mall. Shamar Alon Lark, 21, of Minneapolis, and Rashad Jamal May, 23, of Burnsville, are charged with second-degree assault and felony discharge of a dangerous weapon. They remained jailed Friday in Cook County, Illinois.

The two were shown in mall surveillance video fleeing a fight between four other people that resulted in Lark firing multiple shots. No one was injured in the incident which sent shoppers running and the mall into lockdown.

On December 31, two people were shot and injured following an argument on the third floor of the mall. Kahlil M. Wiley, 19, pleaded guilty to second-degree assault in connection with that shooting and was sentenced to 3½ years, with the first two-thirds serving in jail and the remainder on probation.

Sad end to Gonzalo Higuain’s career, he leaves after being beaten by NYCFC in the MLS Playoffs


Gonzalo Higuainone of the most successful Argentine strikers of recent times, left football for good on Monday night, after his team, InterMiamiwas badly knocked out MLS playoff 3-0 by NYCFC in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Higuain leads David Beckham’s team to the final in his last season as a professional, scoring 16 goals in 29 games, including several of the best of his career, whether from free kicks, from mid-range and with his beautiful classic shots.

Former Real Madrid, Juve and Argentina star Higuain announces retirementPA

The brilliant career of Gonzalo Higuain

the old world Cup player with Argentina played the 90 minutes of a match where his team was dominated and ended his career in a discreet way, crouching on the Citi field grass, shedding a few tears, while the cameras surrounded this particular moment of his career, which he left at 34, with 785 games, 367 goals, 127 assists and 14 titles.

The Argentinian striker leaves with a brilliant career behind him. He was born in River Plate and spent his best years in Europe: Real Madrid, Napoli and Juventusbefore moving on to two brief stays at Chelsea and Milan.

“Pipita” won three league titles with Real Madrid and as many with Juventus, as well as three second places with the Argentine national team, two in the American Cup and one more at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

NYCFC in the semi-finals

Meanwhile, the home side enjoyed themselves, with goals from Gabriel Pereira, Maxi Moralez and Heberall in the second half.

NYCFC, continuing their quest to retain their reigning MLS Championship title, will now play at Montreal Sunday in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Pereira opened the scoring in the 63rd minute and Moralez made it 2-0 six minutes later. Pereira was left alone on a breakaway and Santiago Rodriguez found it for a calm finish off the crossbar. Rodriguez also got a back heel assist on Moralez’s goal.

The game was originally scheduled for Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey, home of neighboring Red Bulls, but Citi Field became available after the New York food were quickly eliminated by the San Diego Padres in the MLB Wild Card round.

Miami Dolphins lose Nik Needham, Chris Grier needs to do something


Chris Grier is due to be up this morning on the phone trying to buy a cornerback for the Miami Dolphins secondary after losing Nik Needham on Sunday.

Yes, the Miami Dolphins’ big weekly update continues to improve with Nik Needham now out for the year joining fellow promising youngster Trill Williams who was lost in training camp.

The Dolphins are a MASH unit right now. Tua Tagovailoa could return but Miami may have lost Skylar Thompson for a little while with his thumb injury. Terron Armstead is still out, Byron Jones is out, Kader Kohou is out, and now, no Needham.

Needham tore his Achilles tendon on Sunday, ending his 2022 season.

Grier is in a bad place because they thought Jones would be back now, they really need to find a new team doctor or a new medical facility, it’s been a long time in Miami. Jones didn’t return and Miami had to roll with Needham.

Needham was excellent in his coverage and the Dolphins barely missed a beat. Kader Kohou replaced Williams but now we have Noah Igbinoghene and Keion Crossen who also missed time on Sunday.

That’s not going to help the secondary and puts a lot more pressure on Josh Boyer and his fast-playing front seven. They managed to hold off the Vikings for most of the game, but now they need help.

Grier is going to have to make calls and chances are he’s overpaying. It needs more than a backup, it needs a starter, and there aren’t many beginner CBs out there. The best option is William Jackson who wants to leave Washington. He’s a plug-and-play starter in the Miami scheme, but in reality, he may not be available at the price Grier would like to pay.

The Dolphins have to do something because they’re just running out of cornerbacks and it can’t go on. Something is wrong in Miami. The injuries are piling up after a relatively injury-free camp. We only have 6 games in the season with 12 more weeks including a bye week which is a long way off right now.

Is women’s flag football the next high school sport in California?


Tina Hu was an athlete without a sport.

As a sophomore at Lowell High School, she found herself in a place all too familiar to students who wanted to play but couldn’t afford the specialized training and opportunities offered by teams. private clubs. Some volleyball and basketball spots seemed out of reach.

Then Hu found his opening. Lowell started a girls club flag soccer program, and nearly everyone who signed up was all green.

“I had the skills to play football, but even if I did something like basketball, most of the girls had started when they were four,” said Hu, who now attends Skyline College in San Bruno, where she took a short course in flag football. elective in first year. “Most of the girls were new to flag football, it felt like we were on the same pitch.”

Now, those pitches are about to expand to thousands of girls like her across California. The CIF Federated Council passed a proposal at its meeting in Los Angeles on Oct. 7 to make women’s flag soccer an official college sport for the 2023-24 school year, with a vote expected in February. The Southern Section codified it a week earlier, but the CIF’s decision would impact all 10 sections, and it appears to have overwhelming support.

“The CIF Oakland Chapter fully supports women’s flag football as an official CIF-sanctioned sport,” said Oakland Chapter Commissioner Frank Navarro. “We are excited to provide more opportunities for our girls.”

It has been more than two decades since the CIF sanctioned a new sport, most recently adding lacrosse in 2001. The federation’s interest in women’s flag football comes as the sport has seen strong growth as overall participation in Female high school athletics, already stagnant before the pandemic, declined 8.2% from 2020 to 2022, according to its latest census.

According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, the number of girls playing flag football in American high schools doubled to 11,000 between 2008 and 2019. From 2019 to 22, that number jumped 40% to 15 716, while boys’ girls tackling football teams increased by 39% to 3,633 during this period.

Flag football has been sanctioned at the high school level in Florida, Alabama, and Nevada. The bulk of NAIA programs are in the Southeast; La Sierra University at Riverside is the only California institution to offer it as a varsity sport.

“A lot of girls want to play football,” Hu said. “The tackle may be scarier, but the flag makes it feel like it’s for everyone.”

The surge in women’s flag football across the United States has come at a time when tackling football has come under scrutiny for excessive head injuries and other safety issues, and in conversation reinforcement around class inequity preventing opportunities for all athletes.

“We are delighted with this,” added Northern Section Commissioner Pat Cruickshank. “I look forward to him progressing through the CIF process.”

The South section voted at the end of September 61-26 in favor with two abstentions.

When a sport becomes sanctioned, it opens the door to cross-sectional play and state championships, which are the CIF’s biggest source of revenue. It also reduces red tape for chapters hoping to introduce a sport, which must obtain board approval if it is not already sanctioned at the CIF level.

Women’s flag football would not be required to be taken up by all schools or sections, but would have the CIF structure behind all section leagues.

The San Francisco chapter, which began sponsoring the sport in 2012, will have 10 participating club teams this season, with the first games scheduled for March 1 and the playoffs in April. If it becomes sanctioned, it is expected to become a fall sport, but it’s unclear when that decision will take effect. The South Section ratified it as a fall sport due to potential conflicts with women’s lacrosse players, which is a spring sport.

Lincoln defeated Galileo for the title last season, breaking Galileo’s two-season reign; the 2020 and 2021 seasons had been canceled due to COVID, so this was the first championship since 2019.

“I wish they had provided it when I was in high school,” said Lincoln head coach Camille Bustos, who is entering his sixth season at the helm. “I’ve always loved soccer. … It would be exciting for more secondary schools to provide it to girls.

Joelle Wang joined Lincoln’s flag football team as a rookie when she was looking for another sport to play alongside basketball. Like many of her teammates, she didn’t know.

She saw a “cute little flyer” advertising the team, and joining a no-cut sport to find a community appealed to her.

“There’s a lot less pressure,” said Wang, now a senior, who was on San Francisco’s first team. “People come from all sporting backgrounds. I didn’t even know how football worked, which was very stressful, but now I love it.

Wang practiced before school to master the throwing of a soccer ball and is now the team’s quarterback, also playing wide receiver and linebacker when needed. She said the school funded most of the equipment and travel, but the players also raised funds for the rest of last season.

The NFL took note of the national push; in 2021, the league partnered with Nike to launch a $5 million grant for women’s and women’s flag football. The Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers started the high school leagues last season and were major movers for the South Section.

The 49ers also began to get involved, hosting a women’s soccer jamboree in August. They hope to hold another in the spring with a higher number; 12 players showed up at the inaugural event.

“We’ve had monthly calls with (the Chargers and the Rams) to make sure we’re doing everything in the same format,” 49ers PREP senior manager Tucker Baksa said. “We want to make sure that California is on the same page, so that high school (girls) football is more established in the Bay Area and hope for an upvote at the state level with the momentum. of the southern section.”

Earlier this year, the NFL and the International Federation of American Football introduced Vision28, an effort that has led flag football towards inclusion at the Olympics, starting with Los Angeles in 2028.

Girls are allowed on soccer tackle rosters in California and 593 played last season, a number that has been rising since 2013.

Still, the girls turned to a sport with their own flag community.

“Some of my girls have been reluctant to play football because of head injuries,” said Balboa flag football coach Alec Williams, who is entering his sixth season. “If they wanted to do it, I support them, but a lot of girls have thought about whether they want to.”

The IFAF estimates that 2.4 million children under the age of 17 play organized flag football in the United States. Only a fraction of them have the opportunity to compete for their high school.

The sport’s next growth spurt could come through California.

“It would be great if we could have a state champion,” Wang said. “I would have loved to continue my season after winning the section. If (the CIF) makes it a sport in its own right, we could be state champions.

Marisa Ingemi is a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected]

Felix Hernandez returns to throw out the first pitch before the Mariners’ home playoff game in Seattle


Rumors about who was throwing the ceremonial first pitch — a surprise guest the Mariners tried to keep secret until it happened — began circulating about an hour and a half before the first pitch of Saturday’s third game of the American League Division Series. .

Could it be the King?

Then he was spotted in the elevators before the game and walking down the halls near the clubhouse.

“Felix is ​​here, I just saw him.”

“Elvis is in the building.”

But for the sold-out crowd at T-Mobile Park, already hoarse from booing the Astros and cheering the Mariners during pregame introductions and roaring from Mike McCready’s performance of the national anthem, they were blissfully unaware what was waiting to transpire.

The steady din produced by more than 47,000 fans was cut short as music blasted, a crown appeared on the video board and the words “Return of the King” flashed before a highlight reel of his best moments.

Much of the crowd exploded with joy.

As the doors to the center field gate open, PA announcer Tom Hutyler’s booming baritone announces his presence:

“Fans, all stand up. Welcome, Felix Hernandez!

They were already on their feet when Hernandez walked out of the gate and onto the pitch with a familiar start to Aloe Blacc’s song, “The Man” – his walkout song – filling the stadium but nearly drowning out the celebration.

“Well you can tell everybody

Yeah you can tell everybody

Go ahead and tell everyone

I am the man, I am the man, I am the man”

Hernandez walked slowly up the mound, soaking up an atmosphere he desperately wanted to be a part of as a pitcher, but never got to experience in a past career with the Mariners.

“It’s my house!” he shouted, pointing to the lawn. “It’s my house!”

His face filled with emotion and recognizing his former teammates and fans, he elated in the roars and each wave and point made them stronger. No one could work a crowd in this park like Felix.

His house, his family.

“It was amazing,” he said. “It was good to be home.”

Holding a baseball in his tattooed right hand and wearing the No. 34 white home jersey that fans still proudly wear today, he stood on the mound where he became the best pitcher in the history of the franchise. Now it really felt like home. He thanked the fans and waved at them.

“I was nervous,” he said. “But it was a different kind of nervousness. It was different for me.

But he stepped onto the grass in front of the mound for his first pitch with close friend and former teammate Franklin Gutierrez as catcher. He lobbed a high arc pitch at home as the building erupted. He even turned around and raised both hands, like when celebrating the last pitch of his perfect game in 2012.

No fastball?

“I haven’t thrown a baseball hard in two years,” he said.

With his children, Mia and Jeremy, and his brother, Moises, watching nearby, Hernandez briefly went to the Mariners dugout to interact with the players. Only two — Mitch Haniger and Marco Gonzales — remain in 2019 — his final season in Seattle.

While fans had been pushing for Hernandez or Kyle Seager to show up for the first playoff game at T-Mobile since 2001, there was no certainty that would happen.

Hernandez had distanced himself after his senior year in Seattle, selling his house and living in Miami. He attended a Mariners game this season in Miami, but didn’t tell the team or his teammate he was going. He sat in the stands with friends, avoiding any interaction with the team.

He got a call from the Mariners “a few days before they dropped” asking if he would throw out the first pitch. He told them to ask again after they picked up. President John Stanton himself made the request. Hernandez said yes.

“While leaving the field, Hernandez stopped to shake Stanton’s hand and give him a hug.

“Thanks for coming back,” Stanton said.

“Thank you for asking me,” Hernandez said.

It’s unclear if that means Hernandez will be more visible to the Mariners going forward.

An usher at the elevator said, “Can you put on a uniform and throw again?

Hernandez smiled at that thought. Imagine him pitching at his best in a postseason game – the intensity, the emotion.

When asked if people might see it more, he replied, “We’ll see. I love Seattle.

This story will be updated.

Why did the Vikings trade Daunte Culpepper to the Dolphins?


In 2006, the Minnesota Vikings made the decision to trade franchise quarterback Daunte Culpepper to the Miami Dolphins.

On Wednesday, March 15, 2006, the Miami Dolphins held a press conference to announce a trade that saw them acquire Pro Bowl quarterback Daunte Culpepper from the Minnesota Vikings.

For dolphins, treat for Culpepper ended up being the path they took after being unable to secure a contract with the free agent quarterback Drew Bree.

But Miami still felt like it landed one of the NFL’s best passers at the time. Culpepper was coming off a serious knee injury, but he wasn’t too far off a 2004 season when he threw for 39 touchdowns and over 4,700 yards.

How did the Minnesota Vikings end up sending Daunte Culpepper to the Miami Dolphins?

During the 2006 offseason, the Vikings left Mike Tice as head coach and hired Brad Childress to replace him.

Coming from the Philadelphia Eagles, where he had worked well with Donovan McNabb, some thought Childress was going to be great for Culpepper going forward. Minnesota’s new head coach even spoken with enthusiasm during his introductory press conference on the opportunity to work with the team’s veteran quarterback.

However, this potential partnership ended up falling apart before it even had a chance to form.

Despite signing a 10-year extension worth $102 million in 2003Culpepper would have been looking for a raise in salary of the Vikings in the 2006 offseason according to Mark Maske of the Washington Post. Most struggled to understand the quarterback’s logic behind his desires given he was coming off a 2005 campaign that was cut short by a serious knee injury.

Instead of giving Culpepper a raise, Childress and Minnesota opted to start over at quarterback, and they sent the veteran signalman to Miami.

Following the exchange with the dolphins, Childress had this to say About Culpepper according to the Star Tribune.

“Somewhere, there is an adhesion factor. I didn’t think that was the case. From the start. As I mentioned, I never had a conversation with him about this football team. It was always about what he needed financially and money. I never heard the team, I always heard me and me, and “I need 10 million dollars”. I’m a $10 million a year quarterback. “”

Looking back on the deal, it turned out to be a good move by the Vikings as Culpepper was never the same quarterback after the knee injury he suffered in 2005.

With the Dolphins in 2006, Culpepper only ended up appearing in four games, and he was released before the start of the 2007 season. The former Minnesota quarterback landed with the Oakland Raiders after his departure of Miami, and he started seven games for silver and black in 2007.

Culpepper only lasted two more seasons in the NFL (both with the Detroit Lions) before his time in the league ended. In his four years in the NFL that weren’t spent with the Vikings, the veteran quarterback won a grand total of three games.

Meanwhile, Childress helped Minnesota earn a pair of NFC North titles and an NFC Championship appearance in those first four seasons after Culpepper’s departure.

Atlanta Braves | Bask in reflected glory concept


ATLANTA — The Atlanta Braves’ recent wins aren’t just good for dedicated fans, sports psychologists say, it’s also good for the whole city.

There’s the research and the history to prove it.

In 1991, the city of Atlanta was in high spirits. The Braves went from one of the worst teams in baseball to one of the best, skyrocketing from sporting obscurity to the World Series.

Passive sports fans who had ignored the Braves for years turned fans, and the city seemed to put aside small differences to unite and enjoy the team’s sudden success.

In the world of sports psychology, this is called “basking in reflective glory”.

“People who are sports fans, they wear their sports gear, they feel happy when the team wins,” said Dr. Judy Van Raalte, professor of psychology at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. “It even improves their own self-esteem and they feel good around others.”

Dr. Raalte refers to a study conducted by Dr. Bob Ciaidini, professor of psychology at Arizona State University. He noticed that when one of the university’s sports teams won, more students wore team clothes and used the term “we” when talking about the victory.

“This effect seemed to ripple out to a wider area than dedicated fans,” Dr. Van Raalte said. “What he noticed was that people felt good when the team was winning and they basked in the reflected glory of that victory and the whole campus felt good.”

Atlanta is used to winning, at least as far as the Braves are concerned. The team and city went 26 years without a World Series championship. Last season’s glory sent a good feeling ripple from one corner of town to another.

We were all in good spirits, reminiscing about 1991.

US Polo Assn. Hosts the XII International Polo Federation (FIP) World Polo Championship in Palm Beach County, Florida


Edited press release

US Polo Assn., the official brand of the United States Polo Association (USPA), is the Official Apparel Sponsor of the XII International Polo Federation (FIP) World Polo Championship presented by The Palm Beaches. Held at the USPA’s National Polo Center (NPC) – Wellington from Saturday October 29th to Sunday November 6th, this is only the second time in the competition’s history that it has been held in the United States.

As host nation, the United States will host seven countries for the opportunity for international polo glory, including Argentina, Australia, Italy, Mexico, Pakistan, Spain and Uruguay. . To qualify as one of the teams to qualify for the FIP Polo World Championship, these teams played out five Zone Qualifiers, which involved over 20 countries vying for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent their nation. on the international scene. Argentina are the defending champions, winning the FIP title in 2017 in Sydney, Australia, the last time the event was played. Team USA last won the title in 1989 in Germany.

Outfit teams with custom-designed performance jerseys as official apparel partner, US Polo Assn. is proud to once again partner with the International Polo Federation to showcase the brand during the pinnacle of international polo competition.

“The XII FIP Polo World Championship is truly a global event that will resonate with our consumers and sports fans around the world, in 190 countries,” said J. Michael Prince, President and CEO, USPA Global Licensing. , the company that oversees and manages the US Polo Assn. Mark. “We are also very proud to have our USA team playing in the opener and taking part in the opening ceremony on Saturday, October 29, which will air on ESPN for the very first time.”

The United States Polo Association has selected the most talented players to represent Team USA. Aged 17-25, the eight American players vying for a spot on the starting roster are Nico Diaz Alberdi, Agustin Arellano, Hope Arellano, Joaquin Avendaño, Lucas Escobar, Nico Escobar, Jake Klentner and Kristos “Keko” Magrini. Of this extremely accomplished formation, Hope Arellano, at only 19 years old, stands out, because she is the first woman to play for the United States team in this competition.

With premier polo grounds, VIP experiences for fans and players and unparalleled corporate hospitality, the XII FIP World Polo Championship promises to be an exceptional and unforgettable global event for players, sponsors and spectators. The preliminary matches will take place at Valiente Polo Farm, and the opening ceremony, opener and final will take place at NPC’s US Polo Assn. Stadium ground.

Paid NPC events will include the Opening Ceremony and Opening Match on Saturday, October 29 and the XII FIP World Polo Championship Final on Sunday, November 6. Tickets are available at nationalpolocenter.com.

US Polo Assn. will also have official XII FIP World Polo Championship apparel sold exclusively onsite at the event at the USPA Clubhouse and online. The XII FIP World Polo Championship collection will include t-shirts featuring the 2022 XII FIP logo, USPA logo and all participating team crests. For country-specific swag, T-shirts are available individually representing each of the eight competing teams. Additional merchandise includes a trucker hat, silk scarves and pocket squares made exclusively for the event from France. Soon it will be available online at USPA Pro.

Palm Beach County is the perfect location for this global event, attracting South Florida’s enthusiastic polo and riding community as well as passionate polo fans from around the world. The 2022 tournament will draw the eyes of the global polo community to Wellington, “the winter equestrian capital of the world”, with the broadcast of the FIP World Polo Championship Final on ESPN. All matches will also be available for free viewing on GlobalPolo.com.

For more information and updates, visit the FIP Polo World Championship.

Vikings’ Dalvin Cook returns home to Miami, where he was dominant at Hard Rock Stadium – Twin Cities


Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium has hosted six Super Bowls, five NCAA championship games, two World Series and was even the site of WrestleMania.

This is also where Dalvin Cook took over football matches.

The Vikings running back will return to Hard Rock for a Sunday noon game against the Miami Dolphins, his first NFL game in his native Miami. He will have to have a good performance to surpass some of his previous performances there.

“I’ve been playing at this stadium since I was back in high school,” he said.

It all started when Cook was a junior at Miami Central High School in 2012, and the Rockets went there to play at Miami Booker T. Washington High, then ranked No. 7 in the nation. The game was so important that it was moved from the much smaller Traz Powell Stadium, where Cook’s high school team played most of its games.

The Rockets upset the Tornadoes 37-26 as Cook played the lead in the second half. Playing as a defensive back, he intercepted a pass in the third quarter and returned it 70 yards for a touchdown.

Early in the fourth quarter, Cook added a 1-yard touchdown run. Then, with five minutes left, he scored on a 70-yard touchdown run to put Miami Central up for good at 30-26. On that long TD run, Cook looked trapped in the backfield before backing up and running along the right sideline. Then he crossed the field on the left side and scored, with a broadcaster narrating the highlights of the game saying “he ran about 100 yards”.

“He had a run that, oh man, was amazing,” said Roland Smith, who became Miami Central’s head coach the following season for a nine-year run and is now director of high school relations. from the University of Miami. “He reversed the pitch and passed everyone. It was just one of those races you remember. It was a great game. He always seemed to amaze me with the races he did.

FILE – This Dec. 30, 2016, file photo shows Michigan safety Delano Hill, right, attempting to stop Florida State running back Dalvin Cook, left, during the first half of the game Orange Bowl NCAA college football stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Run hitter with great acceleration, but ball safety has been an issue and there are questions about his ability to run between tackles. If he comes out of the first round, Cook will be a steal in the second round. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File)

Cook was back at the Hard Rock for two games with Florida State against the Miami Hurricanes in his freshman season in 2014 and his last in 2016. In Game 1, he carried seven times for 92 yards and scored two touchdowns, including the game-winning 26-yard run with 3:05 to go for a 30-26 win. In the second, he carried 27 times for 150 yards and caught a pass for 59 yards and a touchdown in a 20-19 win.

Cook wasn’t done showing off in his hometown in 2016. In his last college game, in the Orange Bowl at the Hard Rock, he carried 20 times for 145 yards and scored a touchdown in a 33- 32 against Michigan.

“That’s what I dreamed of,” Cook said of his big games at the Hard Rock. “It’s a childhood dream, just living it, trying to enjoy the moment.”

With that in mind, you better believe that Cook, in his sixth season with the Vikings, is looking forward to playing in Miami with the only NFL team he’s played for.

“It’s going to be fun,” said Cook, who leads the Vikings (4-1) rushing with 373 yards. “I have a lot of supporters in my hometown. It’s always nice to have warm weather.

Cook joked that he will have “my little section” of fans at Hard Rock. In fact, that might not be that far from the truth.

Dalvin Cook's mother Varondria White with her husband Terence White are shown at the Vikings game in Tampa Bay on Sunday, December 13, 2020 at Raymond James Stadium.  The couple flash three and three for 33, which is Cook's uniform number.  (Chris Tomasson/Pioneer Press)
Dalvin Cook’s mother Varondria White with her husband Terence White are shown at the Vikings game in Tampa Bay on Sunday, December 13, 2020 at Raymond James Stadium. The couple flash three and three for 33, which is Cook’s uniform number. (Chris Tomasson/Pioneer Press)

Cook’s mother Varondria White said there will be “lots” of people at the game to support him, although she was unable to provide an estimate as many people bought tickets through themselves. As for Cook’s immediate family, White said there will be around 15 people seated together.

White said family and friends will start the day at 8 a.m. EDT with a tailgate party in the parking lot. She expects there to be lots of chicken wings, sausages and baked beans.

White actually went through this exercise two weeks ago. His other NFL son, Buffalo rookie running back James Cook, played in Miami on Sept. 25. The Bills lost 21-19, but Dalvin’s little brother had four catches for 37 yards and a point for three yards.

So far this season, White has only seen Dalvin play in person once, in Minnesota’s 23-7 win over Green Bay in the opener at US Bank Stadium, when she has attended three of James’ matches. But she said it would balance out.

Vikings running back Dalvin Cook (left) and his brother, Georgia running back James Cook, in 2020 at Sunny Isles Beach near their hometown of Miami.  (Courtesy of the Cook family)
Vikings running back Dalvin Cook (left) and his brother, Georgia running back James Cook, in 2020 at Sunny Isles Beach near their hometown of Miami. (Courtesy of the Cook family)

White is looking forward to seeing the two sons in action on Nov. 13, when the Vikings play Buffalo in what she dubbed the “Cook Bowl.” Preparations are already underway, with White saying around 40 Miami fans will show up wearing “split shirts”, half being Dalvin’s Vikings jersey and the other half James’ Bills jersey.

“We have someone who does,” she said. “They have a shirt business, which is good, so they’ll make all the shirts for us.”

Sunday, at least it’s good for White that the Bills game starts at 3:25 p.m. CDT after the game at the Hard Rock. Twice earlier this season, when Buffalo and Minnesota played at the same time, she watched one game in person and the other on her phone.

“I’m thrilled he’s back home,” White said of Cook’s NFL debut in Miami. “I’m very excited for the family who can’t quite get up (in Minnesota) to see him.”

With Cook heading home, White recalled the first time he played football in Miami. He was 5 years old and played for the Carol City Chiefs.

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook in a family photo taken at age 7 in 1992 while playing junior football for the Carol City Chiefs in Miami.  (Courtesy of Varondria White)
Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook in a family photo taken at age 7 in 1992 while playing junior football for the Carol City Chiefs in Miami. (Courtesy of Varondria White)

“I just remember when Dalvin got the ball back nobody expected it, but he was going around the side and going,” she said. “Everyone was like, ‘Wow.’ He was just a little kid and that was before he grew into his body but he just took the ball and ran, ran, ran I knew then if he stayed the course he would be fine He had some speed in him.

Cook continued to play in the youth leagues. By the time he was in eighth grade, he joined the Scott Lake Miami Gardens Vikings for a two-season run.

“He was a very explosive player, very hardworking, the first in practice and the last to leave,” said Antonio Wimberly, then Scott Lake coach who will be at Sunday’s game. “He was the kind of player you wanted in your team.”

Cook then played three years at Miami Central and, as a senior in 2013, had one of the best seasons in Florida high school’s recent history. He rushed for 1,940 yards, averaged 11 yards per carry, scored 24 touchdowns, was named Mr. Florida Football, and led the Rockets to the Class 6A state championship.

“I believe he was the best (high school) running back in the country then,” said Smith, who this season won his first of six state titles with the Rockets.

Now Cook is one of the NFL’s top running backs, making the Pro Bowl in each of the past three seasons. But he hasn’t forgotten where he comes from.

Wimberly now coaches the Miami Gardens Ravens, a 13- and 14-year-old team. He said that in recent years Cook has provided the team with jerseys, helmets, shoulder pads, jerseys and book bags.

“He gives back,” Wimberly said. “He trains with us in the offseason.”

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook in a family photo in 2013 after Miami Central High School won the Florida State title in his senior year.  (Courtesy of Varondria White)
Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook in a family photo in 2013 after Miami Central High School won the Florida State title in his senior year. (Courtesy of Varondria White)

Smith said that while at Miami Central, Cook regularly visited the school during the offseason and spoke to the team’s players. He said Cook and Nike provided around 90 rings to players and coaches after the Rockets won the state title in 2019.

“They may have cost $35,000 to $40,000, but it wasn’t the money, it was just the gesture,” Smith said. “These rings are really beautiful.”

Cook said he’s made it a priority since joining the NFL in 2017 to give back to his hometown.

“If you’re really from Miami, you’re really not leaving Miami,” he said. ” It’s like that. Just having the opportunity for me to have a bigger platform and be in the NFL and show the kids of Miami that there’s something bigger than downtown Miami and the projects and the disadvantaged areas. These are bigger pictures here. You can become a star player in the NFL, you can get a college scholarship. You can go do all of these things if you put your mind to it.

Due to Cook’s popularity in the city, his mother said “a lot of kids wear 4”. This is Cook’s first season in the NFL with number 4 after wearing 33 for five years. NFL rules didn’t allow running backs to wear single-digit numbers until 2021.

Back when Cook was going wild at Hard Rock Stadium for Miami Central and Florida State, he wore number 4. He’s happy to be back in that number for Sunday’s game.

“It’s special there,” he said. “Back to old sensations, old emotions. It’s gonna be fun.”

🌱 Rising gas prices + Miami Dolphins’ Tagovailoa returns to practice


Hello friends! It’s Thursday at Miami and I’m back in your inbox with everything good to print about what’s happening in our community. Today we have these stories and more…

  • 🏈 Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa returned to practice on Wednesday after sustaining a head injury.
  • ⛽ Gas prices are rising again across the country and in South Florida.
  • 🏥 Doctors in South Florida are warning parents that they are seeing more severe cases of respiratory syncytial virus or RSV in hospitals lately.

Today is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. It aims to raise awareness of the disease and inspire the public to take action to stop the disease.

But first, today’s weather:

A thunderstorm in the afternoon; wet. High: 85 Low: 74.

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Here are today’s top stories from Miami:

1. An investigation is ongoing after a fatal shot Tuesday night in Miami Neighborhood Wynwood. Officers responded to the area of 270 NW 34th terrace shortly before 11:30 p.m. and found a shot black man in his 20s, who was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died. No further information is available at this time. (WPLG Local 10)

2. Based in New York Alchemy-ABR Investment Partners Plans build a 12-storey high-end apartment development or one Salvation Army website at Wynwood. The property was purchased for $18 million of the non-profit association. The building would have 187 units, retail units and parking. (Subscription: South Florida Business JournalFree: The next Miami)

3. Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa rresumed practice Wednesday as he goes through concussion protocol. His ability to play is yet to be determined. Tagovailova suffered a head injury in a Sept. 29 game against the Cincinnati Bengals. (NBCMiami)

4. Gasoline prices are on the rise again with the national average climbing to $3.92, according to AAA. The average price in Broward County reached $3.40 and $3.39 in Miami-Dade County. Further increases are expected after OPEC+ members around the world recently agreed to drastically cut oil production. (WSVN, Initiated)

5. Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV is on the rise nationwide, including in South Florida. Broward Health Pediatric Critical Care fills with pediatric patients showing severe symptoms of the virus. Doctors believe mask-wearing practices have reduced virus cases in recent years. (WPLG Local 10)

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Today in Miami:

  • Reboot 2022: a conference exploring technology, culture and politics at Ampersand Studios. (9 am)
  • Vinyasa Yoga Classes at OM & Vigne. (9:30 a.m.)
  • Kicking off the pumpkin patch at the Miami wharf. (4 p.m.)
  • RE/TECH MIXER at the Red Rooster. (6 p.m.)
  • VIP Bar Crawl – Wynwood at Pilo’s tequila garden. (10 p.m.)

From my notebook:

  • A residential tower proposed for 3001 NE First Ave. in Miami growth Downtown district progresses after approval from the authorities. Leaders welcomed the improvements to the proposal. (miami today)
  • spain Five Jotas brings its “GastroTour” to Miami from From Thursday 20 October to Thursday 3 November. Master sculptor Luis Osa will be present at the events to demonstrate how to cut Iberian jamón, a Spanish specialty. (Miami New Times)
  • Planet Fitness coming soon to Parkland at 9525 Westview Drive in Coral Springs. The space is currently a YouFit gym which will close on October 25th. The opening of the new location is scheduled for this winter. (Press Release Office)
  • Several people have been displaced after an apartment fire in Weston on Wednesday afternoon. Officials suspect an electrical problem was the cause, but an investigation is still ongoing. (WSVN)

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Carlos Hernandez

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Dainese D-Air Smart LS Jacket


Most MotoGP innovations never make it to the road, and for good reason. Carbon brakes, seamless gearboxes and ride height devices help set all-time lap records, but such complex technology is overkill for street use. Unlike all those cutting-edge performance technologies, advances in MotoGP equipment almost always hit the mainstream market and Dainese led the airbag revolution with its D-Air system.

Launched in the 2007 MotoGP season, D-Air has evolved over the past 15 years. In 2011, the brand launched the D-Air Racing range for track use. Four years later, the road system has brought Grand Prix-level protection to everyday riders. While Dainese’s MotoGP innovations have trickled down to the road over time, D-Air’s latest Street Smart Jacket series doesn’t dilute this advanced technology.

The Italian firm launched the new line with the vest-style Smart Jacket. The over/under unit prioritized versatility, but it alone could not provide complete protection. By adding Pro-Armor equipped sleeves to this stock entry, the Smart Jacket LS provides a standalone option. After wearing the long-sleeve jacket for months and deploying the airbag once, we can now tell if D-Air truly lives up to its MotoGP roots.

The brains of the operation

Before diving into the Smart Jacket experience, it’s important to explain how the system works. Dainese equips the LS with a gyroscope and an accelerometer. The brand’s proprietary algorithm monitors these sensor inputs 1,000 times per second and deploys the airbag when it detects a slip or high-side collision.

Unlike the race-focused D-Air family, the Smart Jacket adapts to road use by also registering side, front and rear collisions. Dainese reports that the inflated airbag provides protection comparable to seven back protectors (CE Level 1) and regular system updates ensure the customer is using the latest MotoGP-derived algorithm.

All of this technical gibberish sounds complex on paper, but D-Air couldn’t simplify how the Smart Jacket works. The user simply connects the magnetic buttons inside the collar and the system takes it from there. The jacket even vibrates several times as the magnets come into contact, letting the rider know it’s usable. Off the bike, the color coded chest badge illuminates blue, indicating that the jacket remains in standby mode and will not deploy the airbag.

As soon as the Smart Jacket detects engine vibrations, the LED interface turns green. This puts the system sensor and airbag into active mode. The D-Air Jacket’s 26-hour battery cycle includes active and standby intervals. Those looking to save charge can disconnect the mag-collar at pit stops, but the chest badge flashes red (every five seconds) when the jacket starts to run low on juice.

In these cases, the LS remains usable, but the system sends haptic and visual reminders for the user to connect the unit as soon as possible. Fortunately, these alerts are not last-minute notifications. During an extended ride, the D-Air jacket held up for three hours after the initial low battery signal. This generous warning period suits both commuters and long-distance travellers. When the user finally reaches a plug, the Smart Jacket fully charges in four hours, helping riders get back on the road without sacrificing protection.

Enter where you are

D-Air combines the simplistic operation of the Smart Jacket with a simple, timeless design. Similar to most Dainese gear, the jacket favors a fitted, fitted silhouette. The classic styling and slim fit may appeal to a wide range of riders, but the Smart Jacket’s lack of adjustability in the waist, arms, or wrists makes it unsuitable for various body shapes and sizes.

Dainese D-Air Smart Jacket LS - On the bike
Dainese D-Air Smart Jacket LS - Off-bike

Standing at five feet, 10 inches and weighing 160 pounds, the D-Air jacket fit my dimensions like a tailored blazer. Even with the Pro-Armor (level 2 CE) protectors on the elbows and shoulders, the LS’s abrasion-resistant outer shell hugs my proportions. This mesh construction also improved airflow at high speeds. Unfortunately, the air bag bladders in my chest and back obstructed my core ventilation, but the arms admitted a cooling breeze.

While the Smart Jacket’s clean fit and classic styling light up the eyes, the D-Air system doesn’t feel so light on the body. The airbag device pushes the weight of the LS up to four pounds. Dainese also positions the two airbag cartridges between the user’s back (latissimus dorsi) and the oblique muscles. That ribbed weight isn’t distracting in the saddle, but off the horse, the Smart Jacket can quickly become cumbersome.

Rapid deployment

In most cases, gear reviews end with a variation of “Fortunately, I haven’t tested the vest’s crash protection”. I can’t claim to know the low-side, high-side, or crash integrity of the Smart Jacket, but a small tip on D-Air’s verified vigilant monitoring. At such a slow clip, the airbag easily inflated before I even hit the ground. However, I didn’t record the unit’s deployment until much later.

Dainese D-Air Smart Jacket LS - Deployed, Lateral
Dainese D-Air Smart Jacket LS - Deployed, Front

With equal parts adrenaline and embarrassment clouding my senses, I didn’t realize the airbag had activated until I humbly got to my feet. This modest drop didn’t really test the Smart Jacket’s abrasion resistance or Pro-Armor protections, but it gave me reassurance that the system would back me up in a rear crash.

It took little effort for me to trigger the Smart Jacket, and Dainese made replacing the airbags a no-brainer. I dropped the jacket off at my local Dainese store and received the refurbished item in less than a month. For $250, the replacement process isn’t a cheap option. However, when it comes to keeping the ultra-protective Smart Jacket in use, that price seems like a reasonable compromise.


Of course, that $250 service charge only applies to the $899.95 MSRP of the D-Air Smart Jacket LS. Still, the Dainese airbag jacket remains a bargain in my book. Even considering its heavy weight and bulky rear section, I would choose the Smart Jacket over any non-airbag competitors. I did most of the time. Unless the ride required a specialty jacket (adventure, sport, touring, etc.), I chose the D-Air every time.

Dainese D-Air Smart Jacket LS - Twisties

In this sense, the Smart Jacket is a great generalist. Whether you’re cutting through city traffic, meandering through the curves of a canyon, or hurtling down the highway, the LS will respond in the moment. The airbag, Pro-Amor pads, and advanced technology already make the Smart Jacket worth using, but its refined fit, intuitive operation, and smart interface set it apart as the go-to option in my closet. Dainese’s D-Air system is one of the only MotoGP innovations to find its way onto the road, and for several good reasons.

Lady Vol Boost (Her) Club Gains Foothold in NIL; looking for new supporters


The harsh reality is that schools that don’t understand NIL will be left behind in recruiting, on the field and on the national stage. Schools trying to make it to this national stage now have a better route to do so. Powerhouses who think resting on their name will work will be awakened to a new reality in college sports.

Orange Mountain Designs, which opened Oct. 1 in Knoxville after years in Blount County as part of a partnership between store founder Holder and Hall Alumni Jeff Goodfriend, sells apparel and retail items exclusively for the nine Sports Lady Vols. The opening brought in two head coaches, Kellie Harper from basketball and Karen Weekly from softball, as they know the role the store can play in recruiting. Chancellor Donde Plowman and UT Director Emeritus of Women’s Athletics Joan Cronan were also in attendance.

NIL players arrived soon after to sign autographs, talk to fans and handle media interviews.

The Lady Vols currently under contract with the Lady Vol Boost (Her) Club are: Edie Darby, Tess Darby, Jasmine Franklin, Jillian Hollingshead, Jordan Horston, Rickea Jackson, Tamari Key, Brooklynn Miles, Justine Pissott, Jasmine Powell, Sara Puckett, Karoline Striplin, Jordan Walker and Kaiya Wynn (basketball); Bailey Davis (golf); McKenna Gibson, Payton Gottshall, Kiki Milloy, Karlyn Pickens, Zaida Puni, Ashley Rogers, Rylie West and Ryleigh White (softball); Jaida Thomas and Giselle Washington (soccer); and Morgahn Fingall, Danielle Mahaffey and JaKya Moore (volleyball).

If international players, such as basketball players Jessie Rennie and Marta Suárez, show up at functions, they cannot be paid, but the Boost (Her) Club can donate to a nonprofit of its choice.

While players may be compensated for retail sales and appearances, community service is also part of the Boost (Her) Club’s mission with ties to local nonprofits, such as a camp that the team basketball event held over the summer which benefited Knox Youth Sports.

The next event is the Fall Festival in the Smoky Mountains on Sunday, October 16 from 2-6 p.m. at Elvira’s Café, located at 4143 Wears Valley Road in Sevierville. Assorted student-athletes from Lady Vol will play basketball, golf, soccer and other fun games with attendees. Signing sessions and a selfie station will be set up. Admission fees are $25 for ages 13 and up; $15 for ages 3 to 12; and children under 3 are admitted free.

A special Fall Festival t-shirt and custom player jerseys are available for purchase. Tickets are available HERE.

“We want to allow fans to enjoy a beautiful afternoon in the Smoky Mountains, playing games with these amazing young ladies,” Holder said. Fans can have real and meaningful interactions. The players really enjoy these events and meeting the fans.

Debby Jennings, longtime director of sports information for women’s athletics from 1977 to 2012, was part of a panel convened earlier this year for a panel discussion on the 50th anniversary of the Title IX, its impact on the women’s athletics in Tennessee and Lady Vols’ legacy of leadership and excellence in women’s athletics. The panel, fittingly, gathered next to the statue of Pat Summitt on campus, and the story can be read HERE.

Jennings pointed out during the discussion that the original Boost (Her) Club, which formed in 1979, played a role in propelling Tennessee to the fore amid the sweeping changes to the sport brought by Title IX.

“I remember when we had our first West Coast volleyball player, it was like we had arrived,” Jennings said. “Before, if your state touched the Tennessee border, you would probably compete in Tennessee because that’s where the recruiting was. You haven’t strayed very far from your state’s borders. And that’s how it was until things changed in 1982 when we joined the NCAA, and then it changed the dynamic.

The original club was way ahead of its time, Jennings said, as it indicated early support for UT women’s sports.

The new version of Lady Vols Boost (Her) Club is also ahead of its time, as it navigates historic NCAA legislation that allowed NIL.

Harper said at the opening of Orange Mountain Designs: “I am thrilled as a fan of all Lady Vols but also as a trainer to be able to continue to spread our brand and ‘to offer to the community and to players and future players. It’s a big deal when we can tell them how important our brand is, when we can tell them how important Lady Vols is in this community and for the department athletics. We can say that, but now we can show them. We can drive them here.

“When you choose to be a Lady Vol, you associate yourself with our brand in today’s NIL space. This brand sells. This brand is recognized in this community and, honestly, not just in this community but in This brand is what you can associate yourself with as Lady Vol.

Menendez supported by Human Rights Campaign


The PAC Human Rights Campaign has endorsed Democrat Robert J. Menendez for Congress in New Jersey’s 8th District, one of 22 pro-equality candidates across the United States who have received support from the prestigious LGBTQ+ advocacy organization.

Endorsement often comes with access to money and access to a huge database of voter equality voters.

“At a time when our rights and freedoms are under attack from extremist politicians and judges, we need strong leaders who will stand up for everyone, including the LGBTQ+ community,” said Geoff Wetrosky, National Campaign Director of the human rights campaign. “That’s why HRC is proud to endorse Rob Menendez to represent New Jersey’s 8th Congressional District and that’s why we’re working to mobilize Equality Voters to support him in the November election.

Annette Taddeo, a Florida state senator who faces incumbent Republican Rep. Maria Elvia Salazar in a Miami-based district, also won an endorsement. Taddeo’s father, Anthony, was born and raised in Orange, and his aunt was a school secretary in West Orange. Salazar ousted Donna Shalala in 2020.

Newly elected Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola, a Democrat who defeated former Gov. Sarah Palin in a special election this year, also received the human rights campaign’s PAC endorsement.

Menendez, Port Authority commissioner and son of U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez, is a virtual certainty to take the seat against Republican Marcus Arroyo. Longtime incumbent Rep. Albio Sires (D-West New York) is retiring after serving in Congress since 2006.

“The progress that has been made on LGBTQ+ equality issues is under threat from extremist forces in Washington and across the country,” Menendez said. “In our struggle to move forward towards a more equitable future, we have learned from Roe’s reversal that progress can never be taken for granted.

Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel – Too early to name QB against Vikings


MIAMI — It’s too early to tell if Miami Dolphins rookie Skylar Thompson will start Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, coach Mike McDaniel said Monday.

With quarterbacks Tua Tagovailoa and Teddy Bridgewater both in concussion protocol with no specific return schedule, the Dolphins could look to 2022 seventh-round pick Thompson to make his first career start and, ideally, continue. two consecutive defeats.

It’s not something McDaniel feels he has enough information to speculate at the start of the week, however.

“It’s too early for me to really determine that,” he said. “There’s, again, I kind of have to wait and assess the whole situation, which I don’t have in my grasp. What I do know is that Skylar will be training on Wednesday and I hope that on Wednesday I will have a better idea of ​​the direction we should go, it’s best for the football team.”

In Sunday’s 40-17 loss to the New York Jets, Thompson replaced Bridgewater, who was placed on concussion protocol after just one offensive snap. Thompson finished the game with 166 yards on 19 of 33 passes. He also threw an interception and lost a fumble in what McDaniel called a “tough rookie outing.”

Tagovailoa has been on concussion protocol since Week 4. He’s in the Dolphins building but hasn’t progressed enough to start doing football activities yet, McDaniel said, and is being assessed every 12 to 24 hours. .

Meanwhile, Bridgewater continues to show no symptoms of concussion after passing his evaluation in Sunday’s game. He was removed from the game after an ATC observer from the stand believed he saw Bridgewater stumble after taking a hard blow from Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner, triggering the recently added “ataxia” clause in the protocol of NFL concussion.

The amendment states that any player who is diagnosed with ataxia – which is an “abnormal balance/stability, motor coordination or dysfunctional speech caused by a neurological problem” – will be banned from returning to the game. game and will require follow-up. care.

Dolphins captains Terron Armstead and Tyreek Hill also suffered injuries in Sunday’s game. Armstead, the Dolphins’ starting left tackle, stayed in New York overnight to see a specialist for a toe injury that’s been bothering him since Week 1. McDaniel said the appointment went well and that Armstead was back in Florida. The hope is that he plays on Sunday, but McDaniel said he implicitly trusts Armstead in the process.

“The one thing I learned with Terron is that I can trust him as much as I’ve ever trusted any player,” he said. “So I know one thing, he will do whatever it takes to play on Sunday. The one thing that myself, the coaching staff and his teammates know is if he is not able to play is because he is physically unable to play. [I’m] trust this process and glad we took a step to get this thing healthy.”

Hill left MetLife Stadium with a walking boot on his left foot, but McDaniel said the wide receiver “looked pretty good” on Monday. He called Hill a “quick healer” and said the Dolphins would take his status day by day.

Starting cornerbacks Xavien Howard and Byron Jones also missed Sunday’s game and although McDaniel said he did not expect to activate Jones, who is on the list of physically unable to play after surgery of Achilles in March, Howard has a better chance of playing on Sunday.

If Thompson is to start on Sunday, McDaniel said he’s confident in what the rookie can accomplish after a week of getting starting reps — especially after what he was able to do in his first NFL action.

“Being a backup quarterback in this league isn’t easy,” McDaniel said. “And what people don’t understand is that you have a limited number of reps during the week because you can’t burn out your athletes and you can’t have an infinite amount of reps. So generally, the beginners get between 80 and 100 percent of the training reps. So a backup quarterback, especially a rookie, that’s a huge challenge because you have to own the whole game plan, visualize it, be able to call it, be able to line people up and then execute appropriately.

The Dolphins have lost consecutive games after starting the season 3-0. They have a favorable schedule ahead with only one of their next six games against an opponent with a winning record – this week’s game against the Vikings 4-1.

Regardless of their opponent, they don’t look too deeply into those losses and are confident in their ability to bounce back.

“You can have any excuse, any reason for any loss you want and I think being a professional football player and being a guy in the locker room you know the talent is there,” he said. said fullback Alec Ingold. “You know the coaches are there. You know the pieces of the puzzle are there. We’ve proven that, as you said. It’s just about coming together as a team, finding our formula to win, to have a standard and stick to it.

“I feel like those are all simple answers you can give, but it’s really hard to do from week to week. That’s what separates good teams from great ones.”

Rekkles claims he and Carlos were ‘enemies’ on G2


Published: 2022-10-08T17:44:06

Updated: 2022-10-08T22:07:33

Former G2 Esports League of Legends player Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson spoke about his personal experience with the organization’s former CEO Carlos Rodríguez during his time with the team.

Martin’Rekkles‘Larsson is one of the most iconic players in competitive League of Legends history. His tenure at Fnatic was a golden time for him and the organization, and it made him one of the biggest names in western esports.

However, Rekkles’ time on G2 was short-lived. After a relatively disappointing result for the organization, despite being named Spring MVP, Rekkles left G2 Esports and signed with Karmine Corp, an LFL team.

Many saw the demotion from being in the LEC to playing in an ERL team as a surprise move for a player like Rekkles. But, in the end, Carlos may have contributed to why Rekkles ended up outside the LEC.

Rekkles opened up about his struggles finding a new team after G2

Live, Rekkles had a chat about what 2023 could hold for him. Although he didn’t say much about whether or not he would leave KCorp for 2023, he had a lot to say about how the French organization treated him and how different it is compared to to his G2 experience.

According to Rekkles, “the vibes are good” at KCorp, and he’s much more optimistic about his professional career this year than he was last year. This led to a conversation about his move to G2.

Rekkles spoke about his difficulty leaving the organization and said he believes G2 is trying to restrict his team’s options. “I didn’t want them to get any money for me, and I’m sure they didn’t want to let me go to the team I wanted. I know for a fact they didn’t want me to go. in the team that I wanted.

This was followed by Rekkles saying “last year was a situation where we were enemies” in reference to Carlos and G2. While we only have Rekkles’ word on the situation, this could be part of the reason why Rekkles left the LEC after his stint on G2.

He concluded by saying that KCorp has “treated him well” and that he believes the organization will continue to treat him well whether he stays with the team or decides to move on.

Carlos has since left G2 following a video showing him partying with Andrew Tate.

‘Hoos Making a Difference’ Will Pay Tribute to Vigorito, Farrior in Today’s Rematch: Jerry Ratcliffe


By Jerry Ratcliffe

Joe Bock remembers walking into Virginia’s locker room after games and having black and blue bruises, shaped like masks on Tommy Vigorito’s back.

It was the kind of physical hits the rugged running back would take for the Cavaliers during his career (1977-80). To describe Vigorito as a workaholic would be an understatement.

“Viggy was the toughest running back I’ve ever seen,” Bock said Friday night at the Virginia Football Alumni Gathering. Bock, who had a long professional career, saw plenty of running backs during his time. “He never complained about all those litters, the physical punishments. He was a badass.

Vigorito, who traveled with his family from New Jersey to Charlottesville for today’s homecoming game, is one of two former players to be honored by the Virginia Football Alumni Club (special on-field ceremony). James “Potsie” Farrior (1993-96), also made the trip from Los Angeles with his family for special recognition.

This will be the first of two such recognitions for Farrior this fall. Next month, Farrior and another former UVA player, Heath Miller, will both be inducted into the Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame. More on Farrior momentarily.

When Vigorito left Virginia in 1980, he ranked No. 2 all-time on the Cavaliers running roster behind only John Papit, who set the mark from 1947 to 1950. Vigorito, who finished with 2 913 rushing yards, east still No. 7 on this list, having been surpassed only by Thomas Jones, Tiki Barber, Terry Kirby, Kevin Parks and Wali Lundy.

He’s totaled haul for 648 carries, still fifth by a UVA fullback, and is also 12th on the school’s all-time list with 3,922, including 587 yards in kickoff returns.

“I took a lot of hits,” Vigorito said on Friday night. “I’ve had a lot of concussions that I wasn’t aware of. Now they have doctors on the sidelines and after he examines you he tells you if you can play or not.

“I was young and stupid,” Vigorito said of the physical game.

From Virginia, he was drafted in the fifth round by the Miami Dolphins and Don Shula, for a five-year career. He has two favorite NFL memories, one being the Miami Marathon playoff win over San Diego, an all-time classic; and the other was an 87-yard game-winning kickoff return against Pittsburgh on Thursday Night Football.

“It was a [Miami] record, but someone broke it about four years ago,” Vigorito said.

Bock said there was a great quote from former Dolphins great Bob Kuenchenberg in Sports Illustrated about Vigorito. Kuenchenberg was a Miami guard for 14 seasons.

“Kuenchenberg was quoted as saying, ‘Vigorito has the fastest white feet I’ve ever seen,'” laughed Bock.

Still, with all of his football accomplishments, Vigorito said his favorite UVA moments had nothing to do with the stats.

“I think the guys I played with who are here this weekend are my fondest memories,” Vigorito said. “I spoke with several of them tonight. Guys I haven’t seen in years.

Saturday’s special recognition, the Hoos Making a Difference program launched by the football alumni club last year, means a lot to Vigorito, as it does to Farrior.

One of the greatest defensive players in UVA history, Farrior was first-team All-ACC his senior season, finishing third on the school’s career tackles list with 381. He came to the program by George Welsh as Matoaca High School’s Parade All-American.

Nicknamed “Potsie” by his parents, who took the name from the TV sitcom Happy Days, he was a key cog in some of Virginia’s biggest defenses along with Jamie Sharper, Anthony Poindexter and others.

Farrior went on to a famous 15-year career with the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers, where he won two Super Bowl rings, and was previously named to the Steelers Ring of Honor.

During his time at Steel City, Farrior recorded 1,440 tackles, 35.5 quarterback sacks, 11 interceptions and 18 forced fumbles for an intimidating defense.

He and his family moved to Los Angeles after living in Houston, and he is now a stay-at-home dad caring for his four children, three girls and one boy. Or as he joked Friday night, “I’m their taxi driver. They all like sports, so they keep me moving.

Being back in Charlottesville is a special weekend for Farrior and his family.

“Just being surrounded by all the people I know, that I’ve been in contact with over the years of UVA and all of my former teammates that I haven’t seen in so long is really special,” Farrior said. “It’s such a good feeling to be back and to be able to relive some of those great memories we had in Virginia.”

To be recognized by the football alumni club is also special.

“It means a lot to me. It’s definitely an honor, and I’m really humbled about what they’re doing for me and Tommy Vigorito,” Farrior said. created many memories with many of these people. For them to recognize me for my accomplishments on and off the field is really special. It’s something I will cherish for the rest of my life. »

Farrior has played for some of the best and most exciting Welsh sides, so he didn’t have to think too hard to choose some of his favorite UVA memorabilia.

“The best memory I have here is our 1995 win over Florida State (FSU’s first loss after 29 straight wins over ACC opponents),” Farrior said. “It’s something I will cherish for a long time, probably my whole life.”

The 1995 season was loaded with memories for Farrior, including a last-minute loss to No. 14 Michigan at the “Big House” to start the season (an 18-17 loss) and another last-minute loss at No. 16. Texas by a 51-yard field goal in the win at Texas (17-16). However, FSU was No. 2 nationally when the Cavaliers upset the Seminoles on one of the most magical nights in Scott Stadium history.

Farrior said beating Virginia Tech (42-23 in 1995) was also a highlight, just because of the rivalry, even though he went 1-3 against the Hokies.

One of the most underrated wins in UVA history came in 1996, a rematch with the Longhorns, this time in Charlottesville, and this time with a very different outcome.

“It was a paying game for us,” Farrior said. “We definitely took the defeat of the previous year to heart. It was special to beat those guys, to see a lot of their players play in the NFL. It was a good feeling to get them back.

19th-ranked Virginia knocked out No. 13 Texas, 37-13, and delivered a beating to famed Longhorns running back Ricky Williams, who was limited to 44 yards on 19 carries and no touchdowns.

“We tore it up this game,” smiled Farrior. “I remember we had a really good game against Ricky. We were playing with a chip on our shoulders and I think he took the brunt of it.

Farrior had an outstanding career with the Steelers, something he said was a dream come true.

“I never expected to be in the NFL. It was a long-time goal for me to grow up like any other kid and to have had a successful career like that, to live that, is something big. ‘incredibly special. I still pinch myself when I think about it.

So won his first Super Bowl.

“It was the first time I won something this big since Little League,” Farrior said. “That first one was definitely something special. Good memories.”

Just like being named to Pittsburgh’s Ring of Honor was special.

“When you look at the Steelers ring of honor and you see all these guys that are in there, just to be in it and have my name mentioned is amazing,” Farrior said. “Most of these guys are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and it feels good to be mentioned with those names.”

Farrior and his younger brother, Matt, started a foundation that provides financial aid and mentorship to students, assistance in various forms to families in need, scholarship financial assistance for students, and works with the National Bone Marrow Registry.

Miami Dolphins Friday Mailbag: McDaniel, Tua, Second-Guessing, Secondary, and more


SI Fan Nation All Dolphins Pre-Jets Mailbag Part 1:

From Chris H (@Chrishyer31):

After the first quarter of the season, how would you rate McDaniel’s training ability? What are the areas for improvement and what did it do well?

Hey Chris, judging by the Dolphins’ 3-1 record with what has been a very tough first streak, you can’t help but give McDaniel high marks. He also deserves big points for helping Tua Tagovailoa produce the best football of his career in those first four games. McDaniel’s game designs and game calls have been very, very impressive. Areas for improvement? I haven’t seen anything egregious so far. There were a few things I would have done differently in the Cincinnati game like going there fourth and 1 of the Bengals 34 at the end of the first half after Teddy Bridgewater’s first play and also challenging what looked like in a bad place on a run from Chase Edmonds in the fourth quarter – or at the very least asking for a measure. But it’s nitpicking. McDaniel has been impressive so far.

From Reza Hariri (@Therealrezpect1):

Why didn’t Miami put Carter on IR? Any chance Conner gets more playing time? Is it time for Dark Kader to begin?

Hey Reza, three legitimate questions. Concussions are very tricky, so the Dolphins obviously didn’t know that after Carter’s injury he would be sidelined for that amount of time, although it could be argued that they should have created the concussion. roster space anyway since Carter is more of a support player. . Tanner Conner will get more playing time at some point because the Dolphins really like him, but I would advise caution at this point because it could take a while. As for Kader Kohou leaving, listen, I like his story as much as the next one and I think he has a great future, but he’s still a rookie and I’m not sure if I’m pushing him into a major role so far.

From Jorge boyd (@raga1922):

Hi Alain, I’m worried about the secondary against the Jets, who have good and fast WRs. Do you think we can pressure and contain Wilson to help the secondary? How good are the OL Jets?

Hey Jorge, unfortunately I can’t predict the future, but putting pressure on Zach Wilson will absolutely be the key to this game, maybe even the biggest key. The Jets’ O line has talent, starting with former 49ers Pro Bowl guard Laken Tomlinson and Jets 2021 first-round pick Alijah Vera-Tucker, but they’ve had plenty of tackle injuries, which won’t help. didn’t help. Veteran Duane Brown could be back against the Dolphins, and his presence would definitely improve the Jets offensive line.

From Brian Dougherty (@BrianBoru619):

When will Jaelan Phillips go wild? This line is good, but where are the bags? Does it happen in this game?

Hey Brian, the timing of your question is interesting because I thought Phillips clearly had their best game of the year against Cincinnati. I think the sacks will eventually come for Phillips, but I was never 100% sure he would match his 8.5 sack total from his rookie season. I can tell you that OLB coach Ty McKenzie is full of praise for how Phillips has managed to put the edge in the running game so far.

From Craig M (@Dolfan2334):

Hey Alain, it’s going to look like Monday Morning QB, but do you think the Dolphins should have rested players like Tua and X last Thursday and given them two weeks off to heal the Jets? This groin injury could bother X all season. Rest could have helped.

Hey Craig, yes, this absolutely plays the results. In Tua’s case, if Mike McDaniel had been told that Tua didn’t have a concussion against the Bills and that his back was fine enough to allow him to play and perform well against the Bengals, then why would he? retained? And if Tua had a concussion against the Bills, then obviously he shouldn’t have played and that’s an entirely separate and serious discussion. As for X, there might be a better argument as he clearly had a groin problem before the short week and he wasn’t going to be 100% against the Bengals. So in this particular case, I’m tempted to agree with you.

From Brian Lipman (@lipman):

Which pass catcher will benefit the most from Teddy’s approach and experience?

Hey Brian, that’s a really good question and I don’t know if we have enough data for me to give you a definitive answer. It’s hard for me to imagine much will change in terms of preferred targets because the fact is that Tyreek Hill opens up all the time and will therefore get the ball no matter who plays QB.

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From Ricardo Hernandez (@Ricardo96451182):

Hello Alan. The Dolphins went from years of mediocrity and irrelevance other than controversy, to two days atop the NFL Power Rankings, and then once again becoming the face of all that is wrong with the NFL. So my question is: Why can’t the Dolphins/fans have nice things?

Hey Ricardo, accessories for the originality of the question. Older fans of teams like the Lions, Browns, or Cardinals might find it hard to sympathize with you, given the Dolphins’ consistent quality through the 1970s and first half of the 80s. , I guess they would say it sucks for you to be born too late.

From David @dkar84):

With Howard and Jones injured, is there anyone at FA Miami who should consider signing? The secondary seems to be a disappointment this season.

Hey David, the important point to make here is that there’s no one you could sign now who could come in and have an immediate impact. Yes, high school hasn’t been as good this year as it has been the past two years, but you just can’t underestimate the impact of Byron Jones’ absence. Once he’s back and Howard is back to 100%, we can take a closer look at the DBs.

From FinsUpMass (@paulbdotcom):

With our situation at CB and the Jets close to elite WR talent, are we going to have to score 28 to win?

Hey Paul, I believe you’re right there. The only thing that could help the Dolphins deal with the Jets passing game would be to get to Zach Wilson but if they have to blitz to get there they better get to him fast but that WR body is very good – as you mentioned.

From mikethewreck (@mgcroteau):

What is the Dolphins biggest vulnerability to the Jets, and conversely what can the Fins exploit?

On the Dolphins side, their biggest vulnerability right now is clearly pass defense, and it’s been made more pronounced by the continued absence of Byron Jones and now X’s injury. As for the Jets, where they really have struggled this year is in third defense (31st in the NFL).

Big Ern McDolphin (@dana_buice):

Hey my friend, We are moving on to the 2nd phase of the planning. Even without Tua, we will be favored for the next 6 games. How would you define success and failure during this period?

Hey Dana if we just go by the record and look at the stretch from NYJ, MIN, PIT, to DET, to CHI and CLE I would define success (especially since I see the Dolphins as a team playoff) as a 4-2 record in those six games. We could get greedy and say at least 5-1, but things happen all the time in the NFL. And if you go 4-2, that puts the Dolphins at 7-3 with seven games to go and in great shape for the stretch run, especially when the first game after the bye is at home against Houston.

From Michael (@Mikeman20s):

So far this season, which player has performed the best in his position?

Hey Michael, considering he leads the NFL in receiving yards and is tied for first in receptions, it’s pretty hard to go up against Tyreek Hill with that question. We could definitely give honorable mentions to Tua and Jaylen Waddle, but Hill needs to get the nod in my opinion.

From Bill Whitten (@BillWhitten13):

Should the NFL/NFLPA review team size? Given the number of moderate injuries and safety issues, there isn’t enough depth to give players time to heal properly.

Hey Bill, if your question is “should” then the answer is pretty simple and it would be yes, especially when it comes to allowing teams to carry a third quarterback on game day. But “should” and “shall” are two different questions here, and I’m not sure that will happen, although I would say it’s much closer to happening now than, say, two weeks ago.

A 1963 International Harvester Scout 80 Restomod in Woodland Brown Metallic is for sale


Bring a trailer never fails to deliver when it comes to automobiles that scratch your nostalgic itch. So far, their offerings offer a remarkable variety that ranges from trucks, SUVs, sports cars, and more. Classic car collectors may want to consider one of their latest lots. This is a 1963 International Harvester Scout 80 in Woodland Brown Metallic.

According to the listing, this vintage vehicle was acquired by the seller in 2011. The plan was to turn it into a construction project. The original condition of the 1963 International Harvester Scout 80 needed some work. Therefore, it underwent a restoration and some modifications to make it the viewer you see here right now.

The auction house gladly shares a few details regarding the process. A body-off refresh addresses spots with visible signs of damage and rust. The current owner also touched up the door handles and tweaked the tailgate aesthetics. Meanwhile, the frame and running gear sport a black powdercoat finish.

It accommodates a Ford F-100 fuel cell, a fold-flat windshield, an LED light bar, a roof rack and a steel front bumper with a Smittybilt winch. Another notable addition to the 1963 International Harvester Scout 80 is the 327ci V8 engine mated to a four-speed automatic transmission.

It rolls on 15-inch black aftermarket wheels shod with 35×12.5-inch Pro Comp Mud Terrain tires. This 1963 International Harvester Scout 80 features power steering, dual range transfer case, Toyota axles and Toyota springs. Inside, you get black vinyl bucket seats with tan inserts and a rear bench seat in the same upholstery. Finally, there is a Chevrolet steering wheel and Speedhut instruments.

Images courtesy of Bring a Trailer



BALTIMORE, October 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Under Armour, Inc. (NYSE: AU, UAA) today announced that effective October 24, David Baxter and Mehri Shadman will join its management team. Baxter is set to assume a regional leadership role as President of the Americas, succeeding Stephanie Pugliawho will step down and leave the company. Puglia will remain until early 2023 to support Baxter’s transition. Shadman was appointed Legal Director and Corporate Secretary as John Stanton, AU current General Counsel, has decided to retire at the end of 2022 after 16 years of service.

“We are thrilled to recognize the talent that David and Mehri bring to our business,” said Colin Browne, interim president and CEO of Under Armour. “With deep market knowledge and exceptional expertise, we look forward to their proven leadership qualities to help build our next chapter of growth.”

Browne continued, “As one of our longest serving executives, we would like to congratulate John on his retirement and thank him for his many contributions to UA, including building our legal function from a small team following our initial public offering to a world-class global company.We also thank Stephanie for her contributions to Under Armor over the past three years, particularly her leadership of our largest region in a highly uncertain retail environment.

Prior to joining Under Armor in 2020 as Senior Vice President, Americas Wholesale, David Baxter served as President and CEO of LIDS Sports Group from 2016 to 2019. Previously, he served as Vice President of the Sport Performance Division of adidas America from 2010 to 2014, where he led North American Product Strategies and marketing. Prior to that, Baxter oversaw adidas and Reebok’s licensed athletic activities with major US professional sports leagues. For nine years prior to this role, Baxter held various leadership positions at Reebok, including time spent in their field and sports licensed divisions.

Mehri Shadman brings over 15 years of experience providing legal advice both in-house and in private practice. Currently Assistant General Counsel, Corporate and Risk, and Deputy Corporate Secretary, she spent nine years at Under Armor advising its Board of Directors and executives on large and complex corporate issues. She currently oversees corporate, global ethics and compliance, data privacy and enterprise risk management functions. In her new role, she will oversee the company’s global legal function and serve as Corporate Secretary. Prior to Under Armour, Shadman began her career as an associate at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP, a renowned global law firm, in its capital markets practice.

About Under Armour, Inc.

Under Armour, Inc., headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, is a leading inventor, marketer and distributor of branded sportswear, footwear and accessories. Designed to empower human performance, Under Armour’s innovative products and experiences are designed to make athletes better. For more information, please visit http://about.underarmour.com.

SOURCEUnder Armour, Inc.

Jersey Shore Report for Wednesday 10/5



HIGH RISK OF RIP CURRENTS. Dangerous and life-threatening conditions exist for everyone entering the surf.

ADVICE SMALL BOAT in effect until 11 p.m. Wednesday. Conditions will be dangerous for small craft.

at the shore

Current conditions and forecast to Wed morning

Current risk of tearing High
Waves 4 – 8 feet
The winds North
14 – 23 mph (Gust 31 mph)
12 – 20 knots (Gust 27 knots)
Ocean temperature 60° – 64°
(Normal 61° – 63°)
Air temperature 61° – 65°
Sunrise 6:56 a.m. – 6:36 p.m.
The UV index 1 (low)
MORE WEATHER: Dan Zarrow’s 5-day forecast

Tide times

Sandy Hook Bay
Wed 10:48a
Wed 4:50 p.m.
Wed 11:31 p.m.
Game 5:28a
Atlantic Ocean
Wed 10:12a
Wed 4:24 p.m.
Wed 10:55 p.m.
Game 5:02a
Atlantic Ocean
Wed 10:24a
Wed 4:38 p.m.
Wed 11:07 p.m.
Game 5:16a
Atlantic Ocean
Wed 10:16a
Wed 4:20 p.m.
Wed 10:59 p.m.
Game 4:58a
Barnegat Bay
Wed 8:03a
Wed 2:53 p.m.
Wed 8:30 p.m.
Game 3:36a
Barnegat Bay
Wed 10:37a
Wed 4:44 p.m.
Wed 11:27 p.m.
Game 5:20a
Manahawkin Bay
Wed 7:10 a.m.
Wed 2:27 p.m.
Wed 7:37 p.m.
Game 3:10a
Great Bay
Wed 5:01a
Wed 10:55a
Wed 5:28 p.m.
Wed 11:55 p.m.
Atlantic Ocean
Wed 10:09a
Wed 4:37 p.m.
Wed 11:04 p.m.
Game 5:15a
Townsends Entrance
Wed 10:27a
Wed 5:12 p.m.
Wed 11:28 p.m.
Game 5:38a
Atlantic Ocean
Wed 10:14a
Wed 4:51 p.m.
Wed 11:16 p.m.
Game 5:27a
Delaware Bay
Wed 5:12a
Wed 11:03a
Wed 5:40 p.m.
Thu 12:03a
MORE TIDES: Info for 132 points along the NJ coast

Marine forecasts

From the National Weather Service, Mt. Holly

MARRY: Winds from NE 20 to 25 kt, decreasing to 15 to 20 kt in the afternoon. Seas 7 to 9 feet subsiding to 5 to 7 feet in the afternoon. E swell 2 to 6 feet at 8 seconds. Light swell. Occasional rain with scattered drizzle. Scattered fog. Vsby 1 to 3 NM.

WED EVENING: N winds 15 to 20 kt, decreasing to 10 to 15 kt after midnight. Sea 4 to 6 feet NE swell 2 to 6 feet in 7 seconds. Light swell. Chance of rain in the evening. Scattered fog after midnight with vsby 1 to 3 NM.

GAME: NW winds 5 to 10 kt, becoming SW in the afternoon. Sea 2 to 4 feet E swell 2 to 4 feet in 7 seconds. Light swell. Scattered fog in the morning with vsby 1 to 3 NM.

GAME EVENING: Winds from SW 5 to 10 kt. Sea 2 to 3 feet E swell 2 to 3 feet in 7 seconds. Light swell.

FRI: SW winds 10 to 15 kt. Sea 2 to 3 feet E swell 2 to 3 feet in 7 seconds. Light swell.

FRI EVENING: NW winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 25 kt. Sea 2 to 3 feet N swell 2 to 3 feet in 5 seconds. Slight swell.

SAT: NW winds 10 to 15 kt. Seas 2 to 3 feet.

SUN: W winds 10 to 15 kt. Sea about 2 feet.

MORE MARINE INFO: Rip current forecasts and more

Plan your trip

NJ TRAFFIC: If it bothers you, it’s in our report
NJ BEACHES: Water Quality Alerts, Jellyfish Sightings, and More

The data on this page comes from several sources, including the National Weather Service (weather), the National Ocean Service (tides), the US Naval Observatory (sun), and the US Environmental Protection Agency (UV index).

Dan Zarrow is chief meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. The Shore Report is generated semi-automatically every day at 5 a.m. from mid-May to the end of September. Follow Dan’s weather blog, his Facebook page and Twitter feed for your latest real-time weather forecasts and updates.

WATCH: Here are the 50 best beach towns in America

Every beach town has its share of pros and cons, which got us thinking about what makes a beach town the best in which to live. To find out, Stacker looked at data from WalletHub, released on June 17, 2020, which compares US beach towns. The ratings are based on six categories: affordability, weather, safety, economy, education and health, and quality of life. Cities ranged from 10,000 to 150,000 people, but they had to have at least one local beach listed on TripAdvisor. Read the full methodology here. From these rankings, we selected the top 50. Readers who live in California and Florida won’t be surprised to learn that many of the cities featured here are in one of these two states.

Keep reading to see if your favorite beach town made the cut.

CHECK OUT: All Free Beaches in New Jersey

The Jersey Shore is notorious for charging for beach access. But there are a few that allow you to enter for free.

Inside Island Waterpark is coming to Atlantic City soon

Taulia Tagovailoa talks about the days after Tua’s injury


Maryland strategist Taulia Tagovailoa made his first comments to reporters on Tuesday since watching his brother, the Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoagetting carried off the pitch on Thursday night.

He was with family members who live in Virginia as he watched the game and said Tuesday it was hard to distract himself from what happened. He texted his mother every hour, wanting to know how Tua was doing.

Maryland played Michigan State on Saturday, but Taulia said, “Friday I didn’t want to play the game.” Friday night, that changed after Taulia was finally able to speak with Tua Friday night.

“I really wanted to go out there and hang out with my family and hug them and stuff like that,” Taulia said. “But he told me he’s a big fan of us and he’d rather see me play on Saturday. … After that phone call, I was happy and went back to my normal routine.

Terps coach Michael Locksley Told reporters on Saturday, “Right after dinner [Friday] the night was the first time in probably 24 hours that I had seen his energy. … Everyone was really on pins and needles watching him as he worked on it on Friday, which is a big mental day for us. We all knew he wasn’t necessarily all the way there.

Over the past week Thursday night football against the Bengals, Tua hit the ground hard on a sack by Cincinnati defensive tackle Josh Tupou. He was taken to hospital but was discharged later that night and flown home with the team.

His timeline for returning to the field is unknown, but the Dolphins found themselves the target of intense scrutiny after they knocked out the quarterback with a concussion after a worrying fall against the Bills in Week 3. Tua said after the match that it was a back injury. .

The NFL and the NFL Players’ Association have agreed to change the rules surrounding the league’s concussion protocol. The NFLPA also fired the unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant who helped evaluate Tua during the Bills game after finding the doctor made “several errors.” a source told ESPN’s Marcel Louis-Jacques.

The NFLPA has launched an investigation after Tua was cleared to play against the Bills after he stumbled off the field following a major blow, and according to multiple reports, Tua is speaking with the league and the players’ association Tuesday as part of the investigation.

Despite what his older brother went through, Taulia indicated that he was not worried about it himself. He was concentrating on Tua. He said on Tuesday: “I guess when it happens to someone like my brother, or when something happens to one of my family members, I don’t really think about how it might affect me. I just think, ‘Is he okay? How is he ?

Taulia was able to visit Tua in Florida because he “wanted to make sure he was healthy and everything, which he is.” The Dolphins quarterback is still in concussion protocol and will not play against the Jets this weekend.

More CFB coverage:

Daily coverage: The Trackhouse Revolution

The new Maserati GranTurismo looks great with electric or gas power


As emblematic of Maserati as the trident is of Neptune, GT returns with a V6 turbo or batteries

That this new Maserati GranTurismo comes with an all-electric powertrain isn’t the big story here. Nor the fact that he comes without a central element of its DNA – a V8 – that is as emblematic of Maserati as the trident is of Neptune.

The big story here is of course the fact that Maserati has managed to retain a key element of GranTurismo heritage: it looks great. Indeed, Maserati says it made the choice early on to “maintain continuity” of the silhouette with the outgoing car, because people really liked it instead.

So welcome to the new version of the car that you immediately associate with Maserati. Much like the sea over which Neptune rules, the Italian company’s fortunes have been either smooth, steady waters (Targo Florio wins, F1 success, world-class engineering) or tidal waves (*cough* De Tomaso *cough*).

We’ve run out of maritime analogies too, but suffice it to say that Maser is on a roll, and its delightful new GT is ushering in an interesting new era. An electric, which is still relevant.

The GranTurismo Folgore adopts a three-motor configuration (two rear, one front), each motor rated at 300 kW, powered by a 92.5 kWh battery capable of delivering approximately 750 hp and 995 lb-ft of “continuous” torque. The battery itself is packed inside a T-shaped structure that runs along the center tunnel of the car and towards the rear of the car. This, Maserati says, lowers the car’s H-point. In NormalSpeak, that means the company can retain those classic GT proportions.

Indeed, there’s visually no difference between the car that offers 750hp and the one that packs the company’s new ‘Nettuno’ 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 that runs in the MC20 supercar (another superb machine). In the new GT, Maser offers this engine either in the “Modena” version with 483 hp, or in the “Trofeo” version with 542 hp.

The rapidity? A little ago. The V6 cars will do the 0-62mph sprint between 3.5s (Trofeo) and 3.9s (Modena), while the Folgore will propel them both through the weeds in under 2.7s. It’s a fast hypercar, not a fast GT. All get the same suspension layout – double wishbones up front, multi-link in the rear – big vented Brembos all around, perfect/near-perfect weight distribution and all-wheel drive.

All cars also make extensive use of lightweight metals such as aluminum (which accounts for 65% of the new GT) and magnesium, as well as less lightweight but strong ‘high performance steel’. We’re told this led to “best-in-class” weight levels: 1,795kg for the V6, 2,260kg for the Folgore EV.

There’s a dynamics module that sits at the heart of the new GT, controlling the various mode settings which in V6 cars range from Comfort, GT, Sport and Corsa, and Max Range, GT, Sport and Corsa in the Folgare. Pretty self-explanatory.

Despite this very official reveal, we have yet to see the interior, but are assured that it is equipped with “innovative systems”, a few of which will likely include the “steering wheel”, “pedals”, ” seats” and of course, a lot of leather. Digital instrument panel too, with an optional HUD and a Very Loud stereo.

However, this design speaks volumes, and that’s the real story here. You like?

How PussyDAO uses Solana NFTs to sell physical underwear


In short

  • PussyDAO is a new Web3 startup that plans to sell Solana-based NFTs that can be exchanged for physical panties and other goods.
  • It was started by Izzy Howell, former Head of Growth at Cypher.

Most people today probably first associate NFTs with digital-only items like profile photos, artwork, and collectibles. But blockchain tokens can also be tied to physical art, property, and other tangible assets.

In a provocative example of how NFTs could disrupt retail and apparel, PussyDAO aims to use Solana NFTs as cashback coupons to buy things like underwear and streetwear.

Founder and CEO Izzy Howell, former head of growth at Cypher, Solana’s derivatives protocol, Told Decrypt at this week’s Chainlink SmartCon, the idea came to him while chatting with his former Challenge colleagues.

“I got up really late with my team, and all the guys on my team kept saying liquidity was all that mattered. ‘That’s the most important thing: liquidity, liquidity, liquid,” she recalls. “And the next thought in my head was that I wanted to make a pair of panties that said ‘very liquid’ in the crotch.

Howell – formerly named a rising star in crypto by Decrypt– shared her idea with others and said she was “getting a lot of support from the crypto industry” (including funding), so she left Cypher to focus on the new venture. PussyDAO will start off by offering NFTs that can be redeemed at any time for physical underwear, but it has bigger ambitions for the brand as time goes on.

“We are using Web3 technology to evolve the next generation of apparel, CPG [consumer packaged goods] products, software deliveries, and experiences,” Howell said. Decrypt in a follow-up chat via Telegram. “Our brand is punk rock meets hyper-femininity: we’re gritty, feminine and powerful – and a much-needed breath of fresh air in this bro-centric space.”

Howell’s plan is to expand the PussyDAO brand to “all things super hype-y”, including the aforementioned products and experiences.

The idea of ​​exchanging a blockchain token for physical clothing is not new and has been explored in various ways. Unisocks, for example, is a project that sells tokens redeemable for Uniswap themed socksand the price of each token increases with each sale on a bond curve – it started at $12, but now buying one token costs $22,807.

Adidas explored the model of NFTs redeemable for exclusive apparel with his fall Into the Metaverse last December in partnership with Bored Ape Yacht Club, NFT influencer gmoney and Punks Comics project. And the WAX the blockchain vIRL NFT concept is built around tokens that can be exchanged for physical goods.

Howell said buyout NFTs make sense for streetwear and other products because it’s easier to resell digital tokens than having to physically ship things to buyers. Token exchange could be cheaper, easier and have less impact on the environment than parcel shipping.

“People are buying [streetwear] in an instant, and then it’s the buyer’s responsibility to take that hat and post it themselves on eBay, and they have to take care of the shipping and stuff,” she explained. . “But if I only own the NFT that entitles me to that physical item, it’s a lot smoother for me as someone selling it in a secondary market.”

Howell is getting into Solana because it was “bred by the Solana ecosystem,” but she envisions a multi-chain future and plans to launch products on other blockchain platforms.

As PussyDAO paves the way for its first product launch, Howell outlines a brand that is uniquely Web3. “This is the first investor-backed social commentary,” she said. Decrypt. “Not only are we a business, but we are also a living, breathing art movement. We launch products designed to spark meaningful conversations about gender, identity and the financial landscape.

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Can Brian Hoyer’s Patriots teammates name the 7 NFL teams he played for?


With Mac Jones officially ruled out for Sunday’s game at Green Bay, Brian Hoyer will make his 40th career NFL start, but only his second for the New England Patriots, even though it’s his third period. service with the team.

The other 38 starts were split across seven other teams. The 36-year-old undrafted quarterback has played for organizations in five divisions and four time zones. Undrafted quarterbacks rarely make lists. Hoyer is in his 14th season.

His full resume looks like this:

  • Hoyer was a Patriot from 2009 to 2011 and played in 13 games, all in relief.
  • He played two games and made his first career start with the Arizona Cardinals in 2012.
  • Hoyer played in 17 games and started 16 for the Cleveland Browns in 2013 and 2014. He was 10-6 as a starter, making him the last Browns starting QB with a winning record.
  • He spent 2015 in Houston and was 5-4 in nine starts.
  • Hoyer was a bear in 2016 and started five games before an injury ended his season.
  • He spent six weeks in San Francisco to open the 2017 season, but the 49ers cut him when they traded for Jimmy Garoppolo.
  • The Patriots, who needed a backup with Garoppolo gone, brought Hoyer back for the No. 2 stint and kept him through the 2018 season. He won a Super Bowl ring backing Tom Brady.
  • He signed as a free agent with the Indianapolis Colts in 2019.
  • He returned to New England in 2020 where he has been ever since, supporting Cam Newton (2020) and Mac Jones (2021-22).

How much of this do his teammates know? On Friday, I asked several of them how many teams Hoyer had played at least one game for they could name.

First: Kendrick Bourne, wide receiver and locker neighbor to Hoyer.

“He was with me on a team,” Hoyer quipped before Bourne started.

“San Francisco,” Bourne said, smiling at his former 49ers teammate. “Cleveland. Patriots.

Bourne stopped. “Houstons? »

Then came the surrender. “It is all I have.”

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Devin McCourty was Hoyer’s teammate during the QB’s three stints at Foxborough. He started fast and with confidence.

“Cleveland. Houston. Here (New England). San Fran. (pause). Oh, Indie.

After that, McCourty was stuck.

“What are the last two?

When the answers were revealed, he nodded.

“I forgot the Bears. I wouldn’t have guessed Arizona.

David Andrews said he only had time for a quick question, but the competitor in him couldn’t resist and he stayed longer than expected. He got six, to beat McCourty, but couldn’t score the extra point.

“Cleveland. Houston. San Fransisco. Here (New England). There are seven of them?” said Andrews. we trained against them.I’m at five?colts.

At this point, Matthew Judon came to help, guessing “Jacksonville?” and “Lions?”

Andrews was still searching for the correct answer but knew Judon’s guesses were wrong. He told her and started thinking out loud. “Not Miami. I said here, right?”

Judon asked to see the answer and tried to give a hint. “We had an argument about a guy on this team.”

Andrews shook him. “We have a lot of arguments.”

Hoyer walked past, amused. “Need help? I took my first steps with this team. NFC West.

It didn’t help.

“Rams? Andrews said as Hoyer shook his head.

Andrews settled for six, which temporarily put him at the top of the standings.

  • The Rich Hill Quiz: Can his Boston Red Sox teammates name the 11 teams he pitched for?

Further down the locker room, Matthew Slater straightened up, ready for the challenge when he learned the riddle had so far remained unsolved. As the only player on the team whose career predates Hoyer’s first stint with the Patriots, Slater was eager to play.

“OK. Here. San Fransisco. Chicago. Cleveland. Houston,” he started, then nailed the hardest part. “Arizona? Hmmm. I know this is going to be obvious. Did I say San Francisco?

If Slater had been a cartoon, a lightbulb would have appeared over his head when the number 7 hit him. “Oh, the Cols. Here it is.”

Long snapper Joe Cardona was also confident. In fact, he said knowing the number of teams was an unnecessary advantage. He ripped off five quickly then hit a wall.

” It’s disappointing. I thought I would have it.

He needed a clue for the Colts, then guessed Arizona.

Upon learning that Slater had gotten seven, Hoyer objected.

“There are eight,” he said and began to tell a story.

Hoyer actually dressed for two games with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but never took the court in black and yellow and therefore has no stats. They waived him to earn a spot on the roster. He traveled to his home in Ohio expecting Pittsburgh to re-sign him when they clear waivers. But he did not authorize waivers. Arizona claimed him and made him the starter two weeks later.

Hoyer gave all of his Steelers gear to his stepfather, who is a lifelong fan. He framed the Cardinals jersey for his first start and the Browns jersey he wore in his first win.

Most of the rest of his assorted helmets, jerseys, and other memorabilia are in a storage unit.

There probably won’t be much more new stuff acquired beyond his Patriots gear. Hoyer plans to live in New England after retirement, and he hinted it’s not far away. He will figure out what to do with his acquired equipment then.

“There could be a sale,” he said. “I have too many things.”

Miami Dolphins QB Tagovailoa in high spirits after concussion as NFL review underway



Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is “in good spirits” Friday after receive a concussion during Thursday night’s game, head coach Mike McDaniel told reporters.

The NFL and the Dolphins are under scrutiny for the decision to allow Tagovailoa to play Thursday, after the quarterback was injured in a game last Sunday. McDaniel said he is currently focused on Tagovailoa’s health and is not thinking of a timeline for his return to the field.

“(He’s) someone I grew up very, very close to,” McDaniel said. “When it comes to head injuries and concussions, with such serious things, the only thing I worry about is people first.”

The NFL is reviewing the decision to allow Tagovailoa to play and “will speak with everyone involved,” its chief medical officer told CNN on Friday.

“Whenever we have a situation like this, we come back to do a thorough review of everything associated with the situation, and we come back to watch the video and the medical reports,” Dr. Allan Sills told the CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Friday.

“The NFL, the NFL Players Association and the medical leadership will speak with everyone involved, which means the team athletic trainer, the team doctor, the independent neuro expert, the observer in the stand and the neuro operator. in the cabin, and the patient himself – and so this is all going on.

Tagovailoa was sacked by Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Josh Tupou in the second quarter and was motionless on the field for several minutes. The entire Dolphins sideline walked on the field while he was placed on a backboard and a stretcher. Bengals fans at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati showed their respect as Tagovailoa was ejected from the field.

The video showed Tagovailoa’s forearms flexed and his fingers twisted – a sign that Gupta, a neurosurgeon, says is a “fencing response” and may be linked to brain damage. Gupta asked Sills, also a neurosurgeon, how worried he was after seeing this video.

“Well, of course, I’m concerned like you as a neurosurgeon, and anyone with a significant injury and neurological signs like that,” Sills said. “The immediate concern is… to ensure that at the time we are doing everything we can to provide the most expert and timely care… securing the airway, ensuring there is no spinal injury, etc.

“I am concerned about this injury and all injuries.”

Sills noted that the NFL will “carefully review all of the steps that led to the sequence of events that you described.”

“We will be transparent about the outcome of this,” Sills said.

McDaniel said Tagovailoa had an MRI on Friday, but only as a precaution after CT scans and X-rays were taken after the quarterback was taken off the field on a stretcher. The MRI results have not been released.

The Dolphins said Tagovailoa was conscious after the injury and had movement in all of his extremities. He was evaluated at a local hospital before being released to return to Miami with the team on Thursday.

McDaniel, a first-year NFL coach, was asked if he would have handled the Tagovailoa situation differently after the quarterback reportedly injured his head and neck in Sunday’s game against the New York Bills. Buffalo.

“He was assessed (for a head injury) and cleared after multiple layers of medical professionals, of which I don’t claim to be one,” the coach said. “These people, the collection of them, rid him of any head injuries. He had a back and ankle problem.

“In terms of deciding not to face a guy in a Thursday night game, I’m concerned about his lower back and his ankle and putting him at risk,” McDaniel added. “I have 100 per cent belief in our process. … I couldn’t have lived with myself if I had prematurely put someone there and put them in danger.

Tagovailoa was joking and happy to be on the plane with his teammates on the trip home from Cincinnati after the loss, McDaniel said.

He sat next to his head coach and even started performing one of McDaniel’s favorite comedy movies, “MacGruber.”

Bills vs. Ravens injury updates: Gabe Davis misses practice Thursday


The Buffalo Bills’ second practice of the week as they prepare for Sunday’s Week 4 game with the Baltimore Ravens saw several key players make progress towards returning to the field – but Gabe Davis, starting, might not be included in this group.

Davis, who struggled with an ankle injury sustained in practice ahead of the team’s Week 2 victory over Tennessee, did not practice Thursday after being a limited participant on Wednesday. He played in last week’s loss to Miami when he was less than 100%, and he appears to be dealing with an injury serious enough that the team is trying to limit him during their week-long bye. 7 to keep him in the field. But for now, he tends to play in the wrong direction on Sunday, with Friday training shaping up to be crucial for him.

The news is better for starting left tackle Dion Dawkins and starting right guard Ryan Bates, who did not practice Wednesday. Dawkins returned as a full training participant on Thursday after missing yesterday with a non-Covid illness, while Bates, who is in concussion protocol, was restricted (and in a non-contact red jersey) on Thursday after sat on Wednesday. It’s encouraging news for a Bills offensive line that underperformed at times and weathered a wave of injuries and heat issues in Sunday’s game in Miami.

Safety Jordan Power, defensive tackle Ed Oliver, center Mitch Morse, tight end Dawson Knox, cornerback Dane Jackson (also in a non-contact red jersey), defensive back Cam Lewis (again, jersey red without contact) and reserve offensive lineman Justin Murray was limited for a second straight day. Joining Davis on the DNP roster was wide receiver Jake Kumerow, defensive tackle Jordan Phillips and rookie cornerback Christian Benford.

Miami Dolphins LB Melvin Ingram Wins AFC September Award


Talk about making a quick impression.

Veteran linebacker Melvin Ingram, who joined the Miami Dolphins in the offseason, was named the AFC Defensive Player of the Month for September on Thursday.

In his first three games with the Dolphins after years with the Chargers and time-sharing last season with Pittsburgh and Kansas City, Ingram has come up with big play after big play to help Miami start 3-0 this season.

Ingram is the only NFL player to record a sack and score a defensive touchdown so far this season. He returned a fumble for 2 yards in the Week 1 win over New England.

In three games, Ingram had seven tackles (six solo), two sacks, one pass defended, two quarterback hits, three tackles for loss, one forced fumble and two fumble recoveries. He’s also the only NFL player to have multiple sacks and multiple fumble recoveries so far this season.

In the 21-19 Week 3 win over Buffalo, he helped clinch the win by tackling wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie inbounds, after first putting pressure on quarterback Josh Allen, letting time expire before the Bills had a chance to try to settle. for a winning field goal.

“You can’t say anything bad about Melvin Ingram to me,” teammate Christian Wilkins said after the game. “After seeing what he did in the last play, he has the ultimate respect. An 11-year-old pro beating a rusher, missing a sack, then making a play 10, 15, 20 yards down the field, c It’s just a dawg mentality. It’s leadership. It’s the will. It’s the will.”

Scroll to continue

————————————————– ————————-


————————————————– ————————-


Ingram being honored marks the second straight time the Dolphins have the AFC Defensive Player of the Month, as Jerome Baker was the final recipient of the 2021 season.

The last time the Dolphins had back-to-back recipients of the AFC Defensive Player of the Month was in 2002 when Jason Taylor won it for October and November.

The Dolphins’ last AFC Special Teams Player of the Month was Jason Sanders when he also won back-to-back awards in October and November 2020.

The last time a Dolphins player was named AFC Offensive Player of the Month was in 1993, when quarterback Scott Mitchell was recognized for his play in October 1993 after replacing injured starter Dan Marina.

Tua Tagovailoa certainly would have had a legitimate case to win the award this month, but the AFC Offensive Player of the Month was Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

LIV Golf is approaching a deal to buy time on Fox Sports to broadcast its tournaments


LIV Golf is set to strike a deal to buy airtime for its tournaments on US cable TV, multiple sources have said. golf week. The potential deal – which is still being finalized – is with Fox Sports 1.

While media companies typically pay sports leagues hefty rights fees to air their products, the deal would not see LIV receive payment, a source familiar with the talks said. Instead, LIV – which is controversially funded by the Saudi regime’s Public Investment Fund – would buy time on the cable channel to broadcast its events, a move that will be widely interpreted as a failure to generate commercial interest. serious about what she offers.

Just two weeks ago, LIV CEO Greg Norman said he was getting a lot of interest from media companies wanting to broadcast LIV tournaments.

“We talk to four different networks and live conversations where offers are put on the table,” he told ESPN. “They can see what we deliver.”

A well-placed industry executive says LIV tried to approach several broadcasters, including NBC, CBS, Disney, Apple and Amazon, and that Fox Sports only got involved at the request of chairman Lachlan Murdoch. executive and CEO of Fox Corp. Last month, Sports Business Journal reported that Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner called broadcasters trying to drum up interest in a LIV TV package. In 2021, Kushner’s private equity firm, Affinity Partners, secured $2 billion in funding from the Saudi Public Investment Fund.

“There were people at Fox who wanted nothing to do with this,” the source said. “They were forced to do it.”

LIV requested a rights fee for the second year of any deal and a guaranteed time slot on network television, but both proposals were rejected by Fox, according to a source familiar with the details of the conversations. Fox is believed to have offered to reevaluate the network’s placement at a later date. LIV will also be responsible for producing its tournament broadcasts and selling commercial sponsorships during its timeslots, both of which would typically fall to a broadcast partner.

“Any advertiser who touches this will be lambasted,” said a longtime sports TV executive. “It’s a weak product but it’s a contaminated product on top of that.”

LIV has been widely criticized as a sport-washing effort by the Saudi regime to distract from its poor human rights record. A LIV tournament held this summer at Trump Bedminster in New Jersey has sparked protests from families of 9/11 victims, who point to Saudi involvement in the terror attacks.

Sources say the LIV-Fox deal is nearing completion but has yet to be officially signed, and it remains unclear whether it will take effect in 2023 or earlier. LIV has three remaining events scheduled in 2022. All will be played next month, in Bangkok, Thailand; Jeddah. Saudi Arabia; and at the Trump Doral in Miami.

The story originally appeared on GolfWeek

Miami Dolphins Week 4 Opponents Preview: Cincinnati Bengals

Your AFC-leading Miami Dolphins (3-0) travel to Cincinnati, Ohio to take on defending AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals (1-2).

The Dolphins’ first primetime matchup of the season comes in the form of a Thursday Night Football matchup against Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals at Paycor Stadium. The Bengals finally got rid of the monkey, earning their first win of the season against the New York Jets on Sunday. The Dolphins are coming off a thrilling win over the Buffalo Bills, taking sole possession of the AFC East’s No. 1 spot. How Do Dolphins and Bengals Compete?

Bengals and Joe Burrow finally get into a ‘well-settled’ game against the Jets

Call it a Super Bowl hangover, but the Bengals didn’t look good in the first two weeks of the season. Their typically electric offense led by young phenom Joe Burrow who took the league by storm last season looked in bad mood to start the year as Cincinnati started a surprising 0-2. After a sloppy first week overtime loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, where Burrow threw four interceptions and Evan McPherson had his game-winning shot field goal blocked, the Bengals then fell flat against the Dallas Cowboys without Day Prescott during the second week. In the first two games of the season, Cincinnati scored a meager 18.5 points per game.

In week three, the league fortunately threw a softball to the Bengals in the form of the New York Jets. Joe Burrow threw for three touchdowns as the Bengals won a convincing 27-12 at MetLife Stadium, looking like themselves in the process. Joe Burrow looked sharp, throwing for 375 yards and the Cincinnati defense did its job of keeping the Jets out of the end zone for the duration of the contest. A cupcake opponent like the Jets was probably just what the Bengals needed as they geared up for Thursday night against the undefeated Dolphins.

Don’t get me wrong – the Bengals are still very good

Let’s ignore the 1-2 record for a minute and focus on the Bengals’ numbers this season. According ESPN, Joe Burrow has thrown for 812 yards and 6 touchdowns in three games this season, good for 10th in the league. Keep in mind that Burrow hasn’t been at his best and is still display the top 10 numbers. Jamarr Chase, Burrow’s favorite target, has already racked up 212 yards — including 102 yards after the catch. If Burrow can start connecting with Chase, Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd like he did last year, watch out.

Cincinnati’s defensive unit allows just 310 yards per game, is good for 8th in the league, and has allowed just 18 points per game for three weeks. The Bengals’ defense is still playing as well as it did a year ago; they just don’t generate the turnover we are used to. It’s still the same defense that eliminated Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship less than a year ago, keeping the star-studded offense to 24 points and eliminating Mahomes twice. The talent is still there – they just didn’t execute. This defensive unit needs to find its bearings from last year, but the Dolphins hope to keep them on their heels.

The bottom line

The Dolphins are off to a euphoric 3-0 start to the season, still leading a huge win over the Bills. While the Dolphins won’t have home field advantage and a 100+ degree heat index on their side Thursday night, they’re looking to continue their scorching start to the season after a short week. You could argue the Bengals need the win more as they are tied for third in the AFC North. Cincinnati has looked shaky at times and there’s been a bit to worry about, but it’s only been three weeks and they shouldn’t even come close to the panic button yet.

No team faces a must win game, but whoever wins the competition will make a strong statement on national television. The Bengals could tie their record and show the country they still shouldn’t be taken lightly by putting the first spot on the Dolphins’ record. The Dolphins look to stay perfect and declare to the world that they are the team to beat in the AFC and close a clear first quarter of their season.

Who makes his statement on Thursday evening? Find out at 8:15 a.m. ET Thursday night as the Dolphins make their Amazon Prime debut in Cincinnati. The Bengals open as 3.5-point home favorites.

NamedSport energy bars and hydration tablets: tasty and refreshing fuel for the bike and off


Ensuring your body is fueled and hydrated is one of the most important aspects of cycling training and racing. If you don’t get enough in your body, your ride can quickly go south. No one knows that more than the pros. When it comes to meeting fuel needs for training and racing, the great cycling teams mean business. Named Sport is one of the top choices for pros to hydrate and refuel on or off the bike.

If you’re unfamiliar with Named (pronounced nah-med because it’s an acronym for Natural Medicine), endurance athletes in Europe are all too familiar with the Italian company’s products. You may have noticed some of the giant “bottles” on the side of the Tour de France route. Indeed, NamedSport is an official sponsor of the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia, as well as races like Milano-Sanremo and Strade Bianche. It is also the sponsor of several WorldTour teams.

The company was established in 2014 when founder Andrea Rosso formed a partnership with one of Italy’s leading natural medicine companies, Named SPA. The company quickly became a major player in the sports nutrition market, especially among elite cyclists.

Hydra Zero Isotonic Tablets

If you’re looking for a quick way to hydrate after a tough run, Isotonic Hydra Zero tablets fit the bill. Each bottle contains twenty tablets. To use the product, all you have to do is drop one into a glass and fill it with water. It’s basically like old alka-seltzer tablets – they fizz and dissolve in your drink and you’re good to go. The refreshing drink comes in orange or lemon-lime and goes down easily. Most importantly, the drink contains a blend of vitamins and electrolytes that gives you a quick and tasty hydration fix. The good part too is that the mixture does not contain any sugar.

$9.00 at unoimports.com.

energy bar

A delicious snack different from some other brands, the energy bar is puffed rice with fruit juice and fruit puree. The crispy texture of rice makes it a tasty and easy way to get carbs into your body on the bike. It is light and easy to digest.

$29.88 for a box of 12 at unoimports.com.

The energy bar is lactose-free, suitable for vegetarians and available in five flavours: apricot, banana, wild berry, peach and strawberry.

To check out their products, go to NamedSport.com, to get these products and other Named Sport lines of performance nutrition in Canada, visit www.unoimports.com.

This story is brought to you by NamedSport

Why Patagonia’s goal-driven business model is unlikely to catch on


(The Conversation is an independent, nonprofit source of news, analysis, and commentary from academic experts.)

(THE CONVERSATION) Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, his wife, Malinda, and their two adult children no longer own the outdoor gear and apparel company. But based on my experience as a former executive who is now an advisor and speaker focused on sustainability, I don’t expect many other US-based companies to follow their lead.

Going forward, all of Patagonia’s profits, or some $100 million a year, will fund efforts to combat climate change and advance wilderness preservation, the company announced on September 14, 2022.

In a letter posted on the company’s website, Yvon Chouinard noted that “instead of going public” by selling Patagonia stock to investors, “you could say we’re ‘goin’.” The family has permanently transferred its ownership to a non-profit trust and association.

By “raison d’être”, Chouinard means that the profits of the company will be used to protect the planet, rather than to enrich the shareholders. I see this choice as a valiant extension of Patagonia’s years of struggle to make capitalism more compatible with planetary sustainability. He also acknowledges the difficulty of trying to balance the interests of employees, customers and shareholders with the precarious state of the planet.

Encourage customers to buy less

Chouinard stumbled into entrepreneurship as a “dirty” mountaineer. Dissatisfied with the damage done to mountains by climbing equipment, he began to forge his own equipment, first doing all the work himself, then employing others. He remained a reluctant capitalist even when he founded Patagonia in 1973.

An example of this reluctance was a famous full-page ad his company ran in The New York Times on Black Friday in November 2011. Rather than luring shoppers with door-to-door sales and hours of opening early, Patagonia implored its customers not to buy the company’s signature synthetic. fleece jacket and “buy less” of everything.

The ad lamented “the culture of consumerism… [that] puts the economy of the natural systems that support all life firmly in the red.

Although Patagonia’s announcement caused quite a stir, I didn’t find it surprising. Several years earlier, I had visited Chouinard at Patagonia’s headquarters in Ventura, California.

At the time, I remember being enamored with the on-site daycare, the company’s commitment to donate 1% of its turnover to “the preservation and restoration of the natural environment ” and the employees I saw leaving surfing in the middle of the day. In person, Chouinard struck me as even more strident and less commercial than I had imagined.

Perhaps ironically, given Patagonia’s seemingly anti-commercial stance, the company’s sales have continued to grow, reaching over $1 billion a year.

Seeing his name appear in Forbes’ exclusive list of the richest people made Chouinard recoil, saying “it really pissed me off.”

Timberland’s approach

At the time of this visit to California, I was COO of Timberland, an outdoor footwear, apparel and accessories company. Like Patagonia, it was privately owned at the time – it has since become part of VF Corporation, a publicly traded, outward-focused conglomerate.

Timberland’s model blended “trade and justice” by combining the pursuit of profit with respect for human rights around the world, support for community service and a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Timberland was one of the first companies in the world to release a corporate social responsibility report, paid for all employees to complete 40 hours of community service, and was one of the last companies to continue making millions shoes and boots in its own factories.

Both Patagonia and Timberland have won acclaim and awards for their creative attempts to demonstrate that companies can serve not only shareholders but also employees, local communities and other stakeholders.

Business Roundtable

Chouinard’s choice to “move forward” appears to be a more dramatic version of a historic statement issued by the Business Roundtable in August 2019.

The group represents nearly 200 CEOs, including the heads of JPMorgan Chase, Apple, BlackRock and Walmart. Seeming to abandon his longstanding commitment to shareholder primacy, he recast the purpose of a corporation.

“We share a fundamental commitment to all of our stakeholders, including suppliers, employees, communities and the environment,” the group said in what many observers saw as a shift to a more form of capitalism. balanced and responsible.

In my opinion, however, the current systems, structures and incentives ensure that revenue and profit growth remain sacrosanct for businesses. As a result, calls from well-meaning advocates for more attention to social or environmental issues do not fit a pattern driven by pressure to deliver short-term results.

So far, the status quo remains the norm.

Unlike Chouinard’s decision to allocate 100% of Patagonia’s profits to environmental causes, the 2019 Business Roundtable statement is non-binding and does not require companies to do anything differently.

Research published in 2020 appears to confirm that the roundtable’s new statement of intent was primarily performative. Since its publication, nearly 100 of the group’s companies have updated their rules of governance, but very few have “modified their declaration of corporate purpose”.

In addition, the researchers reviewed 26 proposals that shareholders had submitted in an attempt to implement the Roundtable Declaration. “Each company consistently opposed these proposals,” the study observes.

Rational frameworks

Chouinard’s overhaul of Patagonia’s governance recognizes an important reality.

When faced with a situation in which social welfare and private profits align, companies will act sustainably. However, when circumstances pit public welfare against a company’s bottom line, managers typically side with their shareholders.

That doesn’t make most frames mean; it makes them rational. They react to the rules and incentives of the current system of capitalism.

That is why I find Chouinard’s imaginative act of moral courage uplifting.

At the same time, I believe it would be naïve and even harmful to expect many others to follow his example by voluntarily choosing a goal other than the pursuit of profit.

To expect companies to do so would absolve the government of its responsibility to set different rules to protect the environment and fight climate change. I also agree with David Gelles, the New York Times reporter who published the story of Patagonia’s new governance structure. As Gelles noted in an interview with Vox, Chouinard’s family is “one of one.”

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article here: https://theconversation.com/why-patagonias-purpose-driven-business-model-is-unlikely-to-spread-190889.

Tua Tagovailoa absent but will he return for the Miami Dolphins?


The Miami Dolphins are tied at halftime with the Buffalo Bills, but the subject of the game will be Tua Tagovailoa who left for the locker room with a head injury.

Tua was pushed by Matt Milano and hit his head on the grass. Milano was flagged for the hit, but Tua was seen staggering when he got up and after regaining his balance he left for the locker room where he will no doubt be assessed for a concussion.

If Tua can’t come back, it will be to Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater couldn’t complete a pass with two minutes left in the half with excellent field position. It would have been an amazing turn if the Dolphins could hit it as they get the ball back in the 2nd half.

So far, there is no word on Tua’s current situation.

Miami’s offense has been very good despite Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle not playing a role similar to what they did last week. Of course, it was mostly in the 2nd half, so we could see a big third and fourth quarter.

Bridgewater has a big arm but needs to get the ball out quicker. He picked up an unnecessary sack and didn’t look good on his one streak. To be fair, he came off the bench cold without much of a warm-up.

Defensively, the Dolphins are giving up big plays in their blitz and Josh Allen’s two touchdown passes were for open receivers without a white jersey nearby. Miami did a great job of putting the pressure on Allen without the blitz.

The halftime adjustments will be interesting but the Dolphins have put themselves in position to keep this game close and with the ball first in the second half they have a shot to take the lead.

Things are going well for the Dolphins so far and the heat is going to take its toll on the Bills, but the bigger question is will Tua Tagovailoa return?

UPDATE: Tua ran out of the tunnel pumping his fists and the crowd went crazy according to those watching the game.

Tua Tagovailoa set for encore performance as Miami Dolphins seek redemption against Josh Allen and Buffalo Bills


Since being drafted fifth overall by the Miami Dolphins in the 2020 NFL Draft, starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is *0-3 against the Buffalo Bills.

And yes I have an asterisk because Jesse Davis is responsible for the QB1 who took a vicious hit early last season which knocked him out. Blaming Tua for that loss when he has played two sets is not fair. But that doesn’t matter; he hasn’t beaten the Bills since arriving in Miami.

Worse still, the Dolphins have beaten Josh Allen only once since his AFC East reign began in 2018. Allen is 7-1 against Miami – that win came on Dec. 2, 2018, when Josh Allen nearly completed a one-minute final pass that fell just short of tight end Charles Clay in the end zone.

It’s been terrible for the Dolphins against the Bills for the last five or six seasons.

But the tables are starting to turn under the new regime in Miami. (IMO)

Last week, Tua Tagovailoa set the world on fire, throwing for 469 yards and six touchdowns. We only dreamed it would happen under head coach Brian Flores and his three-headed monster of an offensive coaching staff. Heck, I still remember Godsey’s face when Tagovailoa connected on a deep ball in last season’s only game. It’s becoming the new normal in Miami under offensive mastermind Mike McDaniel.

Tua looked impressive after two weeks, leading the league in passing yards and touchdowns. In year three, Tagovailoa appears to be taking the next step, similar to what Josh Allen did in his third year after the team traded for Stefon Diggs. Of course, Allen is an elite quarterback, so please don’t act like I’m comparing the two. Not yet anyway. But it’s crazy what a player can do when he doesn’t have a head coach who looks down on him or talented players who might have been better suited for the XFL.

But unfortunately, none of that matters.

Because if the Dolphins want to compete in the AFC, they have to start competing against the Buffalo Bills for AFC East supremacy. Buffalo is the early favorite to win the Super Bowl. The consensus pick to win the conference, but what if they’re not even the best team in the AFC East?

Today, Tagovailoa has the chance to rewrite history.

To put that season-ending loss from 2020 when he threw three interceptions behind him.

Or even last year when he went 21/39 for 205 yards and a pick. Tagovailoa knows he can play better. He showed us last week that he could play much better than even some of his most beloved fans ever imagined.

Now today, against a battered Buffalo Bills defense, he’s showing everyone who he is. really is.

A franchise quarterback who can take on the best of them.

First, it was New England Patriots QB Mac Jones. Then the super-talented Lamar Jackson. And now Chris Collinsworth’s favorite player and one of the top 3 quarterbacks in all of football, Josh Allen.

It’s time for Tua Tagovailoa to do what we all knew he could do. #LetTuaCook

(PS We also really need the defense to step up, but this article was about Tua.)

What do you think of today’s game against the Buffalo Bills? Do you think Tua will have an encore performance? What is your prediction for today’s game? Let us know in the comments section below!

Wing foiling: a new wind sport is blowing across Truckee

Ruben Sanchez demonstrating the foiled wing gybe.
Supplied/Tina Smith

What are they doing out there “surfing” over flat water with that shiny sail?

If you visited Donner Lake this summer, you may have seen ‘foilers’ going back and forth on the water, most often starting and ending at the sailboat launch on the north shore. .

A new community of wind enthusiasts from a variety of water sports backgrounds – windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing – has embraced this new sport called “wing foiling” and it is moving towards Tahoe like a western weather storm.

“The rush is incredible! Wind, water, speeds…” said Ruben Sanchez, a local electrician and foiler from Donner Lake. “A windy day foiling can be just as exhilarating as a powder day in the backcountry.”

Sanchez is one of a growing group of North Tahoe residents who are passionate about this new sport.

The wing, or portable inflatable sail, is used to harness wind power which in turn powers the foiler wing’s travel, seemingly like magic, a foot or two above the water while still standing on a board. This magic is driven by the inverted T-shaped “foil” (hydrofoil), which is located under the board and gives the board lift much like an airplane wing by turning the water flow down and by creating higher average velocities on its upper surface due to Bernoulli’s Principle. With enough speed, the rider gets “on the foil” and runs in a crosswind path above the surface of the lake.

Dirk Warner and Pablo Bori play with friends on Lake Tahoe.
Supplied/Ruben Sanchez

Unlike kitesurfing and windsurfing where the pilot is attached by a harness, the kite is hand-held and extremely fluid. If the wind gets too strong, which is common, especially in the High Sierra, the foiler simply lets go of the portable inflatable sail to reduce power and minimize the risk of falling.

Beginner boards are big and bulky, so standing on the board is a lot like standing on a stable, floating paddle board. More advanced boards are smaller and partially sink allowing for improved performance including more technical tricks, higher speeds and even jumps.

The sport offers other benefits for Tahoe’s adrenaline junkies who love the water. Most find it surprisingly easy to learn and safer than its sister sport, kitesurfing, because the power of a kite is far from the power generated by a high-flying kite.

A wing foiler simply walks to the edge of the water and takes off without needing to clear an area of ​​people and other hazards before attempting to launch a large powerful kite. There is also no risk of tangling hundred foot kite lines in the many pines as one kite has no ropes and can be easily released and relaunched. Wing foiling equipment is simpler (wing, foil, board) and gives the wing foiler easy access to high speed travel over water in lower wind conditions than most wing foilers have. kitesurfers.

Dirk Warner at Sherman Island.
Supplied/Ruben Sanchez

Currently, there are very few resources for the sport available locally, and there is nowhere to buy equipment or take lessons in our area.

Because of this, Truckee wing foilers like Sanchez have found themselves traveling to places where the sport has a wider audience. The Columbia River Gorge (Hood River, Oregon) and Maui’s KiteBeach as well as places a few hours drive from Truckee such as Sherman Island near Sacramento (“The Delta”) and Crissy Field near the Golden Gate Bridge are places for sports popular wind turbines where the wing the foil has already taken off.

These places are known for constant strong winds and equally strong communities of people who love sports. However, increasingly, as wing foiling continues to grow in popularity in Truckee-Tahoe, more and more enthusiasts come together, often in Donner Lake, to share stories, help each other develop their skills or just hang out.

“I love the positivity of wind sports, the more the merrier,” says Dirk Warner, a Lake Tahoe water sports veteran. “The kite finally brought many newcomers to the windy beaches with great enthusiasm. Old people cruise and young children grow up.

“Hydrofoil gear has come of age, and on a good day on Tahoe, my kite takes me upwind to countless waves just waiting to be ridden downwind,” he said. added. “It’s so much fun.”

Dirk Warner “plays” on Lake Tahoe.
Supplied/Ruben Sanchez

If you want to learn more about wing foiling, feel free to stop by the sailboat ramp on the east side of Donner Lake where you will find the local foilers to be a friendly and welcoming group.

There are also several helpful websites and apps with instructional videos. Here are some reliable resources if you want to learn more about wing foiling:

— Duotone Wing Academy – app available on the Apple App Store

— Complete Wing Foil Beginner Guide by Damien LeRoy – available on YouTube


The foil and the wing can be done separately to start.

The two most common ways to start foiling are to be pulled behind a slow speed motorboat and to rent an e-foil. For both activities, choose a calm day with flat water to increase your chances of success. By eliminating the wing first, it is easier to become familiar with the dynamic movements of the foil.

The wing can be learned separately starting with lessons ashore.


In addition to a wing and a board with a foil, the beginner wing foiler will want to have safety equipment.

The following should be considered:

– helmet

– combination

— impact vest

— face and eye protection

— knee and/or shin guards


New foiling equipment costs between $3,000 and $6,000. Second-hand equipment is readily available, especially in places with a high density of foilers, as different equipment is used at different levels of ability, and people upgrade their equipment as they become more proficient in the sport.


Donner Lake

Boca and Stampede Reservoirs

Kings Beach

Lake Forest in Tahoe City

Kyle Railton at Sherman Island.
Supplied/Ruben Sanchez

Joshua Kreiss, MD, M.Phil., is a neurologist at Tahoe Forest Hospital and an Oxford-trained anthropologist. He is interested in the intersection between the human brain and culture and the ways in which we learn about ourselves as individuals and as a society.

Interested in mountain bike racing? Youth team reunion set for October 5 – Salisbury Post


Interested in mountain bike racing? Youth team meeting set for October 5

Posted at 12:02 a.m. on Saturday, September 24, 2022

SALISBURY — In early 2023, the Rowan Rockhounds will begin a new season of youth mountain bike racing in the North Carolina Interscholastic Cycling League (NCICL).

The Rockhounds will host a meeting for all potential team members on Oct. 5 at 6:15 p.m. at The Pedal Factory, 311 East Council St. The meeting is open to anyone interested in learning more about the team, the NCICL and National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). He will focus on sharing information about the upcoming season and how to sign up for the team. Trials are not necessary; any student in grades 6 through 12 in Rowan County is welcome to join the Rockhounds. Team training will begin in December and registration will begin in mid-October. Ability to ride a bike is required, but trail experience is not a prerequisite. Strengthening individual skills is the main focus of the season, rather than competition.

Launched in 2019 by Skinny Wheels Bike Shop owner Eric Phillips, the Rowan Rockhounds returned to riding and racing in 2022 after two seasons canceled due to COVID. The Rockhounds are part of NICA, a national organization dedicated to providing youth mountain biking opportunities, which has grown to include leagues in nearly every state.

All students in grades 6 through 12 attending Rowan County schools are eligible to join the Rockhounds. Team Rowan is a composite team, which means students attend various schools across the county. Last season, the team had about 10 athletes who trained and raced regularly. Several students were completely new to mountain biking. The league encourages new runners and focuses on building confidence, developing skills, and the values ​​of fairness and inclusion.

Mary Rosser, executive director of The Pedal Factory, will take over Phillips’ role as head coach of the Rockhounds this year. She has worked to fund the team through grants and scholarships to make it accessible to all students who want to join.

“I see tremendous value in getting students to be active and get out into nature,” Rosser said. “We have a tremendous asset here in our hometown with the Salisbury Community Park (SCP) trails, where the Rockhounds train and the NCICL hosts a race weekend.”

In April 2022, hundreds of families came to Salisbury to take advantage of mountain biking opportunities during the NICA race. “It really put our park on people’s radars as a destination to ride,” Rosser said of the race.

The team has a secondary goal of helping to maintain and preserve trails for all and has participated in several trail work days. Salisbury’s mountain bike trails offer tremendous opportunities for our youngsters, Rosser believes. “As a lifelong recreational activity, mountain biking really helps young people grow into healthy, confident adults who care about protecting our natural spaces,” she added. Beyond their time hiking the trails, Rockhounds members helped set up SCP’s newest trail, the Green Briar Beginner’s Loop. Rockhound Josh Douthit also built a bridge connecting two park trails as part of an Eagle Scout project.

Mountain biking is an expensive sport due to the cost of specialized bikes, safety equipment and maintenance. To help cover costs, the Rockhounds received a $5,000 matching grant from the Outride Fund, which enables communities to start youth cycling initiatives. Currently, just over half of the target has been raised. Sponsors in attendance include Skinny Wheels Bike Shop and Consolidated Truck Parts. Major sponsors include AudraMatic Cleaning and Bebe’s Tire Service. When the $5,000 goal has been reached, the Outride Fund will match the goal, providing $10,000 in total funds to the team for the season.

“The funds will cover league fees, team uniforms and equipment,” Rosser said. “As many of the team members need this help to participate, it is crucial that we reach the target this year.” Sponsors will be prominently displayed on team apparel and will receive advertising exposure at events. Donations are tax deductible and go directly to support team needs.

According to Rockhounds team member Sergio Bamaca-Diaz, the benefits are worth the investment.

Bamaca-Diaz joined the Rowan Rockhounds as a rookie in 2021. His experience was limited to basic cycling between school and home every day.

However, as someone who struggled to fit into sports in high school, he was drawn to the team after hearing about it from Aleiah Martin, a former Rockhound.

He saved his money to buy a used GT mountain bike that was more trail-worthy than his commuter. He found that hiking the trails helped him get out of a lingering depression and boosted his self-confidence. Bamaca-Diaz, along with three other riders, is under consideration for a Trek NICA Pathfinders scholarship this season, which would provide him with a new bike, gear and league fees.

The Trek NICA Pathfinders Scholarship brings greater diversity, equity, and inclusion to youth mountain biking by providing people of color with the bikes, gear, and resources they need to overcome historic barriers to the sport.

Since 2021, they have received over 500 individual applications from student athletes representing 97 teams from over 26 states, and after an intense review process, we have awarded 250 of these applicants Pathfinder Scholarships. Athletes of color and Hispanic populations are vastly underrepresented in sports like mountain biking, and the Trek scholarship helps break down barriers to entry.

“We invite anyone interested in mountain biking to meet us at 6:15 p.m. on October 5 at The Pedal Factory,” Rosser noted. “You could open the door to a healthier life with new friends!”

To learn more, contact Mary Rosser by email at [email protected] or by calling 704-870-7145.

Sports and Entertainment Spotlight: Cashback Company Ibotta Renews Jersey Sponsorship Agreement with New Orleans Pelicans | Foster Garvey PC


Welcome back to the “Spotlight” and to the best season, fall (nine out of 10 dentists agree). The Sun is setting earlier and the mercury in our thermometers is dropping. Ironically, majority owner of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns and WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury franchises, Robert Sarver appears to be in the midst of a sunset and his own downfall. Indeed, a week after he was slapped with a $10 million fine and a one-year ban from NBA and WNBA activities after an independent investigation uncovered a systemic pattern of sexual harassment and of racist language in the front office of the Suns and Mercury, Sarver appears to succumb to public pressure to do what many believe NBA commissioner Adam Silver should have told him: sell the franchises. Whether the impetus for this action was some kind of intervention by co-owners, whether Sarver became aware of his conscience, or perhaps even the realization that sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace are not good for business, the decision to sell the teams is shocking, but not surprising. Most puzzling, however, is how and why this story – which is not unique to the sports world – keeps repeating itself. As they say, pride comes before the fall, just as pun comes before (and during) the “Spotlight:”

  • Cashback company Ibotta is renewing its jersey sponsorship deal with the New Orleans Pelicans. Too bad Abbott and Costello aren’t here to do an “Ibotta jersey” routine.
  • Kanye “Ye” West is ending his YEEZY Gap partnership deal with Gap, Inc. which was supposed to have been a successful long-term partnership for the pair. Sounds like the perfect opening for a Gap x Pete Davidson deal.
  • Originally a star of the 2000s, Christina Aguilera is keeping up with the times by registering NFT and metaverse-oriented brands. The apps are likely to withstand the scrutiny of the US Patent and Trademark Office because they are beautiful in every way and words can’t bring them down.

Endorsement offers, sponsorships and investments

Complete SET agency offers zero representation of NCAA student-athletes
September 20, 2022 via Yahoo Finance
Complete SET is pleased to announce its latest initiative: Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) representation of NCAA student-athletes.

Pelicans and Ibotta renew sponsorship deal
September 16, 2022 via Sport Business
The National Basketball Association’s New Orleans Pelicans and mobile rewards platform Ibotta have renewed their jersey sponsorship deal for three additional seasons.

Kanye West’s Yeezy Ends Deal With Gap: ‘A King Can’t Live In Someone Else’s Castle’
September 15, 2022
Kanye West, who goes by the name Ye, said on Thursday he had terminated the contract between his company Yeezy and Gap Inc.

The bar stool joins the NIL market race with a massive network of athletes
September 14, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
Barstool Sports is launching an endorsement bid marketplace, called TwoYay, for college athletes.

NBA superstar Stephen Curry is reportedly set to sign a billion-dollar lifetime deal with Baltimore-based Under Armor
September 14, 2022 via Mercury News
Under Armor athlete and NBA superstar Stephen Curry is reportedly set to reach a potential billion-dollar life extension of his contract with the Baltimore-based sportswear brand.


Sarver announces intention to sell Suns, Mercury
September 21, 2022 via ESPN
Owner Robert Sarver, citing a “ruthless climate” following his suspension and a fine for racist and misogynistic remarks, announced his intention to sell the Suns from the NBA and the Mercury from the WNBA.

Motorola adds the Chicago Bulls to its NBA jersey patch portfolio
September 20, 2022 via Sport Business
The Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association have named Illinois-based consumer electronics and telecommunications company Motorola as the crest sponsor of the team’s new jersey under a multi-year deal beginning in the 2022-23 season.

New Jersey NFL Players Stock Market launched
September 19, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
Blending sports betting, fantasy competitions and stock market mechanics, Mojo launches in New Jersey on Monday with $100 million raised to date.

MLB has granted teams international marketing rights, similar to the NFL
September 16, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
Major League Baseball is dividing international markets among its franchises, giving teams new commercial rights in specific areas of the world, according to several people familiar with the plan.

Nike’s new World Cup jerseys don’t leave fans impressed
September 16, 2022 via Guardian Liberty Voice
Some USMNT players got a preview and even got to model the clothes they’ll be wearing in November before Nike released the 2022 World Cup kits on Thursday, even before the shirts leaked last month.

music industry

Kanye West Insists His Music Is Sold Without His Knowledge: I’m ‘Like Taylor Swift’
September 21, 2022 via News Break
Kanye West, 45, alleged his music catalog, worth an estimated $13.25 million in annual publishing royalties, was being sold without his permission.

Future Sells Song Publishing Catalog to Influence Media Partners: “An Artist of the Ages”
September 20, 2022 via Billboard
The catalog includes titles such as Future’s Hot 100 Top 10 hit “Mask Off” and his collaborations with Drake on songs like “Jumpman” and “Life Is Good”, the latter peaking at number two on the Hot 100 chart for January 25, 2020 .

Bang Drink Maker Sanctioned in IP Lawsuit Over Deleted Videos
September 14, 2022 via Law360 (subscription may be required)
A Miami federal justice of the peace has fined Bang Energy Drink maker Vital Pharmaceuticals for failing to preserve Internet videos that Sony Music Entertainment claims contain his songs, awarding him attorney fees yet to be determined in the part of a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

Cinema and television

Greg Norman says LIV Golf is getting ‘huge’ interest in media rights deal
September 16, 2022 via Laundress Report
LIV Golf is only available to watch via YouTube streaming, but that could change as the organization negotiates TV rights for future events.

Genius Sports signs broadcast deal with Amazon Football
September 16, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
Genius Sports’ Second Spectrum has signed an agreement with Amazon to provide augmented video technology and data services in connection with an alternate stream of Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football NFL broadcast in the United States.

Report: Apple and Amazon have both signed a deal for the media rights to LIV Golf
September 15, 2022 via Laundress Report
Two major streaming platforms have reportedly turned down the chance to acquire the media rights to LIV Golf.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT)

Golden State Warriors co-owner launches NFT-powered sports prediction game
September 21, 2022 via Yahoo Finance
Hellebore Founder and CEO Nick Swinmurn introduces his NFT Play Hellebore game, a fantasy sports-style platform that allows users to predict the outcome of professional sports games for blockchain-based prizes. Also, how to make the game more accessible for users who are not so familiar with NFTs.

Christina Aguilera applies for NFT and Metaverse trademarks
September 21, 2022 via Crypto News Australia
Pop singer Christina Aguilera has filed trademarks related to NFTs and the Metaverse with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

PGA Tour announces NFT partnership, with revenue going to players
September 19, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
The PGA Tour officially announced a partnership with NFT Autograph on Monday, with plans to launch a digital collecting platform early next year and distribute all of its revenue from the program directly to its player members.

HOLD – Brady-Rodgers and Dolphins-Bills top weekend sports schedule



License picture” alt=”Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) drives past Baltimore Ravens cornerback Jalyn Armour-Davis during a 48-yard reception for a touchdown Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. Photo by David Tulis/UPI | License picture“/>

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) drives past Baltimore Ravens cornerback Jalyn Armour-Davis during a 48-yard reception for a touchdown Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. Photo by David Tulis/UPI | License picture

MIAMI, Sept. 23 (UPI) — High-octane NFL games top the weekend sports schedule, after dozens of college football battles. A Buffalo Bills-Miami Dolphins split test and an Aaron Rodgers-Tom Brady duel are the most anticipated matchups.

The President’s Cup golf tournament, dozens of MLB and soccer games from around the world, the NASCAR playoffs and boxing title fights are also expected to entertain sports fans Friday through Sunday.

But the Week 3 NFL slate will get the most attention on TV, phone and tablet screens as all 32 teams take to the field. The Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers started the schedule with an AFC North Thursday night football match.

Sunday’s schedule features nine games with kickoffs at 1 p.m. EDT. Four more games will be broadcast as part of the second wave of Sunday afternoon games. The Denver Broncos will next host the San Francisco 49ers on NBC Sunday night football.

The Dolphins and Bills will face off in an AFC East Division game, highlighting the 1 p.m. Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is coming off a career-best performance with six touchdowns and 469 yards. Allen’s Bills boast the most scoring offense in the NFL.

“We understand that they are a very good team,” Tagovailoa told reporters on Wednesday. “It’s no secret. Everyone knows they’re a very good team. They’re tough defensively, they’re explosive offensively.

“For us, we’re just looking to play the way we play and play the way we’ve been playing for the last two weeks and we’ll go there, they’ll do our best and we’ll get theirs.”

The Dolphins and Bills game will air on CBS.

Allen, the NFL MVP favorite, and the Bills beat the Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans 72-17 in their first two games. The Dolphins beat the New England Patriots 20-7 in Week 1 and eluded the Baltimore Ravens 42-38 in a Week 2 thriller.

The Bills have won their last seven games against the Dolphins. The Dolphins’ last win over the Bills was on Dec. 2, 2018. The Bills beat the Dolphins 35-0 last year in Miami Gardens, Florida. They also recorded a 26-11 home win over the Dolphins. The Bills averaged 36.8 points per game during their seven-game winning streak against the Dolphins.

“They’ve put up a lot of points,” Bills coach Sean McDermott told reporters Thursday. “They’re doing a great job offensively. Dolphins Coach [Mike McDaniel] does a great job of putting them in a position to succeed. It will be a big challenge for us.”

The Bills are favored by 5.5 points.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Bills as the only 2-0 teams with games scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

The Chiefs will face the Indianapolis Colts at 1 p.m. on CBS. The New England Patriots will host the Ravens at the same time on Fox. The Eagles will also face the Washington Commanders at 1 p.m. on Fox.

Brady’s undefeated Buccaneers will meet Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers 1-1 at 4:25 p.m. Sunday on Fox. Teams led by Brady are 3-2 in head-to-head matchups against teams led by Rodgers. The Brady Buccaneers have beaten the Rodgers Packers twice in 2020-21, including in the NFC Championship Game en route to a Super Bowl title.

“He’s a great competitor,” Rodgers told reporters Wednesday when asked about Brady. “I love watching him play and enjoying the years and the memories of watching. We’ve played a few times over the years. I have a lot of respect for his game and what he’s accomplished in this league.”

Brady ranks first in NFL history with 626 career touchdown passes. Rodgers ranks fifth, with 451.

The Packers lost to the Minnesota Vikings and beat the Chicago Bears to start the season. The Buccaneers beat the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys. The Buccaneers are favored by 3 points over the Packers.

The Broncos host the 49ers at 8:20 p.m. Sunday on NBC. The New York Giants will host the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night in the final game of Week 3.

Weekend schedule (every hour EDT)



International Friendly: USMNT vs Japan at 8:25 a.m. on ESPN2


Presidents Cup: Second round from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Golf Channel

college football

Virginia at Syracuse at 7 p.m. on ESPN

Nevada at Air Force at 8 p.m. on FS1

Boise State at UTEP at 9 p.m. on CBSSN


Red Sox at the Yankees at 7 p.m. on Apple TV+

Cardinals at the Dodgers at 10 p.m. on Apple TV+



Presidents Cup: third round from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. on Golf Channel; 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on NBC

college football

Kent State at Georgia at Noon on ESPN+

Maryland Michigan at noon on Fox

Clemson at Wake Forest at Noon on ABC

Central Michigan at Penn State at Noon on Big Ten Network

Baylor at Iowa State at noon on ESPN2

Rhode Island to Pittsburgh at noon on the ACC network

Missouri at Noon Auburn on ESPN

Duke in Kansas at noon on FS1

Middle Tennessee at Miami at 3:30 p.m. on the ACC Network

Texas at Texas Tech at 3:30 p.m. on ESPN

Florida at Tennessee at 3:30 p.m. on CBS

Indiana at Cincinnati at 3:30 p.m. on ESPN2

Toledo at San Diego State at 3:30 p.m. on FS1

Notre Dame of North Carolina at 3:30 p.m. on ABC

Tulsa at Ole Miss at 4 p.m. on SEC Network

Oregon at Washington State at 4 p.m. on Fox

Northern Illinois at Kentucky at 7 p.m. on ESPN2

Arkansas vs. Texas A&M at 7 p.m. on ESPN

Iowa at Rutgers at 7 p.m. on FS1

Vanderbilt at Alabama at 7:30 p.m. on SEC Network

Wisconsin at Ohio State at 7:30 p.m. on ABC

UConn at NC State at 7:30 p.m. on ESPN3

Kansas State at Oklahoma at 8 p.m. on Fox

USC at Oregon State at 9:30 p.m. on the Pac-12 Network

Wyoming at BYU at 10:15 p.m. on ESPN2

Utah at Arizona State at 10:30 p.m. on ESPN

Stanford at Washington at 10:30 p.m. on FS1


Red Sox at Yankees at 1:05 p.m. on MLB Network


MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at San Jose at 10 p.m. on ESPN+



Presidents Cup: Final round from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on NBC


Saints at Panthers at 1 p.m. on Fox

Texas at Bears at 1 p.m. on CBS

Chiefs at Colts at 1 p.m. on CBS

Bills at Dolphins at 1 p.m. on CBS

Lions at Vikings at 1 p.m. on Fox

Ravens at Patriots at 1 p.m. on Fox

Bengals at Jets at 1 p.m. on CBS

Raiders at Titans at 1 p.m. on Fox

Eagles at Commanders at 1 p.m. on Fox

Jaguars at Chargers at 4:05 p.m. on CBS

Rams at Cardinals at 4:25 p.m. on Fox

Falcons at Seahawks at 4:25 p.m. on Fox

Packers at Buccaneers at 4:25 p.m. on Fox

49ers at the Broncos at 8:20 p.m. on NBC


Cup Series Round of 12 AutoTrader EchoPark Automotive 500 at 3:30 p.m. on USA Network


Red Sox at Yankees at 7 p.m. on ESPN

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Damarion Williams deflects a touchdown pass intended for Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jaylen Waddle during the second half of an NFL game at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on September 18, 2022. Miami won 42-38 after scoring four touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Photo by David Tulis/UPI | License picture

Best Gym Gloves for Women 2022


A quality pair of gym gloves can protect your hands and help you get one more rep.

The stronger you get and the more weight you lift, the more benefits there are to having a quality pair of gym gloves to support you during your workout.

In addition to helping protect your hands from wear and tear during lifts, a good pair of workout gloves can also provide an extra degree of comfort to help you power through your toughest sets.

In this article, we are going to bring you everything you need to know about choosing a pair of gym gloves to accompany you throughout your workouts.

We’re going to bring you the main things to consider before making a purchase, and also reveal our pick of five of the best women’s gym gloves currently on the market.

Women's Gym Gloves Training

(Photo: Adobe Stock)

Gym Gloves for Women – Things to Consider

Not all gym gloves are created equal, and there are a few things to consider before making a purchase. Below, we’ve summarized the main things to consider before buying a pair of women’s sports gloves.

• Cushioning and grip – The main benefits of using gym gloves during your workout are that they can help protect your hands and also provide extra comfort to help you push harder in your workouts. It goes without saying that wearing protective gloves while working out will help protect the skin on the palms of your hands from the wear and tear associated with lifting weights and performing other exercises such as pull-ups. However, gloves can also provide extra cushioning and grip to reduce friction and allow you to push more easily during your sets. That’s why it’s important to choose a pair of gloves with good grip and cushioning.

• Size and fit – It is important to choose the right size of your gloves. Most brands offer a range of different sizes, from small to extra large. Before you buy, be sure to read the manufacturer’s size guide – which is usually available on the brand’s official website – to make sure your gloves will fit properly. Sports gloves that are too big or too small can cause problems, so it’s important to choose the right size for you.

Gymnastics gloves for women

(Photo: Adobe Stock)

• Style and Appearance – Although most women’s gym gloves feature similar designs and usually come in darker colors such as black, there are slight variations and many brands offer other colors as well. Most gym gloves also feature fingerless designs that leave the tops of your fingers bare, but there are also “full finger” gym gloves. The style and look of the gloves will be less important to some people, but it’s worth taking a look at a few different brands to decide which is right for you.

• Washing and maintenance – Another point to consider is how your gym gloves can be washed to keep them fresh. Most manufacturers provide detailed instructions on whether they can be machine washed or if they should be hand washed. If being able to machine wash them is important to you, be sure to check that this is possible before making a purchase.

• Mark – It’s always a good idea to make sure you’re buying from a reputable brand, so it’s worth doing some research on the manufacturer and seeing what customers are saying about their products online before making a purchase. purchase. On this page, we have featured products from reputable brands with a good track record in the fitness industry.

Best Gym Gloves for Women 2022

So, now that we’ve covered some of the basics to think about when shopping for women’s sports gloves, it’s time to introduce you to five of our top picks on the market right now.

1) Lululemon Wunder Train Gloves

Where to buy: www.lululemon.com

Lululemon Wunder Train Gloves

(Photo: Lululemon)

The first gym gloves for women on our list are the Wunder Train Gloves from Lululemon. If you’re looking for a pair of lightweight, well-ventilated fingerless sparring gloves, these gloves are a great option. They feature a hook-and-loop closure to help you get the right fit and sweat-wicking fabric on the top of the glove. The fabric on the palm is perforated for ventilation, while silicone strips on the inside of the palm help keep the gloves in place during training.

2) Gymshark Wrap Lifting Gloves

Where to buy: www.gymshark.com

Gymshark Wrap Weightlifting Gloves

(Photo: Gymshark)

Next are the Wrap lifting gloves from Gymshark. These sparring gloves feature a breathable mesh front panel and extra padding on the palm to help you stay comfortable and focused during your sets. These gloves also feature wrap-around wrist straps with velcro closures to make you feel secure during your workout. They are available in three sizes and a black and gray design.

3) Nike Gym Premium Women’s Workout Gloves

Where to buy: www.nike.com

Nike Gym Premium Women's Training Gloves

(Photo: Nike)

The Nike Gym Premium Women’s Training Gloves are the next option on our list. These are the leading training gloves for women offered by Nike and they feature high density foam padding in key areas to help protect your palms during heavy lifts. They have breathable mesh on the backs of the hands (and perforations on the palms) to help keep your hands ventilated and cool, and have a hook-and-loop closure that wraps around the wrist for a secure feel.

4) UA Under Armor Women’s Lightweight Training Gloves

Where to buy: www.underarmour.com

Under Armor Women's UA Lightweight Training Gloves

(Photo: Under Armor)

The UA Under Armor women’s lightweight training gloves are a great option if you’re looking for a pair of lightweight, breathable sports gloves for your workouts. They have a leather palm for grip and protection, and also feature perforations in the palms for extra breathability and ventilation. These gloves have an elastic wristband for a perfect fit, so it’s important that you choose the right size for your hands.

5) Lululemon Women’s Full Body Workout Gloves

Where to buy: www.lululemon.com

Lululemon Women's Complete Workout Gloves

(Photo: Lululemon)

The final option on our list is a pair of full finger sparring gloves for those looking for maximum protection and comfort during workouts. Lululemon Women’s Full Body Workout Gloves provide full coverage to keep your hands protected and comfortable during your workouts. They feature padding on the palms for added protection and comfort, and the fingers have a special material that lets you use your smartphone while wearing them. They also have an adjustable wrist closure so you can find the right fit.

Something else to consider?

As we mentioned above, it is very important to make sure that you select the right size glove for your hands. Most manufacturers offer a detailed size guide on their website, so be sure to check it out before making a purchase.

If you end up with gloves that are too big or too small, most manufacturers offer free size exchanges and returns. However, it is best to check this on the official website of the manufacturer or retailer before making a purchase so that you know where you stand.

Remember to also carefully check the care and washing instructions that come with the gloves, as some options may not be machine washable and should only be hand washed.

Women's Weightlifting Gloves

(Photo: Adobe Stock)

Conclusion – Our Final Thoughts

So that brings us to the end of our guide to the best gym gloves for women. We’ve walked you through some of the key considerations to make before making a purchase, and we’ve also picked out five of the best options on the market today to help you during your training.

We currently consider Lululemon’s Wunder Train gloves to be the best all-around option, but all of the gym gloves featured on this page are great choices to help you achieve your training and workout goals.

It’s worth it | ‘PGA Tour 2K23’ details MyPlayer and MyCareer customization


2K set a start time for PGA Tour 2K23the next entry in HB Studios’ golf simulation video game franchise.

With PGA TOUR icon and all-time sports great Tiger Woods as the cover athlete, PGA Tour 2K23 celebrates Woods’ legacy by showcasing him both as a playable pro in the game and as an executive director advising the game’s development team.

Woods leads a roster of over 14 male and female pros at launch (additional pros and courses will be added as free downloadable content after launch and will be available to all players) including Justin Thomas, Lexi Thompson, Tony Finau, Lydia Ko, Collin Morikawa, Will Zalatoris, Brooke Henderson and many more. Players can enter the tee box as one of the pros in Exhibition, Multiplayer and Divot Derby play, or compete against them in a battle to climb the leaderboard and win the FedExCup in PGA TOUR MyCAREER mode. As well as the pros, the broadcast-style presentation and commentary team of Rich Beem and Luke Elvy also return, with the addition of English golf pro and broadcaster Henni Koyack.

2K revealed details about customizing MyPlayer and MyCareer in PGA Tour 2K23where players will start on the Korn Ferry Tour and progress to PGA Tour pro status, taking on some of the toughest and most popular courses in pursuit of FedExCup glory.

Welcome to the ranking PGA Tour 2K23 My career

A place at the top of the leaderboard and plenty of customization options await amateurs and pros alike in the PGA Tour 2K23 My career. Players will create a unique MyPlayer, start on the Korn Ferry Tour and progress to PGA Tour pro status, taking on Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, Lexi Thompson, Lydia Ko, Collin Morikawa, Brooke Henderson and Tony Finau. on some of the toughest and most popular courses in pursuit of FedExCup glory.

MyPlayer customization is deeper than ever, with new player archetypes and skill trees. Players choose the style that suits them best, from power hitter to short game expert. The Custom Club Fit allows for an additional degree of customization, allowing for unique combinations of club attributes. Other franchise firsts include a variety of caddies that appear alongside MyPlayers, unique golf ball colors and designs, and even more popular branded apparel and equipment from brands such as adidas, Bridgestone Golf, Callaway Golf, FootJoy, Mizuno, Nike Golf, PUMA, Titleist, TravisMathew, and many more.

In addition to customization options, professional rivalries and sponsorship opportunities add to the realism of MyCareer. A broadcast-style presentation and commentary team of Rich Beem, Luke Elvy and newcomer Henni Koyack further add to the immersive experience and provide a real taste of a real PGA TOUR career.

PGA Tour 2K23 will include 20 licensed courses at launch. New additions include the South Course of Wilmington Country Club, Renaissance Club, St. George’s Golf and Country Club and more. The industry-leading course designer also returns, giving players the ability to create their dream courses and share them with a global online community.

MyPLAYER customization returns and players can outfit their MyPLAYERS, just like Tiger, with Nike Golf, TaylorMade and Bridgestone Golf apparel and equipment. Even more apparel options are available from licensed brands including Callaway Golf, FootJoy, Malbon Golf, Nike Golf, PUMA, Titleist, TravisMathew and more (some cosmetic and consumable items may require unlocking with virtual currency (won or paid) or through the game). Clubs and balls from brands such as Bridgestone Golf, Callaway Golf, COBRA, Mizuno, Odyssey Golf, Scotty Cameron, TaylorMade, Titleist and Wilson are available to dress up players’ golf bags and keep them moving. In addition to the analog stick swing back, a three-click swing option is also available for an extra level of customization so players can play the way they want.

PGA Tour 2K23 features new casual modes to help beginners get into the game, while providing seasoned players with new challenges and opportunities to work on their skills. The introduction of Topgolf offers a unique experience mimicking the popular golf entertainment phenomenon, where players can aim for targets and try to earn the highest score. Practice mode offers several ways to develop skills, including swing calibration, lessons, chipping practice, a driving range and putting green.

Online multiplayer features (cross-gen but not cross-platform) also return for PGA Tour 2K23. Online companies encourage players to team up with friends for custom tournaments and full seasons, while Clubhouse Pass will provide post-launch content and goals for players to enjoy in the future. The Clubhouse Pass is available in three tiers: Free, Premium ($9.99/season), and Premium+ ($19.99/season). PGA Tour 2K23 necessary to read the content. More details to follow.

The game will be available in several editions, each with a unique cover featuring painted portraits of Tiger Woods:

PGA Tour 2K23 Standard Edition:

  • Physical and digital versions for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5 consoles include the base game;
  • For PC, includes the base game and the Gold Club Packwhich includes a Golden Putter, a Golden Driver, and four unusual consumable golf ball sleeves;
  • Players who pre-order any version of the Standard Edition will receive the Michael Jordan bonus packwhich includes playable sports icon Michael Jordan, as well as four Common consumable golf ball sleeves;
  • Players who purchase the standard edition of the game for the Xbox Series X|S consoles (physical or digital version) or PS5 (digital version only) that includes cross-generational dual entitlement will also receive the Gold Club Pack for play on Xbox One or PS4, respectively.

PGA Tour 2K23 Deluxe Edition:

  • For Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, or PS5 consoles, includes base game with cross-generational dual entitlement, plus Michael Jordan bonus pack, Gold Club Pack, and Deluxe Edition Bonus Packwhich includes 1300 VC (virtual currency), a hockey stick putter, a gold baseball cap, a gold glove, and three rare consumable golf ball sleeves;
  • For PC, includes the base game, plus the Michael Jordan bonus pack, Gold Club Pack, and Deluxe Edition Bonus Pack.

PGA Tour 2K23 Tiger Woods Edition (only available in digital format):

  • Includes all content from Standard and deluxe edition for the purchased platform;
  • Includes the Tiger Woods Edition Bonus Pack – which includes a set of Tiger Woods TaylorMade wedges, a Nike TW Golf tee and three Epic consumable golf ball sleeves – plus the Tiger Woods Signature Sunday Packwhich includes a red polo shirt, black pants, a black hat, Nike TW Golf shoes, a Nike TW Golf belt and a Bridgestone Golf TOUR B XS, Tiger Edition golf ball.

The Michael Jordan Bonus Pack is available as a pre-order bonus for PGA Tour 2K23 Standard Edition until October 13, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. local time and will be available for purchase after launch. Digital Pre-Orders: The Michael Jordan Bonus Pack will be delivered via game at launch. Physical Pre-Orders: Pre-order to guarantee access to the Michael Jordan Bonus Pack which will be delivered via an in-box code for use in-game. Conditions apply. The Michael Jordan bonus pack is included with PGA Tour 2K23 Deluxe Edition and PGA Tour 2K23 Tiger Woods Edition (digital only).

PGA Tour 2K23 Deluxe Edition and PGA Tour 2K23 Tiger Woods Edition are slated for worldwide release on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, followed by PGA Tour 2K23 Standard Edition Friday, October 14, 2022.

PGA Tour 2K23rated E for all, will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC (Steam) on October 14, 2022.

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Additional points: lights, camera…


Game operations department ready for Saturday and Tar Heels game vs. Notre Dame: parking concession staffing boosted post-Covid, guards have brand new ticket scanners and tailgating consortium Revel XP has five years to showcase tent villages around Kenan Stadium for its biggest ever year. Former Tar Heel offensive lineman Harris Barton even helps organize a rally for Tar Heel men of letters in the quad around the steeple.

Franklin Street retailers are ready: Sutton’s Drug Store is stocked with burgers, and Alumni Hall is ready with jerseys, hats, face paint and temporary tattoos. The Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership blocks Henderson Street from 12:30 p.m. Saturday with live music, games and food from Linda’s Bar & Grill.

Lower-tier seats from various online ticket brokers cost four to five times face value. And this weather is sublime: seventy-six and sunny for Saturday afternoon in the southern part of the sky.

“There’s definitely more buzz on campus, you’re playing a national program, a program that everyone knows about,” Tar Heel goaltender Gio Biggers said.

“Notre Dame is a program rich in history,” added defensive tackle Ray Vohasek. “They have movies, Rudy, who hasn’t watched that stuff? It’s exciting to play them for the third year in a row. ABC game, that’s what you wish for growing up as a kid.”

Hors d’oeuvres for a home opener against a SWAC opponent and road trips to Boone and Atlanta to take on the Sun Belt teams have been dispatched. Now, the main course of the 2022 football season begins with the arrival of ACC pseudo-partner Notre Dame at Kenan Stadium this weekend and then Virginia Tech the following Saturday.

The Tar Heels have had an open date to rest and rehabilitate a handful of injured players, self-screen and continue to tweak what works (they’re No. 4 nationally in scoring offense and No. 1 in kicking of clearance) and developing what has been top-down (the defense has been solid at times, porous at others). And coach McBrown and his staff hammered home the idea of finishing– when you are ahead 41-21 against Appalachian State and 21-3 against Georgia State, seal the deal.

“Those two games we could have taken over,” Brown said. “We had the momentum from both games. You have to go finish, put your foot on the accelerator, make a stoppage and play as a team.

“I’m happy to be 3-0, but we still have to grow.”

And what better litmus test than the Fighting Irish, a national brand and team that has left a sour taste in the mouths of the Tar Heels for two consecutive years? Two years ago, in the depths of this strange Covid season and with barely 3,535 spectators at Kenan Stadium, the Irish carried the Tar Heels along the line of scrimmage, dominated the second half and took a victory 31-17. Last year at South Bend, the Irish won by a 44-34 margin, with a touchdown after the Tar Heels stopped the Irish on fourth down, only for a face mask penalty to resuscitate the player . Carolina was within four points in the fourth quarter but gave up a 91-yard touchdown run as Irish tailback Kyren Williams broke several tackles.

“We need to be tougher, play more confident in the fourth quarter and finish stronger,” Brown said. “We weren’t able to do that. They are very, very physical on both lines of scrimmage. It will be a great test for us.”

Carolina’s offense since Brown took charge of the program in 2019 and hired Phil Longo as coordinator generated prodigious numbers – witnessed an average of 37 points per game from 2019-21 for the most prolific three-year streak in school history, evidenced by the Miami surge on 778 yards in 2020. What’s remarkable across three games is that this year’s offense essentially represents the second cycle of players turning around after three years of making hay with talented players like Sam HowellMichael Carter, Javonte Williams, Dyami Brown and Dazz Newsome.

First-year student Drake May deftly took over at quarterback. The Tar Heels use a tight triumvirate of Bryson Nesbit, Kamari Morales and John Copenhagen to account for about a third of their reception output. Carolina used the transfer portal wisely by finding two starters along the line in the center Corey Gaynor (Miami) and Spencer Rolland (Harvard). Young players have started to grow wings at skill positions including slot machine receiver Kobe Paysour (14 catches and two touchdowns) and tailback Omarion Hampton (76 yards per game and five scores).

And they did it without receivers Josh Downs and Anthony Green and cap British Brooks. Downs and Green are set to return to action, while Brooks was out for the year to an injury in training camp.

“Josh is the best player on our team,” Brown said. “Anthony Green is an NFL wide receiver. To lose them more British Brooks, we shot that side of the ball. I’m proud of us and our players for not making excuses. And we recruited well enough that some talented young players showed up. »

Meanwhile, the defense picked up a few chunks as they gave up a 75 percent completion percentage to Florida A&M, a 40-point fourth quarter to App State, and an 18-point third quarter to Georgia State. But he also had some great stretches, stopping App State on the lows and intercepting a pass during a solid third quarter and closing out Georgia State’s game by forcing four straight punts.

“The App game, we had two good quarters and a terrible fourth quarter”, defensive coordinator Gene Chizik said. “The Georgia State game, we had a bad third quarter. We’re looking to find the four quarter game. We look at why they happen and use them as teaching moments. Knowledge is the power, right? We know what the problems were and we have the ability to solve them.

“Our best game is definitely ahead of us, and I don’t think it will be long before we play that best game.”

Breakdowns varied across the gamut. Unsuitable gaps led to long runs. Poor eye discipline and lapses in communication contributed to some big passes. Vohasek noted that “sloppy footwork” occasionally popped up. Biggers added that he credits the offensive coordinators at App State and Georgia State for showing some wrinkles they haven’t shown before.

“I think we have the talent to be a really good defensive end,” Vohasek said. “We haven’t played to our standards at times. And we hear what’s going on. I just use that as motivation.”

Vohasek grew up in the Chicago suburb of McHenry, just a three-hour drive around Lake Michigan to South Bend. He knows the Midwestern mentality of Irish football fighting and marvels at their skill in the scrum field. “I consider them ‘O-Line U.’,” he says.

So he understands when Brown notes how much more mature, deep and physically tough the Irish were in winning the last two years, especially the 2020 game when an otherwise tough Tar Heel offense could only muster 32 yards rushing and 78 total yards in the second half. Carolina is now two deep along the defensive front and started the year by starting five seniors or graduate students along the offensive line.

“I think we’ve made great progress, I think we match it from a physical point of view,” Vohasek said. “Two years ago when we played them, they were an old team. This team that faced Alabama in the playoffs was basically made up of seniors at all levels. Notre Dame is proud of its O lines and D. That’s how they win games. But I think we did a good job, and I think we’ll find out on Saturday how far we’ve come.”

From the day in late January when the 2022 ACC schedule was announced, Brown has easily segmented the first three games into a sort of “mini-season”: introducing a new quarterback to replace Howell, leaving Chizik and the new secondary coach Charles Warren finding their ballast, bolstering the players’ internal leadership which he felt hadn’t been sharp enough in a 6-6 regular season the previous year.

Move to 3-0 with a week off. Mission accomplished.

“Now just to get to 4-0 would be a huge achievement for us,” Vohasek said. “Notre Dame has some great players. Anyone can beat anyone if you follow college football these days.”

Chapel Hill writer Lee Pace is in his 33rd year writing about Carolina’s football program under the “Extra Points” banner. He is the author of “Football in a Forest” and sideline reporting on Tar Heel Sports Network broadcasts. Follow him on @LeePaceTweet and write to him at [email protected]

Tuesday’s Miami Dolphins notebook: McDaniel and Tua odds, defense, and more


The Miami Dolphins’ thrilling 42-38 win at Baltimore in Week 2 not only earned the team some national respect, but also propelled Tua Tagovailoa and Mike McDaniel to betting favorites for NFL awards. .

McDaniel actually became the favorite to be named NFL Coach of the Year, according to BetOnline (www.betonline.ag), going from 15/2 after Week 1 to his current odds at 4/1. Nick Siranni of the Philadelphia Eagles is the second seed at 5/1.

As for regular season MVP, Tagovailoa is now tied for sixth at 16/1, up from 40/1 after Week 1. He’s tied, ironically enough, with Tom Brady. The MVP favorite remains Josh Allen at 13/4, called. by Patrick Mahomes at 17/4, Lamar Jackson at 9/1, Justin Herbert at 8/1 and Jalen Hurts at 11/1.

For NFL Defensive Player of the Year, CB Xavien Howard is tied for 31st at 75/1, the same odds Raheem Mostert has for Returning Player of the Year, where he’s tied for 22nd. rank.

————————————————– ————————-


————————————————– ————————-


While Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle stole the show in the win at Baltimore, the role the run defense played shouldn’t be overlooked.

Yes, the Dolphins gave up a 79-yard touchdown run to Lamar Jackson that made it 35-14 late in the third quarter, but they were also important in short-range situations time and time again.

Here’s an incredible stat that tells the story: The Ravens had 10 combined second-and-1, third-and-1, and fourth-and-1 in-game situations and only won first down three times.

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The highlights, of course, were the goal-line position that lasted the end of the first and the start of the second quarter after the Ravens had a first-and-goal from 1-and-four and a save in the fourth. . quarterback when Baltimore led 35-21.

Here’s another stat: In addition to Jackson’s 79-yard run, the Dolphins allowed less than 2 yards on six rushing attempts.


Dolphins first-year wide receivers coach Wes Welker, whose NFL playing career began in Miami in 2004, was among 129 modern-era nominees for the announced Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2023. tuesday.

Other nominees who spent part of their NFL career playing for the Dolphins included WR Irving Fryar, T Richmond Webb, LB Zach Thomas, P Matt Turk and CB Troy Vincent.

Thomas, of course, has been a finalist each of the past two years.

The list of Modern Era nominees will be narrowed down to 25 semi-finalists in November and, from there, to 15 finalists whose names will be announced in early January.


–Taking care of some bookkeeping business, WR River Cracraft and T Larnel Coleman both returned to the practice squad on Monday after being brought up for the game against Baltimore.

–The Dolphins’ active roster still stands at 52 players as no moves have been made since tackle Austin Jackson was placed on IR on Friday.

–The Dolphins’ next opponents, the Buffalo Bills, will be without backup tackle Bobby Hart for the game at Hard Rock Stadium after he was suspended Tuesday for an incident after the Bills’ 41-7 win over Tennessee when he kicked a punch on an opposing player, missed, and headbutted a Titans assistant coach instead.

Announcement of promotions and hiring of executives and senior managers


DURHAM- Duke Vice President and Director of Athletics Nina King announced appointments and promotions to members of the Duke Athletics management team on Tuesday.

Within the executive staff, heather ryan was promoted to Assistant Director of Athletics, Student-Athlete Experience/Senior Administrator, Bob Weiseman to the Deputy Director of Sports, Operations and Investment Projects and Jack Winters to the Senior Associate Director of Athletics, Iron Dukes Annual Fund.

Ryan will continue to oversee student-athlete development, equipment operations and remain the sport administrator for swimming and diving, while adding oversight of sports medicine, sports performance, health behavior and nutrition. Weiseman, who manages major administrative duties for Duke’s field hockey and women’s basketball programs, will continue to oversee athletic facilities, game operations, championships and events, while leading strategy, planning and implementation. execution of capital projects for the department. Winters joins the executive staff and will continue to oversee the annual fund, help manage the Iron Dukes office staff, and act as senior sports administrator for women’s golf.

Additionally, Deputy Director of Sports, Engagement and Employee Experience Meghan Weiseman and Deputy Director of Athletics, Behavioral Health Dr. Shawn Zeplin were added to the senior staff of the ministry. Zeplin is now the primary sports administrator for wrestling.

King also announced the hiring of Taren Moore as Senior Associate Director of Athletics, People, Culture and Community/Director of Diversity. Returning to Duke after serving on the athletic staff from 2016-2021, she will oversee human resources, serve as a liaison with Duke’s office of Durham and Community Affairs, and manage the department’s efforts related to diversity, l equity, inclusion and belonging. Moore, who spent the last year on the athletics leadership team at the University of Tennessee, will serve on the executive staff.


UCLA star Amari Bailey signs ‘NIL’ deal with Ethika and gets percentage of sales


Fight of two beasts! Apple Watch Ultra or Galaxy Watch 5 Pro?


It’s not a smartwatch designed for the masses either, and its specs already suggest: it’s for athletes. bring one with you sapphire crystal display which is specially designed to withstand all kinds of blows. In addition, it is larger than usual, with 1.4 inches. As if that were not enough, it should also be noted that it is titanium. No risky sport can put an end to this watch.

Internally, it has a powerful Exynos W920 processor. Although the key to its success lies in its powerful battery, 590mAh. Thanks to this, Samsung promises up to 72 hours of battery life. Again, it’s all about efficiency, to last as long as possible and depend as little as possible on the charger. There won’t be a marathon to hold you back, nor will you have to stop training because of your smartwatch battery.

Regarding the sensors sports, it has absolutely everything you can imagine: SpO2, ECG, heart rate, blood oxygen… Everything! It will monitor both your daily life and your sleep so that you can know your health status at any time.

Apple Watch Ultra: better than Samsung’s watch?

A few weeks later, Apple presented its new Apple Watch Ultra. The technique was the same: a smartwatch designed to athletes elite who needed great resistance. Again, they bet on the titanium body to provide greater resistance. And we also found a flat crystal of Sapphire, trying to ensure that there is no blow likely to break or damage it. As you can see, the logic is very similar for both companies.

At the sports level, you will find exactly the same thing as in the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. All the details have been taken care of to offer a watch suitable for the most demanding.

yes you will find aesthetic differences compared to traditional Apple Watch models. He has a new side action button which will allow you to quickly access specific functions, which you can easily configure.

In the drumsHowever, it is weak compared to the Samsung smartwatch. In this case, we are talking about 36 and 60 hours. Yes, it’s a big increase over other Apple Watches… But it doesn’t reach what Samsung offers. To this it must be added that his the price it’s much, much!, higher than the first one we mentioned. And if almost €500 seemed a lot to you, €999 will seem a lot more.

A close battle: which watch is the best?

Let’s start with the basics, when we compare these smartwatches, that both are designed to a very specific audience. Or for athletes who really need to know all the parameters related to their health, or anyone who can afford it. Because maybe you don’t play sports but want the most pro watch Apple has released so far.

Either way, both watches are very similar and they offer very similar things. On a sporting level, you will find very few differences. While it is true that Apple has paid more attention to detail with its Apple Watch Ultra, the sensors they are very similar in both terminals. And the functions you can perform are also: same sports activities, same settings. The difference may be certain spheres that Apple offers and that can be useful at times. Like, for example, a compass which will be at your disposal simply by raising your wrist.

On the other hand, with both smartwatches, you can download apps. But, of course… Operating systems are totally differentand this is the crux of the problem. Can two watches designed for different systems really compete?

The Key When Deciding: Operating Systems and Compatibility

While the Apple Watch Ultra has watch OS 9the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has port operating system. And what does that mean? Well they are compatible with completely different smartphones. If you have an Android phone, you won’t be able to use the Apple Watch, with which your doubt is solved: the Samsung one is better. But, if you have an iPhone, yes you can use both devices, but with some restriction.

From Topes de Gama we have it clearly. So much for the autonomy as for the price range, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro seems like a better choice.

California School for the Deaf, Riverside Football Team Back for Unfinished Business – Daily Bulletin


RIVERSIDE – The California School for the Deaf football team, Riverside opened the 2021 season with little fanfare outside of the deaf community, but the Cubs continued to deliver one of the season’s most heartwarming stories. .

This season will be very different. Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner was on the sidelines at Riverside when CSDR opened the new season last month against Chadwick. And expectations for the program are at an all-time high.

  • California School for the Deaf, Riverside’s David Figueroa (45) and Cody Metzner (33) attempt to block a pitch from Indiana School for the Deaf’s Leon LeFors during a football game at CSDR in Riverside, Calif., on Saturday September 17, 2022. (Photo by Trevor Stamp, Contributing Photographer)

  • California School for the Deaf, Felix Gonzales (1) of Riverside accuses...

    California School for the Deaf, Riverside’s Felix Gonzales (1) charges down the field during a football game against Indiana School for the Deaf at CSDR in Riverside, Calif. on Saturday September 17, 2022. (Photo by Trevor Stamp , contribution Photographer)

  • California School for the Deaf, Riverside head coach Keith Adams...

    California School for the Deaf, Riverside head coach Keith Adams signals a play to his team during a football game against the Indiana School for the Deaf at CSDR in Riverside, Calif. on Saturday, Sept. 17 2022. (Photo by Trevor Stamp, Contributing Photographer)

  • California School for the Deaf, Riverside's Gio Visco (2) is...

    California School for the Deaf, Riverside’s Gio Visco (2) is knocked down as he clings to the football during a football game against the Indiana School for the Deaf at CSDR in Riverside, Calif. on Saturday, September 17 2022. (Photo by Trevor Stamp, Contributing Photographer)

  • California School for the Deaf, Trevin Adams of Riverside, left, is...

    California School for the Deaf, Riverside’s Trevin Adams, left, is hit by Indiana School for the Deaf’s Dylan Puent as he attempts to kick the ball during a football game at CSDR in Riverside, Calif., on Saturday, 17 September 2022. (Photo by Trevor Stamp, Contributing Photographer)

  • California School for the Deaf, Riverside's Trevin Adams (4) accuses...

    California School for the Deaf, Riverside’s Trevin Adams (4) charges down the field during a football game against Indiana School for the Deaf at CSDR in Riverside, Calif. on Saturday, September 17, 2022. (Photo by Trevor Stamp , contribution Photographer)

  • California School for the Deaf, Riverside's Jory Valencia (3) is...

    California School for the Deaf, Riverside’s Jory Valencia (3) is knocked down to end the game in a football game against the Indiana School for the Deaf at CSDR in Riverside, Calif. on Saturday September 17, 2022. (Photo by Trevor Timbre, collaborating photographer)

  • California School for the Deaf, Kaden Adams of Riverside, left, and...

    California School for the Deaf, Riverside’s Kaden Adams, left, and Jory Valencia walk down the field for the second half of a football game against Indiana School for the Deaf at CSDR in Riverside, Calif. on Saturday, September 17, 2022 (Photo by Trevor Stamp, contributing photographer)

  • California School for the Deaf, Riverside's Trevin Adams (4) accuses...

    California School for the Deaf, Riverside’s Trevin Adams (4) charges down the field during a football game against Indiana School for the Deaf at CSDR in Riverside, Calif. on Saturday, September 17, 2022. (Photo by Trevor Stamp , contribution Photographer)

  • California School for the Deaf, the races of Cody Metzner (33) from Riverside...

    California School for the Deaf, Riverside’s Cody Metzner (33) runs down the field during a football game against Indiana School for the Deaf at CSDR in Riverside, Calif. on Saturday September 17, 2022. (Photo by Trevor Stamp , contribution Photographer)

  • California School for the Deaf, Jory Valencia of Riverside, right, reaches...

    California School for the Deaf, Riverside’s Jory Valencia, right, reaches for the ball as it is knocked down by Indiana School for the Deaf’s Jayden DeFalco during a football game at CSDR in Riverside, Calif. on Saturday, 17 September 2022. (Photo by Trevor Stamp, Contributing Photographer)

  • California School for the Deaf, Riverside's Jory Valencia (3) celebrates...

    California School for the Deaf, Riverside’s Jory Valencia (3) celebrates with Cody Metzner (33) after Metzner scored a touchdown during a football game against Indiana School for the Deaf at CSDR in Riverside, Calif. on Saturday, September 17 2022 (Photo by Trevor Stamp, Contributing Photographer)

  • California School for the Deaf, Jory Valencia of Riverside, left, hangs...

    California School for the Deaf, Riverside’s Jory Valencia, left, holds on to the ball after intercepting it during a football game against the Indiana School for the Deaf at CSDR in Riverside, Calif., on Saturday, September 17 2022. (Photo by Trevor Timbre, Contributing Photographer)

  • California School for the Deaf, Riverside runs the field...

    California School for the Deaf, Riverside runs onto the field for the second half of a football game against Indiana School for the Deaf at CSDR in Riverside, Calif. on Saturday September 17, 2022. (Photo by Trevor Stamp, Photographer collaborater )

“Everyone seems to be shooting at us now because they want to be the ones to beat us,” CSDR coach Keith Adams said through American Sign Language interpreter Mark Bayarsky.

“At the same time, our players have been able to stay focused because they want to go out there and prove to everyone that what happened last season was no accident.”

The CSDR football team captured national media attention last year as the Cubs won their first 12 games of the season and qualified for a CIF South Division Championship Game for the first time in school history. The season ended on a sour note, however, as Faith Baptist beat CSDR 74-22 in the Division 2 8-man football title match.

“We don’t let the pressure get to us. We just keep going,” senior quarterback and linebacker Trevin Adams said after Saturday afternoon’s 62-18 win over Indiana School for the Deaf. “I think we are hungrier than we have ever been. We don’t like what happened last season, and we just want to be a better team this year.

CSDR improved to 4-0 with Saturday’s victory, proving once again that they will be championship contenders this season.

Trevin Adams led the way for the Cubs, passing for 240 yards five touchdowns and rushing for another score. Felix Gonzales, Jory Valencia and Cody Metzner each scored a pair of touchdowns in Saturday’s win.

Saturday’s game was the second of three straight games against other deaf schools. CSDR knocked out longtime rival CSD Fremont 54-6 last week. The Cubs host the Florida School for the Deaf for its return game on Saturday, September 24.

“Deaf school against deaf school, there will always be crowds,” said CSDR sporting director Jeremias Valencia. “You see a lot of old friends from the deaf community. Gambling is a big deal, but so are social connections.

CSDR also had an interesting offseason. Last year’s team captains participated in the Super Bowl LVI draw at SoFi Stadium. In May, Governor Gavin Newsom offered $43.1 million in funding to help upgrade CSDR sports facilities, including the soccer field. In July, Disney announced it was developing a television series based on the 2021 season of the CSDR football team, starring Oscar-winning actor Troy Kotsur (CODA). And a few months later, Nike announced a partnership with CSDR to provide the school’s track and field teams with apparel and equipment.

“I think it’s wonderful that more people are starting to recognize the deaf community and who we are,” said Keith Adams. “It’s very exciting, but it also puts a bit more pressure on us to keep playing well.”

Adams said the players were able to stay focused throughout the focus and keep their goals in sight.

“I think we are the same team. We haven’t really changed because we’re all looking to accomplish the same things,” said Gonzales, who is a receiver, defensive back and kick returner. “I just think we have to work as a team and be serious in everything we do. We treat every game as unfinished business.

Former Cavs general managers mourn Jennifer Ilgauskas, wife of Zydrunas


LAKEWOOD — In a powerful show of support for one of the Cavaliers’ most beloved and respected former players, five-decade team general managers attended Saturday’s funeral for Jennifer Ilgauskas, wife of the former Zydrunas Ilgauskas center.

Jennifer Ilgauskas, who adopted sons Deividas and Povilas with Zydrunas, died on September 11 at age 50.

A large group of mourners at St. James’s Church in Lakewood included five of the Cavs’ current or former top basketball executives, led by Hall of Famer Wayne Embry, who served from 1986 to 1999 as manager General of Cleveland. Embry was joined by Danny Ferry, who played for the Cavs from 1999-2000 and was general manager from 2005-2010, Chris Grant (2010-14), president of basketball operations Koby Altman, named general manager in 2017 and brought up in January, and Mike Gansey, promoted to general manager in February.

Former players in attendance included Anthony Parker, who played for the Cavs from 2009-12, and Anderson Varejao, who spent 13 seasons with Cleveland from 2004-16 and in 2020-21. Varejao, who once said that Zydrunas Ilgauskas was like a big brother to him, served as the porter.

The Cavs legend loses his wife:Jennifer Ilgauskas, wife of Cleveland Cavaliers legend Zydrunas Ilgauskas, dies at 50

Mike Mancias, the longtime coach of LeBron James, who is now an athletic trainer and athletic performance liaison with the Los Angeles Lakers, also paid tribute. When Ilgauskas had his No. 11 jersey retired by the Cavs on March 8, 2014, James, then with the Miami Heat, chartered a jet from Chicago to attend the ceremony honoring his close friend.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas was drafted by the Cavs 20e overall in 1996 and overcame serious foot injuries to become a two-time All-Star. Spending 12 seasons in Cleveland, Ilguaskas and James, drafted in 2003, led the Cavs to the NBA Finals in 2007. Ilgauskas followed James to the Miami Heat in 2010 and played one season before retiring.

Jennifer Ilgauskas owned several businesses in northeast Ohio – including Rebound Physical Therapy, North Olmsted Urgent Care, Lakewood Urgent Care and medical billing company Darbo – and was a strong supporter of numerous charities.

In this Dec. 2, 2009, file photo, Zydrunas Ilgauskas of the Cleveland Cavaliers of Lithuania acknowledges the crowd as he takes part in an NBA basketball game against the Phoenix Suns in Cleveland.

Reverend Deogratias Ruwaainenyi, priest-in-residence at St. Clement Parish, based his homily around the memorable phrase, “You are kind. You are intelligent. You are important”, from the movie “The Help”.

Ruwaainenyi referred to the words of Jennifer Ilgauskas mother, Justine Weiss, who told her she was “a girl roll up your sleeves and unravel.”

“Jennifer, as I was told, was very kind and loving. She nurtured and cherished her friendships and always led by example,” he said, also noting her devotion to her husband and sons. .

There were no accolades. Towards the end of the Mass, Ruwaainenyi asked Zydrunas, Deividas and Povilas Ilgauskas and Weiss to turn around and face the mourners to thank them. Always discreet, Zydrunas Ilgauskas greeted the crowd with a small wave.

JB Bickerstaff has a lot to settle:Who’s the 3? Stunning Donovan Mitchell trade blew Cavaliers’ coaching retirement plans

Marla Ridenour can be reached at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/MRidenourABJ.

Ravens Opponent Breakdown: Miami Dolphins


MIAMI GARDEN, Fla. — The Ravens have a tough game in Week 2 against the revamped Miami Dolphins.

For some sort of answer to five major Miami-related questions, we turned to editor Alain Poupart of SI Fan Nation’s sister site, All Dolphins.

1) How much 0 coverage do you expect from the Dolphins in light of last year’s success?

PA: That’s the big question when it comes to this match, isn’t it? There are two schools of thought here, one being that the Dolphins should keep doing it until the Ravens prove they have an answer and the other being that maybe the Dolphins will want to give them some different looks to try and confuse Lamar Jackson and his offensive teammates.

The other important factor here is that Cover 0 is what the Dolphins do best and do as well as any NFL team. That said, I would certainly expect to see a lot of Cover 0 again, and it wouldn’t shock me if it happened with the same frequency as last year.

2) Why is Tua Tagovailoa such a polarizing presence?

PA: Let me start by saying that I would find it hard to believe there could be such a polarizing NFL player as Tua, and I broached the subject in an All Dolphins mailbag during the offseason. Essentially, it boils down to a combination of factors such as the Dolphins’ endless search for a franchise quarterback, exemplified by the fact that the team hasn’t had a Pro Bowl selection in that position since 1995, as well as Tua’s huge success in Alabama, which has convinced some fans that he will automatically be an NFL star no matter what.

But it’s gotten to the point around the Dolphins’ Twitter where it’s impossible to say anything non-complimentary about Tua without getting pushed back by his followers. I mean, there’s a Twitter account called Tuanon, for god’s sake.

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3) What did Tyreek Hill do for the attack?

PA: Speed, speed and more speed. What the Dolphins have done in the offseason brings a lot of speed, not only with Hill but also with Chase Edmonds and Raheem Mostert in the backfield. But they are actually slow compared to Hill, who is fast in video games. And now, with Hill and Jaylen Waddle, the Dolphins probably have the fastest WR combo in the NFL, and defenses need to reduce their aggression to some degree or run the risk of getting burned deep.

Hill is also virtually impossible to cover one-on-one as DBs invariably give him plenty of cushion. So it helps in many ways.

4) Besides Cover 0, how will the Dolphins attack Lamar Jackson?

PA: I’m not exactly sure about that one, though I imagine they would have a spy to prevent the quarterback’s long runs. They could also try to confuse him and run back into the area, although that’s not their preferred method of playing defense.

5) Miami struggled with running play last week and the Ravens have one of the best defenses in the NFL. How will it affect the game if the Dolphins have to rely solely on throwing the ball against the revamped, but possibly injured, Ravens secondary?

PA: First of all, the Dolphins don’t want to rely solely on throwing the ball and they won’t get there until the score gives them a choice. Even if they fail to run the ball, they will continue as long as the outcome is uncertain. Despite all the speed on offense, head coach Mike McDaniel has made it clear he wants the running game to be an integral part of the game plan – while also stating it’s ultimately about moving the ball.

Tagovailoa is also better off with play pitches and RPOs than being put in obvious overrun situations. To make matters even more complicated if the Dolphins are put in unavoidable passing situations, are there any injuries along the offensive line.

The great outdoors: Mountain Recreation offers equipment, accessories and rental

Jill and Jason Auld are the couple behind Grass Valley’s Mountain Recreation at 491 E. Main St.
Photo: Elias Funez

They say if you do something you love, it will never feel like a job.

For Jill and Jason Auld, they are among the lucky ones who managed to turn their passion into a successful business. As owners of Mountain Recreation in Grass Valley, the couple can indulge their lifelong passions for skiing, hiking, backpacking and the outdoors in general.

“We lived in Tahoe and Jill was a teacher and we decided to move back to Grass Valley,” Jason said. “I was working at a construction site and Jill got this hard-to-get teaching job in Grass Valley and it was totally random; it appeared in the newspaper: ‘Sporting goods store for sale’

“So we looked into it and never looked back. Next thing you know, we’re buying this store.

Mountain Recreation is currently preparing for the colder months and has begun to display some of its winter gear, including skis and snowboards.
Photo: Elias Funez

The Aulds admittedly had no retail experience when they opened, but over time the knowledge came.

“None of us had done retail, per se, or knew what we were getting into, to be honest,” Jill said. “But we grew up in this community, we love doing all the things that we promote and broadcast there.”

“I think the outdoor stuff we’re into, it was the eye candy or the corporate appeal,” Jason explained. “We came out of ski bums in Tahoe for five or seven years. I think that was the draw, these outdoor activities. It was totally head first diving.

Although store ownership takes up most of their time, the Aulds still strive to keep doing the things they love and that inspired them in the first place.

Mountain Recreation offers many of the high-quality hiking and hiking gear needed by outdoor enthusiasts.
Photo: Elias Funez

“We have three kids and we raised our kids letting them do all these things like hiking and skiing and stuff,” Jill said. “But we definitely have less time. When you own your own business, you are often here.

Jason agreed.

“We’re still in that environment where you’re still thinking about hiking or skiing, so we’ve always done that. In the beginning, we were so focused. We didn’t know what we were doing, just focusing on keeping the business going was eating us up.


Mountain Recreation has been in business for 22 years and offers a line of products for outdoor enthusiasts. However, they are quick to point out that their product line is not strictly for the outdoor type.

“I do all the textile products,” Jill said, “so clothing and accessories. I like this part; go to shows, bring lots of cool things to town and let people find them. This is, for me, my favorite part.

Clothes and apparel for sale are also on display at Mountain Recreation in Grass Valley, with all the styles selected by the Aulds.
Photo: Elias Funez

Women’s clothing features prominently in the store, with brands like Roxy and O’Neil, among others.

The couple are also proud of their rental services. They offer downhill skis, cross-country skis, snowboards and snowshoes. In summer, stand up paddles and kayaks. They maintain a kiosk during the summer at Scotts Flat Lake, where boards and kayaks can be tried out straight from the store’s fleet.

Jill said: “In the winter we offer a youth season ski rental package so they can come in and for $129 rent the gear for the whole season. And that’s for local families. They can come back and exchange it if something isn’t working or their feet have grown. It’s a great program for parents because it’s not a cheap sport, but it helps a lot.

They also offer a full service for tuning and repairing skis and snowboards.

“We’re often compared to REI, but we’re not trying to be an REI,” Jason said.

“We are unique in that the products we offer are quite unique to this region,” added Jill. “People find things here that they don’t find a lot of places in town.

“We feel pressure to make everyone happy. We are not an REI; we are smaller, but we do our best to bring what people need into the community. “

Mountain Recreation is at 491 E. Main St. in Grass Valley. For more information visit http://www.mtnrec.com or call 530-477-8006.

Items to help you enjoy your summer in the Sierra can be found at Mountain Recreation in Grass Valley, including gear for wakeboarding, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding.
Photo: Elias Funez

Jennifer Nobles is a staff writer for The Union. She can be contacted at [email protected]

Samoan Swat Team announced for MLW Super Series 22


Major League Wrestling has issued the following press release announcing that Team Samoan Swat (Lance Anoa’i, Juicy Finau and Jacob Fatu) will be in action at Norcross Georgia’s Super Series 22 event this Sunday. Full details, including an updated preview of the show’s card, can be found below.

(ATLANTA, GA) – Major League Wrestling today announced that Team Samoan SWAT will be in action at MLW: SUPER SERIES ’22 presented by MLA of Greater Atlanta on Sunday, September 18 at the Space Event Center at 6100 Live Oak Pkwy. in Norcross, Georgia 30093.

The card is a FUSION TV recording, broadcast on beIN SPORTS nationwide via cable and satellite dish and in over 60 countries around the world.

Buy your tickets at http://www.LuchaTickets.com.

Lance Anoa’i and super heavyweight Juicy Finau continue to storm the tag team division and now they’re heading to Atlanta as they continue to climb the rankings.

Known collectively as SST, Anoa’i, Finau and Jacob Fatu have been destroying MLW’s workshop since the family united this spring. The problem? Obtain opponents. It seems no one wants to set foot in the ring with the trio.

Realizing the challenges Cesar Duran has had finding opponents for the SST, the SWAT team signed an open contract fight sheet for this Sunday in Atlanta.

Who will rise to power?

Find out in Atlanta during MLW Super Series ’22.

Learn more at: https://mlw.com/superseries22/.

World Heavyweight Championship
Alex Hammerstone (champion) vs. Bandido (AAA)

street fight
Jacob Fatu vs. Willie Mack

World Middleweight Championship
Myron Reed (Champion) vs. Shun Skywalker (DRAGONGATE)

National Openweight Championship
Davey Richards (Champion) vs. SB KENTo (DRAGONGATE)

¡Lucha Libre Trios Match!
Microman, Laredo Kid and Komander against Taurus, Gino Medina and Mini Abismo Negro

Women’s World Featherweight Championship
Taya Valkyrie (champion) vs. winner of the 4-Way AAA Luchadoras Eliminator

4 Way AAA Luchadoras Eliminator:
Lady Shani vs. Lady Flammer vs. La Hiedra vs. Reina Dorada

Mance Warner vs. Mads Krugger

Alex Kane Peach State Prize Invitational Competition

The Samoan SWAT team in action!

And more !

More talent and matches will be announced in the coming weeks on MLW.com.

Buy your tickets today at http://www.luchatickets.com

Tickets can be purchased locally at:

Supermercado del Ahorro
Discolandia Plaza Fiesta
Major League Wrestling shows are interactive. Fans not only get to experience major league action in the ring, but also have the opportunity to meet some of their favorites before bell time.

There will be several dating opportunities with Major League Wrestling wrestlers and personalities.

About Major League Wrestling

Major League Wrestling (MLW®) is a sports media holding company, featuring television content, action figures, apparel, live events and ancillary entertainment. MLW operates in major markets in the United States and Mexico, including New York, Philadelphia, Dallas and Tijuana. One of the fastest growing wrestling leagues today, MLW programming is available worldwide on YouTube, FITE.tv, beIN Sports, Ayozat TV on SKY in the UK and in over 60 countries and more.

Angelina and Vinny no match, Uncle Nino gets real


Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick, both from Staten Island, weren’t supposed to be.

The two did not recommit their relationship on the Thursday, Sept. 15, episode of MTV’s “Jersey Shore Family Vacation.”

A day with the roommates in San Diego ended in a miss. Vinny left Angelina alone in a hotel room with her uncle Nino after a night out.

“Yeah, listen, Angelina, she loves you,” Vinny said.

“Oh come on, she’s your girlfriend,” Uncle Nino protested.

Vinny hesitated and slipped out the door and into the night.

After:Who is the other Vinny from Staten Island in Angelina’s life?

Things looked promising earlier in the series for Vinny, who is single, and Angelina, who was recently divorced.

“Can Angelina turn into this sexy thing I’m attracted to, maybe – never say never,” Vinny said. “I never thought I would entertain Angelina, but I’m a little intrigued by it. She’s hot and she’s nice to it, I don’t know.

It’s a personality thing for Vinny.

“If a girl is 10, her personality can make her ugly, and Angelina’s personality is horrible,” Vinny said. “She’s loud, obnoxious, annoying, mean.”

Well, no one is perfect. Still, a gondola ride with the cast and Vinny’s Uncle Nino, aka Nino Giaimo, seemed to spark things off.

“Vinny and Angelina look like the perfect little Staten Island couple in that gondola,” Pauly DelVecchio said.

However, the conversation devolved into bragging about the sexual conquests of Vinny and Uncle Nino.

“You know they call me Vinny 500,” Vinny said. “He’s Nino 5,000.”

Vinny said he’s been with more than 500 women, maybe 1,000, on the WFAN show “Boomer and Gio” in 2019. That number would include Angelina, as the two dated in Miami in the season. 2 of “Jersey Shore”.

After:Vinny shares details of his love life

“I would say 3,000, easy,” Uncle Nino said of his own tally. “Six a week for 12 years straight. You do the math.”

Uncle Nino, the Original Guido, is always quick with a crack and a come on, but he seemed to get serious when he was alone with Angelina at the end of th